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As a freshmen, everything is what I hoped for and more. However, prepare to be pushed like never before. Being the valedictorian from your high school doesn't necessarily mean you'll do the same here. This school is geared towards preparing you for the real world, and you'll be thankful they were hard on you.
I graduated almost 20 years ago and I still find that my base education gives me a challenge mpetitice edge over my colleagues. Best investment I ever made
The professors are passionate about what they do. The lunch servers always love to start conversations and make you laugh. The blaster card system is very efficient and works well.
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All students are required to put in a lot of hard work but with CONSISTENT effort and good study habits it's definitely possible for the students that value a good engineering or science education to succeed.
Colorado School of Mines is a very supportive community of peers. Coming into one of the most prestigious engineering universities in the nation can be very intimidating, but everyone is here to help. There are many resources available to aid you in studies, athletics, future careers, and personal development. Though classes can be very challenging, here at the Colorado School of Mines, you are never alone, and there will always be others willing to help.
Colorado School of Mines is a small, tucked away university with world class professors. The curriculum is strenuous and will test your resolve but you will come away understanding what you've been taught
I have been at Mines for the past 4 years. I graduate in December. This school has been an excellent experience for me because it has not only allowed me to grow as a student, but a person as well. This school is not for those who are looking for a typical college experience. Prepare to buckle down to study engineering, science, or economics. Yes, surprisingly this school does not only specialize in engineering. I have had the opportunity to travel with the school to further my education outside of the classroom. I had the opportunity to tour a steel making plant in Chicago and a very good friend of mine was able to travel to San Diego for a Smart Materials Conference. There is plenty of opportunity to learn outside of the classroom, which is always a plus.
Very good school with hard and demanding curriculum. If you are ready for a challenge and a hard worker then this is the school for you. You will learn a lot but also it may take a lot of self teaching as well which to me is a good way to learn, it sticks longer. If you are smart but lazy then its not the school for you. If you are just looking for an easy college ride not the school for you. If you are smart, hard working and looking for a challenge you have found the school for you.
Great school, though academically rigorous. Not a typical college experience as you will be studying quite more than others, but well worth it.
All the professors I've had have been very good. The workload is manageable, and you will have time to be social on top of school. If you're going to college to party, go to a different school. From what I've experienced and from what others have told me, newer dorms are better suited for people who want to study, and the trads are more for people who want to socialize.
Very Friendly staff and professors. EXCELLENT Disability Support. A very supportive and friendly climate.
Going here has been a great experience because you know that the professors and other faculty are extremely committed to your education and how it will be useful to you in the future.
Colorado School of Mines is the best engineering school in the world. This being said, as a freshman I know that I will struggle in the school but every bit of the struggle will be worth it.
This is a great school with lots of very intelligent people. Golden, CO, is one the nicest places to live. We are only 50 minutes to the nearest ski resort. The professors are very nice and helpful. The school is challenging but that's why we are all here!
Great school, academically challenging. This is not for students looking for the 'college experience'. This school is for students who are looking for a solid career in science or engineering. The school has a great reputation and a lot of resources for career searches, with a very high placement rate of graduates into jobs. The campus is nice, and they are doing a lot of improvements/additions.
As a freshman here at Mines, I must say that I am very impressed by the quality of education, the community on campus, and the overall vibe of Mines. I had originally anticipated this STEM specific school to be very dry and single-minded in terms of its campus community, but people here are very open thinkers and are deeply concerned with the future of STEM and making that future more humanitarian in nature. The education received here is really awesome too. The professors are incredibly understanding and, while they challenge students, they create classroom environments that are very conducive to learning and leadership building. I am in love with this school.
So far my school experience has been good. For the most part the classes are hard and the workload varies from class to class. If you want to party then you have to get in with the fraternities/sororities, or at least know someone in them. The food on campus is alright and if you don't like it you can take your pick from the many different places in Golden. There isn't anything i would really want to change about this school.
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Wonderful school. Easily one of the top engineering schools in the country, and maybe the world. Every program is world class. Professors are great, students are connected and act like a family. For an engineering school, the sports are amazing. Usually winning the division title in each sport.
If you want to take part in parties you have to get into fraternities/sororities or have a friend that is member of fraternities/sororities.
I feel extremely safe on campus and I think our campus takes a lot of pride in ensuring the health and happiness of students. So many faculty members and students spend all of their free time taking initiatives to take care of people and make sure that resources are known across campus.
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