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The College of the Holy Cross is great. There is such a community atmosphere on campus, and the school does a phenomenal job at offering so many activities and speakers. There is always, always something to do on campus. You will never be bored here. The academics are challenging, but they do not have to consume all of your time. There are many opportunities and activities that you can become involved with through the college.
Most students are incredibly friendly and intellectual. Professors are kind and want you to learn material that they are passionate about.
The academics at Holy across are an excellent experience and the professors are very easily accessible. Dorms are alright, they really depend on what you and your roommate(s) do with them.
My experience at Holy Cross has been incredible and insightful. Many of the courses are interesting and contribute to developing the student's opinion, perspective, and understanding of others. For a first year, it can be a struggle to adjust and take the initiative to get involved but there are many excellent resources on campus. I would love to see more events/advertisement throughout the year towards first-year students to make them feel comfortable and confident in joining clubs or volunteer opportunities.
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Excellent, open minded professors that are willing to work 1 on 1 and odd hours with all students. Very understanding in certain situations. Facilities are new and improved and the campus is beautiful. If you don't mind winter storms and stairs, the school is great. Student atmosphere is fun and the college allows lots of room for student voices.
It is a great school if you want to stay on the east coast and work or attend graduate school there. The reputation is unparalleled on the east coast. However, I moved to the west coast and the alumni network and reputation isn’t as prominent here. Just be aware.
It's a small little college campus, which offers a good sense of community. The small size also makes you feel like a person, not just a "number" as if I attended a much larger state institution. Also, the food is fantastic! I know plenty of students at other schools that can't tolerate their college dining.
I love it. Just absolutely amazing! I was given a free ride and I am extremely blessed and excited to be a Crusader!
I love everything about Holy Cross, it is an all around amazing college to attend. The academics are top notch, the sports are average but a very good addition to the college experience. The teams at Holy Cross are Division one, but are not impossible to walk on, so do not let the division one title discourage you from trying out. There are a lot of clubs on campus to participate in and so much more. It is a great school!
I would like to see more involvement of Faculty and Staff to promote a safe environment for minorities on campus.
I have really enjoyed my Holy Cross experience so far!! I have met some amazing people while getting involved with the school, and while the academics are challenging, professors are really willing to help; they want you to succeed.
Holy Cross is a great school. They attract a very specific kind of student, high achievers who want to work in business or politics later in life. The campus is beautiful and professors are very nice. They really care about their students.
Holy Cross is an incredible institution with the abilities of a large school with the accessibility and personableness of a small school.
After my first year at Holy Cross, I now call it home. This college delivers students an amazing education while also cultivating an amazing community of global citizens in the process. Its small size gives students the capacity to forge bonds and build relationships with their professors--providing them with the best educational experience possible. It is home to a community with respect at its core. Most importantly, however, Holy Cross gives its students a multitude of opportunities that not only help them grow but also deliver them the tools that lead them to a future of their choosing.
Holy Cross is very socially cliquey and culturally northeastern. Most friend groups are formed within the first few weeks of freshman year and remain the same until graduation, and many social cliques are based off of high school friend groups. It is extremely difficult to make friends after the very beginning of the school year, as a lot of people are not very willing to accept new and different types of people. Unless you're an athlete or over 21, there are very limited social options both on and off campus. Holy Cross does not take its Catholic identity seriously at all, so avoid this school at all costs if you want a meaningful Catholic education. If you're not from the New England region and are not socially outgoing, DO NOT come here. This school can be a very lonely and isolating place, and although the academics are top-notch, in the end it's truly not worth it.
This school is Catholic in name only and is run by ultra-liberal Jesuits who are mainly concerned with political correctness and the size of the school’s endowment. I had a decent time when I was there in the 1980s but was totally unprepared for the real world after graduation.
It has a wonderful selection of interesting classes, amazing professors, and a beautiful campus. I find the people here to be open and understanding as well, and I could not recommend the academics highly enough.
While I think HC has a great academic program and that I really learned a lot there, they do not prepare you for obtaining a career after graduation.
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My experience at the College of the Holy Cross was amazing. It is a small school so there is a real sense of community and family. The class sizes are small which is very beneficial to students. It is an NCAA Division 1 school so sports also have a big following for a small school.
This is the college that I will be attending in the fall of 2018. I went there for a tour and interview. I fell in love with the campus and its people, it's a truly stunning college and I am honored to be a future student here.
It's an academically challenging school and with that being said, students are able to learn a lot from their professors and their peers. On average, the class size is small and making it easier for students to interact with their classmates and professors. Although it can be a great school academically, there is not much diversity and the food is below mediocre.