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The teachers are great and I have truly enjoyed my time at College of the Redwoods. The teachers work with you and the programs are very enjoyable. DSPS and EOPS are great programs to help you and they always make time to make sure you have everything you need.
This college is located in the beautiful redwoods on the North coast. Friendly people and caring teachers. I would like to see more career choices available for the local students, such as ultrasound technology.
The staff here is incredible and make me really glad I moved up here for school! I love the campus overall the only thing I would change is the cafeteria food. It is pretty good but so so expensive! It’s not worth it to go and spend 8 dollars on a burger when I should be saving my money for other things.
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I really like college of the redwoods the people are very friendly here the student the professors there is always someone willing to help you the things that need to change they need more class rooms especially on the hoopa campus thank you for your time
The campus is beautiful here in Northern California with the redwoods. Teachers are very willing to devote their time and effort to help you learn. Class sizes are small and provide a positive learning experience. The college is on the small side however.
For a small, out-of-the-way college in a small town, I absolutely loved this campus! The scenery was beautiful (when it wasn't pouring rain or foggy in the morning), the teachers were all incredible at their job and making learning as interesting and fun as possible, and everything from applying, financial aid, counseling, and just general FAQ was made super easy by the staff there. Never had a single bad class or teacher experience, in fact the opposite was true. I learned to re-love a few subjects from the faculty here that I had had a falling out of with the teaching in high school, so I'm very grateful for that! (Thank you Mike Butler for helping me to enjoy math again, and thank you April Garwin for making Forensic Anthropology the best class ever!)
I'm no longer at this college since moving, but I would definitely go back in a heartbeat. Loved it.
There online and in class courses, and different campuses. I grew up in a small town and a CR campus was the only college within 2 hours that was still in California. The teachers and staff have been friendly and helpful whenever I come to them.
Beautiful area but a terrible school. The financial aid advisors don't help with application and appeals processes and fail to notify you when things are due or if additional items are necessary. Academic advisors will give you different advice each time you see one and don't seem to understand program requirements or transfer credits. I spent almost four years wasting time at this school... Save your time and money. If you live up there, go to school online.
Love all of the opportunities it gives to the communities of Del Norte. Even though living in a small area, it's very hard to find the best education to help boost you into making your goals and dreams come true. College of the Redwoods has benefited my life and with supportive staff, they do everything they can to help you succeed.
I liked the support system I had while attending here. I feel like I can ask for help and my professor and tutors have helped me in any way that they could. I felt like I passed my math class because of the math lab services and the help of my professor. I really felt connected with my professor and I showed my interest that I wanted to excel in my math class and it took hard work and dedication.
I love this school. The teachers are all prefty great and the classes are small enough that you really get that personal help from professors.
This awesome school is in the middle of a forest, surrounded by tons of tall Redwoods and Sequoia trees, beautiful flowers, deer, chipmunks...the list goes on. There is something about the smell of the forest that can instantly make a bad day get better, or when walking by the pond you catch a quick glimpse of the biggest dragonfly you've ever seen! I've had some absolutely wonderful teachers here, and a few not so great ones too, but the good definitely outweighs the bad here. The school is small compared to most others, but I like it that way and usually don't have any problems finding or getting what I need here, and all the staff are very nice and helpful. I appreciate the opportunity to apply for scholarships offered through the school and find it very affordable with financial aid.
There are many reasons College of the Redwoods stands alone in some aspects of student life. the college is snuggled within the redwood forests and close to a wildlife preserve. I have also had a wonderful experience with staff and faculty. I would recommend college of the redwoods if you enjoy a slower pace of life while working towards your academic goals.
College of the Redwoods was a terrific school to add a challenge to my high school years. They were easy to work with and I loved the added difficulty.
College of the redwoods is a wonderful school with an amazing teaching staff and community. It is located in the middle of the redwoods, which makes the scenery around campus is absolutely magnificent. The school doesn't have a big population which means more one on one time with your professors! Not only that, but CR comes with many great benefits that helps their students reach their utmost potential and prepare them for a university or wherever the students end up doing.
Online courses, I do not take them! Maybe because I preferred to be in class!
People here are helpful and intuitive, and can lead you closer to your goals.
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Professors have enough time to get one on one with students, which makes college a lot more easier! Besides learning from the professor, I highly encourage all college students to get in touch with their professor, because their knowledgeable and friendly. They're there to help you with the best they got.
Since the college is small, opportunities like this will fly right by you if you don't constantly stay up to date with job opportunities.
College of the Redwoods has a small little campus located in Del Norte County, CA, the mother one is in Eureka, CA. It's a friendly zone, and the professors there are always available to contact.
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