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CCU is a great Christian school that is constantly growing and developing. The music school staff is phenomenal.
The community at CCU is nothing like I have ever experienced. It is extremely inviting and personable. The professors are excellent and truly care about you and your character, not just your grades. The housing is excellent although the cafeteria food could improve. The athletic event could be better advertised and promoted.
My experience at CCU was primarily positive. I am an online student and access to class material and class discussions is fairly easy. Most professors are active in group discussions and provide constructive feedback on assignments. My one concern is the length of courses. Courses are five weeks which means a lot of material is covered during those five weeks. I would like to see courses extended to 8 weeks which would allow more time to absorb the material.
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Colorado Christian University is a great school. I am a veteran returning to school on the GI Bill. Their Adult Undergraduate Program has been amazing. They design the program to work around adults with work and family. It work wonderfully, I work, I am helping my wife start a business, and I have a family with two kids. I am able to balance all these much better than I would in a traditional college setting, or even online only degrees.
Colorado Christian University is a wonderful private Christian college. The academics and professors are top-notch. There are several programs that CCU has to offer as far as employment and internship opportunities. The school is growing and in the process of expanding the campus as well as implementing new programs of study like Engineering.
I am returning to school after a 24 year hiatus. The enrollment process was so quick it left many questions and caused quite a bit of anxiety. However, with my first class Int-211, those questions were all answered and I found myself very excited to be back at school.
Colorado Christian University is such a great school and these are the reasons why. First, the staff is amazing. From the professors to the Student Advisors. They are extremely helpful and kind and take the time out to answer any questions you might have. Two, your faith will be able to grow in ways you could never imagine, whether it's the reading material or just reading and responding to the posts of your fellow students. Three, you can freely express your thoughts about your relationship with God and integrate your faith into your assignments. I don't remember how I stumbled across this institution but I have been blessed by it ever since. Don't think twice about applying. This school was everything I wanted in a college and more!
The community is awesome and I love how the teachers are willing to help you outside of the classroom to make sure you're understanding the material that's being taught. There are lots of opportunities to serve people at the school and in the community, and there's always fun things to do when you're not in class.
I've been going to CCU for almost a year. I love that the school is faith based. I'm currently studying nursing and I learn the nursing basics, but also in with my lessons are, how the Christian faith ties in to whatever it is we're working on that week (ie., nutrition, anatomy, english). It's very interesting. That being said, I feel that it's kinda high priced - but the experience may be worth the extra money. I'm gonna give it some more time before making that decision.
My experience at Colorado Christian University has been great. The people here are helpful and positive. They try to help me grow as a person as well as helping me with my studies. It is a great school and would like to see it grow.
The ease of Colorado Christian University is by far worth it. I love doing all of my classes online. Some schools make you go in for exams; CCU does not do that. I also love the fact that my degree is from a reputable school.
From the moment I applied, I felt at home. Its a very accepting environment. All of my professors answer my emails within 24 hours or less. Most will even give you their personal cell and answer phone calls or texts over the weekend even! I also love the faith incorporation into each class.
Colorado Christian University is a great school for academicsale. Their professors are of the top notch quality. On campus you do not feel just like a number. Your professorsite care about you and the student body does also. There is always something to do. If it is events on campus like sporting events or going on an an outdoor adventure by going hiking or skiing. If you are looking for something to do locally there is the Belmar mall and there is ice skating bowling and fine cuisine everywhere.
Colorado Christian University provides a safe, exciting, and generally caring community for college students. Their academic programs are phenomenal and their professors deeply care for all of their students. The students at CCU tend to be happy, upbeat, and friendly. From the moment you step on campus you feel invited and excited about the adventure awaiting you!
I loved the feedback from the professor in a timely manner. Taking online course was very easy to navigate.
I am an online Adult Student at CCU. I love the education I am receiving. The online experience is great and I can work at my own pace. There are many degree options for students of all ages. The professors and the staff at CCU are very welcoming and committed to helping the students achieve their goals of an education.
CCU has been an awesome college. I have enjoyed every class I have taken. The instructors are very knowledgeable in the subjects they are teaching. They are willing to help you any way they can. I have enjoyed my classes even with the writing that is required for the classes (I very much dislike writing), but I have learned so much more from CCU then I believe I would have learned from any other college I could have chosen.
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The Adult Online courses at Colorado Christian University are great. They have a challenging curriculum and some of the best teachers I have had the pleasure of learning from.
I had a great experience when enrolling to nursing program. The counselor was very friendly and helpful. She helped me from the start all the way to end. I am happy that I am here with Colorado Christian University.
The admissions staff, advisors are all wonderful! They helped me from the moment I signed up. The financial aid team are always available to help and answer questions. The teachers are great, and do their very best to help you succeed in class. Beautiful campus too! Love it!
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