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Mines is an extremely prestigious and academic school that helps all of its students to succeed not only in academics, but in applying and searching for jobs after graduation. This is the school for lovers of science and academia all around.
Colorado School of Mine is filled with dedicated teachers that want you to learn and succeed. You will be working hard to achieve a degree, but it is well worth it.
Colorado School of Mines is a wonderful school that really prepares its students for life outside of college.
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The professors put great effort into student's learning and understanding the concepts of the class. The work level is difficult but can be doable with some time management This university was a nice change from high school; since the acceptance rate is moderately low, students try more and put more effort into assignments and group work. While the homework and general schooling can take up much of your time, students still have plenty opportunities to have fun. There are several places to hike in the area as well as multiple fun events put on by the school. Overall, it was and still is a wonderful experience.
While a very serious school, the Colorado School of Mines has a lot to offer. The academics are rigorous comparative to other universities, which is to be expected of an engineering school, but the professors are supportive and easy to contact when you need extra help. The campus and surrounding area are beautiful and have no shortage of areas to hike, bike, run, or otherwise explore.
Colorado School of Mines is top ranked for its return on investment and its prestige. It boasts a strong focus on hands on course work and field based methods. Its students and graduates are known for being highly prepared for their respective industries.

Campus is situated right outside Coorstek, has gained two new buildings in recent years, and received multiple renovations. Students have access to multiple workshops and labs throughout the week.
You get out what you put in. If you put in hard work, it's rewarding. If you don't put in the effort, it's an expensive four (or five, or six) years.
I was able to work on personal projects as well as my schoolwork. (Personal project was a 2.5HP electric motor)
Colorado School of Mines is an excellent school for individuals who want to be engineers, the curriculum is very challenging but the opportunities for internships are excellent and jobs after graduation. Professors are vested in their students. Golden is a great community with Denver only minutes away.
I love the setting and the prestige of this school. Its a great place to get a education if the school wasnt so hard. There is barely time to do anything because of the ridiculous amount of homework given. Besides that, if youre a nerd and love the outdoors this is a place for you.
One semester in and the school has been great. The academics are challenging while the social part of school provides a nice balance. The small population encourages great relationships and fosters valuable resource opportunities.
My first semester here was of course difficult as is for the majority of freshmen. The people are so nice and inclusive. The housing is pretty good as well. The food could definitely use some work. Sometimes professors will go to fast in lessons are not answer your questions fully. But overall it’s pretty great here. If I had to choose again I wouldn’t pick a different college. Mines is a place where you build a real future for yourself.
Definitely a challenging school that requires a lot of work. I highly recommend talking to teachers and TAs when possible if you are struggling because it is difficult to get help otherwise.
Everyone is extremely nice to one another. Taking the same classes the first couple of years makes it really easy to study with other people. Joining a TLC is a great idea in order to make friends before the school year starts. Finally, the amount of programs for students that are struggling is amazing to have.
As a freshmen, everything is what I hoped for and more. However, prepare to be pushed like never before. Being the valedictorian from your high school doesn't necessarily mean you'll do the same here. This school is geared towards preparing you for the real world, and you'll be thankful they were hard on you.
I graduated almost 20 years ago and I still find that my base education gives me a challenge mpetitice edge over my colleagues. Best investment I ever made
The professors are passionate about what they do. The lunch servers always love to start conversations and make you laugh. The blaster card system is very efficient and works well.
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All students are required to put in a lot of hard work but with CONSISTENT effort and good study habits it's definitely possible for the students that value a good engineering or science education to succeed.
Colorado School of Mines is a very supportive community of peers. Coming into one of the most prestigious engineering universities in the nation can be very intimidating, but everyone is here to help. There are many resources available to aid you in studies, athletics, future careers, and personal development. Though classes can be very challenging, here at the Colorado School of Mines, you are never alone, and there will always be others willing to help.
Colorado School of Mines is a small, tucked away university with world class professors. The curriculum is strenuous and will test your resolve but you will come away understanding what you've been taught
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