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I went to college of the Redwoods because I grew up in the area, and because it is the cheapest community college in California. While I attended I had wonderful teachers and I had some that weren't so wonderful. But I thing is that one of my teachers had a philosophy about teaching there. If these college credits are supposed to transfer to any college, even Ivy league school, then why should you not be taught as though you were there. Just because you are paying less doesn't mean you have to pay for a less quality of education, and also you should be held accountable to the standard of work that one of these institutions would require.
Most of the teachers I had were fantastic, and the food is actually very good for the cost. Transportation to and from the campus could be better, but I don't blame the school itself for that as much as the cities Public Transit.

If you have your own car and are in the area, it's a great community college to attend.
The Forestry and Natural Resources program at College of the Redwoods is superb. The professors, especially Tim Baker, are fantastic and engaging. I genuinely enjoyed every minute of my educational experience here.
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College of the redwoods is a beautiful area to attend for school it’s full of diversity and a opportunity to excel in every class you take. I’m a student athlete and college of the redwoods has helped me view ever class as a game and how important it is to give it your all every minute and second I would recommend any student to college of the redwoods I believe they would enjoy every minute of it as I did.
Its very lovely the instructors actually want to not fail. The campus is beautiful and large. The people are friendly and informative. It a really great place to learn.
While the academics are a bit on the average side due to it being a 2-year community college, the campus is beautiful and there are many great financial opportunities if you want to save money when you start college.
Counselors and Professors are very compassionate, they took an interest on my success. I ended up having to change my pathway and the counselor sat with me and made sure that I had all the required transfer classes planned out.
The area is beautiful and full of adventures. The towering trees and lush forest make hiking and running more enjoyable, getting out and exploring is an important part of college so go for it.
All the faculty staff and members are super friendly, supportive, and approachable! You don't have a barrier relationship but a friendship! You are a bit far from the nearest town, which is Eureka-- about a 5-minute drive on H-101 to town. The campus is surrounded by nature, however! It's beautifully quiet, isolated, and peaceful!
I absolutely love it here, however I wish they were able to allocate more funding for their medical programs. The teachers are great and if you are looking for someone who cares about your future, this is the community college to go to.
I really like it so far. The campus is really nice and the teachers are nice. I would like to see more diversity on campus.
It’s a great school I love it because of the nature and weather just so beautiful. There Academics are really good
College of the Redwoods offers a flexible two year education that can easily be used to acquire certificates for fields such as welding, construction technology, solar installation, and more. The school makes it easy to transfer to UCs and CSUs around California. The location is a bit isolated, and makes the campus primarily a commuter school - public transit is OK but a car makes it much easier to navigate the surrounding area. Classes aren't too difficult and it is more than possible to work while attending. Professors are invested in student success and there are many tutoring and helpful resources for students to pursue.
I am from Shingle Springs in California. I live in the dorms and it is so cool to meet all of these new people from all different places in California and in different States. I also play on the women's soccer team. I love it everyone is very nice and very accepting. A lot of the teachers are nice especially if you are a student athlete. They help you with making sure you get everything done and turned in. Most want it turned in before you leave for a game. They rather have it early than late.
I love college of the redwoods because of its campus it’s in such a beautiful area and the many types of classes that they offer. They have a nursing program, a dental hygienist program and they also have many more programs. But it truly is a lovely place.
It is a wonderful campus. Small to medium classes. Teachers are always there to help you and support you. Very friendly staff.
I wish the Arts building wasn't so far away from the rest of the campus, but the teachers are usually pretty great and much of the time, the rest of the staff is pretty helpful as well.
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Classes are fun and easy to learn from! The teachers are all very nice and understanding when it comes to personal issues interfering with school. Its definitely a great stepping stone to a four year college.
Great 2-year college for students looking to spread their wings. Small class sizes allow for more one on one teaching. Professors are top notch and have great teaching abilities. Quite, peaceful little campus, friendly staff and atmosphere. After high school I was tired of school, but I decided to go after a degree and I enjoy every minute, College of the Redwoods was a great place to start.
My experience at College of the Redwoods (the Del Norte branch) has been great! As a nervous first-generation college student, I was overwhelmed by the options available to start career paths. However, with the help of very patient counselors, I found several possible paths to take. The professors are caring and more than happy to lend extra help. What I found to be surprising was their ability to work with the learning content to make it more interesting through a combination of teaching style and personality. What makes this closeness between professor and student is small to moderate class sizes (20-25 students per teacher). The campus while being only a branch of the main campus has had a recent addition to its facilities a new science lab that has equipment geared toward offering more classes for the popular LVN program. Lastly, there are no dorms on the Del Norte College of the Redwoods Campus so renting or other options are advised.
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