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I love everything, from the ease of travel to the campus size to the professors. Everything is really convenient to everyone who attends Collin College and the professors are there for you when things get difficult.
The staff are very helpful when it comes to helping you move forward in your major, whether its academics, financial aid assistance and provide so many resources for you to succeed.
My current college is a very clean, welcoming, place that makes me feel comfortable and secure. There are various opportunities at this college, like clubs, organizations, and so much more that you could be involved in. I love how diverse the students are here, but how loving and accepting everyone is. The professors are respectful, and they have many options on classes that most community schools would not.
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I love the fact that I choose Colin College to continue my education because It gave me a chance to decide on what I really wanted to do as a career choice. The fact that tuition isn't 20,000 a semester is an added bonus. I have been on this campus for about a year and half and I feel that its a safe place to be. I will say my overall thoughts is Colin is a great place to be.
Collin College, is one of the best places to start college. It’s one of the best places to meet friends, it’s where I met some of my best friends. It is definitely a blessing indeed, and I wouldn’t have traded anything for the experience that I was blessed with to be at Collin, a relentless amount of opportunities were provided throughout the course of being there, it was hard to transition to a different college my freshman year, but it was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I would highly recommend anyone that isn’t sure of their future for college to start here first.
The Game Art Program is fairly new, but the professors are passionate and knowledgeable about what they teach.
I have been so impressed with Collin College. The professors are great and are connected with real life and the struggles inherent in them. They truly want you to succeed.
I am a brand new student at Collin College. So my experience is somewhat limited. However, I have been pleased thus far. The website is user friendly. The few people I have interacted with over the phone have been quite helpful. People answer the phone. Information is easy to put your hands on. Processes are flowing well. The admissions process was very fast and easy. All automated.
The education is equal to a university. There is a large variety of class and major options. Plus, students can transfer easily to almost any university in the region. I love how the class sizes are smaller. This allows the students and professors to bond much quicker and better that large class settings. The only issue I have is a few of the teachers are not quite fit to teach. Other than that, I appreciate the diversity of the teaches and students. The environment of the community, in general, is very humble and welcoming.
As a community college Collin tries to interact as much as possible with its students, they are always hosting events for students and have plenty organisations and clubs for students to join. Collin is a better financial option, the courses available are equivalent to those at a university except the teachers spend more time helping you and are easier to reach than at a university. I recommend completing two years here on common core curriculum, then transferring out to a traditional university.
Collin College is certainly a good environment for people to get started. For the most part, teachers are extremely willing to help, scheduling classes is reasonable, and prices are wonderful! A suggestion is maybe to make the college a but more welcoming and creating more convenient events for students to get involved in. I think for people who are attempting to start groups or clubs might try to seek out what truly interests more than just a few students before creating an official group. Nothing wrong with having just a few people in a club, but for those who are wanting more people, might want to try and involve the college staff and students a bit more. College Spirit would definitely make attending much more interesting!
Great option to get prerequisites out of the way at a cheap price. Credits transfer completely to almost any public institution in Texas. huge GPA booster
I love how close to home this campus is. I truly like how no matter how long it has been that anyone has been in school, they always make you feel welcome and comfortable!
Collin is a very good community college, with excellent tutors and resources. The staff and students are very nice and helpful. Classes are normally small in size and the professiors know you by name.
Class sizes are about normal to less than normal so, you always get the help you need without getting lost among a sea of classmates. Teachers are some of the best I have ever had. They are so passionate about the subjects they teach. They make you become interested and curious about the subject. Thanks to my awesome professors, I love History, Oceanography and Earth Science! I would have never thought I would find those classes fun or interesting. Go here if you want to actually enjoy your classes! Even the core classes that are mandatory, with the right professor it won't be a drag!
It’s an amazing and affordable option for student seeking a better way to pay for college. They also award need based financial aid .
I like how the school advisors, professors, coaches are very helpful. They help us by guiding us on our careers by telling us which path to take, or by helping us with any questions or concerns we have. They are also very supportive and have the patience to explain and solve the problem until we understand it.
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I have liked the professors, and have had no major problems yet. (I used I also like the campus, but parking can be a pain! The advisors are great.
It is truly one of the best community colleges in the country. The professors are well accomplished in their fields. Collin is a great place to start a collegiate career.
Collin is very affordable and has a variety of options for different degrees. They will also be offering bachelors degrees in the near future which is amazing! I like the staff and the campus.
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