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The staff at College of Western Idaho are phenomenal, but keep in mind that this is a community college so therefore is lacks in the student life aspect of the experience and there are not sports teams. I did work on the Student Activities Programming Board for a semester though, so they are picking up the student life, also they are about to undergo major construction and add many additional buildings to the campus so it is growing. Overall really good experience here, and extremely affordable, as well as the housing in the Nampa area is very reasonable cost wise.
Money wise, CWI is great and the campus in overland was convenient for me. Not having to drive to Nampa was great. Great place to start especially when you're unsure of what you want to major in and not spend so much money.
The instructors and administrators are great, and if you are having any problems at all, just talk to them and they will help you figure it out.
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My experience at the College of Western Idaho has been great its affordable for a lot of student the classes are small so the teacher can help every student with anything they need help with.
I went to this college to check it out and it is a friendly environment. I loved it here because all of the staff is super supportive and they care about their students. The staff will go out of their way to make sure you succeed.
I love how affordable the College of Western Idaho is. I only took dual enrollment online classes though and it seemed like the professors were hit and miss. I had one really awesome math teacher but my English teacher was not organized at all.
How willing the professors are to work with you. If you have a question it's so easy to ask and get it answered right away.
Way overpriced for workforce development courses, but the emt and paramedic program is great. Instructors are awesome and very hands on.
My experience is petty awesome I never got the chance to receive real education before it's really cool. I think really like the college people at the college are really nice to others.
The College of Western Idaho is one of three schools that offer a work force development program for students to become Nationally Registered Paramedics. I look forward to completing the Paramedic program and continue to help my community and the citizens in the surrounding area to have access to quality medical care
you choose your schedule and you are responsible for showing up when you say you will it is pretty straight forward.
The classes all do what they are intended to do and get the knowledge across to you in a very simple and efficient way.
there isn't a very strong alumni feel or presence but they do what they can to help place you in a job related to your degree as much as possible.
the professors care about their students academics. the classes are appropriately sized and you are provided with an adequate environment in which to learn.
I believe the application process is average especially for a community college but it was certainly positive.
CWI has an outstanding criminal justice program for a community college.
it is a great college the only down side is that it lacks that college feel, but this is due largely in part because of its massive and rapid growth and this problem will soon be void when the Idaho department of education passes a bill to grant the school over 100,000$ to build a massive expansion.
Review College of Western Idaho
With the accessibility of my class schedule, I am allowed to work full-time and yet still go to class full-time as well. It is truly perfect for a student looking to work and further his/her education.
Online courses at CWI are like any other online course available. It is easy to do your assignments, and even communicate with other classmates. However, online courses just aren't for some people. Personally, I better enjoy a face-to-face conversation and learning experience.
After you complete classes at CWI, most other colleges in Idaho will be willing to accept those credits as you pursue a higher degree, or seek to finish and complete a bachelor's level degree.
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