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My name is Fatima and I have been attending to CMC Spring Valley for 3 months now, this is my first year in college and I am studying for a general science associates degree. It is an overall good Schoo it just needs to have more tutoring available, much more clubs, and overall welcoming environment.
applying is very easy and receiving scholarship is simple! The nursing program is very competitive but with hard work and a 4.0 you can get in! They offer on campus living and you are hours away from either the mountains or dessert!
I would recommend this two year college to any Colorado native, or person interested in the outdoors. Choosing to go to CMC is a financially smart option, and the students are fun and passionate. The classes are hands-on and personalized, especially the classes in the outdoor programs. Why not go rock climbing and rafting while achieving an associates degree?!
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Love, love, love this school. Such a beautiful campus with plenty to do within walking distance. Disk golf course on campus was a huge perk. Small sized campus, but not too small.
Cmc is a great little school with a lot of flexibility. For such a small school they offer great resources to their students whether they be online distance learners or on any of their mountain campuses. I attended most of my classes at the Rifle campus and they have been great to me. A lot of available tutoring opportunities, advisors who are great and programs that are straight to the point. Many of the staff have great credentials. (my english teacher went to graduate school at NYU, my history professor taught at the airforce academy for many years, and my biology teacher worked for the forest service as a scientist for many years), I felt like my education was in great hands.
Amazing teachers and a smaller campus in a beautiful area! Also it is must cheaper than other universities. The teachers are so helpful and go out of their way to help you with anything.
The campus is incredible. Professors are great and very hands on training. The town of Steamboat Springs is very acceptable of having a college in the middle of town. Great atmosphere for students and citizens.
this school is the absolute best school for the coast. the staff is dedicated to providing students with a great college experience.
I attended CMC before it became a 4 year school - really, I attended before and during the transition. When I enrolled into the 4 year Business Administration degree program, they had only recruited a single teacher for the available business classes. I was not particularly fond of said teacher and found that this program, at that time, was not a good fit. The school is attended by lots of students whose primary ambition was to ski or snowboard, and they even had a degree program focused on this industry, which was a neat aspect. Campus activities did not appeal to me nor were they aimed at my particular demographic, so I rarely attended.
At first I was a little apprehensive to go to it because my peers considered it a bad choice to go to this school because it was a community school and it wasn't very challenging but honestly it is the best decision I have ever made. I will be graduating with my associates this spring with... wait for it... no debt and I only used one scholarship that was given to me by the school for having good grades. Now I can transfer anywhere with honors and my first two years of college out of the way with NO DEBT! It is so affordable because I live here and this community college has always strived to make it affordable. Plus the teachers are amazing and everyone wants to help you succeed. It I may not be very challenging of a school, which is generally a plus but I did get a little bored sometimes and I procrastinated a lot more because I knew I could get the project done in no time. All in all, just a amazing school.
The teachers are nice and help in answering as many questions as possible for a student to understand the subject. The front desk assistants are very helpful when it comes to campus questions.
Colorado Mountain College is a great school filled with amazing experiences and opportunities. Small class sizes make learning easier with all the help. A beautiful scenery and kind people.
The photo program pretty much has your schedule set up for you. The labs were more flexible, in the afternoon you had two times to choose from. The other classes such as English, History, and Public Speaking were offered by a variety of teachers at a variety of times which made it work them into my schedule.
The photography program is great at helping you find a job, and the Portfolio's and Isaacson School events are GREAT for networking. Teachers have also shown us how LinkedIn and Facebook can help you stay in touch with key people in the industry. Since I will be transferring for a different degree, I can't say much past that as I won't be taking advantage of this.
For such a small school, a variety of classes are offered. They are about the same size as my high school classes ~20 students in each which is nice, especially in speech class when we had to talk in front of everyone. In the photo program, this small number and the fact that we have every class together has made us a very tight knit group, class is fun to go to. Outside of the photography program I have been really impressed with the English professors.
There are always posters on campus about job/internships/career/services on campus, but I rarely take advantage of them. The office is always helpful when I go there with questions about campus, paperwork, ect.
I am in the Photography Program. The teachers really know what they are doing and are passionate about what they teach. They have real world experiences and stories to share, and come back from breaks with more recent stories. They all have a good sense of humor too. The workload is nicely planned, every two weeks we usually get a new assignment per class, and because it's such a subjective major, they are flexible about working with you to coordinate shoots. The facilities are awesome and top notch. They are always letting us know about job and internship opportunities and remind us about the deadlines.
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I like CMC but I'm glad that it's a stepping stone and that I will be transferring in a semester. The teachers are great and care about their students. They have office hours and are available for extra help or questions which is nice. The location is beautiful, be ready to drive down the hill in the snow, I stayed on campus more in the winter. The dorms are nice although putting a kitchen in the J3 is an excellent idea, as well as doubling the amount of washers and dryers, they should get the kind that stack - there were never enough washers/dryers open, and most of the time at least one or two were broken. The cafeteria hours are really bad. The food is ok, but the hours for dinner were 4:30 - 6:15, which meant you ate really early and were hungry later. The take away boxes were a great idea though, thanks for that. The cafe was good for lunch but the hours again, were really short and closed on the weekends. You can tell it's a smaller school with less staff. Again, good stepping stone, but I'm looking forward to moving past it.
Being with the undeclared students helps push you to have as much basic knowledge as possible so when you move on to a specific degree you'll be able to understand it just as well.
Its a very different environment from a university but that doesn't make it worse. If anything it makes it better! They care for students and their grades not just their paychecks. It's a great place to start off before moving on to a different school or to just stay and finish your degree for cheap.
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