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CMU is a solid all around college that will give you exactly what you need. I am currently enrolled in the kinesiology program and my advisor Dr. Bell is a great professor!
Love Mesa! It’s the right size of a University for me, it’s big but small community feel. Has excellent educational programs & really gets you involved in the community. Great outdoor programs for students who like hiking, skiing and water sports.
New and fresh environment, lots of opportunities and majors. Safety was top notch and the school lways had something going on.
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The experience that I've had so far in CMU has been great. The staff is friendly and super helpful and if they can't directly help you, then they will happily direct you towards a great campus resource. Speaking of campus resources, they have a nice comfortable library, a free tutoring center with super tutors, and a well maintained spacious workout center. This university is awesome.
Amazing campus, fabulous location with so many opportunities available to hike and explore nature, professors that really want success for their students, small class sizes, just the perfect school for me.
The scenery is beautiful around campus. There are nearby places to travel to and to take part of various outdoor activities. The people here are friendly. The school partners with the surrounding community and city for various events. Professors are helpful and are available during their posted office hours. My experience with the school so far has been wonderful.
I really love this school. I'm in a program that helps me prepare for my college classes and help me stay on track for my degree.
Colorado Mesa University is a very great school. Their nursing program is one of the best in Colorado. The students are very kind and are willing to accept any academic challenge ahead of them. This brings leadership skills and confidence. Great characteristics for our future. This school will bring strong, smart and determined youths into our society. Not only will this generation bring greatness but they will also bring new technology and new ways of living a better and happier life.
I only went on a tour of Colorado Mesa University. It was amazing. I loved the feel I got from the campus. It seemed both fun and academically inclined. I felt safe there and I also have friends that attend there who have nothing but positive reviews. I have been accepted and hope to attend in the fall.
The faculty on-site genuinely care about the success of their students, and attempt to instruct with various learning styles to adapt to the need of every individual in class. This university has relatively small class sizes. The main campus is a 10-minute drive downtown, and the student activities council makes the campus all-inclusive in regards to the general diversity on campus. It's a safe place to be and I never feel unsafe walking home.
Colorado Mesa is a the perfect school for someone who doesn't want to get lost in the crowds of one of the large state school but doesn't want to be in a college smaller than their high school. The community is incredibly friendly and welcoming, you can't be on this campus and not make friends. The res life is fun and welcoming as well. overall a very good experience
I really enjoyed my time at Colorado Mesa University. The campus has changed so much and I was only there for 3 1/2 years. CMU has a special place in my heart. The teachers were so caring and supportive, there were so many activities I could join, and the staff in every department are always open to the students.
I loved Colorado Mesa University! The professors are fantastic, the campus is safe and Grand Junction is a great place to go to college. I would have continued to study there, but they did not offer the program I needed so I ended up transferring.
Colorado Mesa University is a developing campus that provides the highest quality of education Grand Junction has to offer.
The class sizes are superb. They are big enough that you can interact with other students and learn from them, as well as gaining one-on-one interaction with the professors. However, something that needs to be addressed is getting more diversity throughout the campus. Not just the students, but the professors, staff, and faculty. I think that we need more qualified professors from diverse backgrounds to learn more about how working outside of school will be.
I feel like my expirence that I had at Mesa was amazing. I actually did good in school because the professors really cared about my education. It was a positive, small, and compassionate envoitment. I 100% recommend CMU.
The University is good. I like the tutoring center. The professors are close to their students. The small class size is great.
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The campus is beautiful and continuing to grow and creating more options and opportunity for the community to learn and earn a degree that can give graduates not just a diploma but a career.
Colorado Mesa became my home away from home within the first few weeks of my freshman year. The campus is gorgeous, the food is better than I thought, and the people are so nice and friendly. Honestly, I could go on forever about how the professors are willing to have a one on one session with you, or how the sports games are so intense and exciting that you have to stay for the whole game. I stayed in Wingate last year and the dorm was amazing. It included a kitchen and three common areas to just chill in. There was a loft in each of the suites that was the perfect place to study or just hang out with your friends. The activities like powder puff and water days got us all excited and was a big stress reliever. If I could change anything about Mesa it would be the price of tuition.
I love CMU!! I love Grand Junction! It is really a place for the outdoorsy type of person. CMU has great class sizes and the best teachers. Every building on campus is either newly renovated or brand new. The dorms are all really nice and there are plenty of options with them. The campus also has a lot places to eat and hang out. Its wonderful!