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CCU has been a excellent choice for my schooling. Their focus on an education backed by God has been a tremendous help to my life. Nothing but incredible people willing to help me reach my goals. I love this school.
Great instructors! Administrative office is super friendly but not always the most efficient. Need to be a little patient they always come through with the answer for you.
The school was amazing, I loved my professors and most of the people I met. The athletic department made questionable decisions and under poor management for awhile.
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I love attending Colorado Christian University. The professors, student advisors and other staff are genuine in wanting to help. They go the extra mile to make sure that you understand what is needed, and are full of christ’s Love and support.
The campus is growing over the next few years and adding new buildings soon. It's undergraduate population is expanding rapidly as well, though it will maintain its small school status for many years. CCU is not racially diverse, but offers many different backgrounds within Christianity. The academics are becoming more rigorous as the school develops and sit strives to be a better university. CCU will work with you to accept AP scores or dual credit, and will help you graduate early if you come in with credits.
I am just starting. I have spoken with an admissions Counselor. They have been so nice getting me started. I am excited to pursue my online classes with this College.
I am just now in the enrollment process at CCU. The advisor has gone above and beyond to assist in my degree selection process and has made returning to college a fear free process!
Colorado Christian University is a great schooo with great people. I’m learning so much. It is a little too expensive, but totally worth it in the long run.
I'm just now starting out at Colorado Christian University and I love this school. Your professors challenge you help you stay really focused.
My experience is great. The student adviser has worked with me patiently all the way. Jessie text me and emailed me every other day until I completed everything I needed to get in on time.
The one thing I would change the the amount of money that it cost to go to college. $500 per credit hour is crazy. That is not just at CCU it is every University I looked into attending
The school is very good, and committed to providing a Christ centred education for students. The attention given to help students maximize their own potential is outstanding. Classes are well organized and easy follow and teachers are always available for assistance. It has been a great experience for me during my time at CCU. Although the school is more expensive than others the quality of education is well worth the investment in your growth.
The application process was so fun and easy! I loved talking with my adviser and my interview was relaxed and informative. I cannot wait to be a part of this amazing school and earn my Masters in Educational Leadership!
I was an English major, and my professors were fantastic. They cared for their students individually and it actually mattered to them whether or not we learned and grew from their courses. They also did not only take interest in our academic careers but also in our personal lives. I also made some of the best friends I've ever made there.
This college has a way of challenging your faith and thinking like I have not experienced. It is a community of people listening with you and engaging in dialect that will help mold you.
Colorado Christian University is a campus of support and love. All the faculty want the best for their students and give no less than 100% of their effort and skill to accomplish that. When you walk on campus, you feel a sense of compassion and commitment from the students. We know what we are going to accomplish and that we have the support from not only the staff but from our fellow students.
Love CCU. Wish I could repeat college there. The community, the professors, and the student life is unmatchable.
I have been in college here for 1 semester and so far my experience here has been awesome. I am in my second semester here at the university and I've already learned so much. I am looking forward to my next semester and with the classmates that I will get to know. I am gaining wisdom and knowledge every day.
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I love it here. Its an awsome place, the atmosphere is wonderful being a Christian college. I love Jesus and so does everyone here. Its great!!
I liked that classes and the community I experience while I was here. The professors were always willing to help and allowed me to take quizzes and tests early to accommodate my debate tournament schedule. I wish it was more academically challenging and that the classes had involved more original sources.
I have thoroughly enjoyed going back to school at CCU. I really appreciate that the online courses are planned out in a manner that you take one class at a time for five weeks then move on to the next class. Also, I transferred to CCU from Colorado Mesa University. I had taken some time off from school and CMU was insisting that I retake some of my biology courses. Well, CCU accepted those credits and I didn't have to retake anything I had previously completed. It was such a life saver. I recently got accepted into the BSN-RN nursing program and couldn't be more happy. The staff are all so willing to help make it a great experience. If I could do it all over again, I would have started and finished my schooling at CCU, instead of transferring part way through.
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