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Terrible service to students, calls and emails aren’t returned. Not recommended. Students are a bother to administration. I worked there and I definitely would not recommend it. It’s a waste of tax dollars.
College of the Ouachitas is a great community college. It is in a remote area. During the lunch hour, there are many fast food restaurants near by and also a park to relax and/or do homework. College of the Ouachitas also have a room with WiFi to do homework, eat, and get to know a few classmates. The classrooms are also easy to find.
Great local college, very affordable and the admissions and financial aid people have been very helpful so far.
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The school is okay and there are a lot of nice people attending and teachers. I would like for it to be more activities for the students to get involved in.
I go have not take any online courses
I have not dealt with this yet
They take time to make sure you understand
I am happy at this school
This schooloffers a small learning atmosphere
At the orientation i loved meeting most of the staff and people id need to know. They made me feel welcomed and it helpwd my jitters about being a freshman. Im very excited to start classes .
Everyone is very respectful and full of enthuasism
The tuition is very reasonable compared to other schools. The FASFA process is quick and easy.
The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable about what I need to complete my Associates degree so that i can move on to a 4 yr university.
again. financial aid I was told was available was NOT available. I was told 4000.00 would be there . only 720 was there because I have reach my limit. But I was not told that until the day of registration. It was too late to apply for scholarships despite my 3.29 GPA . Now I pray for my loan apps to be approved/ dispersed in only two to three days remaining before classes start. I still have on books.
I believe, from what I have witnessed that the LPN to RN fast track instructors are sincerely determined to ensure a students success in the program
The entire process of registration as far as my personal experience is concerned turned something that should have been fairly easy, albeit complicated into something that was so very nerve wrecking and stressful that I have been physically ill at times. This was all due to two things: 1. complications / misinformation provided through financial aid 2. the late date at which I was chosen from the alternate list and received my acceptance letter into the program. These two factors all but destroyed my chances of any financial aid / funding. If ones financial aid is not correct and the funding is not available then ones six months of efforts to accomplish all other requirements for the LPN to RN fast track program are in vain. A physical, emotional , and financial waste if my loans don't "come through" in two more work days. And then who knows when I would be able to re-test and return. I even resigned from full time employment to PRN employment in order to be more successful in my studies. Yes, at this point I would say the "worst".
I cannot truthfully rate overall experience as yet as I have not had the opportunity to actually attend classes as yet.
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I was told on two different occasions in 2014 , that the money showing 4000.00 available on my FAFSA letter that I presented to financial aid officer during our visit, would in fact be there. I was chosen from an alternate list very late in the game . I received my acceptance letter on December 20th. The college was closed until January 5th. On January 5th I was there only to find out that my financial aid was in fact NOT there, with the exception of 720.00 only. Because I have reached my limit. Had I known , I could have applied for scholarships as I have a 3.29 GPA (also completed the LPN program with a 3.85 in 2002-2003). But , since I had no idea there would be no PELL available I had not applied for any other funds and was told it was too late because all of the scholarships have been given out already. I was forced as my ONLY option to apply for loans on January 7th in the hopes that money will be there by January 9th because classes start for me Tuesday January 13th. I still have only 720.00 funding available for greater than 1900.00 costs of attendance.
I cant wait to start classes on January 13th.
I love taking online classes at the College of the Ouachitas. The classes are accessible and interesting.
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