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It’s an amazing and affordable option for student seeking a better way to pay for college. They also award need based financial aid .
I like how the school advisors, professors, coaches are very helpful. They help us by guiding us on our careers by telling us which path to take, or by helping us with any questions or concerns we have. They are also very supportive and have the patience to explain and solve the problem until we understand it.
I have liked the professors, and have had no major problems yet. (I used I also like the campus, but parking can be a pain! The advisors are great.
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It is truly one of the best community colleges in the country. The professors are well accomplished in their fields. Collin is a great place to start a collegiate career.
Collin is very affordable and has a variety of options for different degrees. They will also be offering bachelors degrees in the near future which is amazing! I like the staff and the campus.
I attend Collin Community College and I am studying for the Health Information Program which is great! Collin College has one of the best health fields around. They are diverse and everyone cares about you here!
Collin is a great community college in DFW. I recommend Collin over Brookhaven. Collin is clean and the teachers seem to care about their students. I have taken both online and in-person classes and do not have many complaints. Collin has a variety of associates programs, as well as continuing education and certificate programs. They also have excellent fast-track to a career choices.
collin college prepared students with leadership and vision for their future, they care about every student and help them to get their goals. This college teach values and morals for the new professionals.
Collin college is a great school. Very feasible and great professors. Collin college has great resources for assisting students with all of their educational needs
I had a very positive experience at this school. The staff was always very friendly and helpful. The classes I took were interesting and prepared me for transferring to a 4-year college.
From attending this school, I have really enjoyed the atmosphere, the professors and learning that I have completed so far. This school is very low in costs and has the best resources and education for students. Their locations are also very manageable from Rockwall to Plano. Overall love this school and recommend It to any student going for an Associates.
Everyone here is extremely friendly. The professors are helpful and know what there're doing. There's many activities to do on campus and the campus also has good resources.
Collin College helped me get where I needed to be in my education and had many resources that I was easily able to utilize.
Not all professors seem to care or become personal, but most of them do. I have had a professor for four sections of math, another for two sections of education, another for two sections for English, and one for two sections of computer science. Those professors made some of the biggest impacts, so I tried to take them for my required courses. Very few professors did I have problems with as far as conveying concepts and working with students - questions during class and tutoring. The campuses do have tutoring services for all core class subjects, although some campuses are better than others for some subjects.
Advising has become consistently better, and there is even the option now to do online advising.
The registration process is typically easy.
School faculty is usually helpful and knowledgeable.
The schools offer events that give away free food and shirts often. They also have speakers often and many other events that seem to only get better.
The campus is beautiful and welcoming. The teachers and staff are eager to guide you on your path to a better education.
I love this school. The people is nice and the professers really help you out here. They have a nice gym and locker room to get sweaty in. I love it. 10/10 would recommend
For me, this was the best place to start. It’s affordable and convenient while still receiving a quality education. The diversity is refreshing and the people you meet really make a difference. Not only will the other students inspire you but the professors as well. I wouldn’t change anything about my experience at Collin College.
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As having recently received my Associates of Science from Collin College I would rate my time at this school as well spent. I was able to complete my degree in a timely manner with the help of the advising staff and still work a part time job to pay for the classes. Collin College works to understand the needs to the students both beginning college and going back to college. I would recommend this school to anyone in the area looking to start or continue their college education.
Collin College is great if you are trying to get to a University through a economic sense. But if you want the college experience this is not the place.
I've been at Collin College about 4 years. I started as a dual credit student when I was in 11th grade. Overall, my experience at Collin was pretty good. I would definitely recommend to anyone who goes, to go to the advising when you first start and keep going to ensure you're taking the right classes, etc. Also, check out website. Believe me, I learned the hard way and I got stuck with a horrible teacher!

The campus is nice and I have passed by the dorms which look like regular apartments but I never stayed in one. Collin offers many other activities like, athletics and student life groups. Neither of these I was involved in but Collin does have many options for those who like sports or groups to join for social butterflies.
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