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There are some small problems with the academic programs and the social situation on this campus. Math scores are abnormally low and dorm students can sometimes find themselves out of a place to live if they are caught drinking or doing other activities that are not condoned. This being said, this college affords its students unique opportunities to experience many different cultures and languages. The diversity of the people and ideas on campus is astounding and has the ability to teach something to even the smartest person.
The professors and workload are very reasonable. The curriculum is acceptable but it lacks key classes in math and science. Anyone who wishes to enter a field involving mathematics is put at a disadvantage in this school. However, there are reasons to take that risk. At CMI the students have the unique opportunity study marine life, examine a changing culture, and possibly speak to important government officials about their country's politics.
The College of the Marshall Islands has no real career center. However, many of the individuals who graduate from CMI, have great job opportunities available to them when they return from their higher education. Students have often been known to occupy important government positions upon their return. Other students run businesses and manage stores. The alumni network at CMI is a network of people who have become very important to the country of the Marshall Islands. It is easy to use this network to see what opportunities are available.
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Liberal arts is a transfer program that focuses on completing your general education before moving on to a different college. It focuses on teaching students time management and the ability to work independently. The work load is not horrible, and the teachers are very helpful. The facilities are not what they could be, and job opportunities are scarce. The curriculum does not include as many math and science courses as it should; however, the classes that are available to students are challenging and valuable.
The campus computer network is the best it can be at this current juncture. They have several computer labs that allow students access to computers, printers, and internet. Students can sign up personal devices to on-campus wireless internet easily and are encouraged to do so. The network reliability is not very good; however, the entire island has internet difficulties so it is not the fault of the school.
There are many facilities available to CMI students. However, many of them are too small small or unorganized to be of much use to most of the student body. The gym is very small and is not always open at scheduled times. The campus has no athletic centers to speak of. We have a basket ball court and a small activities field, but neither is maintained properly. The library is acceptable and there are many campus activities that are enjoyed by the entire college community.
I have had little or no experience with online courses. The only experience I have had is with online programs used to expand and assist existing courses in classes I was already participating in. Online material is often easier to access, provided one has access to good computers and internet access, but, it always helps to have the option to have a face to face conversation with a teacher to clarify any questions.
On average, the student body works very hard. They are hindered by the fact that the college is taught and graded entirely in English. For most students, English is their second language and they therefore perform at a lower level than might otherwise be expected of them. The cultural differences between Marshallese and American cultures also weigh heavily on the students creating social tensions within the school and in the family. This being said, the students seem optimistic and are very smart.
I wish the teacher were more involved with the students here, but understand it must be hard to have a personal relationship with us since the student body is so large. However, whenever I've gone to a teacher with a specific question, she's been more than happy to sit down with me. The major complaint I have about the school is the school bookstore. It to small to fit all students in. We waited for 2 to 3 days to complete all our courses text books and supplies just after the class began or I can say the school semester start.
The facilities on campus aren't bad. There's a gym and a brand-new lounge for the student to spend time while withing for the class to start. Even though it's not a campus students live on , it's definitely a comfortable campus to hang out at between classes, whether you're catching up on some reading at the library.
My school has a ride share program that is really helpful. I always ride the bus to the school campus. When other students have problem with their car they get to ride on the buses to the school. Through the program, I found a classmate to share rides with who actually lived near me.
The computer network always having problems. There's not a day that goes by where a teacher or student doesn't excuse something being turned in late because of the network. While getting a pass like that is helpful, it's also pretty frustrating, not knowing whether your work will get there on time or not.
this is the most worst standard compared to british standard. a C is surprisingly at first since it 7%0 while in british C is 50%. i wish that they lower the standard and make it more reasonable from 70% to 55% if possible. workload and curriculum are okay with me except the standard for a passing grade
I am just starting my college level and i am planning to major in Liberal Arts. to me programmes and work loads are standard to everyone unless if they decide not to work to their best
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