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Colorado Mesa University is a great college for anyone who wants to live in southwest Colorado. They have a variety of degrees, the staff and faculty are friendly, and it is located in one of the most recreationally diverse places in the state. Grand Junction itself is a big town, easy to get around, and has access to every thing you may need.
CMU is an amazing school for people who don't want to go to a university too big or too small! the professors are wonderful and helpful. Cmu has various activities and sports constantly, and there is also end of the year concerts with various artists!
I love CMU! The professors really just want to teach you what they are passionate about. They don't want to see you fail, but hard work and dedication are key! Lifelong learning at CMU!
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I am currently a college student here and I am absolutely in love with the entire university! The facilities and opportunities are amazing. The professors are also incredibly intelligent and willing to work with the students.
The campus was beautiful and the professors are all personable and give individual attention when needed. CMU is the perfect size to provide everything that larger universities can while still maintaining a small community feel.
I liked the campus and how it was smaller but it was still a 4-Year University. The diversity was incredible for a smaller university. The class sizes were really nice and I had pretty good luck with professors. My professors were also very willing to help me as long as I put in some effort. The library was nice and I found good places to study. Some parts of Grand Junction were prettier than others. It just wasn't the right fit for me. But lots of people I met absolutely loved it there.
It’s a good university that has been expanding in the last couple years with new buildings and gaining more popularity. Gaining these new building for the programs offered at CMU has caught the attention of many students looking to go to a university that offers what they are looking for and is a little more affordable.
Colorado Mesa University is an excellent college with faculty that really care about their students. Most professors are willing to work with you in whatever way needed, whether it be time away from class or assisting you in understanding material. Their tutoring center is a huge help when you don't understand a concept and there are plenty of outdoor activities on and around campus.
Colorado Mesa is a great school with great surroundings and plenty to do! Athletics are really competitive and I love being a part of this school.
It's huge. There's lots of space on campus. They offer a large variety of programs. The environment is nice.
Colorado Mesa University has provided me with an outstanding education and experience. I have grown drastically as a student and as a person.
I personally had a rough start to Mesa. Many of the girls were very mean to me and I did not have friends for the first two weeks. Trust me I am not a bad person or shy. After I was practicing for track I started to make friends. Then I have had two family losses this year and the school did nothing to help me. The first loss was only my cousin, which is still a big deal due to the fact I come from a close family. When I lost my mom due to being killed in a car accident. They did not offer me anything to help with my classes or excuses for my classes. Some of my professors worked well with me to determine my grade due to their empathy for my loss. If it was not for the track team here or my current friends I would not have returned.
What I like about Colorado Mesa University is that there is so much to do there and everyone can fit in. The dorms are really nice and clean. Along with the buildings and classroom. I like that there is small classrooms and big classrooms depending on the subject. Even if you are in the back you can still hear the professor talking. There is something for everyone there.
I would definitely recommend Colorado Mesa to one of my friends or family. They make you feel at home when your living on campus and the people are great! The town isn't too crowded so there's not too much traffic. This school gives many opportunities to the students to interact with each other such as clubs, club sports, and special events.
Colorado Mesa University's experience is a very positive atmosphere to be at. Everyone is so friendly, and willing to help
This is a beautiful campus and has a great campus atmosphere. There are so many activities like snowboarding, rafting and rock climbing. The campus is really geared to getting students to participate in activities. Grand Junction is 4 hours away from Denver and close to all major ski resorts. Great place to go to school.
I enjoy everything that Colorado Mesa University has to offer. The class size is perfect- my professors know my face and enjoy having me in their classes. I enjoy the social life; there is a ton of awesome people to meet, and student life is very fun. Games and events are exciting. The environment is overall amazing!
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Colorado Mesa University has a beautiful campus that is surrounded by the mesa and the Colorado National Monument. However, if you aren't an outdoor person and come from a big city, then CMU might not be the place for you. Aside from the environment, the professors are very helpful, there are a decent amount of clubs to join, the facilities are great, and the dorms are quite nice.
Colorado Mesa University is a mediocre institution. The campus is nice, but the area is sub-par. Professors at the school are quite helpful and some of the best you have met, but that's because of the fact that it's a small school, and one definitely notices that in the way the school functions. The president of the school is more concerned with boosting growth than the well-being of his students.
I enjoy Colorado Mesa University, because I am able to attend college here, but also have a variety of outdoors activities that my friends and I are able to do. I am not very far from home which makes it very convenient for when I want to go visit my family.