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All of the staff at ccu are very helpful and nice! So far I have enjoyed CCU very much! One thing that has been hard is the inability to contact someone on the phone due to covid.
taking classes online has been great. Blackboard is easy to navigate and the professors are helpful.
This has been the best college education I am receiving since I went back after 20 years. I am I will have a Christian education that I am proud of.
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I have learned so much about my self and that I can do anything I set my mind on the professors have been so supportive.
I'm taking online classes and the system is easy to navigate. The teachers are great, i love CCU!!!!
It was great, their online system is easy to navigate and understand. The teachers are available when you need help as well.
CCU is a place to garner worldly education and also apply morality to whatever career you purse. Whether at the top or the bottom of the company you will treat others in a way that reflects respect and value. Some may be pushed away by "Christian" in the name but it's just people from different walks of life trying to be better and do better. My attendance here has given me tools to succeed and be grateful in my success.
The professors have worked diligently in their field and often elaborate while delivering the curriculum. It's never boring and you will be challenged.
So far my experience with Colorado Christian University has been beautiful. I feel blessed to have so many people and resources in my favor. This University sets the student up for success. I honestly do not have one negative thing to say about Colorado Christian University at this juncture.
I am so pleased with my experience thus far. I cannot praise the lord enough for placing this wonderful University in my life. I appreciate everyone on the staff, that is involved in my success. I look forward to continuing my growth with CCU!
I took classes on line on & off since 2007 since my active duty military job took precedence. I love the Biblical aspect of this college, the faith based education, and knowing the safety of being able to put my beliefs out there. I love the professors who have educated me as well as helped me through difficult classes. My daughter is soon to be in college and I have made her aware of the online aspect of school but she really needs to be in seat. I think this school deserves high five and 5 star rating for all that they do.
I was not on campus. I do know anytime I have called for technical difficulty or even financial issues, they have helped me in every way.
I like the knowledgeable professors that they have as well as the fact that I can freely express my faith and not be judged by it.
The instructors are knowledgeable, they care about their students. They are very involved with the assignments to make sure that the students understand what they are doing. They are also available to answer question as quickly as possible.
Colorado Christian University has an amazing online school. All of the professors have been very helpful and the classes are very easy to get through.
I love doing classes online. I’m one of those students that do better online than in person. I don’t do good with a large amount of people in the classroom.
I love the online experience, class at my time and on the days I can. I absolutely love the way the professors handle the classroom, if we ever need anything from them they are just around the corner so to speak. I never had a hard time with anything really, they walk you through and always make sure you are ok with what is going on before they let you take over. bless each and everyone at colorado Christian university for being an awesome university I love how God and his word are incorporated in each lesson and I have learned so much from them.
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I am taking online classes and so far I love the school, everything about it is perfect! God surely lead me to the right place
Professors were always reachable and returned my emails fast. Despite the fact that all my courses were online, I was able to learn through videos and great professors.
I love the ease it has allowed me to do everything online. I have also become closer to God and my faith.
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