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Everything that I have done has been very simple and easy to understand.
The campus is small and it has the ability to be in class and receive the help you need easier and more efficiently. I am doing all online classed and having such a small campus makes it easy for me to come in for the tutoring or other help that I may need. It is easy to talk to the staff in a timely manner as well.
Very friendly, one on one, very student focused
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My credits were irrelevant to my degree plan so that was expected when trying to transfer them. The classes are flexible because they are at nights which allows me a flexible schedule during the day. I enjoy the way my schedule is set up now with evening classes.
My classes are half in the class room and the other half online. I enjoy the online experience because it allows time for research and the ability to further discussions outside of class about class material.
They are very helpful in working with us on our resumes, as well as keeping a eye out for any job opportunities we may be interested in.
The career center/services on campus is great. I think that the value of obtaining a degree here is much more than completing courses, it really allows you to engage in your career goals and classes. They are always looking for bigger and better ways to help us expand our horizons.
The class sizes are perfect for anyone who learns through interaction. Courses are all relevant as well as informative and have helped me grow in my goals to obtain my degree. The classes are perfect for those of us with a busy schedule.
With my degree program i feel supported on every level, from the staff, the instructors to even the class mates who all help each other if anyone is struggling with anything.
This school is by far one of the best i have seen. It causes you to think for yourself to make opinions that are creditable. It truly enhances growth in every student through discussions on all material learned, teaches teamwork with class mates as well as one on one learning with the instructors.
They Have a wonderful campus. It has a student lounge, student success center where you can go for any type of help including job searching and resume building. There library also has a computer lounge in it were you can go to take test or complete any work that you may not be able to complete at home or in class. There are various campus activities that are available to all students of all types. All the administrators are there for your convenience what ever your situation may be.
Business management is currently and will likely stay my major in college. There is a couple of different direnctions that i can go in Business Management and I soon will be checking out those options,
I feel that the academics offered at my school are rather pleasing. The all around experience is rather good.. The professors are rather friendly and patient. The cirriculumn is rather interesting and I enjoy learning wwhat i have been learning from the college
I just barely started working on getting a degree so i really have not looked at any of the post-grad services at my school, but so far what i have seen and heard is that they really are there for you and help you.
My thoughts about college tuition is that it is rather costly to go to college. The costs are understandable, but are still rather high in my opinion.
The student body at my school is rather average. There is not a majority of any certain group that outnumbers or outwieghs the rest. We all seem to be hungary for knowledge and willing to do the hard work necessary to get our degrees
So far CollegeAmerica has been an all around enjoyable enviroment. The staff and teachers have been very accomadating and patient. There is a very positive enviroment in the school and all of the personell are very friendly.
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Many instructors were willing to help students. There were a few who were not available, but they seemed to grade fairly for work completed.
Most students were willing to work in study groups, and help struggling students.
At first, I had misgivings, including whether or not anyone would hire me. But over time, my confidence became strong, and I was able to get that ideal job.
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