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Colorado Christian University is a great school. Everyone is friendly and very helpful. My advisor has changed a few times since being enrolled, but they pick up where the other may have left off and do great. I enjoy incorporating scripture in everyday curriculum.
CCU is by far the best college I have attended. Small online class ratio with professors that truly care about making sure each student is a success. Short class blocks (5wks) make it easier to focus on one class at a time and still complete courses on a full-time schedule. The advisors are great at ensuring you remain on schedule and options for courses to take to fulfill your degree requirements.
I have never been happier with a school. The advisory staff is amazing and helps you acclimate to the school. Their communication is above any other school I’ve attended.
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CCU is an amazing university if you are looking for a small Christ- Centered Community. Highly Recommend
The Student Coordination staff has been very helpful with getting me admitted to the school and helping with financial aid.
What I like about Colorado Christian University is that not only you gain resources needed to maximize your career, you also learn about the Bible and how God visioned you to incorporate his words with the gift he installed in you. I am pursuing my Business Administration degree so when I become a C.E.O. I must not just use my talent for my self-interest, it must be an "enlightened" one. God Bless!
First off, I love the Christ-centered focus on everything this university does. The professors are genuinely happy to teach and invest in their students. The student activities department is constantly working hard to provide both on-campus and commuter students with opportunities to get connected and enjoy a wide variety of events. In addition, the location of this university is ideal. It is about twenty minutes from downtown Denver, and about twenty minutes from the mountains. Obviously, one thing I always hope to change, is the tuition price. Another thing I would like to change here is the diversity of students. There is not much diversity here. This is unfortunate because diversity helps people to gain knowledge and respect for other people and their cultures. Right now, CCU is lacking in this area.
I had dreamed of going to Colorado Christian University since I was fourteen years old. After competing on campus with my high school debate league and meeting some of the professors and students, I was immediately drawn to the program. After some more research on my own and eventually great feedback from friends who began to attend the school, I was sold! Now, weeks into my freshman year, I am so overjoyed to be here and loving every part of this school! I would recommend this school to anyone who has a strong desire to be in an environment that builds and strengthens their faith, while also providing first rate education!
I love this university, the professors try very hard to always accomadate your learning and they try to get to know you personally.
The courses are very match able according the students needs, and professor are experienced in their field. The staffs were friendly and very helpful. Thanks
I have just enrolled with Colorado Christian University. My enrollment advisor has been wonderful! They have the perfect degree for me that will help me further my career. It is also offered completely online which works best with my schedule and working full time. My advisor has helped me every step of the way and always followed up with me and answered any questions I might have had. I am excited and looking forward to beginning school soon.
CCU is a great Christian school that is constantly growing and developing. The music school staff is phenomenal.
The community at CCU is nothing like I have ever experienced. It is extremely inviting and personable. The professors are excellent and truly care about you and your character, not just your grades. The housing is excellent although the cafeteria food could improve. The athletic event could be better advertised and promoted.
My experience at CCU was primarily positive. I am an online student and access to class material and class discussions is fairly easy. Most professors are active in group discussions and provide constructive feedback on assignments. My one concern is the length of courses. Courses are five weeks which means a lot of material is covered during those five weeks. I would like to see courses extended to 8 weeks which would allow more time to absorb the material.
Colorado Christian University is a great school. I am a veteran returning to school on the GI Bill. Their Adult Undergraduate Program has been amazing. They design the program to work around adults with work and family. It work wonderfully, I work, I am helping my wife start a business, and I have a family with two kids. I am able to balance all these much better than I would in a traditional college setting, or even online only degrees.
Colorado Christian University is a wonderful private Christian college. The academics and professors are top-notch. There are several programs that CCU has to offer as far as employment and internship opportunities. The school is growing and in the process of expanding the campus as well as implementing new programs of study like Engineering.
I am returning to school after a 24 year hiatus. The enrollment process was so quick it left many questions and caused quite a bit of anxiety. However, with my first class Int-211, those questions were all answered and I found myself very excited to be back at school.
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Colorado Christian University is such a great school and these are the reasons why. First, the staff is amazing. From the professors to the Student Advisors. They are extremely helpful and kind and take the time out to answer any questions you might have. Two, your faith will be able to grow in ways you could never imagine, whether it's the reading material or just reading and responding to the posts of your fellow students. Three, you can freely express your thoughts about your relationship with God and integrate your faith into your assignments. I don't remember how I stumbled across this institution but I have been blessed by it ever since. Don't think twice about applying. This school was everything I wanted in a college and more!
The community is awesome and I love how the teachers are willing to help you outside of the classroom to make sure you're understanding the material that's being taught. There are lots of opportunities to serve people at the school and in the community, and there's always fun things to do when you're not in class.
I've been going to CCU for almost a year. I love that the school is faith based. I'm currently studying nursing and I learn the nursing basics, but also in with my lessons are, how the Christian faith ties in to whatever it is we're working on that week (ie., nutrition, anatomy, english). It's very interesting. That being said, I feel that it's kinda high priced - but the experience may be worth the extra money. I'm gonna give it some more time before making that decision.
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