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Colorado Christian University Reviews

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As an adult returning to school after several years of being in the workforce and staying at home with children, CCU has provided an excellent, supportive transition back to academia. I love learning online. It is an effective use of my time, I can work (mostly) at my pace. It fits perfectly into my busy life of Mom and business owner.
I had a super negative experience with this institution, mainly with the students and people I was surrounded with. There was a lot of negative and judgemental energy from people, and it was hard to make friends because everyone seemed close minded and fake about their lives. The rules were very very strict in order to attend and it seemed like no one wanted to see people living outside of their bubble of what they believed.
CCU is an amazing school. The professors truly care about the students, and faith is integrated into every aspect of the coursework. If you're looking for a school that will give you a great faith-based education for your money, from professors who care about their students' success, check into CCU.
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