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I like how easy they make the process go smoothly and without a problem. I would most defiantly recommend to a friend.
The teachers are passionate about what they teach. This made learning interesting and fun. Since this is a trade school having the hands on approach really gave you an understanding of what is needed for a specific job in that field.
Growing up I didnt envision myself going to a career college such as this one. I had friends who finished their degree through the same program and their lives drastically improved immediately which is what inspired me to seek out the school among others - time was also a concern.
the program allows me to complete my studies in nearly a fraction of the time a university or community college would.
The staff and faculty are very welcoming and friendly people - even when I am not.
The lessons are both informative and interesting however at times can move so fast due to our limited amount of time that we dont really get a chance to cover it like a normal class would.
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the school flexibility is perfect for me as a single mom and a full time employee
it different because you can stay at your house and do all the work with out worrying about others looking at you
the network have no problem
i love the class size and the class style
the quality is straight forward
if i have to choose schools for everybody i know i choose this school
My experience at this school has been assume because everybody is helpful.
Online courses or unique because you can do homework where ever you are.
CollegeAmerica will help you get a job when you are done with school.
The instructors are very helpful and if you need help they do not shy away to help you.
The value of my degree is very high, computers is the way of the future.
The computer science program is great I am learning a lot about computers I can't think of doing anything different.
CollegeAmerica is a very good school it is small and everybody is willing to help.
Although I didn't have credits to transfer which is fine.
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Honestly I have not take online classes but from other students feedback they say its more easier to learn.
They provide great tutoring, computers, and study groups.
My instructor is very nice, bubbly and very caring. Her teaching is understandable and straightforward.
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