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Loved my time as a student at Wooster and now being out of college for several years am even more appreciative of the experiences, friends and opportunities Wooster provided.
It’s a fine school. The academics are good, and the professors are great, but the administration is a mess. There’s 5 counselors for 2500 students, and there’s not enough dorms to house all the students (that are forced to live on campus). The dorms are old, and the rooms are either large or very, very small. There’s no AC in most of the buildings, and many of the ceilings leak, or the tiles are falling off. The administration is slow to change, but the health care and housing for students is not even close to what we’re paying for it.
I absolutely love Wooster. I would choose it all over again and can't imagine going to college anywhere else. The professors are engaging, knowledgeable, and always willing to help. The campus is beautiful and students some of the best people I've ever met. Not to say Wooster is perfect (some dorms nicer than others, food sometimes sub par, not very diverse faculty, bad relations with city of Wooster), but despite some shortcomings, it really is a special place, and one that I will always consider to be a second home.
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The College of Wooster is an amazing institution. The community is open and welcoming, and I quickly made friends. There are many extracuricular activities, including clubs, music groups, volunteer organizations, and sprots teams. The professors and faculty are incredible and care about their students. Wooster has APEX and the Center for Diversity and Inclusion, which help students academically and culturally. I feel very supported by my classmates, professors, and advisors.
But Wooster isn't pergect. There have been many problems with the administration not listening to the needs of students. The campus is virtually unaccesible to disabled people. Some of the dorms don't have airconditioning. And there have been incidents of racism, homophobia, and assualt.
This has been my dream school, the professors are amazing and the community is so strong! Everyone is so nice! This school exceeds in every way!
A great place filled with great people. Amazing learning environment with professors that care deeply about their student's success.
I love the emphasis on Independent Study (IS) and the support students get in working towards this major project. From the beginning of your freshman year, you know you are valued as an individual. The small class size helps you really connect with professors and classmates, and my study abroad experience was absolutely amazing!
I often reflect of my time at Wooster. It's truly a wonderful hidden gem of the Midwest. Attracts wonderful people from all over, not just the Midwest. Great I.S. program, gives students the freedom to study what they are truly interested and invested in. I'm
I have visited The College of Wooster multiple times. I really enjoyed the campus it was beautiful. The community was close knit. The campus was not just beautiful but it had a plenty to do. I personally prefer attending a football game. The culture was incredible. The team is led to the field by bagpipers. It was the perfect entrance for the Fighting Scots. I also enjoyed how friendly all of the people were. Everyone waved and smiled as you would walk by. I recommend a visit to The College of Wooster it is a breathtaking experience.
While the classes were very good, and their undergraduate independent study was certainly intensive, I felt that the administration didn't care about the staff and students as much as they should. I had numerous friends that attended that were sexually assaulted, and they were met with hostility and dubiousness when recounting their experiences. Also, if you are not a liberal extremist, perhaps reconsider. I remember being taunted by peers and professors alike for a middle of the road political stance.
Wooster has an excellent academic program, but the advising department is pathetic. Go in with your eyes wide open; you will receive no help when adding or withdrawing from classes or any direction for that matter; freshman once you're in don't expect any help. There is a lot of drinking and drugging on WOO Wednesday and the weekends, and there is nothing else to do. Wooster does little if anything to generate other actives or stop the excessive partying. When Wooster security does get involved, which is rare, they call the Wayne County Sheriff Department, and you can imagine how a student who pays $60,000 a year for tuition, gets treated by a civil servant who makes half that. Wooster allows this excessive party environment; it's common, and the school turns a blind eye. I met incredible friends at Wooster, but the lack of administrative guidance and the overwhelming drinking environment led me to the decision to leave quickly.
Overall a very nice school that I would recommend to anyone interested in attending.

Academics and professors are some of the best that you can get and they genuinely care about each student's success both during school and after graduating. The campus is very welcoming and the people are very inviting and kind. The dorms are also very nice considering the small size of the school.

The nightlife at Wooster is comparable to that of larger schools such as Ohio State or Kent, which is a rarity among small, rural schools. Other schools that are similar to Wooster in size cannot compete when it comes to the atmosphere that is fostered here.

The College of Wooster is truly a hidden gem of the Midwest.
I had a wonderful experience at Wooster, but I think the experience is what you make it. It's a tiny campus in the heart of rural Ohio; you see the same 1800 people every day. I made so many great, lifelong friends at Wooster, got to study abroad twice, got deeply involved in a lot of extra curriculars, and got a fantastic education. But I also saw some people get bored or feel stifled in the small-school atmosphere. Make sure you visit and talk to students and really get a feel for how you would fit in.
Love the college and the small classes allow me to connect with my professors on a personal level. The campus is beautiful and much of the food is locally sourced and tastes great.
The College of Wooster is very academically rigorous. However the administration is extremely liberally biased and focuses too much on US politics than our role as college students. The campus claims to be diverse but does not accept conservative students whatsoever. The price of tuition is outrageous for the amenities and accommodations provided to students, especially because the dorms aren’t not updated. The professors and classes are wonderful for the most part. I would not recommend anyone going to this college. I also believe the admissions center should stop sugar coating everything on yours, as several lies are told to prospective students in terms of student life, the availability of Independent Study topics and transferable classes.
The college of Wooster is an amazing school with incredible academics. It is located in a small town of 26,000 people, but the city life here flourishes nonetheless. With local restaurants lining downtown, only a mile off campus, and plenty of local shops uptown as well, students can find plenty of things to do off campus. On campus, there are a multitude of events that take place daily that engage the students outside of the classroom. With Springfest and party on the green, we bring in professional bands to play for the students. But, we also have student run events like the Culture Show and the Rake-a-difference event. Volunteerism is a big part of the culture here, and all first-year students do volunteer work with a number of classes having a community involvement portion.
My experience at the College of Wooster has been great so far! everyone is incredibly welcoming and the professors are fantastic.
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I absolutely love the College of Wooster! When I visited for the first time, I fell in love with the atmosphere of the College. I felt welcomed right away and never lost this feeling. Additionally, I loved that the students seemed to really care about their campus and that most students are extremely involved on campus. This was all clear to me during my tour and then when I sat in on a class, I was sold. The professor I had was engaging and made the rather large classroom (by Wooster's standards) seem much more intimate. I remember hearing students talking about the class and other classes before and after the lecture, which made me realize how engaged in academics students here are. Fast forward four years and here I am typing this review as a junior at the College. I am so happy that I chose the College of Wooster and that every good thought I had about the College has been proven right ten-fold since coming here.
Beautiful campus, great people, fantastic professors. The professors are really dedicated to Wooster's academic model. There's not a lot of lecturing; classes are based more on experience and discussion.
Wooster is a beautiful campus in a mid-size town, with plenty of clubs and sports available for most any interest. The professors generally care quite a bit about their students and the freshman seminar and senior independent study programs are both great bonding experiences for students as well as excellent ways to ensure everyone graduates with writing skills that far surpass most other college graduates. As a STEM graduate I particularly value the liberal arts education teaching me to write and present well, something most science/engineering schools fail to do.
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