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There definitely is an eclectic bunch of people at school. Everybody has a different background, many nurses, many massage therapists and then many from other fields. It's great because there are people of all different ages at all different places in their lives. This brings a lot of life experience to the class as a whole.
There are opportunities for graduates to work in the grad care clinic at school, as well as there are flyers posted all around for different job placements.
The teachers are so fantastic. It's rare to have the same teacher for more than 2-3 classes, which is a wonderful thing because there are so many opportunities to learn from different practitioners. The workload is definitely intense, but with great classmates and tutoring in the library it makes it manageable. The class registration process is easy enough. We are emailed when it is time to preregister for classes, and again when it's time for final registration.
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It's a very intensive workload that really works to weed out the students who are not serious about the program. We have the best teachers - many of whom are from China directly. Each practitioner has a different style so there is so much to be learned in so many different modalities. The school is wonderful and authentic. It has a very comforting feel just walking into it. There are job opportunities at the school for recent graduates in the clinic, which is very nice if one is having trouble getting off their feet. There are CEU courses offered at every opportunity which is wonderful because there are opportunities to go more in depth into different fields.
The school offers free tutoring and acupuncture as well as having an extensive library with a very helpful staff.
The class schedule is based on a student voting system of whether the next trimester will be morning or evening classes.
They are honest and pay attention to detail when it comes to making sure my financial needs are met.
Financial Aid Guru at CSTCM held my hand thru everything. She was amazing. Helped to ensure that I was able to move to Denver and have some money in my budget for child care and housing!
Students at CSTCM are AMAZING. They work hard and are dedicated to achieving good grades and their dreams! I love my classmates! They inspier me!
Career Center Wonderful – I have not yet graduated. I do know there are available faulty throughout the entire school that will have information of the working environment in the particular field. There is also a Career Board with many different places of available employment, internships, etc.
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