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1,040 reviews
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Colorado Mess University in Grand Junction, CO is an excellent school if you want the university experience, but also appreciate a smaller campus. CMU has a newer campus, that is constantly expanding. The population is a little over 10,000 students, but I have never been in a class that has over 70 students. If you are looking for a university that has excellent education programs and a great location, you can not get anything better than CMU. Located close to ski areas, Grand Junction is the perfect place for people who love the outdoors and for people who would like to be more adventurous. Educationally, CMU is challenging and provides its students with unlimited opportunities outside of college. I highly recommend that anyone looking for a great education, stimulating location, and memorable experiences come to CMU. I promise you will not regret coming here.
This is a good school. There is a nice mix of good and bad teachers. The atmosphere is very pleasant and safe
I liked how diverse CMU is and how easy accessible everything is. They have great resources especially the TLC center. Ever since I started it has always appealed to me that it is a great school. They help you in so many ways possible and are always there to help you. I don't like how students work there and most of them don't know how to answer your questions so it's hard to get answers when there's only students there and no workers.
My experience at Colorado Mesa University has been great so far. Every one is really nice and helpful and the staff wants to help you succeed in college. I would like to see them expand some more of their degree fields.
What I love is that they gave me a full tuition and fees scholarship for academics. Also, starting next year I will have the opportunity to apply to be a Resident Assistant in one of dorms, which would pay for my whole room and board as well. The campus is also beautiful and I have had great experiences with my classes and selection of teachers. I also love how they accept a lot of AP classes, so I can fit in both my major and two minors. I only wish they would pay for the trip portion of one of my classes that goes out of the country in order to learn informally and do service work.
My experience at Colorado Mesa University has been pretty great so far. The dorms are really nice and exceptionally clean. I couldn't ask for a better living space, although they are quite small. The professors I have had so far all have been extremely caring and nice. I haven't had a bad experience with one yet. Although this shouldn't be an issue, the professors actually teach and I've actually learned things at CMU. Also, if you like sports, CMU all around has great sports teams. The only downside to CMU is that it is what you would consider a "party school," which wouldn't be my first choice of activities to do in college but if that's what you like, then this is the school for you. Colorado Mesa University is located in a small town, but not too small. You still have everything you need. Overall, CMU has been a great experience.
Mesa is a pretty fun campus, there's usually some sort of event going on in the UC, and many people are walking around campus, setting up a game of some sort. It's the perfect mix of quiet and calm, but active and exciting! The class sizes are perfect and not too big.
I received a full ride scholarship to CMU, so my return on investment was incredible... academics are above average as classes are very in depth and I feel cover the information necessary and there are good options for classes. Teachers are not as qualified as they should be and some are great in their field but should never have been hired to be a teacher :(. Campusfood is good and would be much much better if there were more healthy options or just more options in general but they are working on this. Campus housing is very nice and new renovations come often. The campus and surrounding area is beautiful!
I've really enjoyed my past two years at CMU.while the surrounding town is a bit dull, I think being on campus is a lot fun due to the people and atmosphere.
So far after my first semester, I have enjoyed being at Colorado Mesa University very much. I have met friends, enjoyed college life and managed academics my first semester better than I thought I would.
Colorado Mesa University is a mid-sized school that offers the community feeling of a smaller college alongside the athletic and academic opportunities provided by a larger school.
I liked the small class sizes. I was unfortunate to get a lot of brand new professors during my time there, in which I felt I didn't really receive the best information since these professors were still determining what was the best way to teach the classes. I had a few classes with other professors who have been at the University much longer and they were great! I have just had bad luck.
While going to Mesa University its great to go to such a diverse school. Everyone is very nice and everything is pretty close while you go to class. Overall it's great to be going to a college that has so much to offer.
My experience at Colorado Mesa University has been fantastic. The Professors that I have had this semester are ones that are caring for the future of their students. These Professors make it a point to see their students excel. One thing that I would to see improvement on is the website that the University uses for classes (D2L). D2L has several flaws which can be very stressful at times. Overall, CMU is a wonderful environment.
The school is very updated. Its a great school, but it's pretty cliche-y. I'm transferring schools when this fall semester is over. The professors are okay. They say class sizes are small but most of the classes I've had have been pretty large. On campus living is nice, but the community style bathrooms don't get cleaned very well. The food sucks too.
Colorado Mesa University is a really cool school! The campus is really nice and beautiful, and the buildings are very clean and easy to navigate. The teachers are all really great and do actually care about the student's success. I have been enjoying all of my classes and I know students of all backgrounds and ability will enjoy going here, there are lots of programs and support. I actually enjoy being on campus more than most places because it is such a nice environment and there is a lot more diversity. The dining hall has lots of vegan options, which I love!
I like the people on campus and the surrounding town. It's very beautiful and the student to professor ratio is awesome. There is so much to do and learn.
I had many doubts coming to CMU but completely fell in love with the school during the first week. The professors are nothing like what teachers tell you about them. Courses are manageable and interesting. Theres a lot of help if you're stressing out about assignments or other things you just have to go seek them out yourself. Everyones very friendly and willing to stop and talk with you. Theres many clubs here and you can even start a club yourself. The campus is beautiful and well kept. Its a growing school and I'm happy with my choice at CMU.
I havent looked into it much. but I hear the career center is great
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We have seminars about sexual assault at orientation and during stampede week. The student wellness center is a great place to find help for everything. The GJPD is always here and monitoring the campus. We also have a safewalk program that if you feel unsafe walking from a hall back to your dorm someone can escort you. MavRides is also great, if you're too drunk to drive back to campus they can take you back but the wait is usually long. Overall it's a pretty safe campus.
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