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As a Biology major and premed student, I absolutely loved W&M. It has EXCELLENT opportunities not only for premeds (e.g., Early Assurance Programs with EVMS and VCU), but also for any majors/career choices. Moreover, it has AMAZING professors, and given that it's a relatively small school, you get to know them and learn from them very well!
I have learned so much at William and Mary after only one year! Professors are approachable and clearly care about the students, research opportunities are abundant and easy to get involved in, and class sizes are small. The community is also amazing! Students are extremely tolerant and accepting, and I have had the privilege of becoming friends with an extremely diverse group of people. I would highly recommend William and Mary to anyone seeking a quality, although rigorous, education in an encouraging environment.
The best part about the College of William & Mary is the atmosphere set forth by the student population. Everyone here is intelligent but also fun and quirky. The small but diversity campus creates a real sense of unity and cultivates Tribe Pride.
The academics here are rigorous but fulfilling. Professors have high expectations for their students but also exhibit high warmth. They are flexible with deadlines and always willing to help students with coursework and answer questions.
Just outside of campus is the gorgeous Colonial Williamsburg. Once you step down Duke of Gloucester Street, it's almost as if you've stepped back in time. Williamsburg is such a beautiful area and I feel fortunate to live on such a lovely campus.
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I love the people I’ve met and the classes I’ve taken at William and Mary. The academics are amazing and the students are intelligent and passionate. My largest concerns about the College center around food & fun. The food at W&M is absolutely horrible, and there are few options to spend the dining dollars. The greater Williamsburg area can be hostile towards students and is generally boring beyond Colonial Williamsburg. Housing is also not ideal, as most dorms don’t have airconditioning and Williamsburg is extremely hot and humid in the summer. Overall I don’t regret my choice to attend W&M, as I love my classes, fellow students, and the great in-state tuition, but W&M is not without its faults.
William and Mary is a small liberal arts college with the pros of a large research university. The academics are definitely rigorous but well worth it. The college is currently improving on mental health resources with a new health and awareness building with meditation rooms and different mechanisms for students.
After completing my first year at William and Mary, I love the campus and the level of education I am receiving. The students that attend the college are of the highest character and I have already made so many great friendships. The diversity could be improved, however the college is taking positive steps towards making that goal of increased diversity a reality.
Very academics-focused. Not much of a social scene. if that's important to you, I would not recommend going here. Teachers I had are great and are willing to work with you if you have extenuating circumstances. They really care about their students and want to see you succeed.
William & Mary is a unique school with a rich, fascinating history and a wide array of opportunities for work and study. Although academics are challenging, the professors are typically committed to helping students improve and succeed.
Thus far, my time at William and Mary has been absolutely wonderful. I love the student body, I find the campus gorgeous, and I consider Williamsburg to be a wonderfully unique college town. I'm also very much fascinated by all the history on and off campus, and love to build up my own reserve of fast facts about the campus. I have been blown away by the push to promote positive mental health at the school this past year, and I am excited to see what the future holds for the college. If you're considering applying here, I encourage you to come and see it in person. I fell in love with the school while on a walking tour a few summers back, and I hope you can as well. Above all (again, directed to prospective students), I wish you the best in your college search! Find a place that feels like home, because it will become just that.
Though it took me a while to find the faculty members who valued me most as an individual, I am very thankful such mentors are available at the school.
I like the fact that the school isn't too small to the point where you feel like you are seeing the same people all the time. There is also a strong sense of community felt on this campus. People look out for each other.
I was originally attracted to William and Mary for academics and the study vibe that the school put off. That remains true, I also enjoy the campus culture and how focused everyone is.
I automatically fell in love with the campus not only because of the location, but because of the scenery: everything just looked so breathtaking, specifically due to the varied amount of trees and plants. The overall campus gave off a history vibe, like it was founded in pre-historic times
William and Mary is a great place to participate in undergraduate research. That being said, it is a small school. There aren't as many class options as some of the bigger schools and it can be hard to get into classes needed for your major. The classes are work-intensive and grades are almost always test or essay based.
I love that William & Mary feels like home. The academics are challenging and interesting which has helped me thrive. There is always things going on for you to get involved with.
William and Mary's professors and class offerings are top-notch and I absolutely love the type of student that the school attracts. I'm very happy here, I just wish the food was better. It's really quite terrible. :)
I cannot begin to describe how much I love this school, but I'll give it a shot.

I'm a freshman at the school now and I can say that I don't think I've been much happier at any other time in my life. The academics are challenging, but they are also reasonable and interesting. The professors are always ready and willing to help their students understand the material and treat everyone with respect.

The freshman dorms aren't great and I was unfortunate enough to get some of the worst of them. If you're in a dorm without AC, buy a fan. Bring ants traps and bug spray and keep it in your dorm room. Also be sure to check your room and bathroom for ants and cockroaches. Trust me, those are going to be more of a problem than you think. Make sure all food is kept sealed and take out your trash regularly and they won't overrun your room.

Besides that, it will all be amazing, from the professors to the students to the classes you'll get to take.
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What I liked most about William and Mary are the people that go here. Everyone is open, nice and understanding which makes it easier to find friends and a community to be in.
William and Mary is a great school with a strong academic program. The downside is that there is a high level of stress in students. This is made up for by having friends and classmates who are there for each other and going through the same things. Everyone is very supportive of one another.
Overall, the College is an ok school. There is a great academic environment, and students study hard (especially during exam time). The student food selection on campus is very poor and the dorms are terrible (i'm in one as I write this). There is a severe lack of diversity and with being a minority, it is very difficult and unfortunate that I don't have many friends like me. WE NEED MORE DIVERSITY! This can also be said of Williamsburg community, with all 74% white and only 13-14% Blacks. But the good news is that I can get off campus relatively easily with WATA, the local bus service that I can ride for free with ID and I do this almost every other weekend (with shopping/ other things) and I have even gotten to know some of the drivers who work for WATA (some are very nice). But other than, the student life here is pitful and some people are even thinking about transferring. Overall, do not expect to get your money's worth at this school.
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