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I love this college! Great college that places God in the middle of course work and friendly staff that is willing to help you throughout the process of registering, and getting your education. I am an online student, and I love how flexible it is to be able to do my education at home.
I love it! Their online adult undergrad program is just what someone who has kids and a job needs. Their online blackboard is easy to use and the atmosphere is right in your own comfort zone. You can get things done at your own pace when you have time. Within good guild lines. I would highly recommend CCU.
I like the atmosphere of a small yet connected campus with many opportunities to partake in recreational activities while also being surrounded by a Christian environment.
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I am enrolled in Colorado Christian University through their adult undergraduate studies online. This program makes it extremely helpful for me and those like me who have a full time job. I am unable to take courses in a classroom setting. Colorado Christian University makes it super convenient for those with a busy schedule.
In February I started at CCU online. I am 34 years old so it’s been awhile since school. My admission s counselor was wonderful. He kept in touch with me even when At first I didn’t call him back right away. If it wasn’t for him I probably would have changed my mind due to fear. I am so glad I stuck with it. I am getting a bachelors degree in Healthcare Administration. My credits from when I was in college for Nursing ten years ago, transferred over so I am already half way done with my degree. The professors are kind an understanding and if you don’t understand something just ask, they will help you! I also work full time plus over time a lot of weeks but I still manage to get all my work done for my classes because of the flexibility CCU has. I recommend going to this college especially the online classes!
I am an online student. The staff, the school, the academics, the very nature of the school screams home.
I love CCU online. It is very flexible and I am happy about my decision for going to this school. It is a Christ centered education and the professors are always happy to answer any questions you may have. They use a grading rubric and are very fair. I love CCU and want to continue my education there.
Great school. Love their adult education program . It makes the work life and the school like run more efficiently together
As an adult returning to school after several years of being in the workforce and staying at home with children, CCU has provided an excellent, supportive transition back to academia. I love learning online. It is an effective use of my time, I can work (mostly) at my pace. It fits perfectly into my busy life of Mom and business owner.
I had a super negative experience with this institution, mainly with the students and people I was surrounded with. There was a lot of negative and judgemental energy from people, and it was hard to make friends because everyone seemed close minded and fake about their lives. The rules were very very strict in order to attend and it seemed like no one wanted to see people living outside of their bubble of what they believed.
CCU is an amazing school. The professors truly care about the students, and faith is integrated into every aspect of the coursework. If you're looking for a school that will give you a great faith-based education for your money, from professors who care about their students' success, check into CCU.
Beginning a life-long dream of going to school at over 50 years old seemed ludicrous but the CCU advisors quickly ushered me over to the CAGS department. The CAGS department is for online learning and fitted into my schedule as a single, working adult. Further, they've directed me to websites to find scholarships and grants, have guided me through "the processes" (which are all brand new to me). I reached out to CCU on a whim to see if I was now to old to get a formal education. To my shock - I'm not too old at all!
Colorado Christian University is very accommodating and flexible for adult learners who have a busy work and home life. It enables people who are working full time to go back to school and get a degree.
It is a very exciting, clear and foundational university. CCU is bold about their core beliefs, and I very much appreciate that. The only change I would make is the application and registration process. I wish it were simple, rather than having to visit several different websites (Self-Service, Bushfire, ect.).
The professors are amazing and really down to earth. Every student is very welcoming and inclusive. The housing is exceptional and the school grounds are very clean. The only slight issue someone may have with it is how small of a campus it is.
While expensive, this school does their best to help even poor students like myself who are paying their own way through to afford it. The school experience is amazing! As a small school, there are many opportunities for all the students, and the small student to teacher ratio means that all the professors are invested in and truly care about their students.
I have learned so much already! The professors teach out of their own genuine relationships with God and passion for their subject matter! Academic and lifestyle standards are high but not too much in my opinion.
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I love Colorado Christian University. The people are easy to work with and as a single homeschooling mother of six I am now going back to school myself. I love that classes are truly Christ centered and I am able to take classes online from another state while using my Financial Aid to help pay for it. I look forward to the day of Graduation with CCU online.
Colorado Christian University is a great college. They excel in academics and provide with assisting students with their personal goals. The friendships you create at the school are amazing and memorable for each students. One thing that I am fascinated about is their willingness to keep Christ at the center and focus in every student's life. The theology professors will challenge and engage students to think biblically within their studies.
I haven't officially started classes yet but I love the support of the staff already. The process has been very quick and easy.
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