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I believe my professors transferred online very well. They really cared about how you would perceive your education through an online atmosphere.
I loved the smaller class sizes. I felt it was more intimate and I was able to learn a lot better. I also loved the professors and their dedication to each and every student.
I have taken numerous online classes and it is a breeze. Your instructors are there through everything and always open to contact for anything you may have questions about. I can honestly say I wouldn’t change a thing about the online delivery of courses with CWI.
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College of Western Idaho has been a great experience. The advisors are always there for you as well as the rest of the staff. The support your receive all around is outstanding. One stop student support is there to walk you through any questions you may have and so is the library.
So far it has been really good. Love the small class sizes and most classes are offered online. The majority of the professors have been incredible!
I love taking classes online, I prefer classes online. Super easy to take classes online with this college.
I'm amazed at how wonderful my college experience has been with CWI. From my very first phone call, inquiring about applications, to now finishing my first semester, every admin, tutor, advisor, and professor has been enthusiastically involved in my success. They make the process and daunting deadlines easy and manageable with great online software and some of the best "customer" service you could ask for. I have learned so much in my first four months, and am enthusiastic about finishing my degree here.
I am not an online person, but due to Covid, had to take my first semester online, and yet, it has been the smoothest transition and incredibly easy to organize and accomplish work. The online lessons are fantastic, the professors always available, and every resource you could ask for at the touch of a button. I love my classes.
I have only ever really experience CWI for it's ADA County Campus and it was a very welcoming place. I really enjoyed learning from the professors I had and also liked how we were able to connect on a deeper level than I have ever had with a teacher ever before. We were able to have a engaging but humorous learning experience. I won't say that the work was easy but it definitely was engaging. The only drawback I had was in the current environment they did not have available in person classes or lectures.
My online learning experience with the College of Western Idaho was very great. I learned more than I expected and also had a learning experience that was not bland. I believe they asked for not too much work but enough to keep our skills in tact. When I asked questions through zoom or blackboard the teachers would respond almost simultaneously and made me leave class with a positive attitude and I always got something out of it.
The staff is so friendly and most of the teahers care about your success. If you like the small classroom or small town feel of a school this school is a great choice. They really know how to show they care. The advisors are easy to contact as well and are good at keeping you on track for your degree.
I took a large portion of classes online since I am also a parent. The online teachers do a great job of responding quickly and finding ways to help understand material when needed.
They are friendly and understanding. Most professors are great! They offer dual-enrollment which is super great and helpful to high school students trying to get ahead!
I have taken all classes online, they are great. The faculty is decently accessible and will answer any questions you may have.
I am only taking a few online courses from CWI but the staff so far is amazing and very helpful. They seem organized and ready to help where they can. Clean campus and easy access. The course I am taking is well put together and worth the cost.
I am taking Elementary to Spanish online. The teacher has clear communication and is overall a good teacher. It was expensive for one course, but the resources I am given are good and easy to use.
I love how affordable & welcoming C.W.I is. The class schedules are so flexible (there is either online classes or many different in person classes with multiple times throughout the day) so you really get to customize your schedule. The professors I have studied with so far have all offered their full support and options for further studying such as tutor help, free online practice activities and so much more. The only thing I haven't been happy with is the registration and enrollment side. When I first started at C.W.I, I was overwhelmed with all the things I needed to get done (before time sensitive deadlines) in order to get properly registered and signed up for classes. Navigating through the students websites and the financial aid pages, student account information etc. was very confusing for me. If it weren't for the help of my friends or family (who had studied at C.W.I previously) I don't think I would've gotten everything done in time. Other than that, C.W.I has been great.
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The College of Western Idaho offers almost all of their degrees online or in person. I chose to take my business associate's degree mostly online, with only 2 classes being in person. The online navigation for the student websites could use as little work (as they can be a little overwhelming at first), but after a while you get used it and know where to find things. There are occasionally technical difficulties with the classes websites and portals, however the professors are usually very good at recognizing these errors and extending study/project times for students. Overall, I really do love C.W.I's online learning degrees because it allows my schedule to be flexible and makes it a lot easier to do internships/volunteering/working. Thank you.
I really enjoyed how organized the advisors were and how easy it was to have access to resources to be able to do things myself. Response times from teachers were quick and to the point. I would definitely recommend going here for your first two years.
My online classes were very forward and I was able to track very well. Everything was prepared nicely and I knew what was expected.
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