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Even though Collin college is a community college the professors I have experienced in my previous and current years at Collin have been exceptional. The advisors give you extra guidance towards figuring out your career and working on striving towards your career. They also advertise the programs for different majors letting their students know we have options and a plan to achieve the goals we set for ourselves.
It’s a very small school so you get the attention as a student that you need. The professors aren’t mean or demanding but professional and get the job done
The professors at Collin are really good, they teach and explain the material very well. My professors always tried to help us out like giving extra credit or dropping a low grade. I like that they have a big library with a cafe in it. They also provide you $30 credit to print anything. Overall it’s a pretty good experience!
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I have throughly enjoyed attending Collin Community College. I have attended Collin College from 2014 to present and have earned my Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education. I attend the Preston Ridge campus as well as take several online courses. The campus is very well upkept and the staff and other students are very friendly and inviting. The school also offers several online courses that allow me to complete my education at any time. Collin College is very affordable and through this I have been able to try several unique courses to decide my major. Without Collin College, I would not have be able to attend college or decide my dream career of becoming a Child Life Specialist.
Its a very good college to start with your basics classes. Also its a school where you have the opportunity to explore different subjects and what career you might like if you havent so already .
Collin has made everything so handy and simple to receive a college education. They have so many opportunities and useful tools to help their student succeed. It doesn't matter if you stay at Collin or end up transferring, they will prepare you, and help you the best that they can.
The quality of education at Collin College is excellent. The courses are well taught by well qualified professors. I have had an overall amazing experience at Collin College. The services and facilities offered are outstanding and well kept.
The campus is nice. There are some truly great professors. But there are other professors that seem like they are only there for a paycheck. The staff at the McKinney campus is great and helpful. However, I attended the Spring Creek campus and received false information too many times.
The party life at Collin College is really lacking. Also, there is no school spirit what so ever. I feel as if most students go straight to school, home, and work, but maybe this is how life is at community college? Another thing that is really slacking is the food options in the cafe. There is virtually only one vegan option out of all of the meals. Also, the food is relatively expensive compared to everything else at the school.
I graduated from the spring creek campus and i do not regret it at all! I recieved and associates degree and was able to transfer it to UTD which not only saves me thousands of dollars in tuition but it also makes it easier to get into a University by transfering instead of starting from scratch and competing for a spot.
Collin is a good college if you want to start out easy and not head to a big university. So far all my classes and professors have been great.
For the cost of the classes, I would absolutely recommend this school to someone looking to get their Associates Degree. The administration cares very little about the arts programs, however, so they have been gradually going downhill as their funding decreases. From my experience, however, the arts staff are very knowledgable and passionate about what they teach. In all, this is a great place to get some credits out of the way!
I really enjoy my classes and the learning environment. Collin offers great services for student. The majority of my books were available in the library and I was able to check them out. I was also able to get tutoring when I needed help.
Collin is a great school especially for being a community college. They're professors mostly care and their advisors will tell you how it is. The education quality is on par with most Universities and they have a decent amount of student resources. I'd like to see the campus look more like a campus and less like a rec center but that's not really necessary.
This college is a good choice for people who have busy schedules with work and other activities. It is also a good education for the price you pay.
Collin College is a great community college that really seeks to help its students. They offer affordable prices and have a very large range of courses offered for a great variety of fields. Tuition is outstandingly low and the campus is always kept clean. Because there is no dorm rooms, there is no a 'party life' that accompanies the school and parking can be a hassle since everyone commutes. there is no food court on campus but the library does offer sandwiches and coffee. There are also vending machines placed all around the main building.
Great professors genuinly interested in the education of students. Only thing I would change is not all of the professors are as interested in the education of the students.
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Never knew my grade so I failed a couple classes. Grades never got posted until last 2 weeks of school. Professors wouldn’t contact me back sometimes
Flexible class schedule and how professors give the needed assistance to students. I also like the fact that the environment is conducive for learning. Students are always encouraged to attend workshops by professor in other to broaden their academic standards.
By far the best school i have been too. The school is very organized and the teachers are very in tune with their students. I'm glade to be a part of this school.
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