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I love the small atmosphere of college of western Idaho! The student to teacher ratio really works well for me, the teachers know your name and it’s always easy to get help from them!
CWI is an awesome school with the best faculty and staff I could ask for. I am more than just a number there and treated with respect by everyone I meet.
The professors are amazing if you interact with them and it is the same with students. A person can make new good friends and get a good education at the same time for a good price which is fantastic. Also the tutoring center is very helpful if you ever need help and the people in there are very nice so even if you don't need much help you should still go in there and talk to them. There are also good job opportunities there as well if anyone is looking.
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I transferred out of state and began attending College of Western Idaho. I was unsure what to expect and whether my credits would transfer. Everyone I dealt with that been helpful and made the transition stress free. I also lucked out because I was able to get in-state tuition because of my husband military service - something that wasn't an option in the state I had left.
I would like College of western Idaho to build a campus closer to Mountain Home Idaho so I didn't have to drive an hour to obtain my education. I also think it would be great if there were more biology labs in Boise and not just in Caldwell. Other then that I have had a great experience being a student at this community college.
The college of western Idaho puts on a good face but their teachers are not qualified to teach. Very disappointed.
I took a few online classes through CWI the website used for the class was organized and easy to access, the professors can sometimes be hard to reach but eventually by persistence can be reached.
I love how well ran this school is and how much you learn for the investment. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and the counselors go above and beyond to make sure you are on the path to where you need to be. I have never been to a better two year college. The health department is amazing. I love the size of classes and the learning feels very one on one.
There are no excuses that will prevent you from attending college at CWI. The advisers there work exceptionally hard for each individual and take time to get to know and understand your struggles, concerns, position and obstacles. Through this, they are able to put you on the best path for success while keeping you on course for what you truly desire to achieve.
I really enjoyed the tightnit feel you had with your classmates. The classes were smaller making schooling easier because you have more 1 on 1 time with the teacher if you don’t understand a subject.
This is a college that has been expanding due the full range of academic and career-technical courses available to you. They also have Basic Skills Education to help you prepare for a GED, Dual Credit for high school students, and fast-track career training for working professionals that are looking to accelerate their career. Also, if you plan on transferring you can also check the transfer equivalency system that Boise State University provides to find out if your credits transfer, this is the link I hope you find this valuable, if so, please share to assist others in becoming the best they can be.
The staff is dedicated and amazing. The location is quiet and scenic, it's also near many fast food options and a movie theatre. The One Stop centre has always been very helpful for me and I have never had any problems there. They also have a very good payment plan option that was incredibly helpful to me. I also love the class sizes, the most I've had in a class is around thirty.
College of Western Idaho has been a pleasure. Not only were the staff well suited for teaching, but they went above the expectation to help.
College of Western Idaho has different buildings, focused on different careers, all over Nampa. They have great teachers and staff that are willing to provide information and help when you need it.
At $139 per credit you cannot go wrong at the College of Western Idaho. This a junior college and a precursor or sorts to the larger four year institutions. Small class sizes and cost effective are two major benefits to this college. The administrative staff is professional and helpful and the advisors want to see you succeed.
They were very easy to work with and fairly quick. I wish that they offered more classes but they have great general courses. The teachers also seemed to care a lot about the students. I wish they had housing.
I am currently enrolled at this college, but I would like to see maybe a little more activities that can bring everyone together so you can meet new people, and stuff like that, the way it feels is that its just there to have the class you need and that's it.
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I attended the college of western Idaho for a couple years and it is a wonderful school for making steps onto bigger and better things. I am currently transferring up to North Idaho College for the fall of 2018. However for a community college, this school is good for all.
I love attending the College of Western Idaho before going to a four year university. It has helped me a lot to become familiar with the college lifestyle.
I am currently attending CWI and I love it. I am 30 and not the typical college student. I love that they offer so many classes online allowing me to continue working full time while furthering my education. The professors are great and very knowledgeable. I have faith that they are setting me up to succeed in my area of interest when the time comes to transfer to a 4 year university.
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