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I have had great experiences here. With the small class sizes, its much easier to get the help you need. The campus is small too, in a good way, making it easy to navigate. All the advisers and employees have been nothing but helpful.
Intimate settings due to small class sizes. I felt like I could never fall behind in school because the teachers were so dedicated to making sure everyone understood before we moved on in a subject. Definitely made the college experience a lot less intimidating.
Great classes and programs to prepare you for a job right away! The class sizes are small, very unique degrees to choose from. There are lots of clubs and organizations to join.
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I am taking the online courses for Paralegal Certification. The course material has been very informative and educational. I have been very impressed with my professors with one exception. I was very disappointed when they canceled a course this semester because it upsets my completion date. However, it is a fantastic college for someone returning to school after a long absence.
I absolutely loved my experience at CMC.. There were many pros to this school, the classes and professors are one of them. I had amazing teachers that helped me strive academically. I never had a class with more than 25 people in it, I was able to connect with my teachers and get individual help. Most classes were undemanding and trouble free. The major downside to the academic life was the communication from other staff. I had nonexistent advisors and had to plan my degree path and classes on my own. I also had trouble multiple times with the office staff due to a lack of communication, including signing up for graduation.
I lived on campus in their college dorms for the first year. The dorms themselves were pretty nice, they had private bathrooms for each room. They were sticklers for ANY alcohol or recreational drugs on the campus. The party life is slim, and was always off campus or in town. The food on campus is bad, lacking in flavor and diversity. Yet, I loved my time here.
I love the classes. The teachers are great and are always willing to help! Books are getting a bit expensive but the learning we have is worth it. The counselors are awesome because they are always will to help and give you the best advice. The front desk people are great always receive you with a smile.
Colorado Mountain College is great for students of all ages. Some students are fresh out of high school, some are still in high school, and some are coming back to finish up degrees years later. I have spent two years here, and there is not a single unfair or unfriendly professor on this campus.
I love that Colorado Mountain College - Spring Valley is in the mountains. There are so many activities to be involved in and it is a great college to attend if one likes to meet new people and venture out of their comfort zone.
My experience at Colorado Mountain College was really amazing. I was in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, which allowed me to be active. They work with your schedule and the teachers provide a lot of help due to the fact that the class size can range from 10-25 students.
I became a full-time student at Colorado Mountain College in what would have been my Sophomore year of high school. I was able to be a part of many online classes, which allowed me to have a flexible school schedule. In turn, this allowed me more time to work as well as more time to be an active part of my community. Colorado Mountain College is also very affordable. If you are not able to afford the tuition, they offer a variety of scholarships. As of December 2017, I have received my Associate of Arts from Colorado Mountain College. Colorado Mountain College provided me with a wonderful education for a reasonable price.
I loved the Student Support Services located at the college and have made life in college a little easier for me and I made lifelong friends out of two of the advisors. One thing to keep in mind about attending CMC, however, is that a lot of my classes were canceled or unavailable for my degree so it set back my goals for where I hoped I would be by now.
There’s some great professors however, my stay in the dorms I realized that all of the kids staying with my all were the kids who weren’t driven enough to go to real school. If you live on campus be ready to be stuck around a ton of misfits who will be using lots of drugs and alcohol. One strike policy school yet they don’t kick the kids out who deserve to be gone because they’re so desprate for their program to look good and not have records of kids upon kids being kicked out. Once I moved off campus things weren’t as bad, the professors are very all hands on and class sizes are small. The faculty is atrocious. Not friendly, rude, and very “official” for a joke of a college. If you don’t want people to laugh at where you got your degree from I’d suggest only using it as a transfer school.
My name is Fatima and I have been attending to CMC Spring Valley for 3 months now, this is my first year in college and I am studying for a general science associates degree. It is an overall good Schoo it just needs to have more tutoring available, much more clubs, and overall welcoming environment.
applying is very easy and receiving scholarship is simple! The nursing program is very competitive but with hard work and a 4.0 you can get in! They offer on campus living and you are hours away from either the mountains or dessert!
I would recommend this two year college to any Colorado native, or person interested in the outdoors. Choosing to go to CMC is a financially smart option, and the students are fun and passionate. The classes are hands-on and personalized, especially the classes in the outdoor programs. Why not go rock climbing and rafting while achieving an associates degree?!
Love, love, love this school. Such a beautiful campus with plenty to do within walking distance. Disk golf course on campus was a huge perk. Small sized campus, but not too small.
Cmc is a great little school with a lot of flexibility. For such a small school they offer great resources to their students whether they be online distance learners or on any of their mountain campuses. I attended most of my classes at the Rifle campus and they have been great to me. A lot of available tutoring opportunities, advisors who are great and programs that are straight to the point. Many of the staff have great credentials. (my english teacher went to graduate school at NYU, my history professor taught at the airforce academy for many years, and my biology teacher worked for the forest service as a scientist for many years), I felt like my education was in great hands.
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Amazing teachers and a smaller campus in a beautiful area! Also it is must cheaper than other universities. The teachers are so helpful and go out of their way to help you with anything.
The campus is incredible. Professors are great and very hands on training. The town of Steamboat Springs is very acceptable of having a college in the middle of town. Great atmosphere for students and citizens.
this school is the absolute best school for the coast. the staff is dedicated to providing students with a great college experience.
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