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The teachers are fantastic! And the financial advisor explained everything perfectly and clearly so that I could understand!
I enjoy attending College America, the Instructions are very down to earth and want you to succeed. I was a little nervous at first because of my age, age does not matter.
The staff is great and very helpful. They are also very supportive. They work well with peoples schedules
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At the moment it's hard to say concidering I'm barely going to be starting there within the next 1-3 months. But overall so far going to the campus, meeting with people is very nice. They are all very helpful and really get you to understand. So far so good.
So far, I am in love with attending this school. Teachers and staff are super awesome. They always work with students to help achieve personal and professional goals. I can't think of anything negative to say.
The teachers are very helpful, and genuinely care about the success of their students. There are tutors and many people around the campus that are willing to help you any time of day.
I am learning more about the courses I need to take to get my major but for now I am getting the classes needed for the business major.
This school makes you feel comfortable because there are not many students in the class and you get more help from tutors or professors. I also think it is easy to get around the school.
I am just beginning so I am having no trouble so far. My time is very flexible right now and will be as long as I don't switch to afternoon classes
I really like online classes because i am able to work at my own pace and it is easier for me to turn in my assignments when needed.
The quality is okay, because like i said before i just began to attend the school and I am still trying to learn more about it.
Everyone there is very friendly and kind. All the professors welcome you with a smile on their face and ready to teach. The students there are also very kind. Always there to help and to answer any doubts.
I have just started attending college and I am rarely involved in any of those things for the reason that I just began, but as what i have seen I see many things that call my attention and would like to join and learn more about.
I am going in for the business field, I am learning all the skills needed in computer fundamentals and will be learning more, not only about electronics but economics and other business courses needed to get my degree.
I am very happy with the education I am getting. I am able to work at my pace and ask questions and for help when needed. I have all the support from my family and professors. The help given and the attention given to the students make the school unique. I would choose this school again because, I get all the help needed and they give me flexible times to attend my courses.
My admissions team is the best. They handle everything so that we do not have to. All we have to do is sign our names and they will go over every last detail on the pages to make sure that we are comfortable signing these documents.
My online courses were set to accomodate my personal life. The online classes were very user friendly and the teachers did virtual classes where we could see them and their lectures.
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I have no doubt that our career services will assist me in gaining employment once I graduate and have passed my NCLEX
I have no problem contacting my instructors if I need help outside of class times, and the course work is right up there with major universities.
I am attending for my Associates of Nursing, and will have to work to pay for what my financial aide doesnt cover. Once I graduate and pass the NCLEX, it will give me NUMEROUS prospects and they also help find you career placement.
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