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I have enjoyed my time spent at College of the Siskiyous. It being a small, community-based college allows students and professors to work closer together and communicate better. Student life is also an upside at this school because of the many resources available, including a food pantry, warm jackets for donation in the winter, accommodating dorms, a weight room, warm meals, and even book vouchers for students with financial need.
The staff is very helpful and it seems like everyone is looking to help you succeed. They also have a large number of online courses available even though they are quite a small community college. There isn't a lot of night life here as there is also a small population but the area is breath taking and worthy of going adventuring!
I enjoy going to college of the siskiyous because I grew up in Siskiyou County and alot of the friends I grew up with go there as well. I very much enjoy the counselors as well they have really helped me pick a major and be out on the right path.
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COS is situated at the foot of Mount Shasta in Weed, CA. Surrounded by forests, there are hiking and bike trails, lakes, and, during the winter, skiing. A great place to get pre-reqs out of the way and transfer to a 4 year.
Amazing college professor are all awsome staff is very helpful allways and the area is beautiful skiing at Mt shasta or as land convince shopping
I have had a great experience at college of the Siskiyou's the teachers and staff are very student oriented and always available for help. all the staff seems pro student and intent on helping you graduate with any help necessary. the student aide programs are extremely helpful with books and tuition. I have had a great experience here.
The flexibility was good because it helps me to work around my Ministry work.
Traditionally the online courses are different because you are not face to face with your teachers when you do your work.
The quality of the career center and the alumni network is OK the job prospects are reasonable for you.
The experience with the courses and the professors was very nice because some teachers are willing to help the students if they need help.
The degree from my school is very helpful for to founding a job in Business.
Its like a whole new life changing experience because it can help with starting my own Business in the near future.
what makes the school unique is that the teachers want their students to pass.
The convenience of my experience at this school has had both easy and hard aspects to it. The online courses were highly convenient. I live several miles away from the main campus though, so it would take me an hour to drive there, which was hard. Transferring my credits to others schools has not been hard, which I'm really glad for!
I loved doing online classes! For the most part they were easy to understand and access, they had good professor and student interaction and I learned a lot from them. I enjoyed the flexibility they offered and enjoyed saving gas and time by not having to drive to the college for them. They differed from the traditional classroom experience in that you do a lot more reading and independent study rather than listening to a teacher lecture.
I am not sure what I am going to do with the degree that I got at my school yet. I think that many of the people there are either looking to get a specific job like nursing, with their degree from COS or they are looking to take classes and then transfer to a bigger college or university. There are not a lot of job prospects that I can see for some of the AA degree's offered there.
For the most part many my experience with the courses and professors at COS was a good one. I took a wide variety of classes and I liked many of the teachers that I had. Some of them I would not recommend to other students because, unfortunately, they just did not teach or communicate very well. The quality of the courses at COS were overall pretty good, some of the textbooks and math software that they used I didn't like very much though. Thankfully though, they have switched their math program since I first started two years ago.
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For those getting a specific degree from College of the Siskiyous in such things as, law enforcement, nursing, firefighting, or business and accounting it is a great place for them to go. Many students from this school get good jobs in the fields that they studied in. I heard that they train their students well in Emergency Services.
The program that I completed at my school was that of a Liberal Arts degree with an emphasis in Social Sciences. Since it was a basic degree it did not have a lot of unique aspects. I did take a wide variety of classes to complete it though. You needed 60 units to graduate and so I studied many different things to complete this degree. To complete this degree in two years I needed to take a full-workload of at least 12 units or more each semester. Not unbearable, but it definitely kept me studying constantly. I did take 16 units a few semesters and that was a lot more intense. The school did not offer any internship or job opportunities for this degree.
My overall experience at College of the Siskiyous was a good one. Many of the teachers and office staff are for the most part, friendly and helpful. Some of my favorite classes that I took there was public speaking, photography, humanities, history, business, nutrition, and photoshop. Some of the teachers are absolutely fantastic and passionate about what they teach. Others were difficult to learn from and not very good at communicating with the students. It was the teachers, oftentimes that made the classes either really enjoyable or really painful. One of my problems with the school though is that they offer very limited classes or none at all that have to do with agriculture, farming, or cooking. You would think that because I live in an area with a lot of farming that is something that would be there. But, sadly, it's not.

One of the best things about the school in my opinion though, is the wide array of online classes that they offer. It made getting my associates degree much easier! If I could choose to do COS again, I would. I just would not choose some of the same teachers that I did at first.
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