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Most of the professors there care for their students and want to see them succeed but at times there is trouble with communication when it comes to the administration part of the school. Other than that, they are very orientated with student’s needs. They stocked the library with tons of resources for students to use for school and home life as well. The campus is covered with telephones that are directly connected to the campus police if you need help. Maps are placed all over to show you where you are and where you need to go. It is a great school to go to get an inside look on how college life will be and help you transition into the next level of college.
I attended COS for 2 years and I'd estimate that about 80% of my courses and professors were extremely helpful and accessible. That made attending a pleasant and great learning environment. I'd recommend this community college to anyone living in Kings County. The main campus is in Visalia, but the also have camoues in Hanford and Tulare.
I love the College of the Sequoias, I have been going to this community college for a long time due to quite a few unforeseen incidences in my life.. But finally I can see my finish line and The college of The Sequoias I believe has the best facility and teachers. The students who also volunteer also care about helping other students.. I found a lot of encouragement from the teachers and professors they encourage learning and finishing what is started.. Stating that we are never to old to go to college and finish.. I'am 56 and seeing the light at the end to the community College Tunnel .. It feels amazing.
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The staff is wonderful. Very friendly and helpful. I'm enrolled in calworks and they have helped me in so many ways to achieve my career goals.. from starting in the office getting homework done, tutoring, mentoring and always open to talk.
College of the sequoias gives you many option in attending there school. What really caught my eye is there transferring programs they offer. COS makes you feel secure at there campuses. This college wants you to get involved so you can have amazing college years there and it just does not make you regret attending there school.
The campus is active with events, the students are friendly and diverse. Although, some areas of the school require maintenance, the facilities are out dated. I would also add that the instructors could be more involved in teaching, ive noticed most just read from the book instead of creating teaching techniques, that better suit their students.
I love the freedom of choice! You are free to roam and do anything you'd like as long as you don't bother others, your choices aren't pretty much limited.
It's a small campus which allows students to interact with one another, professors allow students to communicate with other students in class. Classes are roughly small , professors are kind on focus in the material that they attend to teach.
If you are determined to make this school a stepping stone, then you will do well. Pursue the highest education that you can, and don't settle!
I like the programs my school offers for low income and disadvantaged students. There are also many student services at my disposal and the faculty so far has been good.
The College of the Sequoias is a great school and has a lot of really cool and interactive teachers with the added benefit that there are plenty of resources on campus to help you succeed. However, there are some teachers that go too easy on the students which ends up setting them up for failure if they decide to go to a 4-year university after taking general ed courses here.
Well i enrolled there the staff were great they are very helpful they have alot of good programs. And its walking distance fromhome
It was a great school to finish my GE in two years. The teachers and administration do help you out a lot if you go out and get the help you need.
Get the job done. They make it easy to transfer! For being a small 2 year community college they have a lot to offer. From clubs to sports and everything else you are bound to be involved with something outside of regular academics. I had a lot of fun there. No regrets here.
They help you with everything and they are very communicative. They have an area to guide you step by step from day one.
The professors are very helpful and the college offers a large range of different classes. I will admit though that the college layout is a little confusing, it will take some time to get used to.
I think that the College of the Seqouias has kinks to work out, but we are trying our best. With additions like our cafe area to keep students engaged or all the all of our tutoring resources, it's not hard to find ways to keep stress at bay. I think that they could help with our arts programs. We're often funded and then cut majorly. Then they realize we're suffering with lack of funds, tell us to expand, cut, and repeat.
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It’s is less expensive than other big colleges it’s easy but challenging at the same time you the more youlearn the more skills I aquire and you get paid more going to college they also help you finincially it is the best college I went to in the area
college of sequoias is a small quirky community college for the California valley. for being a community college it had a surprising number of majors to choose from. it is also very affordable if the FAFSA is filled out because more than likely a Bog waiver will be awarded. The only issue is that not all campuses are created equal. COS is made up of 3 campuses, one in Hanford, one in Visalia, and one in Tulare. The issue is when you have to travel campus to campus and Hanford is very small in comparison to the main Visalia campus. it seems to only have basic courses like biology, statistics, and english courses. However this is not too much of a problem if classes are all Picked in Visalia because Visalia will most likely have all the courses you need to graduate.
Probably the worst school I have ever been to. The teachers were nasty. The campus was dirty. The students didn’t care about their education. The councilors gave me terrible advice. It was difficult to get the classes I needed. Overall terrible school. I don’t recommend it.
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