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Colorado Mesa is perfect for those looking to learn in a hands on type of way. With the small class sizes and growing resources of the institution, there are multiple ways to learn and many people to help. There's always something to do in the area as well, from hiking the Colorado Monunent to the vast array of student activities, youll never be bored.
Colorado Mesa is a very good university. The town of Grand Junction is nestled between two mountains giving anyone a beautiful view and plenty of outdoor activities just minutes away. The campus is very nice and they are constantly adding and updating it. The people were very nice and the professors treated everyone with respect, helping every student succeed.
I personally really enjoy my time at Colorado Mesa the classes are small and there are a lot of facilities to help me with my education. The major things that I would change would have to be the way the online portion of the University works since it can be a little to complicateded at times.
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I enjoyed my first year at Coorado Mesa University. My professors were very supportive of helping me succeed and offered help whenever I asked. I lived on campus my first semester and enjoyed being on campus and always having someone there for company. The dorms were very comfortable and had plenty of space.
Colorado Mesa does have some decent professors, however my biggest personal issue is their on-campus living policy that states you must live on campus unless you are 21, married, have a child, have a parent/guardian within 45 miles of campus, have an medical reason they deem reason to live off campus or have obtained enough hours for a Junior standing. They also require the purchasing of a meal plan separately and the administration is very poor at notifying students of criminal incidents on campus. It's a smaller university so if that's what you're looking for this is perfect.
The Professors that I have taken have all been amazing. Make sure to go on before you take classes because it is very helpful. Over all I love this school the events are really fun and you meet a lot of people.
Colorado Mesa University was the right choice for me and I'm sure it is for you too. It is a wonderful school with a beautiful camps and great professors. The class sizes are the perfect size, your professor actually get to know your name and they really care about your education. The student life at CMU is great there's never not an activity going on, and if you don't want to stay on campus there many activities just minutes away from the CMU. Weather you like hiking, mountain biking, skiing, paddle boarding you name it then CMU is the right choice for you. And even if you've never done any of those thing CMU has a wonderful Outdoors program that will take you on trips and teach you the basics. Outdoors activites not for you that's okay we have a great rec gym with racquetball courts, basketball courts, rock climbing wall and even a Olympic size swimming pool. So come check out CMU we'd love to have you join our Mavley. GO MAVS!
This is a great school for students who love the outdoors and being involved with clubs and organizations. The campus is great and even better that you are only two hours from Moab, Aspen, and only forty minutes from Powderhorn Ski resort! I love this college!!!
The teachers are dedicated and the classes are never too big. The campus is also gorgeous and the university does a lot to help the students feel more connected to each other.
Colorado Mesa University has truly become my home away from home. The location is perfect for those who love to be outdoors and the teacher to student ratio really pays off.
Colorado Mess University in Grand Junction, CO is an excellent school if you want the university experience, but also appreciate a smaller campus. CMU has a newer campus, that is constantly expanding. The population is a little over 10,000 students, but I have never been in a class that has over 70 students. If you are looking for a university that has excellent education programs and a great location, you can not get anything better than CMU. Located close to ski areas, Grand Junction is the perfect place for people who love the outdoors and for people who would like to be more adventurous. Educationally, CMU is challenging and provides its students with unlimited opportunities outside of college. I highly recommend that anyone looking for a great education, stimulating location, and memorable experiences come to CMU. I promise you will not regret coming here.
This is a good school. There is a nice mix of good and bad teachers. The atmosphere is very pleasant and safe
I liked how diverse CMU is and how easy accessible everything is. They have great resources especially the TLC center. Ever since I started it has always appealed to me that it is a great school. They help you in so many ways possible and are always there to help you. I don't like how students work there and most of them don't know how to answer your questions so it's hard to get answers when there's only students there and no workers.
My experience at Colorado Mesa University has been great so far. Every one is really nice and helpful and the staff wants to help you succeed in college. I would like to see them expand some more of their degree fields.
What I love is that they gave me a full tuition and fees scholarship for academics. Also, starting next year I will have the opportunity to apply to be a Resident Assistant in one of dorms, which would pay for my whole room and board as well. The campus is also beautiful and I have had great experiences with my classes and selection of teachers. I also love how they accept a lot of AP classes, so I can fit in both my major and two minors. I only wish they would pay for the trip portion of one of my classes that goes out of the country in order to learn informally and do service work.
My experience at Colorado Mesa University has been pretty great so far. The dorms are really nice and exceptionally clean. I couldn't ask for a better living space, although they are quite small. The professors I have had so far all have been extremely caring and nice. I haven't had a bad experience with one yet. Although this shouldn't be an issue, the professors actually teach and I've actually learned things at CMU. Also, if you like sports, CMU all around has great sports teams. The only downside to CMU is that it is what you would consider a "party school," which wouldn't be my first choice of activities to do in college but if that's what you like, then this is the school for you. Colorado Mesa University is located in a small town, but not too small. You still have everything you need. Overall, CMU has been a great experience.
Mesa is a pretty fun campus, there's usually some sort of event going on in the UC, and many people are walking around campus, setting up a game of some sort. It's the perfect mix of quiet and calm, but active and exciting! The class sizes are perfect and not too big.
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I received a full ride scholarship to CMU, so my return on investment was incredible... academics are above average as classes are very in depth and I feel cover the information necessary and there are good options for classes. Teachers are not as qualified as they should be and some are great in their field but should never have been hired to be a teacher :(. Campusfood is good and would be much much better if there were more healthy options or just more options in general but they are working on this. Campus housing is very nice and new renovations come often. The campus and surrounding area is beautiful!
I've really enjoyed my past two years at CMU.while the surrounding town is a bit dull, I think being on campus is a lot fun due to the people and atmosphere.
So far after my first semester, I have enjoyed being at Colorado Mesa University very much. I have met friends, enjoyed college life and managed academics my first semester better than I thought I would.
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