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Colorado Christian University is a campus of support and love. All the faculty want the best for their students and give no less than 100% of their effort and skill to accomplish that. When you walk on campus, you feel a sense of compassion and commitment from the students. We know what we are going to accomplish and that we have the support from not only the staff but from our fellow students.
Love CCU. Wish I could repeat college there. The community, the professors, and the student life is unmatchable.
I have been in college here for 1 semester and so far my experience here has been awesome. I am in my second semester here at the university and I've already learned so much. I am looking forward to my next semester and with the classmates that I will get to know. I am gaining wisdom and knowledge every day.
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I love it here. Its an awsome place, the atmosphere is wonderful being a Christian college. I love Jesus and so does everyone here. Its great!!
I liked that classes and the community I experience while I was here. The professors were always willing to help and allowed me to take quizzes and tests early to accommodate my debate tournament schedule. I wish it was more academically challenging and that the classes had involved more original sources.
I have thoroughly enjoyed going back to school at CCU. I really appreciate that the online courses are planned out in a manner that you take one class at a time for five weeks then move on to the next class. Also, I transferred to CCU from Colorado Mesa University. I had taken some time off from school and CMU was insisting that I retake some of my biology courses. Well, CCU accepted those credits and I didn't have to retake anything I had previously completed. It was such a life saver. I recently got accepted into the BSN-RN nursing program and couldn't be more happy. The staff are all so willing to help make it a great experience. If I could do it all over again, I would have started and finished my schooling at CCU, instead of transferring part way through.
Christian in name only. CCU has church services and seem to be Christian where it is convenient. There are a FEW profs who take their beliefs seriously from what I can tell. I went for an education in Theology and I couldn't have been more disappointed. The dean of Theology at the time was teaching loosely and seemed annoyed when pressed about theological positions. I spoke with the former president and he seemed to be distant and was already dreaming of his retirement with little to no regard for the heresy being advocated on the campus. There is a new guard in the Theology department and they are pushing cultural relativism, which is a slippery slope into Hell. The school will not take a solid stand on theological issues because they are about maximizing profit and are afraid to turn away any MONEY that is coming from the secular world. If this is not you and you are faculty at the school, I apologize but I can only speak on what I experienced.
Colorado Christian University is ranked in the top 2% in the nation for academics and offers an outstanding community and allows students to connect with their professors and other students.
I just began taking classes and EVERYONE that I have come in contact with has been incredibly supportive and helpful. I appreciate the block system so, there is no pressure having to take a several classes at the same time. Great school!
I love CCU. From the curriculum to the instructors and even the fellow students. Great university. I love the focus of education taught with Christ as the forefront. As Christians everything we do should be through Christ and for Christ and CCU has that down pat.
It is a very close knit school with a very caring community. I play volleyball here and I really like my teammates and my coaches. The professors here are really encouraging to the students and want them to succeed not only in there class but also in life.
I admire CCU for its smaller population (around 2,000 undergrads). The classroom atmosphere is enjoyable, as the professors and classmates all know one another. I would like to see the rules change, some rules are way too strict.
Colorado Christian University is a Faith-based educational experience that will grow and develop your relationship with God and everyone else. It provides a unique opportunity to pursue a specific fututre career option while maintaining your life with Christ.
Wonderful online education. The professors are well-educated and kind. The campus is beautiful. The neighborhood is quiet and quaint. The bookstore mails textbooks quickly and the return process is simple.
I like that I am allow to either do my classes on campus or online and still be able to work and support my family.
It is a great school. The only thing I would like to see change is more of a break with tuition. It is really high. Great education here and experience otherwise though.
I have loved CCU. Everyone that I have met at school has been so helpful and will do whatever they can to help you achieve your goals. I highly recommend this school to anyone.
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From the time I made the first call to the first day of school, they have been a big help. If I needed something they were there for me. I am glad that they offer short 5 week sessions and you are able to take one class each session.
Colorado Christian University is a place I call home. I have felt comfortable, welcomed, and accepted here since the day I previewed. I love the community here and the general aura of love and acceptance. Colorado Christian University has a total of three places on campus to get snacks, meals, and drinks. The housing is great because it is a full apartment with bathrooms that you only have to share with 2-3 other people. My only complaint is the price of tuition, housing, and meal plans. But one has to remember that while the prices do seem a little outrageous, that it was their decision to go here. Colorado Christian University is overall an excellent school with great academics, faculty, dining and housing options, and student life activities.
I was there on a tour and for a competition recently, and I loved it! The people are great and the university really takes community and Christianity seriously! God is put at the forefront, rather than the back burner. If you want to grow in your faith, go there! :)
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