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Below average in many areas. There are only a few athletics opportunities available. Many jobs will work you beyond the 15 mandated hours and you will never be reimbursed for these hours. There is a good party scene if you know where to go. Diversity is lacking. Diversity of opinion in many classes is discouraged.
College of the Ozarks provides a unique experience for students through the work study program. Students are required to work 15 hours per week on campus during the semesters. This covers the cost of the tuition allowing students to graduate debt free and leave college one step ahead of most graduates who have to work right away to pay off student debt.
The review from May 2017 basically outlined everything I thought about the school. I would never encourage anyone to attend College of the Ozarks in the manner of which they now practice.
The professors are wonderful, but unfortunately there are no other positive things I can say about this school.
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Excellent faith based education. College of the Ozarks offers a four year liberal arts education centered around its five fold mission. This mission enhances students understanding and engagement with academics, vocation, Christianity, culture, and patriotism. This college also implements a work education program that allows students to work on campus to cover tuition costs. With incredibly dedicated staff and faculty and a variety of opportunities for travel and professional development, this is an experience students will be forever grateful for.
College of the Ozarks is a great school to attend. I love that I can work for my education and graduate debt free. I am very thankful that I am able to attend this school.
Wonderful, safe atmosphere. Expectations are on target with upstanding you adults. I loved the tenure of the professors and it seems like a family.
The best part of this school is the professors and work supervisors. The students are hypocritical and I was not involved in Campus Life because I was afraid of getting kicked out for having my own opinion.
I love the quietness of campus, we have lots of events, professors are wonderful, we honor the military and the flag. we stand up for freedom. work ethic college that helps my parents pocket book. Working is a Great learning experience. Most kids go to college and don't work. This is great for when I get into the real world. Christian based which is good. The campus has curfews and security gate, we have freedom on campus, but we have curfews just like at home. I live 3 hours away from my family and my parents don't have to worry about me they know i am safe.
I loved visiting the campus. The students were very friendly and gave a wonderful tour. Also, there were lots of fun filled activities and the atmosphere was very comfortable and relaxing.
They are more than helpful with any questions you may have about the college, academics, campus life..etc. It's an amazing clean, safe, Christ-centered and hardworking environment.
There is nothing I disliked about the college!
As a freshman about to enter orientation, I have so far been pleased with my experience at this college. The only problem I've had was a minor miscommunication regarding my immunizations, but it was cleared up by a kind nurse. I have so far found the campus to be beautiful and functional, and the people to be helpful and friendly.
The college was very good at establish a community and providing help to succeed. I would like to see them be more clear on rules.
I don't have an experience with college of the Ozarks other than the NAIA. This is a basjetball tournament they host every year. They also have fireworks around the 4th of July. Students can earn their tuition by working in the field they are going to school for right at the school. It's a little college but kind of nice in the beautiful ozarks
From campus, visits it doesn’t look like much fun as far as college experience goes. However, it is an excellent school. The campus is breathtaking.
Great school. Awesome standards. Friendly people. Beautiful area. Love this place. You will be able to succeed in life with the tools they give you.
Character camp was a great experience. Lots of fun experiences and good people. Looking forward to my time at Hard Work U.
amazing work college. no tuition to pay for but room and board are high. very Christian and patriotic school.
College of the Ozarks is a difficult college to enter for a variety of reasons, however the quality of community is great. It is a work college so you have the ability to come out with a college education debt-free. Time management skills are utilized as you balance work, classes, and other obligations the college requires throughout the semester. Overall, it is a great place to receive your college education with no tuition paid. Room and board is still a fee unless you work during the Summer Work program in which you have the opportunity to have that paid as well.
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I visited College of the Ozarks when I was in the fifth grade. I believe what struck me the most was the overall beauty and positivity I experienced. To me, after having that visit, I realized that it's more than a place to go to class and become educated, it is a happy, involved community of people who are willing to work hard to create a difference in the world.
The students and faculty are people you will find nowhere else. They are welcoming before you even hit the ground of the campus. The security is phenomenal and I feel so safe when I'm at the school. I feel that my education is top notch because they pride themselves on making students work for the grade they want, and they still take the time to help you succeed. I have gotten very involved in my first semester at the college and don't look to stop anytime soon.
Would highly recommend the College of the Ozarks to any student seeking to make connections throughout their college career. CofO brings in highly distinguished speakers and visitors often, and leaves open opportunity for students to engage with them. The biggest thing I would like to see changed here is the student meal plans: not every body needs to pay for three meals a day they likely don't have the time for. We are too busy working! #hardworkU
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