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This college is amazing, the professors are well known and they care about your success in each class. The small class sizes help with understanding the content in each class and there are tons of people to help you if you don't understand what's going on in the class. Everything is also within walking distance so very easy to get to.
This college has a very beautiful campus with great outdoor activities. Grand Junction is known for its abundance of outdoor recreation so the campus really highlights that aspect. CMU continues to grow as a community and is constantly attempting to improving their students lifestyle. Adding new dorms and buildings for classes, this university continues to improve. I would recommend this college to anyone who enjoys biking, hiking, skiing, snowboarding or intends on majoring in nursing.
The academics here were alright. They weren’t challenging enough for me. I felt like I wasn’t completely accountable for my academics. I could put forth half of the effort and get an A. I was hoping for something more. It was paying too much for such a little education.
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I love CMU. We have a diverse student body, phenomenal professors, and a gorgeous campus where the outdoors are encouraged constantly. Our average class size is quite small, enabling professors to really spend time with students teaching their courses. The campus is dog, pedestrian, bike. And skateboard friendly, and there are study niches around every corner and down every hall. The library also just received a complete update.
I really like attending CMU because the staff works hard to create a positive experience for all students. Going into my freshman year as a 22-year-old I was worried that I might seem old to some of the recent High School Graduates, but to my surprise I was in class with many kids my age!
I am a recent graduate from CMU/Western in the Electrical Linesman program. This program offers a unrealistic opportunity upon graduation earning a position with an Electrical Coop as an Apprentice Linesman. I have applied to 100's job throughout the US and have not even received an interview. There are many other colleges/trade schools that offer the same certificate and are more reputable than CMU/Western. This is a great profession if you can get a job, from my graduation class of 60 there are less than 10% have received a Apprentice position. There are 100's of graduates with certificates each year in the state of CO with less than 25 real jobs with elect coops. Most of the subcontractors use the recent graduates are there temp labor force with no real long term commitment to the employee. I wouldn't recommend a high school graduate to enroll to CMU/Western Linesman program.
I wish that there had been more opportunity to learn. I think that it is difficult for many to figure out how to get along up there because there is no real guidance.
I am mainly focusing on my academia but it’s hard to not love all the other characteristics of this college.
This college was a really awesome choice for me, all the way from the academics to the community provided at this college. The couple of years that I have spent here have really been the best years of my life and will always be remembered. They have an amazing nursing program, which I am currently enrolled in, and expecting to graduate in spring of 2019. I also work at the Outdoor Program on campus and they have really shown me how much the school really provides for their students. The OP always has FREE events going on throughout the week and even provide INTERNATIONAL TRIPS that go all the way from going from state to state or to even THAILAND, etc. Working at the Outdoor Program and being in the nursing program has been awesome mostly because of the people that have made it so easy to fit in and make friends. Wouldn't attend any other college!!!
This is a very good college however it is more on the expensive side and of course with college comes college parties. Despite it being more known as a "party campus" it is filled with very intelligent teachers, students, and many amazing opportunities.
My experience at Colorado Mesa University has been great so far. I've met many of my friends through sports and academics here. The location is my favorite part, getting to look at the grand mesa and the monument everyday is always a pleasure. I love how the campus is spread apart yet everything is close enough so that I can still get to all of my classes on time from where I live.
Very nice campus, super helpful staff. Thus far I've had great professors and am looking forward to another 4 years here!!
It is a relatively small University. It feels safe. it offers a good selection of degrees and classes. It is very poor on financial aid. I would like to see it expand its offerings in International Studies. It also needs improvement in academic advising.
I really enjoy the small class sizes that CMU has to offer. I also enjoy that the University Center has a variety of food (including a Starbucks and an Express Chick Fil A), but the food is kind of pricey. The recently redone library has an Enstroms Coffee for breakfast and there also is new buildings that appear quite often. I do not like the fact that there is limited parking for commuting students.
CMU is amazing! Great location! Great programs of study! Nice teachers! Great extra curriculum programs!
It's a small university, but that's a good thing, because you feel like a closer community that way. Every proffessor on campus absolutelly loves what they teach and it shows. The campus has a variety of food options, and if your not happy with what the campus provides there is so many restraunts within walking distance.
I loved his university. It had great people, food, beautiful campus and good and organized dorms. I had gone to the campus for a wrestling camp coach Travis Mercado has hosted. He was as great coach.
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I loved Colorado Mesa University! It has a beautiful campus and the programs there are awesome! Since the class sizes are smaller, the professors know all of their students.
Colorado Mesa University is a great college for anyone who wants to live in southwest Colorado. They have a variety of degrees, the staff and faculty are friendly, and it is located in one of the most recreationally diverse places in the state. Grand Junction itself is a big town, easy to get around, and has access to every thing you may need.
CMU is an amazing school for people who don't want to go to a university too big or too small! the professors are wonderful and helpful. Cmu has various activities and sports constantly, and there is also end of the year concerts with various artists!