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Attending this college was like no other college because of the town and the professors. There was a clear teacher-student relationship that helped you succeed because of the small class sizes and professor involvement. Professors would attend athletic events, and be willing to meet with you regarding any personal conflicts that you may have with class. There was also a wide variety of people because of the wide variety of degrees that could be obtained. From aviation to equine, who had cowboys and city people all under one roof which made it so much fun meeting new people from all over the country.
I enjoyed the small campus setting and the friends that I've made. The professors genuinely care about the students success. I'm from a big city so it did take time for me to adjust to how small the town of Rangely is. But overall I would recommend CNCC and look forward to going back for my Sophomore year.
I enjoy going to CNCC especially for the dental hygiene program. They offer a guaranteed admissions program creating a seamless entry into the Dental Hygiene program and it’s made my path to my career very straight forward and simple.
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Online classes are offered for lower level classes. They are kind and accepting towards others. Not too expensive.
CNCC was a small school with great small classroom sizes, which gave more one on one with the professors, you weren't just a number. The dorms were nice and close to the college so you could walk to your classes. There were different events and activities to keep you busy. The classes were some of the best rated, and not crazy expensive. The downside is the town, there isn't a whole lot to do, but it makes you be creative and gives you more time to study.
Instructors are very friendly and knowledgeable. They want to help the students that they see succeed and will do anything in their power to help elevate students. Instructors are relatable and know that life happens, and will do their best to understand and accommodate student needs on campus. Campus living in the dorms is very affordable and comfortable, cable TV is included in the dorms as well as wifi. Staff and faculty do as much as they can to encourage a family like environment among the students and put on many events for new and old students to connect and make friends on campus.
the Baseball team is great! I also love the campus it’s small and easy to get around, also I love how small the town is and how everything is basically walking distance, and it’s very close to home.
If you play sports it was a fun experience to interact with other teams. There are only five food places in the area. The academics were a good start for a first time college student. Shouldn't go to this school unless you live with-in a couple hours of it. Very homey school but the cafeteria is awful. Dorms are nice.
I really like going to school here! I love the small classes and campus and the teachers are so helpful!
Small classes and professors that are willing to help and easy to get ahold of. Yet other staff on campus very disrespectful and not helpful.
This college is your typical small town community college. This being said, it has pros and cons. Pros: Everyone is VERY helpful. Response from admissions, financial aid, etc. is excellent. They can help with anything you need pretty much on an immediate basis. Cons: This is a small town and there aren't a ton of things to do. It's very quiet.
I have been attending CNCC for a year now. The college is good for Equine study. My only problem has been the switching of program directors in the middle. It has made things difficult adjusting. The dorms are ok and you can choose to co-ed or not. I prefer a room alone so I can study and relax if I would like. The class sizes are average and have a diverse group of kids in them which makes it interesting. Hoping to get through my final year !
If I could rate 0 stars I would. The campus coordinators do not take care for the students, neglecting and uncaring people run this campus. Student life is by far the absolute worst! The town is decrepit, full of racists, bigots and self righteous small minded people: not the best for a learning environment. The town offers no jobs to students as their "schedules fluctuate too often" as they should for a college student. The nearest city is 2 hours away by car. The town police target students. DO NOT ATTEND THIS SCHOOL
So far CNCC has been an ok experience for me. I LOVE the outdoor atmosphere of this town and mountain location but definitely wish there was more to do. The teachers are good for the most part and classes easy enough to pass. I love that they have a building with single dorms. As a 28 year old returning to school after 10 years, that has been so nice. I've been living on my own for 10 years and don't know how I would do living with an 18 year old kid lol. Luckily I didn't have to find out. I live in Nichols Hall, which is a building with only single dorm rooms and is a 24 hour quiet hall. PERFECT for me. The food at the college is HORRIBLE. It's worse than the food from the elementary school cafeteria and that's saying something.
They try and help find you a job out of college that goes with your major.
Classes are small so it is easy to receive help from other students and one on one time with professors and instructors.
Need more effort from students
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Aviation is a very fun hands on experience. But have to be willing to put in a serious amount of work to succeed.
Very affordable compared to other schools with the same program.
its great they have evening and morning classes for just about everything.
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