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College of the Ozarks is certainly an experience. The administration definitely tries to help the students become well rounded individuals. However, there is definitely favoritism throughout campus. Also, for the amount of money the college brings in (don't let them fool you, they bring in plenty), they could maintain the parts of campus that generally are student only better.
College of the Ozarks is a 4-year private Christian college that allows students to work on-campus to cover all of their tuition fees. As a student, I am truly grateful for the program in this college and I believe it accomplishes to aid many students in financial need. However, I believe certain rules and regulations this college set is holding students back. The college needs to better prepare students for the "real world" after college by exposing students to more diversity. College of the Ozarks needs to better serve their students from all regions of the world and in all aspects of college life.
Colllege of the Ozarks is a great College. There is no screwing around though. Its not called Hard Work U for nothing. You definatly have to work, but its worth it. Professors definitely want you to succeed. Just put in the effort.
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I thought CofO would be everything I ever wanted, but I was extremely disappointed with my on-campus experience. CofO isn't who they say they are. They market themselves to the general public as a Christian college, but they don't act in a Christlike manner, nor do they treat others the way that Jesus would. CofO has become too big for their britches over the past decade. They see themselves as high and mighty, pretending they are among the best colleges in America because of their free tuition. If it weren't for that, CofO would go unnoticed as just another college.

CofO is very mediocre and a horrible place for people filled with the Holy Spirit. You can feel the dead, dry religion and lack of God's presence on campus. Yes, there are some good Christians, but there also many fakes and flakes. Most people - administration included - wear the Christian label without living the principles they claim to stand for. Stay away if you're a true Christian, or you'll be disappointed!
College of the Ozarks is an unique opportunity for those who are unable to pay for their college education. You have a chance to work for your education, and will graduate with little to no debt. Of course you still must pay for books and your room and board, but they have a summer work program for those who are unable to afford room and board payments. It is a challenging school, but well worth the hard work.
This is currently my third semester at College of the Ozarks. Compared to other achools, it is very unique. You are required to have an on campus job which pays for your tuition. You only pay for room and board. College of the ozarks allows you to graduate from college debt free.
College of the Ozarks is a great place. The students and faculty are very friendly and informal. I like that students can work for their tuition.
I love the community at College of the Ozarks. This is a great place to grow in Christ and become a hardworking, patriotic citizen of America. There are a lot of opportunities to travel and a lot of events on campus.
I'm a freshman at College of the Ozarks year wise, but regarding credits, I'm three credits away from being a sophomore. It is a work college. The jobs varying from working in the admissions office to working in the laundromat. My job is in the kitchen at the Keeter Center. There have already been many students that I know personally that have dropped out, are going to drop out, or are going to transfer. It is hard, but I have learned so much about myself and life just the short three months that I've been here. Classes are hard, and professors ACTUALLY expect you to learn. It's not all work and no play here. There are ways to get involved. Something is going on every single night, whether it's a volleyball game or a convocation, there's always something to stay alive. They have these events so the work and academics don't suffocate us as students. I recommend C of O for anyone looking for a Christian education but wants to WORK for it.
My experience I was very pleased with how easy the process was, it did not take me very long to begin to like the college. This college was very interesting and I like the ability that you can work your tuition off because where I come from not very man people have money in this small down. With not everybody having a lot of money not a lot is expected from us, but if I was given a chance then I would make the most of it. I really enjoy playing sports and I seen they have many options for intramural sports or co-ed.
The college had its ups and downs. Working for tuition was great, graduating debt free was amazing. The teachers were all astounding, there were very few who were not just amazing teachers. Campus life was mediocre, offering some athletic prowess, and offering lots of groups, which not very many people had the time for, due to school and work. The politics of the college was the worst. The administration failed to make college enjoyable through policies that only satisfied the ones who donated to the college. Liabilities, such as a girl with fish allergies, are treated poorly. That girl was sent to work directly with fish at the Keeter Center, and became ill. That girl was later dismissed from college because she was a "liability." C of O also discourages marriage by not investing in married housing, diminishing commuters, and flat-out telling students that they should not get married until they graduate.
There are no parties at our school
At night the campus usually dies out because the students have a curfew at 1 am, and we are not allowed to be out.
There are many opportunities for students, but there is a heavy workload.
Before we get accepted to College of the Ozarks, the students know what is expected and the rules of the college. Saying that most students are similar.
People know they will get kicked out if caught, so most people are smart and do not participate in doing drugs.
The campus makes sure the students feel safe by security. The College closes the gates at 1 AM so that no one can get in or out of the college.
Review College of the Ozarks
Most of the professors care about the students and do their best to help students.
Students are helped to get internships, but somethings seem to be the schools way or the highway.
Most buildings are old and janky, but there are a couple of new buildings.
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