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The college of Wooster is an amazing school with incredible academics. It is located in a small town of 26,000 people, but the city life here flourishes nonetheless. With local restaurants lining downtown, only a mile off campus, and plenty of local shops uptown as well, students can find plenty of things to do off campus. On campus, there are a multitude of events that take place daily that engage the students outside of the classroom. With Springfest and party on the green, we bring in professional bands to play for the students. But, we also have student run events like the Culture Show and the Rake-a-difference event. Volunteerism is a big part of the culture here, and all first-year students do volunteer work with a number of classes having a community involvement portion.
My experience at the College of Wooster has been great so far! everyone is incredibly welcoming and the professors are fantastic.
I absolutely love the College of Wooster! When I visited for the first time, I fell in love with the atmosphere of the College. I felt welcomed right away and never lost this feeling. Additionally, I loved that the students seemed to really care about their campus and that most students are extremely involved on campus. This was all clear to me during my tour and then when I sat in on a class, I was sold. The professor I had was engaging and made the rather large classroom (by Wooster's standards) seem much more intimate. I remember hearing students talking about the class and other classes before and after the lecture, which made me realize how engaged in academics students here are. Fast forward four years and here I am typing this review as a junior at the College. I am so happy that I chose the College of Wooster and that every good thought I had about the College has been proven right ten-fold since coming here.
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Beautiful campus, great people, fantastic professors. The professors are really dedicated to Wooster's academic model. There's not a lot of lecturing; classes are based more on experience and discussion.
Wooster is a beautiful campus in a mid-size town, with plenty of clubs and sports available for most any interest. The professors generally care quite a bit about their students and the freshman seminar and senior independent study programs are both great bonding experiences for students as well as excellent ways to ensure everyone graduates with writing skills that far surpass most other college graduates. As a STEM graduate I particularly value the liberal arts education teaching me to write and present well, something most science/engineering schools fail to do.
We visited campus with our son last year and we were overwhelmed with the opportunities available to students, the beauty of the campus and the friendliness of the people. You will love it if you visit!
unsafe and gross town. school attracts weird people. cliques are the norm. academics are good but not worth having to stay out in the town of wooster
An amazing school with incredibly devoted and caring professors. Students are very passionate about their studies, and their campus community. Rarely do students find themselves lacking an activity or someone to talk to. Embodies the liberal arts in a unique and successful way. Wooster students leave prepared and excited to face the challenges of world.
I like the people here- both fellow students and Professors. Although it is quite small and that shows up sometimes, for example, my department has only 4 professors. I like the community
AMAZING. Great time filled with great people and great professors. Wooster provides students with opportunities akin to an Ivy league school, but services students needs on a 1-1 basis on a small liberal arts campus.
The campus is wonderful. The small school allows you to get to know many people on campus. The students and faculty on campus are wonderful and have an inviting aura to them. The professors are all extremely helpful and will answer any questions that students have to the best of their abilities.
I love Wooster! Wooster truly is a hidden gem of the Midwest. From the mentored research opportunities to the beautiful campus, Wooster takes pride in the details. By the end of my senior year, I will be able to proudly say that I completed an undergraduate research thesis: something that I honestly never would have thought was possible when I started at Wooster. I know that I would never have been able to complete such a challenging and rewarding process if it weren't for the compassion and care that the professors display towards there students. They genuinely care and want to help each student be the best student and even person that they can be. Having such a big project under my belt is going to set me apart form many other applicants for both graduate school and job interviews. Again, the academic rigor and the experiential opportunities lead me to believe that the return on my investment at the College of Wooster is far greater than what I could have ever anticipated.
I absolutely love this school! The professors are awesome and are very available to students: they will really go the extra mile to help you, especially if you meet with them to talk about an upcoming essay. Diversity isn't bad but could definitely be better. I gave it 3 stars for the significant number of international students. Athletics are fine, it's a D3 school so don't come here if you are looking for a huge sports school. People complain about the food a lot, but I think it's so that they can have something to complain about. The food is as good as it gets for a college: I've visited a lot of colleges, and Wooster's food is better and healthier than just about anywhere I've visited. I'd say the biggest drawback of attending this school is the relative lack of a party scene: security is very strict when it comes to parties, so a lot of drinking happens in students' rooms, behind closed doors.
Nice big rooms, no AC. Clean buildings.
Local sororities and fraternities. Not a huge part of campus life.
I can really appreciate how far out of the way the school went to making our athletic facilities nicer than most.
The College of Wooster is a great school overall. However, the setting is just not right for me, personally.
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I enjoy the school I chose and I am pretty sure I made the right choice.
There is a center for career projects, but the school pushes continuing to higher learning.
During orientation, we had numerous classes and lectures on sexual assault to help prevent it. The campus security is very active in trying to prevent it.
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