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I loved here!!! I feel like everything works perfectly and everyone always wants to help you!!!! I'd like to study here for next semester!! The place is beautiful
The programs that they provide need to b a little better organized. This has caused vary preventable problems. But all around a very good school
I love the overall experience. The classrooms are small so the teachers have really good one on one ratios. I also like that there is a sense of camaraderie, even among new students. The dorms are clean and oversized compared to other schools.
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Every professor here has always been super kind and helpful and very understanding when it comes to things out of your control. Class sizes are smaller which makes them better for me. As a "newer" state university in Colorado the school is constantly and expanding and growing and always offering new opportunities. I feel great knowing that one day this will be a truly great and recognized university and that I am helping them achieve their goal of the 2020 initiative. Cons I have found so far is that technology and the website don't always work and some of their offices can be very slow about getting back to you. Both my friend and I had some trouble with the Financial Aid office, and it took a bit longer than we liked to resolve those issues and get everything cleared up.
Colorado Mesa University is an amazing school to challenge yourself academically, as well as make connections with other students and your professors. The classrooms are fairly small, giving you the opportunity to make connections and bonds with your professors. There are also multiple different clubs that you can join to meet new people. Grand Junction is a great town, with plenty to offer those that have a love for the outdoors.
I would like to see a lot more programs on campus, there is not enough majors in my opinion. Also I would love to see a more expansive campus, there are not enough dorms for the people that go here, they are nice, but good luck finding parking. Also there are some parts of Grand Junction that are not very nice, and I highly recommend anybody who decides to attend CMU should have an idea about where the safe parts of the city. Overall, this place is very good and should be considered if you want to go to college in Colorado!!
I swim for Colorado Mesa. The team is amazing, and I love my professors for the most part. The class size is small, so it is easy to make a good/bad impression on the professors, and they can help you more. The food and town is alright, but the campus is amazing. It is so open and easy to navigate. Overall, I am having a pretty good time here.
Well the school was very well built and was very comforting for being not home in my own state. The teachers there are excellent and can help you when you need it and understand extracurricular activities like myself that I do. The dorm rooms were very nice considering they are dorm rooms.
I'm a recent transfer student and I have had nothing but the most professional and supportive experience possible. The campus is great, the classes offered is excellent and the student services are outstanding.
I am not yet a student at CMU. I am starting in the fall but I went there briefly to see the school. I really like it there. The town is adorable and the campus is so nice. My favorite part was, as I was touring the campus the guide ran into people that he knew every place we went on campus. I feel like that is the kind of connection and communication that you might not get at a bigger university. I'm really looking forward to that.
I think the best part of Mesa is the beautiful campus! The second great thing is your peers you'll definitely find someone that you will click with very well if not a whole group. If you truly focus and balance yourself you will exceed in your classes. Campus wifi could improve though!
Professors are all willing to help you if you show how much you want this! the campus is filled with tons of food options. Starbucks is on campus! who doesn't love Starbucks. The nursing program is one of the best!
awesome college, great place to learn, all the professors really care about their students. There are of course some not so great professors but that it with any university you go to. CMU really provides a great atmosphere for students to learn and they also uphold a safety standard to keep fellow students safe.
Colorado Mesa is a beautiful school with many opportunists to get involved. Not to mention the town is nature's playground. If you like outdoor activities this is the place to be. The campus is very clean and welcoming.
All future business students, I highly recommend going somewhere else to get your business degree. The Business Department is an absolute joke when it comes to the concern of students grades, health, and overall academic success. For example, the professor Fossett of the accounting field leaves students to fail and does not teach the curriculum but rather rushes through it. Another example would be the department head, he does not care about the students who are cheating or using advisors for advantages such as private trips to Denver or Salt Lake City. The lack of ethics is concerning, especially because CMU pushes ethics down students throats like some kind of holy water. The business department has failed and they need a restructure of the department. Do not go to CMU on the hopes of gaining valuable information, go to CU Boulder.
I have enjoyed my time so far here. The people are great and very diverse. I am involved with alot on campus and it feel amazing. The campus is amazing and the weather is outstanding. I cant imagine going anywhere else. I am glad to call Mesa my home. MAV UP!!
Great school, great opportunities. Many different ways to find help. Everyone is willing to help when needed.
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This is a great school, fun and friendly environment, respectful staff, and many activities to keep yourself busy.
What's to Love:
Rigorous, yet balanced academic courses
Wide variety of programs offered
Frequent on- and off-campus social events
Low teacher-to-student ratio
Flexible learning opportunities offered (in-class, online, hybrid)
Dedicated, personable, knowledgable staff
Continual infrastructure development (new buildings, lots, fields, etc.)

What Would Make it Even Better:
Offer more graduate programs
Offer more online courses/programs
Colorado Mesa University is an outstanding college. The moment you step on campus you fall in love with your surroundings. The different shaped buildings put a fun spin on the campus. All of the dorm halls are updated and comfortable to live in. Any location on campus is a perfect location to live in. There is a plentiful amount of food services available to the students. Everything from a spinoff Chipotle to an Einstein Bros Bagels. The food in the dining hall is average and could be improved. The menu is not changed out as often as it should be, and no one wants to eat a different version of the same meal 5 nights in a row. If this was improved Colorado Mesa University would have excellent class courses, teachers, and food quality.