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All the students are social. the teachers are helpful. They are always open to help in their open hours. The college is small, but with great quality in their classrooms, and the instructors know what they are doing.
College of the seqouis was a great expernicne. I got a rull ride scholarship! I leanred alot and i was able to succeed.
It's not always ideal to go to a community college, but I was able to save a lot of money and figure out what I want to do educationally speaking. I would recommend reviewing the professors on rate my professor before taking their class. I dodged a lot of bullets that way!
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I like the eops program, the health center office and student welcome center office If I ever have a problem one of the three can help.
College of the Sequoias is much like a high school experience all over again in my opinion which can be good or bad depending on your own outlook. What I do enjoy about the school is it's very cheap if you qualify for financial aid and the classrooms are small so it's very easy to get familiar with your professors. Professors here are always willing to help a student in need.
My experience in College of the Sequoias has been wonderful. The teachers can be very strict, but if you are up to the task then it is worth the risk. Of course, you'll find some teachers who might seem like a waste of time, but the counselors will be able to find the ones appropriate for you. The services and clubs they offer are a nice way to relax, offer volunteer services, and build new friendships as well.
I had a good experience at College of the Sequoias. I was a student there for 3 years and I played softball there for one year. I loved my chemistry and physiology teachers there. Those two classes were extremely difficult but they did everything in their ability to teach me the way that fit me best. They would have one on one talks with me, give me extra examples and not get frustrated if I had a question. I would like to see improvements in the availability in the nursing program. I'm forced to relocate to go to a nursing program in another area because COS's is too packed with only 30 applications being excepted. I would have liked to do my nursing program at COS.
I have only been here for a month but i like it a lot so far
people in the college encourage us to go to a success center to try to fulfill our goals
my counselor has told me it is fairly easy thing to do once i want to do it
The teachers are great and the campus is new
i really like my community college and would recommend to anyone
all the material is there, i just need my brain to wire it
It's easy, fun, I really think It's wonderful!
Every professors that I had made me feel has if they cared about my education.
I really did not apply for college of the sequoias, my counselor did it for me.
Everyday I go to class I learn something new.
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The school is great. they try to help every student with needs and they try to get students involve in activities.
If I were to choose my school all over again i would totally do it again. Teachers are experts in their fields, easy to understand helpful. Students are friendly, and the ladies in the office are so helpful.
They are caring and understanding.
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