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I like it enough. The people are friendly, the professors are fantastic. I came in very skeptical but I have warmed up to it and I have already planned the next three years.
I absolutely love this school. From the academics to the beautiful campus, this really is a great place. The professor are amazing and resources for invaluable advice and help in choosing a career path that is right for you.
The College itself is a good place. The immediate area is quaint, but it is a dead town. Williamsburg is for tourists and townies, most of which are rich old people. It is difficult to do anything in the surrounding area unless you have a car, which is unlikely if you're a freshman or sophomore. The underclassmen dorms are terrible. The food is adequate. Parties are all at off-campus houses and are held by frats/IRC. They’re boring and repetitive. You're not getting into a bar if you're under 21. The classes are not all that challenging, but be ready to take lots of exams. Course registration is a hassle. Don't expect to get half the classes you want - especially as an underclassman. Overall, 2 months into my time here, I'm not impressed by the school. It is a good value for academics and reputation, and the people are generally nice. But as a freshman, you’re limited and get the worst of just about everything. I don't know whether to transfer or suffer until I'm an upperclassman.
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The college has a very welcoming admissions staff . They made the interview process easy and an overall great experience.
William and Mary is a great school. For being a small school Greek life plays a big part of the party scene, which is very small. The campus is beautiful and very safe. Professors are tough and expect a lot of the students.
My overall experience at William and Mary was wonderful. The students are involved, interesting, and intelligent. The professors are wicked smart and very focused on the success of their students (even in intro classes with upwards of 150 people). Many freshman dorms do not have air conditioning - I was lucky enough to live in Yates, where I had both A/C and a sink in my room. Also, as a vegetarian I was more than happy with the food situation in the dining halls. One problem with W&M - and probably with a lot of schools - is the way they seem to throw money around. They recently demolished Millington Hall to replace it with more Integrated Science Center. While I do enjoy these new facilities, it is disappointing to see my tuition money spent so extravagantly and callously.
I am an out of state student in the St. Andrews and William and Mary Joint Degree Programme. The small campus side and diverse views among the student population allow for active conversation between students and professors alike. The professors are always available to help you, whether it be in the classroom or otherwise.
Our slogan "one tribe, one family" is accurate. We get lots of pride from hearing about our classmates' accomplishments. Students never compete with one another, because each member member of the tribe is genuinely compassionate.
Loved the people, professors, faculty, and staff. Resources were limited for certain departments (arts) as per usual and the buildings are so old (okay I know it's the 2nd college in the U.S. ever) but renovations could be better. Also mental health services are way down on the prioritizing list.
I really enjoy William and Mary. My classes and professors have all been very engaging and the people I have met on campus have been very friendly. There are lots of nice restaurants around campus in the tourist areas, and there is usually stuff to do on campus on weekends.
I remember William and Mary having great professors who really care for their students. William and Mary professors grade more difficultly than other schools, but this means undergraduates end up producing better work.
William and Mary is such a beautiful, historic campus that I feel privileged to be able to study here. Academics however, are very rigorous and students are extremely competititve. There are lots of clubs and activities to be apart of and you'll never have a dull moment here. I'm thoroughly enjoying my experience her and would not change a thing.
Going to school here has been truly enjoyable, and I've gotten to meet so many phenomenal people and been pushed to new limits academically. We have the oldest honor code in the country, and "community of trust" is a phrase you will hear a lot. You feel really safe and at home on campus just leaving your phone or your computer sitting out or walking around at night alone. The food is alright and freshman dorms are a little old and cramped, but overall it's really a great school.
I am a prospective student. Day for Admitted Students was well organized and showcased the school's strengths - its focus on undergraduate academics and close relationships students can foster with their professors through many small seminar/lecture style classes. The campus is beautiful, the weather was perfect, and a ridiculous amount of current students were enthusiastically volunteering at the event. For anyone looking to major in government or IR, their programs seem incredible, with many opportunities to travel to DC and a very intensive and helpful Career Center that helps students find both internships and jobs.
I loved William and Mary. It was really hard. In more ways than just academics. I burned out my sophomore year in school. The culture can be such that it seems like if you aren't stressed, you're not working hard enough. My professors were some of the smartest, kindest people.
The best part of William & Mary's degree is the reputation and foundation of education you earn from the institution itself. I would change the level of intensity and expertise obtained from the classes themselves. The presentation and collaborative interaction with other students is priceless.
Great campus and area! The professors are very smart and willing to help you. The classes are very difficult but you learn a lot.
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It is rare to find a place where everyone around you is extremely intelligent, driven, creative and passionate. William and Mary is a unique school that puts an emphasis on the potential of the individuals and the support of the community that surrounds them. I learned a lot in the classroom because of the skill and expertise of the professors, but learned even more outside of the classroom by constantly being surrounded by others who question things for the sake of understanding and growth. I will always cherish being a member of the tribe!
W&M is slightly better than an okay school. It's pretty, academics are good, food is lackluster at best, greek life is okay (we just got a new sorority and are getting a new frat). I want to transfer out, but mainly because of the mindset of the school/student body. A lot of people are entitled white rich kids who are focused on the past and think the world owes them something. Not only is the student body focused on the past (how they were mistreated in high school and etc.), the governing board constantly reminds us of W&M's "glory days" when four presidents went here. For example, one of the first things you learn at W&M is that it was chartered before Harvard, and a Native American rebellion stopped us from being built first, which would be relevant if Harvard weren't more than fifty years older than us. I want to go to a college focused on preparing me for the future, and I don't think one focused on the past can properly do that.

Absolutely beautiful and small, manageable campus and college. Williamsburg is a lovely place too. Professors are passionate and truly amazing, and the curriculum/class choices/education - equally amazing. Students are also not subject to being taught by graduate students.

Most dorms are really bad though especially the ones the freshman are put in, many without air conditioning. Housing selection is disorganized and favors the university and not the student. Their screening process to match roommates needs significant updating.

Not easy or cheap to get to the airport in spite of how simple they make it sound especially for those without cars and/or out of state students. Connections are not great either (avoid Norfolk airport).

W&M not helpful to out of state students. Like the extra $ but tuned into more of the in state students or ones from states nearby. It's time W&M goes back to being private.
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