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I would like to see more flexibility from the professors. This is a small community college where not everyone is sent there by their parents, but if you're still young, they treat you like mommy and daddy do everything for you, and you don't need anyone else's help.
I love the flexibility about this college. Also the professors are really great and for how cheap the tuition is it provides students with a lot of resources. The only thing I wish they provide was better academic advisors.
Many resources with very well educated professors and staff. I have been attending Collin for almost two years and enjoy it very much.
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The professors are passionate about the subjects that they teach and are easy going on first time college students which is very kind and helpful.
What I like about Collin College is that it is in a convenient location, and there are many different academic opportunities. There are many diverse cultures there and clubs.
The staff is very friendly.The student diversity is very big and the professors are there for you when you need help.
I liked the accessibility of materials; the college has a number of textbooks, calculators, laptops, and study rooms to rent, all very useful and at times even saving the student some money. However, the food is very greasy, being describable as stereotypical fast food. Not only that, but the bathrooms often have these pungent odours, some more regularly and strongly than others.
I was very nervous when I decided to go to Collin College because I felt like I wasn't ready to leave home and head off to a completely new and terrifying environment. When I walked into my classrooms I realized that they were fairly modest classrooms, not the gigantic lecture halls that I had heard about. It brought comfort to me that it was somewhat familiar to high school. When classes started the teachers were incredible because they seemed to try and put us at ease on the first day and by the end of my first week it felt like I had been going to Collin for years. I felt comfortable and that is a hard thing to accomplish for me.
I do not enjoy attending Collin college due to the campus life. To me all it feels like is 13th grade and I do not like it. I did not enjoy attending my high school due to the atmosphere and I feel like the atmosphere at Collin is exactly the same. The professors there are okay but not great. There are some professors that are good, but most of them are not very good and had better teachers at my high school.
I love that collin is so affordable, and the professors are amazing! Our college always has events, sponsors, or university college informants on campus, which make it both fun and informative.
This community college has provided me with so many helpful tools and gave me so many experiences and opportunities. The environment and diversity in this college brings a welcoming environment. The staff and professors are amazing and want to see you succeed. The tools provided on campus helps you have a successful academic year.
The campus is very nice and feels like home, however there needs to be more parking because it is very hard to find somewhere unless you show up very early before classes start.
Award winning professors and degree programs with affordable tuition rates! Strong support services including free group tutoring, free online tutoring, writing center, math lab, science den, counseling, and career services at each campus. Campus is well maintained with great indoor and outdoor spaces for learning and connecting with others. Free gym with some group classes. Only negative is finding parking.
It is an amazing campus. I can really see myself going there. When I saw the campus I fell in love. I have applied to Collin and heard so many good things about it there. I am wishing to get my general classes done there and go to a main college to get my specific study.
I am a transfer student coming in with my Associate of Science degree. I was met with a friendly face upon entering the campus. I was given a map of the campus and found adequate signage. Everything appeared clean and organized. It was refreshing to see available parking spaces and student lounge areas.
I love Collin College! The professors are very knowledgeable in their teachings, and care a lot about the success of their students.
Collin College is affordable community college with clean facilities and comforting environment. It is very quiet with good community members, open gym for students and flexible schedule. The only issue i have from time to time is the traffic due to school's location.
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I've only done a summer course at this college so I'm still new to this place, however most of my professors are very nice and sophisticated. The faculty staff is extremely helpful too. This school is worth investing in.
The professors are awesome and they helped with all the questions that I have in class. When I started my first semester taking college algebra my professor, Prof. Schumacher, guided me throughout the whole class. He showed not just me how to easily solve a difficult problem, but the whole class as well.
I'm grateful to Collin college. I feel like Collin gives everyone a second chance or a shot at trying to be better or improve their lives. Attending Collin showed me that you can never be too young or too old to seek knowledge. Being in class full of students young and old, different backgrounds is the perfect scenario or a sneak peak of what the world really is especially here in the US. Being able to network with other students and professors was and experience for me one that I will not take for granted. Did I also mention that it's cheaper than the 4 year universities.
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