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So far I've had a very good experience. The campus is pretty, the professors are generally very knowledgeable about the classes they are teaching, friendly, and helpful. The class sizes are small except for lectures (which is not a problem), and the overall focus on education here by professors, advisers, and students is amazing.
Great school, it was very challenging. The workload forced you to rely on your fellow classmates and friends. I made some of the best friends of my life there and met some of the smartest people I have ever encountered.
Colorado School of Mines is known for its academics. The return of investment is phenomenal! Small class sizes with professors fill you with education. However, with incredible academics comes a cost. The party scene is not that good, unless you join a fraternity or sorority.
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Great support, and good academic programs. It's important to select a major you will like during the four year you are here, otherwise it will not be very sustainable motivation-wise. I chose a major I liked and I have not regretted it.
This is a college that focuses heavily on one type of degrees and thus they have very nice courses that will prepare you for all possible things in the future.
This is an amazing college. I will be an incoming freshman in the fall of 2019. So far, I have only been there a few times and pretty much everyone is friendly and likes the outdoors. It is a small college that is located in beautiful Golden Colorado.
Colorado School of Mines is a great college overall. To get the most out of it, you definitely have to put the work in. Most of the professors are very nice and have great insight. They always have the time to talk to students and work with you on your personal projects. One of the best things about Mines is that the school hosts a celebration every year called E-days in which the school has concerts, comedians, and other cool people come out to celebrate the students. One of the best events is the cardboard boat races where students come together and build themed cardboard boats to try to make it down the local creek without sinking.

One negative which can be improved upon is that during your first year, it can be hard to get off campus with friends to do things. However, the school has tried to remedy this by giving free public transportation and decent access to it.
Mines is a fantastic school for anyone interested in STEM. It's curriculum is extremely difficult, which is why a degree from Mines is so valuable! The student body hosts a collaborative environment, which is very helpful when studying for exams or doing homework. Free time is hard to come by, but when you do you're surrounded by beautiful landscape, minutes from climbing, an hour from skiing. So happy to call Mines my home away from home!
STEM focused community with great academics and awesome student resources. There are always a lot of activities to take part in when not grinding school work. Beautiful area with large mountains and cool views.
Colorado School of Mines is an incredible school with lots of unique opportunities for its students. The only thing I would change would be increasing the number of teachers that are more conscious of what the students go through at the Colorado School of Mines.
I only came to the school of mines for a campus tour and right away I knew that I wanted to come to the school of mines after high school.
The people I've met here are amazing and it's great to be surrounded by people with similar goals. The only part of this school that can be problematic is the weed-out classes freshman year. It can be really tough to do well and they can make the courses tougher than they need to be, but overall is still a great school and I'm happy to be here.
Solid STEM programs. Students are serious and supportive. Job placement is absolutely great. Location is amazing: close enough to mountains and close enough to Denver.
I visited this last February and had an amazing time there! I love the area surrounding Mines and the community they have worked hard to create. My only wish is that the athletics programs were given more attention
I have just recently accepted this school's offer for enrollment, but every time I have been on campus all of the students seem enthusiastic and they are always very welcoming and helpful. I am really impressed that professors have come in over weekends when Discovery Days were occurring to talk to potential students interested in their field.
Very beautiful and new campus with mountain scenery. Most students are like-minded and all are studying some sort of STEM major, making for a small focused community
Overall, it is a very good school that provides a quality education. I have been challenged with complicated material that pushes me to my limits and helps prepare me for my future career as an engineer. In order to make it through this academic program you need to be committed and work very hard but the pay off is well worth it. The school provides great opportunities for careers or graduate programs after graduation.
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Great environment for learning with great academic buildings, professors, TAs, and athletic programs. Also, golden in beautiful.
There is a great community here. The people are really nice. The teachers want you to learn practical stuff from the lessons that you will actually use for your job.
Mines is academically challenging but the students are very motivated, which makes it easier to word hard.
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