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From campus, visits it doesn’t look like much fun as far as college experience goes. However, it is an excellent school. The campus is breathtaking.
This small place is on the wrong side of history. Claim to be Christian. Really just white Southern racists scared of losing their place in this country. Students should realize the majority of employers who are now socially conscious will not be hiring graduates from this school.
Great school. Awesome standards. Friendly people. Beautiful area. Love this place. You will be able to succeed in life with the tools they give you.
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Character camp was a great experience. Lots of fun experiences and good people. Looking forward to my time at Hard Work U.
amazing work college. no tuition to pay for but room and board are high. very Christian and patriotic school.
College of the Ozarks is a difficult college to enter for a variety of reasons, however the quality of community is great. It is a work college so you have the ability to come out with a college education debt-free. Time management skills are utilized as you balance work, classes, and other obligations the college requires throughout the semester. Overall, it is a great place to receive your college education with no tuition paid. Room and board is still a fee unless you work during the Summer Work program in which you have the opportunity to have that paid as well.
I visited College of the Ozarks when I was in the fifth grade. I believe what struck me the most was the overall beauty and positivity I experienced. To me, after having that visit, I realized that it's more than a place to go to class and become educated, it is a happy, involved community of people who are willing to work hard to create a difference in the world.
The students and faculty are people you will find nowhere else. They are welcoming before you even hit the ground of the campus. The security is phenomenal and I feel so safe when I'm at the school. I feel that my education is top notch because they pride themselves on making students work for the grade they want, and they still take the time to help you succeed. I have gotten very involved in my first semester at the college and don't look to stop anytime soon.
Would highly recommend the College of the Ozarks to any student seeking to make connections throughout their college career. CofO brings in highly distinguished speakers and visitors often, and leaves open opportunity for students to engage with them. The biggest thing I would like to see changed here is the student meal plans: not every body needs to pay for three meals a day they likely don't have the time for. We are too busy working! #hardworkU
College of The Ozarks is a non profit private school that students work 15hrs a week to pay for their tuition. Students graduated without debt. It's a great place to get in touch with faculties. They are easy to reach and really care about you
College of the Ozarks provides education with free tuition. To "pay" for your tuition you work 15 hours a week along with classes. The opportunities for work, paid trips, etc at College of the Ozark are extremely wide and varied. The efforts to help students graduate debt free are amazing. This college certainly requires a good work ethic and attitude to thrive. I didn't think the rules were very strict, but I heard a lot of kids complaining about them. So you have to come in knowing you are getting a good deal. Make the most out of the opportunities you are given!
College of the Ozarks is an amazing college to attend. They offer many opportunities you wouldn't get anywhere else. College of the Ozarks also allows you to work for your tuition so you can graduate debt free.
At College of the Ozarks you work your way through, so you come out debt free! The campus is gorgeous and the community is friendly.
It is awesome to not have to worry about paying for tuition and I love working at my assigned workstation.
I have enjoyed my experience at College of the Ozarks thus far. The food is average to any other campus. The cafeteria has a wide range of food to choose from. However just like anything, it can become repetitive and burnt out. Another area that I rank average is the dorms and housings. They are not the most spacious, however I believe they are good size. One area that I ranked highly is campus. The reason for this is because the campus is always clean and well maintained. The reasoning for this is because of the students who work fifteen hours a week. Lastly, I ranked the safety of the school high because we have a good amount of guards on campus who do a great job.
College of the Ozarks is a wonderful schools that is not afraid to stand for what they believe. By going to College of the Ozarks, I have been able to receive my education without debt and from professors who truly care about me professionally and personally. The only thing I wish could be changed about this school is the quality if the cafeteria food.
I graduated in 1997 with a degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology. I have had a long and distinguished career in Law Enforcement. I attribute my success to my education at C of O. My on campus job in construction has given me the skills to maintain, repair and upgrade my own home. My work ethic was strong before attending and even stronger after. I truly is Hard work U.
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I am currently a freshman at CofO and I love it here. It is truly a Christ centered college where they put an emphasis on graduating debt free. Would highly recommend for people who would have trouble paying for college, and are willing to work hard for an education.
I encountered many things that I did not know, in going there, despite much research. I had toxic black mold in my dorm room, and became severely ill. Administration did not want to address the problem. Eventually I moved dorm rooms, but still months later I am suffering from the health damages that were done to me. The college has 15 hour a week work requirement, but are not flexible or understanding with the schedules, and I often only get 4 hours of sleep a night as I have to close and open my facility on back to back to back days. This college is basically like a glorified high school. If you loved high school and want an environment most of your day is planned out for you, with limited free time, and lots of micromanaging, then this is the place for you! But it you are like me and you like you independence, do not come here. What I thought would be a wonderful experience for me has been a terrible one.
I am honored to be apart of the College of the Ozarks community. Does C of O have its downsides? of course! However, it is an awesome college to attend while offering so many amazing opportunities for its students.
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