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I started attending the CMS Colorado Media School in November of 2017, going thru the doors know nothing about Radio its history and the accomplishment of radio from its start to what is being accomplished now. I also learned a lot more about the camera I already own and with the knowledge I received It helped to to shoot better quality photos and videos. I also retain the knowledge to pick out the right equipment needed to accomplish the task requested by teachers or externship customers. Allowing me to create acceptable work as a novice in a brand new field, and its only taking me a year so I can get out in the work field right away.
The resource lab and computer lab are very useful. Students don't have to pay for printing services. The labs are available at any time. There is an on campus technician that is so awesome he can fix everything. Students get discount's on supplies at school which is great. Wireless access is great. Students can also use their personal computer on campus upon approval.
As a student there we get to learn everything hands on working in television studios and on air studios on campus. We get to have live on air shows weekly. Students can work on campus to receive intern hours and externship hours. Every studio is also available upon request. Education services helps students prepare resumes and has information on jobs and internships off campus. The school sets up interviews on campus for graduates.Which is great we would only have to go to campus for the interview. The teachers are professionals that are in the broadcasting business of television and radio. The teachers have great knowledge on what it takes to make in the broadcasting industry. This school also helps with students finding student housing that is affordable. The environment is awesome its in a great neighborhood. The staff is the most friendly of any other school i've attended. I would recommend this school to anyone who wants to be in broadcasting.
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The campus has 15 studios for the students to get most of their work done. There is also a computer lab for writing stories and resource center to help with the process of us finding out information for companies to work and Intern for. We have a great education team to help us with school and personal problems effecting school.
There are many options for help and all the courses are well explained
knowledgeable, friendly, positive, very helpful, sense of Humor, Flexible, demonstrative
Everyone is required to take all of the courses at the school which is excellent for this [articular field, knowing how all aspects work & learning the skills involved for them is important, an advantage, not to mention opens the door on all job opportunities available
Not enough equipment for students to use. Most of equipment is starting to show its age.
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