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When I call the Admission Office and Financial Aid Office I always get great customer service. By having positive customer service makes me feel welcomed and want to go back to school. Each department I call for questions they are extremely helpful and I appreciate that to the fullest.
Collin College has been a wonderful experience. The student body is very diverse and friendly. The professors are all dedicated and helpful. There is a wide variety of clubs and activities.
Easy to apply, generally quick responses all during the process. Very helpful online tools as well as phone staff. I also like their expanded course catalogue and several local campuses.
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I love the Plano campus and all the professors I have had so far. I am really learning a lot from the writing seminars and writing centers. Everyone is so helpful and friendly.
Collin College is a great place to start your academic journey if you just got out of high school. You definitely have to be aware of what type of classes and teachers you're selecting but overall the benefits are there if you decide on attending.
Classes are way more personal than big universities. Much more affordable and you're attaining the same credits.
Collin College is a wonderful schools because the teachers there are some of the best. The smaller classes give students the benefit of more one on one time with their professor and little to no competition when it comes to registering for classes.
I have had a great experience so far with Collin College as I have been taking classes at two different campuses. They're both enormous and with the most intelligent and knowledgable professors; although, I have chosen the professors with the highest ratings on Everything is perfect at Collin and I wouldn't want it to change one bit.
Applying for the fasfa was a nightmare. i am independent and have supported my self for over 5 years but they still wanted my mothers tax documents which i didn't have because i lost contact with her. they did not help me whatsoever.
I really have enjoyed attending Collin College. The staff has always been helpful and everyone seems to care about your success.
Collin College is the Best! college out there. Everyone is very nice and willing to help you sucess.
Collin College is a small college and is great for those who are struggling financially. You get a great education for a lot less money. They have great professors but not that many clubs.
Its a nice college, nice people to become friends with. Flexible schedule. The only problem is that they need to improve their financial aid office.
Collin College is amazing my first year of college I was terrified, but the professors and students were nice and friendly, they do an excellent job of helping you with finals, they are always cheering you up and motivating you. theres nothing they need to change.
I like the professors of Collin College and the access center. One thing I do not like is the access to have a career coach ( it is very limited), and that the student advisor just doesn't seem to care. As a freshman you need to know what questions to ask so they can help you.
It has several different locations in the county. Their selection of classes is very extensive. It was easy to register for classes. It offers many fields to major in. They have a four year program for nursing, which is what I am interested in.
I really love Collin College they have provided a great campus with amazing staff at an extremely affordable price. Anyone that goes to this college knows how knowable and helpful the professors are. I truly enjoy attending this school.
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The best part of the college (aside from the price) would have to be the professors. They’re always willing to help, provide resources, and excellent knowledge.
It's a great school to start out in and the staff is very helpful. It's turning into more of a 4 year school so if you want to save money it's a good school to attend.
Collin College is an amazing school that really cares for their students! I would recommend anyone who is confused about where they want to go, or just want a great education for an affordable cost to go to Collin College. The professors and staff really care for the students and love what they do. I have definitely enjoyed my time at Collin College.
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