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Great academics but recently the motion has been heading in a direction which preys on any off-campus outing. Make CC fun again. Party scene is a joke, the way that campus safety and the administration "combat" unsafe circumstances further create an unsafe enviroment. When a party finally does get through the grips of the regisration system, people flock in mass numbers: creating an unsafe environment. They need to stop intervening in every facet of their students lives and realize the issue is them.
Colorado College offers a unique and interactive experience. Because of the block plan, each course is immersive allowing the student to thouroughly engage with the various topics. The small classes allow student to form genuine relationships with their professors while also having time fo participate in their chosen activities whether that be clubs or sports.
CC is an amazing school! Academics and rigorous and the standard or excellence is demanding. Simultaneously, professors and peers are committed to supporting every student and seeing that they have the resources they need to succeed. The social scene is inclusive and broad. The city of Colorado Springs has some hidden gems to offer and it is easy to access the natural world (with the help of a car of your own or a friendly roommate’s).
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If you've been admitted to CC as a Winter Start, FSA, or are considering delaying your enrollment till Spring Semester, it's not as scary as you think it is! If you really hate the idea, trust your gut and don't do it, but if your open to it but you're scared because you've never heard of someone going to college a semester late before, don't worry about it. I was a Winter Start, and it was a great experience and allowed me to study abroad and do research during my Fall semester. Plus, once I got to CC it was a great time, the Winter Start community is supportive and great (second, third, and fourth years Winter Starts included) and I was able to make friends just fine. The first semester of college is always going to be hard, but being a Winter Start made it easier if anything.
CC is a great school in a not-so-great location. As a more liberal community existing inside a conservative city, you definitely live in the "CC bubble". CO Springs is also a car-centric city, and as a freshman I felt very stuck on campus due to their no-car rule. I personally also did not expect to be so effected by seasonal weather (coming from California). The seasons/ the snow is not as magical as I thought it'd be!
CC is also VERY academically rigorous. This can be especially tough if you find yourself getting sick, as you cannot miss more than two days without falling behind in class. The block plan is great for many reasons, but this factor added a lot of stress to the already stressful environment of college, especially for me as a person with a chronic health condition.
CC is an excellent place to study and challenge yourself! We're intellectual, physically active, passionate and mostly left of center ... but we're welcoming to everybody. The administration is great and so are the profs. I had one bad experience with a Psychology professor, but other than that, it's been awesome! I also studied Music while at CC and was really impressed with this program and all it offers. The Music Dept is definitely strong and a hidden gem!
One of the things that i love about this college I've been there like field trip for AVID classes and I really like the culture of school and is very close to where i live and is good place to learn .
Colorado College strives to be more inclusive and diverse, which is progressive for a college. However, there are still problems within these goals and it still has a ways to go in its progress. I have found the environment here more open and accepting than my previous education.
This school has given me everything I could've needed in terms of a great education, including a supportive yet inspiring environment, dedicated faculty, and motivated students.
Colorado College has great social life. There are no clicks and everyone wants to be friends with everyone. It can be stressful because of the classes can be hard, but it's a great place to go.
CC has been a great school for me. The block plan has worked well for me and I've really appreciated the access to out-of-classroom learning through field trips!
Colorado College has a great campus in the heart of Colorado Springs. The school is close to the mountains and the Outdoor Education offers opportunities for the students to get outdoors. The campus is safe and smoke free. The Block Plan is a unique experience where students take one course at a time, for 3.5 weeks. This allows students to be completely immersed in one subject without juggling multiple class loads.
Just finished my Sophomore Year at CC. Education major, but dabbled in Psychology. I love this school and honestly couldn't think of a better way of learning than the block plan. The teachers are passionate and the classes are engaging. The students are open minded and adventurous and fun! I love and adore the campus and how many events are put on each block. Hands down. Best school. The housing is good if you know which dorm you'd like to live in, just ask around! The food is also pretty good and there's a lot of it! Don't be afraid to use the kitchens though.
Drug abuse is rampant, students are delusional trustafarians, professors teach lies (no GMOs won't kill you and yes animals can commit acts of violence), there were several assaults and robberies on campus from the locals, the parties are identical week after week, alumni have struggled with poverty and homelessness... the outdoorsy part is cool, but there are far better options if you want to treat higher education as a summer camp. Try MSU or Boulder instead.
Colorado College is a great school for those with a love of academics and adventure. The people at CC help you to view life from perspectives you may have never considered. The fact that one day I could be sitting in an engaging classroom, walking down the streets of Colorado's second largest city the next day, and climbing trails near Pike's Peak the last, helped to convince me that Colorado was the only option for me.
At CC, students are people first, academics second. CC is different from other liberal arts schools because it focuses on holistic growth, prioritizing mental health and recreation alongside schoolwork. There are issues with diversity and scholarships here, but the school is making big moves every year.
I am currently a freshman at CC and I love it!! Everything I could have asked for and more. The block plan is an obvious highlight/attraction, and the enviorment is awesome because you can do whatever you'd like!
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Colorado College is an amazing place. Everyone here is so intelligent, kind, and accepting. The Block Plan is a very unique way of study but I have had an excellent experience so far. Professors go out of their way to provide the best education that we can get. I would highly recommend coming to CC!
I absolutely love everything the Colorado College (CC) has to offer! From amazing professors who take their time to make sure each and every student understands the material, to the amazing programs we offer such as the 3-2 program, plethora of summer research, Priddy Trips, Venture Grants, and yes even great food!

What I wish would change is the constant racism we see from the students, to the faculty and staff, and even the professors. Unfortunately it is rampant and very hard to deal with as a Native American on campus. Constant micro-aggressions wherever you go make life in general tough to deal with.
I am a just graduated senior from CC. Attending was the best decision I have made in my life. The culture at CC is adventurous and thoughtful, and everyone is there to help each other learn, grow, and explore. I learned more about myself and the person I want to become, and more about the world, than I could have imagined. You should come here. Its awesome.
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