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My overall experience is great. The adjustment from military to civilian. I have had no problems with any students or staff. The instructors work very well. Their main goal is helping the students to succeed.
I have only taken one class so far but i have enjoyed how the academics are hybrid so you cover twice the amount of information in a fraction of the time.
I enjoy coming to College America because with the smaller class sizes it is easier for me to focus on the subject. The faculty and student population are all very welcoming and friendly.
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The class times provided work greatly with my personal schedule. So far there have no frustrations between school and work.
My school is unique because it not only has exceptional teachers and staff but they are grooming the students to be just as great.
All courses are relevant and adaptable to real life work fields. The small class sizes provide actual student-teacher interaction and develops are more thriving environment.
The campus has a wonderful career services team who are truly dedicated to helping all students start off on the right foot into their career. The manage and maintain a good number of resources and connections in a variety of work fields.
Online courses provide sufficient time flexibility and manageable workload but apart from that, it lacks real student-teacher interactions. There isn't any real-life social engagement or personal attributes in online classes.
There is a great unified student body. Everyone I've met are accepting and understanding of one another.
Everything was explained thoroughly and simply so that I could understand and I was provided enough time to make my decision on what I wanted.
From what I have heard, the job prospects look very possible. I'm excited to know that I will be able to get a career in due time.
There are lots of opportunities for jobs and internships that are specific to my career and in close proximity. The curriculum has great instructors that are very willing to help any student.
Although there are some major programs at the school, like business, healthcare and computer sciences, there isn't any other programs that set the school apart.
The school is very accomdating and provides a very friendly and professional student-teacher engagement activities.
Our school didn't have an athletic center, but the library was great. It had the study materials that were needed for testing and were very helpful. The instructors knew which books to suggest and would inform us of them. The school always had activities, making it feel more comfortable. Having cook-offs between other students was fun. It allowed us to get to see and taste other food from different cultures because of how diverse the school was. Children could come around the holidays after classes when the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus was here. They were able to make decorations and do cake walks.
It has been great for me. I was filling out my needed paperwork to clear from the school and I talked with Kathy. She took down my email address and has been looking for jobs in my career field that I would like to try to obtain. I get emails from her quite often and I am able to look through and see what I would prefer most. All of the information about the company is listed and there is a variety of the same types that I ask for. It is very beneficial to me and much appreciated.
My experience at the school was very convenient for me. I wasn't in school at the time, didn't have a job, and wanted to better myself to help support my family. If I was late, it was easy to get notes from someone else in the class. Instructors would ask you to come in after class or before class the next day if there were any questions. The school would allow you come in for a day or night class to be able to make up if it was missed an entire day.
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There is a wide base of different types of people here and they have all been supportive so far.
I have not had an online course yet, but I'm sure they are fine.
I cant say anything bad about them, I just don't need that.
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