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I'm a high school student that is taking classes at College of the Ouachitas on some scholarships that the college has offered through my school to get a head start on my basic classes. The class schedules were really flexible and I was able to fit them into my school day pretty easily. The professors that I have are among the best that I have, and I'm excelling in both of the classes that I'm taking (Freshman Composition I and College Algebra, which are both arguably challenging as fundamental classes). The school is fairly cheap as well, and although there isn't a large selection of programs, it's a great choice if you're looking to save some money on your basic classes.
At college of the Ouachitas the professors are very nice in many aspects. They have expectations of you but they dont make them impossible to accomplish. They push you to do your best in every aspect and give you the right push you need. They are always there when you need them. They will help you on anything in which your struggling in. It's a safe and friendly environment. All the student are nice and helpful. We have on campus other studies who volunteer there time to help tutor other studies which is a really good benefit because it helps a lot.
I liked the fact that the coursework is rigorous. You will definitely have to use your brain when you're in any class at COTO. The atmosphere is calm, with very little student activity or engagement. Something that should change, is the student diversity. It kind of feels weird being in an non-diverse environment. This school , COTO lacks minorities.
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Financial aid is Horrible Very unorganized. The nursing program is horrible. The nursing instructors test above the level that they are teaching . They are always failing nursing students, the content they focus on isn’t even on the exams. Tutors can’t be contacted calls and emails never returned. All a scheme to make students repeat classes so they can rake in more dough!
I am starting my nursing career again at this school. I have only heard good things about them. The Dean and teachers all seem eager to help us become great nurses. I am looking forward to graduating in December 2019. Then returning for my RN also.
I love the fact that your teachers want to see you succeed. The program that I am currently taking is the LPN course. I love the fact that you have to be an LPN before you can even apply for the RN class. That way you have an experience with dealing with people and caring for your patients
I liked that it was inexpensive and close to home. I like the homey feel to it. It was a little boring though.
Its a good small town school. Instructors are okay. I would like to change the diversity of the instructors and more scholarship opportunities for transfer students.
COTO is a great local college. No need to commute or pay twice the price per credit hour when you're working on GenEd courses. Most courses transfer to 4 year schools and many courses are offered online or hybrid.
Terrible service to students, calls and emails aren’t returned. Not recommended. Students are a bother to administration. I worked there and I definitely would not recommend it. It’s a waste of tax dollars.
College of the Ouachitas is a great community college. It is in a remote area. During the lunch hour, there are many fast food restaurants near by and also a park to relax and/or do homework. College of the Ouachitas also have a room with WiFi to do homework, eat, and get to know a few classmates. The classrooms are also easy to find.
Great local college, very affordable and the admissions and financial aid people have been very helpful so far.
The school is okay and there are a lot of nice people attending and teachers. I would like for it to be more activities for the students to get involved in.
I go have not take any online courses
I have not dealt with this yet
They take time to make sure you understand
I am happy at this school
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This schooloffers a small learning atmosphere
At the orientation i loved meeting most of the staff and people id need to know. They made me feel welcomed and it helpwd my jitters about being a freshman. Im very excited to start classes .
Everyone is very respectful and full of enthuasism
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