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I am an Agbusiness major so I mainly go to the Tulare campus and my experience has been great. I wasn't planning on going to college but after my first year at COS I decided to continue. COS in Tulare has land for students and a farm which gives us hands on experience. COS has opened the door for many students and always keeps us up to date ith things we need to succeed. They also have amazing resources.
The welcome center is very friendly and they help you out.The teachers are amazing and help out when you need.The librarians are friendly also.
I am new to COS so I haven't had any negative experiences thus far. I am currently attending school at the Hanford Campus, It is very small and laid back.
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As a community college with a heavy STEM focus, you can easily find helpful teachers and faculty who really want their students to succeed in their career goals.
When first coming to College of the Sequoias I was skeptical because I had this stigma that going to a community college made you a "piece of shit ". But I realized after not knowing where i am going to sleep at the next night, i said to myself, ' hey whats the worst that could happen. My mom lead me to believe that I was nobody when she kicked me out after she found out that her oldest daughter was pregnant. i needed her the most when I found out after that i felt like she was never really happy. I guess she seen something special inside me that I still could not make sense of. Either way each student has there ups and downs in college right.
The campus is clean and is maintained well. It is easy to maneuver between buildings and across campus. I have not yet started school but I have heard multiple complaints and warnings against the counselors.
Overall, attending COS has been great. The professors I have had all been amazing and very helpful! COS is a great transfer college!
Overall my experience has been great, when I began my college career everyone was very helpful and attentive. Yet as the semesters fly by, and although I've made many awesome connections with many professors, and resource personal alike. It has been hard to navigate without the proper and continuous guidance. It is true when people say college is hard, with each semester and set of new courses their is a new way of thinking that must be adopted in order to succeed. That being said, I've learned accountability in communicating to my network connections. Not only for the positive support they provide me, but the beyond appriciated peer to peer motivation and encouragement as well.
Affordability, transfer of credit and staff who will be available to help you out. I have earned a Certificate for Environmental Control Technology. I want to return and receive my Certificate for Building Inspections.
This college is a warm and caring facility. The staff are friendly and professional. I love all of my instructors. They make sure we understand what we are learning and they take time out to make sure we get the help needed to help us achieve our goals.
I love the school it’s a nice school and there’s a lot of good people there. The athletics program is also good and I had a very enjoyable experience here. I would recommend going to school here it’s a great school.
COS gives a great education for pre-vet animal science majors. The animal science courses are very very hands on and useful (we did stuff that some 4 years don't even have). The STEM professors want to give a proper university education and don't slack with their courses. They're often known to be difficult, but the students with decent habits are able to keep up just fine. During my 2 years attending, I never had a mean or bad professor. There are enough options when registering that I was able to pick a good one. The campus is nice, clean and easy to navigate.
The college gets you where you need to go. But the counselors couldn’t care about you. They schedule for 30 minutes and if you still have questions they schedule you for another session.
I enjoyed my time a COS overall. Had only 1 “bad” professor during my 3 years. The main counselors weren’t the best for me, but I still was able to get through my classes and graduate with honors.
Of course it isn't like a university but, this saves people lots of money which is a smart decision. Overall the community is good.
College of the Sequoias is easy to get around. Though it may not be the largest school in the county, it has its fair share of large buildings. Regardless, there is a campus map in easy to spot areas upon entering and it helps both students and quest get around rather easily. The campus is clean & so far, the staff (both teachers and office assistance have been helpful and kind to those around them.
My experience at college of the sequoias was great! Everyone was helpful at the student services office with any question I had. The campus at the sequoias was easy to navigate around. The people are nice and welcoming. Nice campus to sit around and relax on a bench before class started. I would definitely suggest that there will be more security services but overall great experience.
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I love COS already. I am new to COS, but I have really good professors and a great volleyball coach. I love my team and the atmosphere. My coach is great and really welocoming and super helpful.
I am a part time college student at COS and I've been at this school for about 3 years. The professors are great and there's so many classes to choose from as well.
Lots of teachers and students. Plenty of resources available. Plenty of classes to take. Can be hard getting into general classes, but they do have multiple locations in surrounding cities.
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