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I liked how the staff was always ready to help you with anything you need, whether it be for finding your classes, or just a simple question with homework. My favorite part about College of the Mainland is the Reading and Writing Center (SWRC), because it helped me tremendously when I was struggling with writing my papers or having trouble studying. Every time I left the SWRC I felt confident about any paper they helped with or any test I was about to take.
I love that the professors are very caring of each student. The professors make sure you have access to what you need they try their hardest to make sure you pass and understand the material they go out of their way to help others. I don’t feel they need to change anything
my experience at College of the Mainland is amazing. I like how your professors interact with the student and make sure that you understand what the discussion is over then allow you to come in and get some extra practice outside of class. I would love to see the campus renovate some of the building because they're old school model and out of date.
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I loved going here, the college had a lot of clubs to participate in and the administrators are very helpful. Ioved the experience it's given me. The people here are so friendly.
I really enjoyed my time at College of the Mainland. The staff is amazinly helpful and I have had some of the best experiences with my professors. The class sizes are small, which makes it easier to communicate with your classmates and professor.
I studied at College of the Mainland for one semester. The Algebra teacher I had was very rude and to top it off she gave our entire class the wrong final exam.
I liked how mostly everyone wanted to be there. The professors were sweethearts and helped you with anything you needed help on. Though at times the college itself was a tad be unorganized with certain things. When I went in full time they had nowhere for us to get food aside from chick fil a and vending machines.
Thus far my time has been pleasant. Student adivsors are incredibly helpful and readily available, staff is extremely kind, quality of education for the cost is minimal. The school is currenly undergoing major renovations to both the amenities on campus as well as the visuals of the buildings, so the appearance isn't the most pleasant. There are a wide variety of programs available to continue your education or get additional certifications for minimal cost.
College of the Mainland is a great and well known community college. They have good professors who will work with you, great activities during the week during college hour, and great classes that transfer(depending on University). The staff is very friendly and very helpful. There is not one down side to College of the Mainland that I can think of. College of the Mainland has given me the opportunity to better myself as an individual and I thank them for it.
-Collegate high school student.
I am currently in the CNA program with instructor Nelson, she is a great instructor and will insure that you are prepared and ready for the State Exam. The school itself could use some improvements in the overall outlook of the Main Campus, seems very old.
The staff is so friendly. My peers are amazing as well. Nothing but great things to say about this College.
College of the Mainland is an excellent place to go to school because of its students, faculty, and administrators. The college is fairly old but is soon to undergo multi million dollar renovations. The wildlife on campus is a welcome and enjoyable amenity. The college is truly student-centered meaning that every staff or faculty member is there in order to help students succeed in their individual goals. Many of the staff and faculty go above and beyond what is required of them to assist students in whatever manner they may need. I have seen the staff laugh, cry, and get frustrated with students, however; they never give up on them.
College of the Mainland has been wonderful. I have been attending for about a year and a half and I have no complaints so far. I am doing well academically, I was recently invited to join PTK, and I recommend COM to all of my friends looking for excellent education. The extracurricular activities are so much fun and have helped me to succeed both scholarly and mentally.
College of the Mainland is located in Texas City Texas, and provides several different career pathways and stepping stones to advance to a higher level of education. Two of the major programs are the P-Tech Program and the Nursing Program.
Very diverse college. Any student can thrive here if they are willing to put in the effort. College of The Mainland has so many opportunities, this allows the student an easier college experience for two years or however long they attend here.
I'm attending college of the mainland for the LVN nursing program so far I like how they come across as caring I don't know about the other parts of the college but the nursing staff seems wonderful
I love the diversity on the campus and the friendly staff! College of the Mainland is constantly hosting fun events for students and their friends and family. There is a great amount of opportunity at this school. The only thing I believe that could use improvement is the facilities.
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This will be my first year back into school since 2010. College of the Mainland provided so much to me. It was surreal. I first thought that I wasn't going to be able to get in. The financial aide team worked with me tremendously to push my efforts to continue my education because I was a breaking point to where I wanted to give up, but they pushed me to work diligently to get what needed to get done for my financial aid. My advisors are awesome they gave me the best pep talks before the semester started despite that Hurricane Harvey hit me hard. I still managed to make it to school. They worked with me through all my hardships I encountered while in classes, with my brother dying, my grandmother dying, all the way to helping me keep my spirits up. I just want to thank College of the Mainland for making my 2017 exceptionally easy and caring.
The college of the Mainland is a excellent. College to go to I. Enjoyed my. Teacher The Staff is very helpful. They are very helpful . T he Food is delicious. You can study in the cafeteria. T he school is right by my home.
What I like about College of the Mainland is that it is very close in proximity to my home which makes the college even more comfortable to be knowing that I am not in a place to get lost. I also love the student-teacher ratio. The classes are small so your able to build a relationship.
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