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The quality of the classes really varies from class to class. Some professors run joke classes while others are engaging and really teach. Overall it has been a good education experience.
Most of the professors are excellent, a few are subpar. Check ratemyprofessors before registering for classes. The campus is very nice with a couple of water features. The library is beautiful. Parking is good. I can usually find a spot within a couple minutes, even at peak times. There are lots of activities that go on, including performances and celebrations.
Collin College is a great school if you are looking to transfer to a different school to attain your bachelors degree or higher! The teachers are great plus their are different groups of students to suite the kind of person you are. Collin College is the cheapest community college in the Dallas area but yet you will be taught everything you need to know.
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great staff very helpful when answering my questions. Help with financial aid was easy and even with scholorship information. Registration was fast and very easy to complete for first time freshmen year. I had a hold for dual credit it was removed easily with one call to the dual credit office.
With the realistic pricing, advantages are opened for those whom might not be able to afford college expenses. However, being a Community College, the education level is lessened than that of a 4-year university
Collin has been a great school to attend! Classes are easy to manage and they always have activities and opportunities available.
Very good college, teachers are very devoted and very helpful. The campus is easy to get around and right in my neighborhood, so convenient.
I am a dual credit student and I am not super impressed with the professors at Collin. I feel they are not the best that you could have, but the school is cheap so you kinda get what you pay for.
Collin College was a great starter college for me and got me ready to go to a four-year university. The tuition was very affordable for a part-time worker in retail.
Collin is a very good school for someone who wants to get their basics and not spend a whole lot of money on it. The professors are decent and most of them have good credentials and they know what they're doing. The college tries to get people involved in the social activities but it takes a lot of effort on the students' part to get involved. I think most people would rather just do their classes and get back home.
I like Collin collage because the environment is easy to work in and it isn’t stressful. There are a lot of tools accessible through the school for a student to be successful.
There is rarely ever a long wait time, if any wait time at all, to visit with admissions, financial aid or advising. You can visit multiple campuses to complete the courses required within your degree plan, rather than being confined to one campus. Although, some programs are confined to one campus, but most generic classes can be taken at any of the campuses. Staff is always very helpful.
The two best things about Collin is its professors and its price. The majority of professors give great lectures and do whatever they can to help their students with upcoming tests and projects, and the best part is its only $46 per credit hour. If I had to change one thing about Collin it would be the math department. The majority professors in the math department have bad lectures, and do very little to help their students.
I love how the professors are willing to work with you, so you can succeed! I took a summer class at Collin College and the day before our final, the professor put together a pot luck meal for us!
I love everything, from the ease of travel to the campus size to the professors. Everything is really convenient to everyone who attends Collin College and the professors are there for you when things get difficult.
The staff are very helpful when it comes to helping you move forward in your major, whether its academics, financial aid assistance and provide so many resources for you to succeed.
My current college is a very clean, welcoming, place that makes me feel comfortable and secure. There are various opportunities at this college, like clubs, organizations, and so much more that you could be involved in. I love how diverse the students are here, but how loving and accepting everyone is. The professors are respectful, and they have many options on classes that most community schools would not.
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I love the fact that I choose Colin College to continue my education because It gave me a chance to decide on what I really wanted to do as a career choice. The fact that tuition isn't 20,000 a semester is an added bonus. I have been on this campus for about a year and half and I feel that its a safe place to be. I will say my overall thoughts is Colin is a great place to be.
Collin College, is one of the best places to start college. It’s one of the best places to meet friends, it’s where I met some of my best friends. It is definitely a blessing indeed, and I wouldn’t have traded anything for the experience that I was blessed with to be at Collin, a relentless amount of opportunities were provided throughout the course of being there, it was hard to transition to a different college my freshman year, but it was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I would highly recommend anyone that isn’t sure of their future for college to start here first.
The Game Art Program is fairly new, but the professors are passionate and knowledgeable about what they teach.
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