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College America Is a good college to start at. Ive finally had the courage to apply at college america. At this point I have a few options on helping my situation by calling my instructor, and letting him or her know my circumstances and then use strategies and backup options available to me. To conclude, my time management skills, motivation and organization and preparation guides and molds me to maintain being a successful college student. Your statement reminded me that everyone has an opportunity to better themselves.
I got my ged hear and the teachers and director were awesome. Rosemary always followed up and made sure I was getting my education I needed and always assisted when I needed it most
The counselors are honest and respectful. The information provided to me about the school was very helpful. The school is nice and quiet. Definitely a learning environment.
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I love CollegeAmerica Phoenix because the staff there is very dedicated to the success of their students. The Assistant Dean is not only the Assistant Dean, but she is also an instructor. I have never encountered a more dedicated staff and faculty and I have attended College before. There is always someone ready, willing, and able to give up even their own personal time to help you there if necessary. There isn't anything I would change.
I love college america all the staff and teachers make it feel like your second home. Everyone at college america is very caring and do everything they can to keep you on track. They are their for you and help make sure that you exceed. I have a 4.0 GPA and could have never have done this at another college. I love everything about this college and will never go any where else.
Transferring credits from an accredited school is not any trouble at all.
Over all the online classes are great. I personally learn better in the classroom.
Career Services does Everything a person can ask for to Help you find job opportunities.
The Career Services Dept. do so much to help you prepare for interviews and they help you to choose the proper attire for the job you are seeking.
Each Teacher has a Unique Style of Teaching and they make it easy for you to understand each assignment.

I enjoyed each class and learned a lot.
IT,Network Admin. They have all of the Microsoft and Cisco Certification Testing right there on Campus.
Every member of the Staff are Caring People and they are really willing to help you succeed .
The convenience this school offers is the best. I am a single mom and have to work a full time job. College America has provided me the opportunity to go to school so I can finally have the career I've always dreamed of. This was one of the only schools that I was able to find where I could take the program I wanted and still be able to keep my current job and schedule.
It's great because our online courses work the same as if we were having to go into the classroom and we can still get just as much help if we need it.
In my opinion I think our Career Services team is great. Always willing to help in anyway they can. If we need a job even before we graduate they are willing to help us then to. Best of all is that we can go back to them anytime for pretty much a lifetime if we need help with finding a new job.
So far I've really enjoyed all of my instructors. The class sizes are just about perfect, not overcrowded. I really like how we get a variety of classes to take and they are not all just the medical classes. We also get to take classes like english and history. Since we are getting an Associates Degree and not just a diploma.
Going to College America has been a great choice for me. The school has a great relationship with Banner Health and they hire students quite often. They also have a lot of other opportunities that come along for students all the time. Another great thing is that almost all the instructors have current jobs in the medical field and they can also provide opportunities for employment for students. I had one instructor one day say to the class that we are on a job interview everyday when we are at school.
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I am getting their AA of Occupational Studies in Medical Specialties. What is so unique about this program is by the time I am finished I will be able to take 7 different certification exams. We get to learn a lot of different areas of entry level positions with in the medical field. I will have many doors open to me after I graduate, so excited.
Recently, I had to take a break due to personal reasons and they were completely understandable.
Since I have started in Aug. so far my experience has been great. The instructors are knowledgeable and very helpful. One of the most unique aspects of this school I think is that they will not allow you to fail. All you have to be willing to do is ask for help. I couldn't of made a better decision.
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