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CMC is an integrated part of the community that grants opportunity to both the local populous and those who wish to begin their educational journey from places around the world. Though there are many other colleges that are centered in impressive metropolitan areas with access to the newest and greatest technologies and resources, CMC makes use of higher education networks and helps provide hands on opportunities to create a solid basis in all of the programs they offer. The mixture of traditional lessons with practical experience creates a much more valuable and realistic transition to the professional world.
I enjoy my experiences at CMC very much. I love the small tight knit community and that area. It is absolutely beautiful. There are a few minor details I would change- the food is decent and there are some quirks in the res hall such as poor heating and cooling. Aside from a few flaws it is a great place!
Great, affordable college with knowledgeable professors that have a passion for teaching. I'm going back to nursing school and they offer amazing programs for the best prices!
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So many quietly intelligent people make every class so full of eclectic opinions and help you to expand your own mind. Class sizes help you get acquainted with the professor and develop a unique attachment/relationship to them. Professors are willing to go to the ends of the Earth to help you succeed. They'll even get coffee with you and help you catch up (if you ask politely)!
Nice small campus with the potential for more direct student-professor interaction, however that's not always followed through. Many great opportunities, but you have to work hard and be incredibly persistent to get them. Many programs are simply too small to keep up with the demand but once you're in they are wonderful learning opportunities. The 100% acceptance rate is a blessing and a curse, meaning you don't have to worry about getting in but many people get in who should not be there and potentially create an uncomfortable or unsafe environment for other students. The average price of attendance is somewhere around 18,000 - 20,000, if you plan on living on campus and having a normal meal plan. A good deal of construction has been happening these last two years and it can interfere with studying and sleeping depending on you room proximity. The student body is very close to each other which can be great for activities but it can be hard to get privacy at times.
Great college with amazing education opportunities. An amazing plus is all campuses are in the Mountains! In or next to ski towns.
So far so good! The staff is helpful and friendly. I’m going on my second full time year and I have not had a bad instructor yet. If you show up to class they are happy to help you as much as possible.
Colorado Mountain College offers many different associate and bachelor degrees. I studied Fire Science. The instructors were very helpful and class sizes were very small, so getting one on one help was easy.
The classes seem to be catered toward mountain-life students. There are quite a few classes that would normally be available at other larger community colleges that are sometimes only available at one location as a classroom option, which can be up to 2 hours away, if available at all. It would be nice if more classes were offered as online or distance-learning classes to combat this issue.
I have had an excellent time at CMC. There are some teachers and classes that aren't amazing, but that can be expected at any school. For the most part, everyone has been incredibly helpful and my classes have been applicable to my future endeavors.
It has been great! The faculty is awesome and overall really helpful! They have a variety of programs that help you in what ever way you need. Everyone is so friendly and kind and they really do strive to help you succeed as best they can. You can make one on one meeting with counselors at any time and they will get back to you so fast. Not to mention the tuition is very affordable.
Great college i like that i had the option to take classes online to go with my busy schedule. I wish they offered more programs that doesn't focus on the mountain life.
I received an excellent education in Veterinary Technology at Colorado Mountain College. Besides the beautiful setting and breathtaking views, CMC delivered a valuable education that I was able to apply to a 25 year career in a very competitive field. I have recently been to visit the campus and they appear to have continued to update the facilities and classrooms.
Steamboat campus is amazing!!! Great feel to the whole area, great staff and students. Easy to navigate and beautiful scenery everywhere you look.
Very individual learning experience for the cost of tuition, but the limited degree programs and flexibility of transfer credits seems like a scheme to keep students enrolled for as long as possible. Advisors should not be encouraging student to take the minimum course load each semester.
Smaller classes provide the opportunity for students to interact and communicate with professors and receive more hands-on educational experiences. The new Learning Materials Program is fantastic! This program allows students to receive their course texts and materials through a library-like lending system that ships books to the students at an affordable cost per credit. This college is very supportive of the environment and sustainability studies as well as the arts. All campus locations are settled within beautiful Colorado areas and the tuition is incredible!
Fantastic experience at this college. In particular, the law enforcement training academy has been an incredible experience!
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I like the curriculum that Colorado Mountain College has to offer. The curriculum is well planned and very useful for current and transferring college students. The skills obtained my CMC can be used in the real world and can be applied in all aspects of real life for the student of CMC. If there was something that I would like to see change, I would like to see the school have more extracurricular activities that the students could engage in. Although the college is quite small compared to major universities, I would still like to see the unity and school spirit that major universities have.
So far CMC has been a great experience. The view is gorgeous and the town is extremely dog friendly. The school is community driven and small which is great compared to a large university. Resources are easy to find.
At the Colorado Mountain College in Steamboat Springs, CO, the chance to have a life enhancing experience is obtainable. Being a diverse and active college, there are opportunities to do things that other places may not provide. For example, because this college is in a mountain town, there are a lot of outside activities that one can do to pass the time. Some things that one can do while attending is joining a club, going hiking, swimming, fishing, camping, skiing, snowboarding, biking, and etc. It is located in a beautiful area and the people are friendly. Apart from being affordable, this college also provides not only students, but also people from the community the opportunity to further their education. If you're the type of person who enjoys being outside and wants to obtain a degree, Colorado Mountain College is definitely for you.
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