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It was a great experience. The staff is amazing and open to helping the students. They make sure that they take the time so that you can understand the course material.
I think this is a great school. There's lots of support everywhere you go. Staff and students are very nice.
Broken Promises, Credits are not transferable. Course list is not accurate. They say you can enter into programs for a Master's Degree but you cannot. Class Action Law Suit
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My experience at College America in Fort Collins, Colorado has been excellent, in the past year I have had five professors and every one of them are real people, approachable and very likable. All of my professors seemed to love their profession by the way they prepared for and present class and they also displayed their enthusiasm in the class room which makes class a lot more fun and interesting to be in. I have had teachers in high school and Instructors in the military that did not want to be in the teaching or training position they were in and as a student I felt very cheated and not very important, and eventually disinterested, what a waste of time! For this reason I will travel as far as I need to so that I can attend a College America with the course I want.
I've been able to focus on my studies. But when I have an issue, on either a professional, educational or personal standpoint, I've been able to contact the school with any questions I may have.
24/7 support, Unlimited resources, Tons of feedback and the ability to do your assignments on your own time. Need I say more?
Tons of opportunity. It's great to see former classmates move on to the next level and succeed immensely. Gives me motivation to go bigger and try harder.
The courses are straight forward. It's good to be able to focus on the courses for that specific mod rather than lose your sanity trying to cram an entire year's worth of studies in a single month.
I've had several former classmates be able to find impressive jobs with companies that are as goal oriented as they are. From the small ma and pa stores to the Fortune 500 companies, there is no bounds to what one can accomplish from this school.
The classes aren't set to have you learn everything that you're not going to use. They're designed to help you go further in the degree and profession that you're striving for.
For a small school that isn't well known in a college town, it's definitely worth the price of a cup of coffee.
All of the instructors that I have met so far have made my learning a priority. They are obviously dedicated to the students and they must really love their job. They seem to go out of their way to make sure all the students understand the material and succeed. I have heard several instructors say, more than once, that they are not successful unless the students are successful. I love that!
This college helps you understand the knowledge of attending college. They walk you through every steps
Not sure how they are I have taken my GED classes here and eeverything i needed to complete it
I start my Classes next week and so far they have been amazing to work with i feel 100% comfortable with all the people helping me to further my education
All of the folks I have met through CollegeAmerica are dedicated to their education. Most are people with children, and many are working part time whle going to school full time. I am very impressed with all of my classmates!
The financial aid process is made easy with the help of the financial staff at CollegeAmerican. The only problems I have had are my fault (taxes were not filed on time). The staff is very patient and helps all students fill out FAFSA forms and makes sure to let us know if there are any problems.
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Every student is given a laptop to use while they are in school. Upon graduation, the computer belongs to the student. There is a printer in the library for student use. I've never been charged a fee to use the printer or the copier. The campus has wifi capability in all rooms. At times, the network will go down, but will be back up and running withing minutes. The system is usually quick and reliable.
This is a small school, there are no athletics (except for the Fort Collins softball league). The library is small, but is manned by an excellent librarian and tutoring staff. There is a student lounge with vending machines, but if you require something more than just snacks, there are many restaurants in the area.
I knew the minute I walked in the door that this was the school for me. The staff is knowledgeable and always ready to help solve problems or answer questions. The positive attitude everyone has made all the difference, and made me choose CollegeAmerica.
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