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My experience overall was good. The staff was really nice and I had some of the best professors. I've learned a lot. However, the counseling department could be better. Some counselors told me to take classes I did not need to take.
I liked how College of the Sequoias is very diverse, and everyone is super friendly! Students engage in learning and it's an overall great experience.
College of the Sequoias is a very small community college and since I went to a very small high school I feel more comfortable as if I were to be in a bigger school.
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This a great college to finish general ed and transfer. My brother attends here and he is able to manage his time with taking his college courses and he works. He is stress free and I want to be like that once I go to college. The environment here is pretty good everyone gets along and there is a wide variety of people to get to know.
I love the agriculture classes and professors, I'm just having some issues with financial aid and the transferring process.
I liked the teachers and how small the campus is, so getting from class to class isn't too bad. There could be more done to get more student involvement, but I feel COS is mostly for the working student, who only stop by for their class times then head off to their personal lives.
College of the Sequoias is overall a good school. They have an awesome writing and language center. However, a lot of their important things are online, so if you can't get online or there are some technical difficulties you can't do anything about it. They are also very welcoming to all ages, so the classes are rather easy.
It is a pretty good community college. I have enjoyed my time here. The classrooms aren't very large and you are able to talk to your professors one on one.
College of the Sequoias is a great school. I'm familiar with two of their campuses the main Visalia campus and the Tulare campus. As a freshman so far every teacher I've had has this deep passion for what they teach and that makes all the difference in the learning process. They love what they do and teach and when asked questions they go above and beyond to help you as a student. The only downfall really is the crime in our Visalia-Tulare cities but with on-campus police it is better.
Good experience at COS only thing I would change is they need more science classes they get filled up super fast.
I really like how diverse the population at COS is. I have had some pretty amazing teachers and for some reason i’m doing way better in school here. I also enjoy some of the clubs they offer.
I’ve been here for only a semester and my experience was okay. I had problems with one of the instructors, but overall the teachers were great. The food here could have healthier options. The location of the college does have crime problems, so make sure to keep your belongings on you. The counselors are not the best, and you have to make sure to stay on the right track to finish on time. Overall, it is an average community College. The experience of what happens in college is only what you make it. Do not let the negative circumstances plague your mind.
Great arts program. In comparison to both my high school program and programs of other community colleges in the region it is stellar. Faculty are great and want you to succeed. Campus is very nice and tuition is affordable.
College of the Sequoias is a great campus. The professors and people are very friendly. So far so good.
It's a great place to start of your college education, affordable and offers a lot of resources. There's clubs, college events, job opportunities, and in my experience great teachers and peers. There's great sports teams and it's a good way to get your GED out of the way in a cheap way or is a good start if your not sure what to major in yet.
I am currently a sophomore at College of the Sequoias, and it has been a great experience. there is a good amount of students per professor, so if we have any questions, we are able to ask them and the professor is able to answer them. I like the atmosphere here, there has not been a bad incident, which is great for everyone's safety. One thing I would like to change is the parking lot. sometimes I have troubles finding a spot, but other than that it is a great college to attend.
My experience has been great. This school shoots for many of their students to become successful and transfer within 2 or 3 years. The student success program has counselor help guide through that process. What I would like to see change for this school would be offering majors related to clubs. Overall, this is a well recommended community college.
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The teachers are always willing to help you with anything. The counseling office is always a great way to talk to people in private.
I really like the atmosphere at COS! Everyone is very friendly and there is a range of different age groups. The professors at COS are very helpful and are very experience. The downfall is the safety there. There have been multiple occasions of people getting there cars broken into. I also have seen a lot of homeless on the campus as well. It does seems like I have been more cops on campus.
I'm a first time freshman and I'm enjoying the campus so far! It's always very quite not to busy, and it's easy to find your way around :)
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