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What I like about the atmosphere at Collin College is how professional that incluyes the professors, students, and faculty.
I ultimately loved my experience at Collin College. I have loved every single one of my professors because they teach me all I need to know and care about my well being. The students are really easy to connect to and are so friendly. This makes the other interactions on campus easy because the students work in the bookstore, campus Starbucks, and the student center.
When you can take your core classes anywhere, a junior college is a no-brainer. For someone like me, who came into college with no direction or idea of what major I wanted to pursue, Collin was a big help. I got an idea of what college coursework is like, and I was able to take diverse classes to see what I was interested in. Collin has given me the opportunity to have a fresh start and gain the tools and knowledge I will take with me when I transfer.
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The professors are very understanding and chill. They're not the pushy, hard type. Being a dual credit student, I was held to the standard as everyone else, and It wasn't bad at all.
Choosing to go to Collin College was one of the best educational decisions I made!!!!! When returning back to school, after being out for years, Collin College was the only school to meet my needs. It was convenient to my home and work and very cost friendly. When encountering staff member amongst the schools different departments were all friendly and knowledgeable. The teaching staff are some of the best cheerleaders around. They want to see you succeed and make themselves available to help students. As my time at Collin College comes to an end, I will never forget all the wonderful people that I have encountered on my educational journey!
I’m have the pleasure to visit Collin College a few times and have had a wonderful experience each visit. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. I recommend this community college to anyone in the area. Great prices excellent education, over a great school!
Collin college is a great school, but in all realness it does not seem to be a first choice for anyone. There are some fantastic professors but they are rare. most of the professors are just there as their side job and do not seem to put in to much effort to teach. its not and easy school so it does keep students on their toes to come here. student life is pretty good, they have very many opportunities to get involved in the college life. The very best thing about this school is the library, it is beautiful and is the best place to study and get work done.
The school has very good academics but it lacks some character. Sometimes you hit the lottery with a good professor but it is one in a million. Although, when you do get a good professor - WOW!
I managed to get two years of school done in half the time, and half the price! Most of the professors are great, and every adviser is very helpful.
I was a little hesitant to go to a community college because it wasn't as "prestigious". Going to Collin College was the best decision I ever made. The classes are small so the professors learn your name and they don't have too many students so they're available if you need them!
This is my third and last year at Collin College, and I have to say that I am almost sad to transfer to my University. I started at Collin when I was sixteen as a dual credit student, and I am so grateful that Collin has allowed me this experience. Because of their flexibility and interest in my future, I have been able to fast track my education, and I will be able to graduate with my BA a year early. Collin College is not your typical community college. They have top notch professors, create hundreds of ways to be involved on campus, maintain the campus beautifully, and all at one of the lowest tuition rates in the state of Texas. I love Collin College! They are re branding what a Community College should look like!
I like the program and activities and the class experience and how to improve yourself in classes.Its my other level of school and professors who helps students in weaknesses.
Collin College is a great Community College to attend, if you plan on taking all your core classes and transferring to a four-year university. The professors are good people and the students , too.
Collin has been a great experience for me. They have so much to offer and the professors are so helpful.
I attend Collin as part of the Dual Credit program with my high school. The courses are good and the teachers are engaging.
I feel like its a very good school, but some of the professors aren't good.
I think the school is very supportive of their students. They are very technologically advanced. They have been very good.
There are three different campuses that offer a variety of resources. The education department is amazing and has connections to the school districts around. The professors are all great, and many also teach at other 4-year universities.
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For my personal circumstances and for those of many others, Collin College is a perfect choice. Its professors are highly acclaimed in their fields, the class sizes are similar to that of a high school class, and a semester of a full-time student costs less than $1,000. It is a high-quality 2-year education for an incredibly cheap price. Most of the students at Collin College commute from the towns where there are three main branches. This makes for a very calm, sparse campus life, especially considering that the most likely reason students attend campus events is for extra credit. Instead, there is much to explore in the surrounding towns. This is a point of disadvantage for students who are not familiar with these towns. It would be helpful for the college to post alternative forms of entertainment around town.
I stay focused on my work by listening to music. This way of staying focused keeps my center of attention on a specific subject. I actually have a playlist for every subject, English, statistics, economics, and science. Each subject focuses on a different topic, obviously and for example, my hardest class is statistics so I need soft, gentle music to soothe the intensity of that class. Science, on the other hand, is my favorite class and it is relatively easy so my playlist mainly consists of music with heavy beats. This technique works for me personally because of my passion for music and what it does to calm and navigate through my anxiety. Furthermore, I also stay focused by rewarding myself every time I complete a goal so I have something to look forward to when I am done.
I have had some wonderful professors that encouraged me to strive for the excellence I seem obsessed with obtaining; I've been told I have a special spark that they rarely see and they cannot wait to see what I bring to the world.
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