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Great Educational programs along with professional and warm-hearted instructors that are dedicated to teaching all students.
Casualness. location. classes size. online courses. people. faculty. tutors. class times. testing times. administration, counselors.
The ADN program is hard! You must study everyday to keep up. I enjoyed my clinical course the most! Dr. Hammer is an excellent professor and explains the material for Intro to Nursing. I wish there would have been lecture and more explanation on the material for Health Assessment and Skills.
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I liked that the credits transferred easily and tuition was low. The on-campus events were also fun and the jobs that were available were very accommodating to my schedule.
I applied for the Nursing program, and getting all the correct information was very difficult. Some of the advisors in admissions were not helpful and gave incorrect information. Once I was able to get in to the program after seeing many advisors to ensure I had everything I needed to apply, I was able to work with the actual nursing department instructors who were extremely nice and helpful in the program. It was refreshing to speak with people who seemed to genuinely care about your education.
I love com it us the best schhool. Close to home
My rating is specifically for the Nursing staff, courses offered, and class styles. As noted before, the Nursing staff members are welcoming and helpful. According to our curriculum, the courses offered are detailed oriented and organized. The class styles from what I've observed is focused not only on textbooks, but rather the clinicals and critical thinking that will prepare us for the workforce.
My rating is based on the quality of our career center/services on campus. During my admissions process, the staff and faculty were very helpful and welcoming. Any concerns, all you have to do is ask. So far, everyone I have encountered with was very positive and did not hesitate to lend a hand.
College of the Mainland seems to be a great school. I am still a senior in high school but I have had help from Kody Alred in the career center and he has helped me prepare for my freshman year of college.
I started in the summer for anatomy classes and I had an awesome teacher! Then I added a psychology class and the professor was bad
I did have some amazing professors but I also had some professors who seemed a little confused about what they were doing. I learned quickly to always keep my syllabuses and calendar in hand. Everyone was very helpful with helping me succeed, including the SRWC and also offering me a job to tutor speakers. The math lab was always there when I needed the help. I also had my Collegiate High School family who truly cared about my success. My overall experience at College of the Mainland was very good and I would recommend anyone to go there to get their basics done,
I think that all of the courses I took this semester are great. The classes are small and I really like them, I feel like I've learned allot.
I'm not really sure, it is my first semester of college. I plan on getting more involved when I transfer to a university.
I love having class only 3 days a week, it gives me time to get my homework done, and it is very effective. The only frustrating thing is that I have a 4 hour gap on monday's and I find it hard getting things to do. It's my fault because I applied so late.
Since it is community college there are allot of people who aren't sure what they want to do, and that's fine. I just feel that there is a bit of a lack of motivation.
I think the recourses that I use are great. I only use the student center and the library, but I've heard wonderful things about the gym.
My math class is about half online, and half in the classroom. I never knew that I loved math until this class.
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I'm just doing my basics right now, but I'm hoping to take two accounting classes next semester to see if its what I really want to do.
I think the academics are great. All of the teachers strongly stick to their rubric, and help with everything that I need. There is always tutoring available as well.
I've decided all my classes, professors, and times and each was available where I wanted.
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