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I had a few good teachers during my time at the College of Western Idaho, but unfortunately, many of the good teachers no longer work there! You will have to look long and hard for teachers who are talented, passionate, caring, and knowledgable about the subjects they teach, but there are definitely some there. It is a good college to go to for the first 2-years to get an Associate degree, since it is much cheaper than the universities, but I would not consider it my first choice of college.
Great for concurrent credit students. I took many classes here in high school to get a jump start on my education.
So far I really enjoy the classes that relate to my major but what I dont like is how its difficult to learn from some teachers who expect you to know everything already.
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I really liked the College of western Idaho. i have gone on many tours and visits and they are a very friendly college.
Very easy to communicate with, staff is knowledgeable and helpful. I have been enrolled for the past few years, and am just now starting classes. Through the years I have had questions about courses and trying to fine tune what I wanted to do before starting college. The staff has been helpful every step of the way, and I now am starting classes in November.
Love the online criminal justice program. Teachers are great and have a lot of real life experience in the field.
The atmosphere of the college is very welcoming. Also, this college provides many great services to its students for free; such as, tutoring and counseling. All of the professors that I had have wanted to make sure that their students are able to succeed.
This is a great 2-year college for those not quite sure what they want to do yet, or want to save money their first 2 years.
I felt like I was getting my money’s worth attending this school and like I was actually learning instead of paying just to receive credits.
I am a student of CWI. I will start my freshmen year in one month. In the short time I've been with CWI I can easily say that I have no regrets in coming to this school. While there are no dorms, there is a wonderful staff, and very outgoing students. Everyone is very kind. This school has made me feel confident in my transition from Highschool to College.
Price is great! Most teachers seem to really care about your future and want to help you succeed. This school is growing at an increasingly fast rate. The classes never seem to have more than 30 students in them (sometimes only 14) which gives the class a great one on one experience with the teacher. They also have a great credit transfer system set up with BSU in the same state to easily transfer over credits and give you the best opportunity for graduation. When I finish her at CWI I will be going into BSU as a junior with having paid half the price on my associates! It is a great opportunity to save some money.
Professors are wonderful and really challenge you to be better member of society. Safety is huge on this campus I received emails almost daily about being safe from the dean
I attended CWI during the fall 2018 semester, it was my first college experience. The biggest highlight of the school are the experienced professors who go out of their way to advise students and often check for understanding during lectures. I learned about the geology field as a whole and potential careers. Even the general course instruction is career focused. One professor even met me and another student outside of office hours to teach us about geomorphology so we would feel more comfortable before a field trip. As far as the campus, it is clean and quiet. My only complaint is the food court at the Nampa Academic building is small and similar selection to a gas station's grab n go stop. I would like to see advancements in the food.
I love College of Western Idaho because the class room size is small, the professors are very knowledgeable, they offer online classes, they offer low tuition. For being a community college CWI has a beautiful campus with great students and caring staff.
I am currently in my third semester at the College of Western Idaho and I am very pleased with how easy it was to transition back to school after 10 years in the work force. The class sizes are small and the teachers are invested in their students. I have easy access to any resources I need for classes, financial aid, etc.
College of Western Idaho was the right place for me to start my secondary education! Ever since I started to look at colleges/universities I had this growing anxiety in me that the school I would pick would be too big for me to manage and I wouldn't get the hands-on help that I was looking for. That's why I decided to attend C.W.I because it was in my home town and would be the perfect size for me to have a focused education, have close connections to faculty and staff, and be the stepping stone to connecting with the right businessperson in my community. So, if I were to rate it out of 100 it would be a solid 90, with more opportunity to explore!
I have cooking skills I’m the one person went from my house it’s hurt to taking class I work part time and I have to do homework. I’m studying a automotive class teacher recommend us to buy tools box and lot of tools. I like to change I’m become a great mechanic help my family and customer make them safe and happy drive safely everyday.
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The professors are very helpful and outside help is always avaible. Tutor services are free, there is a wonderful library and too many clubs too count. Professors make there office hours clear and make time if extra hours or needed. The library has individual that will sit down and review papers and add any recommendations. The school also offers career services, academic advisors, and one stop for any addition resources. Overall amazing school and offers classes that fit any schedule.
I love the flexibility and price of this school. For a smaller college, they are determined to see their students succeed and the cost is the cheapest I've explored. I am a single mom and CWI has allowed me to work towards my degree at a pace that works for me. Most of my classes, I'm able to accomplish online. The One Stop student center, advisors, and professors all make sure that students are on track and confident with their degree accomplishments. The professors are extremely helpful. There were a few occasions where I needed to take a math test but didn't have a sitter. I brought my kid with her tablet, and my professors were very accommodating so that I was able to complete my tests. The campus offers multiple classes at multiple locations within my area which helps with flexibility for busy students, like myself. I love CWI!
I've had an amazing experience at College of Western Idaho. Amazing professors, I don't think I have came across some understanding and helpful professors and other staff. They made it possible for me to continue my education regardless of what has come my way.
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