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The professors are very helpful and outside help is always avaible. Tutor services are free, there is a wonderful library and too many clubs too count. Professors make there office hours clear and make time if extra hours or needed. The library has individual that will sit down and review papers and add any recommendations. The school also offers career services, academic advisors, and one stop for any addition resources. Overall amazing school and offers classes that fit any schedule.
I love the flexibility and price of this school. For a smaller college, they are determined to see their students succeed and the cost is the cheapest I've explored. I am a single mom and CWI has allowed me to work towards my degree at a pace that works for me. Most of my classes, I'm able to accomplish online. The One Stop student center, advisors, and professors all make sure that students are on track and confident with their degree accomplishments. The professors are extremely helpful. There were a few occasions where I needed to take a math test but didn't have a sitter. I brought my kid with her tablet, and my professors were very accommodating so that I was able to complete my tests. The campus offers multiple classes at multiple locations within my area which helps with flexibility for busy students, like myself. I love CWI!
I've had an amazing experience at College of Western Idaho. Amazing professors, I don't think I have came across some understanding and helpful professors and other staff. They made it possible for me to continue my education regardless of what has come my way.
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It is a very friendly campus. The professors know you by name and are always willing to help with assignments and answer any questions. The learning environment is clean and challenges students to do their best.
The service is great and the students are great. The teachers are good as well. it is a safe environment because it has not been on the news lately or ever.
The teachers at the Ada campus are very understanding and usually work with their students when they have personal problems they need to take care of. My health teacher made a lot of exceptions when I was pregnant with my daughter when I needed to sit out on some class activities.
Still a student. Overall I really am enjoying my experience, although a lot of the experience comes from the teachers. They offer and extremely good amount of resources, and I like most of the teachers, but one of my teachers seems to know less than the students taking the class.
The process of admission and figuring out financial aid can be a little frustrating. The cost of classes is amazing! Most professors genuinely care about your education
I like that the college of Western Idaho allows people of lower income an opportunity to go to college as well. Student debt is such an issue, and for myself, just after attending only a year of school, I have accrued thousands of dollars in debt. CWI has offered me a way obtain some of my general education credits at a lower cost that I can transfer to a different school when I’m ready to get my associates degree. I want to succeed so having an education that doesn’t cost as much yet doesn’t sacrifice on quality is important to me.

This isn’t the traditional university experience but these days, most people seem to just want an education and a skill when they leave college, rather than an “experience.” At least this is the case for me. This is why I recommend CWI for anyone looking to get a step up in the world.
Great affordable option. Professors work well with students. /lots of resources for students planning on transferring.
CWI is a very accessible community college with campuses in Ada County, Nampa and Caldwell in Western Idaho. The staff and faculty are very helpful and friendly, and their One Stop Student Services are fantastic. I relied on them a lot as I was going through the application and transferring process. My classes are wonderful. Each instructor really cares about what they are teaching and their students, and are willing to go out of their way to help you!
As the first college, I went to its hard for me to compare or say what I don't like about this school. On the other hand, though, this school helped me a lot financially and also to have good grades. The amount of their tuition is affordable for most people compare to other colleges. Also, I like how they only have less than 30 students, and teachers are more comfortable to approach. They also have different locations throughout the valley which is so convenient. Another thing that I like is there a lot of online classes. One thing that I wish that might not be possible is to have a four-year course because of I just like the school community and how it's affordable.
I love the small classrooms, they are really only classes that are 20-30 people instead of having almost 100+ students in a classroom. Teachers really care about the students and take the time to give office hours to kids and make sure that they are on track to graduating from their college.
Sometimes community colleges can be seen as less quality or lower in rank than other four year colleges. The College of Western Idaho has actually exceeded my expectations massively. Almost all of the professors will work hard for your personal success in their class. This has amazed and surprised me with almost every class I have taken. The education in great, I feel prepared and knowledgeable when I finish my classes.
This has been a very affordable college to restart my education at. The college offers a large variety of classes that fit into anyone's schedule. They have online classes and also a few different campuses to attend. The professors are usually professionals in another field so they bring an element of the real word into the classroom. The professors want you to learn and succeed.
so far, I've done concurrent credit through College of Western Idaho and the curriculum is extremely helpful and it has been easy to make it through the classes.
The instructors are passionate. Only real complaint is the limited availability of necessary classes.
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CWI is a great school with an awesome atmosphere. the teacher that i had were very good and willing to help if needed. there are so many student services there to help if needed such as the one stop student services to help with registration or finical aid.
My experience with the College of Western Idaho has been mostly positive. The professors here are not only great at what they do, but they also care about the productivity and success of each and every student. This is something that is difficult to find at a University, where the classrooms are larger, and interpersonal relationships with professors are scarce. If I were to change something about this school, it would be the location that classes are offered. I live 45 minutes away from the Nampa campus, and only 15 minutes from the one in Boise, but there are very few classes that are offered at the Boise campus.
I have really enjoyed my time so far. The classes are small, and the faculty really cares about the individual student. The quality of the instruction is excellent, and the price is even better. A great place to get transfer credits!
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