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Mines is academically challenging but the students are very motivated, which makes it easier to word hard.
I love the campus, academics, and opportunities Mines has to offer. Since the campus is in Golden, it is beautiful and there are many outdoor activities to do. The academics are great and since I want to study engineering this is a perfect school for me.
I am currently taking a few courses with Colorado School of Mines and Red Rocks Community College, and must say that the staff, environment, and class structure is amazing! Courses go in-depth, however, teachers are always there for you if you need any help or questions with the information. Homework is also manageable with a part-time career, and the class-size is also balanced perfectly! Thanks!
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Mines is a great school for people that love to learn and love a challenge. The workload is definitely difficult, but you can expect to find great professors that love what they teach and plenty of resources to help you succeed.

You also are in the perfect location to have a ton of fun outside of school.
I loved the campus. The view is amazing and the atmosphere felt very safe and educational. Their labs are very nice and the opportunities for engineering students are endless. My student ambassador was very helpful and answered almost all of my questions.
I like the classes and the professors are very helpful. The food offered in the dining hall is not ideal but there are other good options around campus. The campus is beautiful and every building is easily accessible by walking.
The education that you will receive at CSM is second to none, although you will have to work your butt off every step of the way. Supportive friends and study groups are absolutely necessary in order to make it through. The only bad thing i can say about the school is that the constant construction makes the campus look very bad, although the few times there is no construction it looks amazing.
The academics and support in finding a career is excellent at the Colorado School of Mines however the school environment and overall social dynamic could use some work.
Colorado school of Mines is a home. The engineering academics are unrivaled by any other public university, the environment is comfortable and beautiful, it’s the perfect place for any engineer major looking for a real challenge while still making the best of life. The amount of clubs and activities offered is unreal and unmatched. The campus is picture perfect, the admin are kind and really try their best to make sure you’re coming in prepared and are willing to help with any issues. The athletic teams are excellent and a good time. It’s an amazing place to be if you’re looking to be an engineer
Great School. 100% would recommend. Teachers are very knowledgable and helpful. Gives an excellent return on investment for a reasonably priced education.
One of the best engineering schools in the country with a beautiful campus. Students can feel extremely confident that they will get a job/ go to grad school upon graduation.
The Colorado School of Mines is not only a beautiful campus, but it is also full of great people who you can always ask for help. When I was touring there, so many students came up to me and told me how great this place is and it has made me want to be there even more.
Good solid courses.
Parking situation leaves little to be desired.
Exams are held in the evening, which can be disadvantageous related to the difficulty of the course material.
It is hard. It gets harder. I won't lie to you there.

But if you work for it, get help from others, and help them in return, you'll get one of the best educations available in America.

I'm a undergoing my junior year, which is one of if not the toughest years for engineering physics students. I am also going for a minor in creative writing and communications. Despite the large focus on engineering and sciences, there are opportunities to go outside of that a bit.

After I finish my undergrad, I plan on getting a masters in electrical engineering and then joining the work force.

If you decide to come, make sure to talk with your teachers and advisers whenever you start having problems. They are there to help, and will provide some of the best assistance you could ask for.

This is a school for success, not for partying. People still do of course, but the people who stay past freshman year know that they are serious about their education. And you better be too.
Currently as a student here at Mines, I find that the potential for job opportunities has increased significantly since I started here. I am receiving a very high level of quality education and I am surrounded intelligent students who are hard working and professors who care about your success at the University.
I have really enjoyed the academic side of things. They teach you everything you need to be an engineer in very short order. I have also found that all of the instructors are brilliant but only about half of them can teach really well. If you go to mines expect to be working on home work and studying pretty much all the time, and it will be worth it.
i've only toured the campus and have current plans to attend in the fall. from what i've seen and heard from those that i've talked to however, it seems like a great school!
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I like how academically rigorous it is, but there is little culture. The culture is improving, but it has a long way to go. It's hard to make friends because everyone focuses heavily on school, and schoolwork leaves little time for extracurricular involvement.
love the small campus feel, the community surrounding the college is very homey. the diversity is very little, but there are a lot of clubs that support minorities and other diversity groups. the academics and athletics are really good, but the campus food is expensive and pretty bad.
Mines is an extremely prestigious and academic school that helps all of its students to succeed not only in academics, but in applying and searching for jobs after graduation. This is the school for lovers of science and academia all around.
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