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Its easy to sit down and figure out what classes fit my schedule and what classes I can take as an independent study.
the computer lab is very limited we have to share with other organizations on campus. The WiFi can run well at times and has the occasional crash . Printing is fairly cheap and accessible.
I think I have earned a lot from professors and other students. Theirs a lot the administration area of the school needs to work on. Theirs a lot of events going on at school almost every week that allows me to learn and spend time with other alumni.
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I haven't taken any online courses but they offer independent studies and the professors are very flexible.
The new career center is great the new coordinator has great resources for graduates, she has a great program to help you be prepared to internships and job interviews.
To be an international Student at my school is kinda fun, you learn so may aspects of business in an international perspective. The workload varies by professor and the curriculum is fairly easy to understand.
The professors are great and you get to connect with a lot of them one on one.The workload varies by professor and get be in range from light to heavy.
You get an opportunity to meet and make friends with people from other cultures. Everyone is fairly nice and since the number of students attending is so small you get to know almost everyone.
We all have the opportunity to pay in payments if we cant afford to pay the full fee or received any financial aid. We receive scholarships that depend on our GPA and can get up to $500 from the school.
The student center allows us to have a place to relax listen to music, watch a movie, study and play games like ping-pong, pool etc. The library has very limited room to where you can work and what ever is available is taken by other classes.
My school is very diverse being an International school you meet all kinds of people from all over the world. Its a great opportunity to get to know and learn about other cultures. It is amazing how many things you can have in common with someone from a different part of the world. I think the facilities do need work a lot of the things we need are not available to us; we need better computers,WiFi connection, better classroom environment and study environments.
As an international student there are a lot of challenges in getting the financial aid its too minimal.
One thing about my school os that it is a diverse of cultures and being a student in International Business degree makes me feel more comfortable that I am able to meet students that one day I will visit their countries and see if I canbe an invester in their country.
Excellent! Personally work with you to find an employer in your field out of college. 97% job placement out of college.
Everything is within a walk away. We have an amazing Gym Facility, a beauty track that wraps around the campus, Frisbee Golf tournaments with CHU residents and the community, Volunteer opportunities with AmeriCorps NCCC members and On & Off campus jobs. Student Lounge access 24/7, Campus Security 24/7 access, Campus Monitors are also 24/7 access, Building security code only for CHU residence. Shopping and outside resources are withing the campus reach to public transportation, helpful insight of off campus shopping, health & doctor visit, general personal stuff is listed through out the campus as well as the website
I would say the academics is flexible, but majority of the students are international so we all learned various learning methods that I feel some of the professors haven't adapted to yet and are still learning in this area.

Their are student tutors that are selected and hired through CHU to provide free study groups and tutoring sessions.
Needs some more improvement, but for the most part it offers a variety of diversity because students come from all walks of life and countries, not to mention AmeriCorps NCCC share the campus for their national volunteering efforts.

The professors teach at other local Colorado Universities, so they have connections, teaching methods that are to say the least diverse.
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Something I Really Like About My School Even Though It Doesn't Apply to Me Is That, for the Students Living in the Dorms With No Car They Give Them Rides to Buy Their Groceries or Stuff They Want. Something I really like about my school even though it doesn't apply to me , is that for the students living in the dorms with no car they have someone from school take them to buy groceries, or out shopping for whatever it is that they want.
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