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Get the job done. They make it easy to transfer! For being a small 2 year community college they have a lot to offer. From clubs to sports and everything else you are bound to be involved with something outside of regular academics. I had a lot of fun there. No regrets here.
They help you with everything and they are very communicative. They have an area to guide you step by step from day one.
The professors are very helpful and the college offers a large range of different classes. I will admit though that the college layout is a little confusing, it will take some time to get used to.
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I think that the College of the Seqouias has kinks to work out, but we are trying our best. With additions like our cafe area to keep students engaged or all the all of our tutoring resources, it's not hard to find ways to keep stress at bay. I think that they could help with our arts programs. We're often funded and then cut majorly. Then they realize we're suffering with lack of funds, tell us to expand, cut, and repeat.
It’s is less expensive than other big colleges it’s easy but challenging at the same time you the more youlearn the more skills I aquire and you get paid more going to college they also help you finincially it is the best college I went to in the area
college of sequoias is a small quirky community college for the California valley. for being a community college it had a surprising number of majors to choose from. it is also very affordable if the FAFSA is filled out because more than likely a Bog waiver will be awarded. The only issue is that not all campuses are created equal. COS is made up of 3 campuses, one in Hanford, one in Visalia, and one in Tulare. The issue is when you have to travel campus to campus and Hanford is very small in comparison to the main Visalia campus. it seems to only have basic courses like biology, statistics, and english courses. However this is not too much of a problem if classes are all Picked in Visalia because Visalia will most likely have all the courses you need to graduate.
Probably the worst school I have ever been to. The teachers were nasty. The campus was dirty. The students didn’t care about their education. The councilors gave me terrible advice. It was difficult to get the classes I needed. Overall terrible school. I don’t recommend it.
Wonderful experience for those who would like to save money and finishing up their associates degree. Professors really know their subjects and genuinely care for you. One change can be touching up on the older buildings.
Ive just went to the campus to check it out and its a very friendly environment, the people where involved, the sports are great and the councilors are very nice and understanding
I like that College of the Sequoias is manageable yet it gets you ready for a university. The teachers are good and I have learned a lot from all of the classes I have taken so far. The campus isn't big and the teachers usually remember you by name. It is a good place to start and see what you want to do. They also have great programs to help you study and opportunities to get jobs on campus. The parking lots are pretty small and get full quickly, they should invest in some more parking lots. Some of the teachers don't care to much and aren't that good, but of the two years I've attended this college I have only gotten one teacher that wasn't that good, but she was still a nice lady either way. There is also a variety of food around the campus and some food on the campus.
My experience overall was good. The staff was really nice and I had some of the best professors. I've learned a lot. However, the counseling department could be better. Some counselors told me to take classes I did not need to take.
I liked how College of the Sequoias is very diverse, and everyone is super friendly! Students engage in learning and it's an overall great experience.
College of the Sequoias is a very small community college and since I went to a very small high school I feel more comfortable as if I were to be in a bigger school.
This a great college to finish general ed and transfer. My brother attends here and he is able to manage his time with taking his college courses and he works. He is stress free and I want to be like that once I go to college. The environment here is pretty good everyone gets along and there is a wide variety of people to get to know.
I love the agriculture classes and professors, I'm just having some issues with financial aid and the transferring process.
I liked the teachers and how small the campus is, so getting from class to class isn't too bad. There could be more done to get more student involvement, but I feel COS is mostly for the working student, who only stop by for their class times then head off to their personal lives.
College of the Sequoias is overall a good school. They have an awesome writing and language center. However, a lot of their important things are online, so if you can't get online or there are some technical difficulties you can't do anything about it. They are also very welcoming to all ages, so the classes are rather easy.
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It is a pretty good community college. I have enjoyed my time here. The classrooms aren't very large and you are able to talk to your professors one on one.
College of the Sequoias is a great school. I'm familiar with two of their campuses the main Visalia campus and the Tulare campus. As a freshman so far every teacher I've had has this deep passion for what they teach and that makes all the difference in the learning process. They love what they do and teach and when asked questions they go above and beyond to help you as a student. The only downfall really is the crime in our Visalia-Tulare cities but with on-campus police it is better.
Good experience at COS only thing I would change is they need more science classes they get filled up super fast.
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