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I am a new student. my experience has been great. Employee's take time to help you, no matter what department they are in.
This will be my first year attending. I am very nervous to start. I cannot wait. I am very anxious but they do work with full time employees and have flexible schedules.
I loved that it launched me directly into my career as an educator. It gave me a well-rounded foundation in world views based on Biblical principles. I loved my time their earning my BA and intend to return for my MPA in the spring.
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The courses are laid out for and the professors are always there to help you. They are constantly in communication with the class. The class is designed so the average person learning will have no problems.
The professors care about the student and work with the student throughout life circumstances. The community is uplifting and united.
Very beautiful school with professors that truly care about teaching you and helping you grow. Overall great campus with wonderful people!
I'm an older student, doing the online program for an associate degree. They have done everything they can to make you feel welcome and apart of the team.
Enrollment counselor Julie Still is awesome and goes above and beyond. She really cares. All courses are taught with a Christian world view and tied to scripture.
I began classes at Colorado Christian University on August 27, 2018. My mother suffered a hip fracture on September 1st, 2018. She had hip surgery to repair the fracture. She was recovering from surgery when she contracted pneumonia complicated by her Parkinson's disease. On September 14th, I had to sign a DNR order because the doctors could no longer do anything to help her. She passed away on September 22nd, 2018. I was three hours away from home without internet service during most of September. I kept in touch with my professor by phone. He was very understanding and let me make up my work without any late penalties. Colorado Christian University even sent me a sympathy card signed by staff members to express their condolences for our loss. CCU understands that life is unpredictable and work with students for their success.
Love CCU! Great campus atmosphere at all campus sites. Really great professors, teachers, staff, and everyone is so stinking friendly! Great support in all areas, you will be prepared and learn what can be applied to the "real world" at a "real" job. Go for it! You will love it!
I haven't started classes yet - I begin Jan. 2019. However, my Counselor has been more than helpful. I already know that I matter and she is working diligently to insure that everything falls into place easily for me. She keeps in contact with me and it is obvious that she cares about my college experience.
I love the way the classes are in blocks so I am able to concentrate on just one or two classes at a time, finish them up within a few weeks and move on to another class. I also like how Biblical worldview perspective is brought out in all learning. The course subjects are challenging but also doable and Professors are very helpful when extra understanding is needed. The teaching skills we focus on are the best around. I am able to do all learning online and my student teaching is completed with modern technology as well.
Love it. Classes are fun and easy. I get to express my faith and it is so laid back and advisors are helpful.
What I liked about CCU is that there is a good diversity of opportunities for students to participate in, a wide array of resources for students such as counseling and employment management services, and quite a few clubs and ministry opportunities for students.

What I do not like about CCU is that it can feel closed off, not very diverse, but there is not very many things that I think significantly detract from my experience here!
This is an amazing college especially for adults trying to do it online. The scheduling is amazing the teachers and advisors are always available to help. It’s just great
I'm very new to this school, but have heard great things about it from the people who have gone here. I am looking forward to a very successful relationship with CCU.
i called to get help from the advisor on navigating through the system where you submit assignments. The advisor asked about me and my surroundings, with concern that I was ok, mentally first. After I told him the mind-state I was in and that my mother had been admitted into the hospital. He started praying for my mother with me over the phone. I love that about him. He made me feel like I could be successful in class, while still praying for my mother who was in the hospital.
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I am loving the online aspect of CCU and how they want to meet each student where they are at and to fulfill they God given talents.
Great class format and wonderful professors. The adult online classes work really well with my work and family schedules.
I graduated a few years ago, but miss the school very much. Over the years I attended one other religiosly based school, and four other colleges (I was a none traditional student in the traditional program. So I was older. This was by far the best experience I had as a student.

The instructors care about who you are and in helping you succeed. I saw one review where the person felt it was a heretical place. That was not my experience. Jesus is foremost at the school and service to others was mandatory. They teach the true love of Christ. If you're looking for a party you should go somewhere else. But if you are looking for a life enriching experience you can't go wrong here.
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