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Collin College is a great school for what it is: a community college that helps students get their careers started. The academic environment and classes are not too challenging, but there are opportunities if you look for them.
I’m currently a student at Collin College and attend all my classes at the Central Park campus. I love Collin! The professors are excellent and many resources such as tutoring are provided! Great school to attend! They are also partnered up with some university’s and make transferring so much easier!
It has been a very average experience. I have gained great college credit, but have received very poor instruction for the most part. I have not gained much more knowledge from my professors instructions and lecture.
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I loved the campus and how there was help for you every single day whether it is in person or in office. The counselors and staff were always very helpful, even when I decide to completely change my degree. The college also had an awesome way of setting up the degree plan so that you make sure you are on track. The way the Central Campus was set up, was very nice and would make me feel welcome and safe. It was always so clean, and they did wonderful at maintaining the gardens and different views outside. Everyone was so nice, and I would recommend this college to anyone.
I have been attending Collin College for the past 3 years. For a community college the professors are sincerely amazing they truly care about each individual student; the students are typical "diamonds in the rough" and I am truly surprised each semester by the real connections I make. The health science division is inspired they make being a health science major considerably awarding.
It’s great for people who want to go to college for cheap! It’s very good and has good diversity and great professors! It’s the best college I could go to!
My experience here has been very positive. It is a very safe college in a safe city. The locals are great and there are many fun and not hazardous events in all the city. Downtown is amazing. And the neighboring cities are also great. This college is a must go and is underrated
Made me take a class I didn't need. This program also gives points away only to the students they want to pass. I know that points from previous exams were given only to certain students to pass them at the end of the semester. The nursing student handbook contract is a joke because they will bend rules to benefit certain students. Please, before you spend your money or waste your time, just be aware these things can happen to you. I hope this helps someone because this experience has ruined my life.
Sometimes the lights aren't effective for those who get out late for night classes and I did get followed once, but the campus security handled it well and everything else was great :)
Locations are convenient. Teachers are awesome. Both online and classroom setting courses are interesting and stimulating. Courses are definitely affordable.
This is a very good school for a Community College. There are some professors who need improvement teaching techniques. But the overall experience has been good.
I would like to see better teachers, most of the teachers I’ve gotten could really give af what they teach us. They don’t teach things related to the course.
The campus is overall safe with professors ranging from decent to excellent. There is little to no party scene on the campus and most athletic activity is on your own time with friends. The most important factor of this college is its cheap tuition prices if you live in-county. The food on the campus is overpriced and you can get better and cheaper food driving 5 minutes off campus to a restaurant.
Collin College is very affordable and a good place to get all your per-requisites done. Students and professors are generally friendly, and the onsite cafeteria and Starbucks are good.
Collin College is an amazing school. The Professors are great at their jobs, and very helpful. The staff is always helpful.
Collin College is the perfect place to start at. There is a wide variety of degree options, and plenty of things to try. It is fairly priced and the professors truly care about their jobs and their students.
The quality of the classes really varies from class to class. Some professors run joke classes while others are engaging and really teach. Overall it has been a good education experience.
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Most of the professors are excellent, a few are subpar. Check ratemyprofessors before registering for classes. The campus is very nice with a couple of water features. The library is beautiful. Parking is good. I can usually find a spot within a couple minutes, even at peak times. There are lots of activities that go on, including performances and celebrations.
Collin College is a great school if you are looking to transfer to a different school to attain your bachelors degree or higher! The teachers are great plus their are different groups of students to suite the kind of person you are. Collin College is the cheapest community college in the Dallas area but yet you will be taught everything you need to know.
great staff very helpful when answering my questions. Help with financial aid was easy and even with scholorship information. Registration was fast and very easy to complete for first time freshmen year. I had a hold for dual credit it was removed easily with one call to the dual credit office.
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