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Small school, which has made the experience more personal. Easy to have conversations with people in the registrar's office or one stop, and you are not just a number, but an individual.
I feel that this school has a lot of opportunities and help students one step at a time. I do not attend this school but would like to because of all the good things I hear. This school is also very close to home. There programs seem to have a lot of people wanting to attend them.
This college is absolutely amazing for a community college! The student to teacher ratio is perfect and all needs are meet. The professors are great at setting proper expectations, very understand and have great communication! The cost is low and worth every dime! I wish they offered more than associates cause I would continue my education with them in a heartbeat!
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I absolutely love the classroom sizes and online components of CWI. Small classes help students get more out of their learning experience and give them more opportunity to get to know their instructors and get help from them. The online component of CWI is super easy to adapt to and makes everything a lot quicker and easier. I've loved everything about this school as long as I've been here!
Great faculty and affordability. The professors are very attentive and knowledgeable. Good accessibility, especially for general courses. It's very affordable.
The class sizes are smaller than bigger Universities. That allows for more one-on-one time with the professor's. One stop student services is a huge help. It's role is as it sounds. Any student issue you can call or go into one place and get it resolved. They try to make everything as seamless as possible to make for a better student experience.
The teachers are all great and really help the students. it is a great place to start your education.
It is an excellent school to get started. It is a great school to get your feet in the water for a college experience. They offer an excellent program, and they always have staff willing to lend a helping hand. Overall, I highly recommend people to attend here to start off with because it is inexpensive, you can easily transfer your credits, the courses offer the same sort of information as any other four-year college/university, and the staff are very helpful.
The pace and convenience are the major selling points, and all courses are fully accredited. The professors are also top notch even though it is a community college.
College of Western Idaho was definitely an experience. I went there directly out of high school and was in classes ranging from 20-60 people. The classes were very up and down I felt. My professors either were all in or not so much. I felt as though the way the teachers were involved could have changed. I had people who invested in their students with all they had, and others who didn't even know any of our names. I know college is different than high school, but I think there still needs to be a level of intimacy and personal relationships between teachers and students.
I transferred from Lewis-Clark State College, I do plan on going back but coming to a new school is definitely good. Small campus, closer to home and everyone is so helpful. I did not think I would like it but I did. I recommend this school to anyone.
The college and professors at College Of Western Idaho are nice, prompt, and very helpful. I would change their website to be more user friendly for online users as there was some things I missed and deadlines I missed for loans since I wasn't aware that I needed to do different things, overall my experience with them have been great! looking forward to a successful year!
It was a decent community college. I enjoyed my little time there. Hard to navigate around though. Definitely not enough parking in the Meridian/Boise campus.
College of Western Idaho has been such a great experience. I have enjoyed taking classes here. I have learned valuable knoweldge and information. Great ambiance, good teachers and staff, and they work well with students. They also have a great variety of classes that are easy to get into and don't have super long waiting lists.
The College of Western Idaho is a fairly new school that has done a wonderful job so far. There is a variety of classes offered at several different locations in the Treasure Valley in Idaho as well as online courses. The best part about the school is the cost, it is very affordable and convenient. The students are friendly and easy to work with. I would recommend this school over and over again.
I love how affordable education can be with the help of this local college. I am getting a quality education for half the price.
The staff at College of Western Idaho are phenomenal, but keep in mind that this is a community college so therefore is lacks in the student life aspect of the experience and there are not sports teams. I did work on the Student Activities Programming Board for a semester though, so they are picking up the student life, also they are about to undergo major construction and add many additional buildings to the campus so it is growing. Overall really good experience here, and extremely affordable, as well as the housing in the Nampa area is very reasonable cost wise.
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Money wise, CWI is great and the campus in overland was convenient for me. Not having to drive to Nampa was great. Great place to start especially when you're unsure of what you want to major in and not spend so much money.
The instructors and administrators are great, and if you are having any problems at all, just talk to them and they will help you figure it out.
My experience at the College of Western Idaho has been great its affordable for a lot of student the classes are small so the teacher can help every student with anything they need help with.
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