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As soon as I stepped on Holy Cross's campus I knew that it was the school for me. In regards to Academics, Holy Cross's coursework is considered one of the best and most rigorous in the nation. A's are not easily given out, so you'll have to work for them...but it's so worth it. Professors are so helpful and care so much about their students. For the past couple years Holy Cross has been ranked as having the most accessible and inspiring professors. If you are looking for a top notch school with AMAZING professors and faculty, apply to Holy Cross.
Holy Cross is a great school academically, located in the improving city of Worcester. Because the student body is so small, most people are very friendly and willing hang out. Academics are definitely competitive. Don't come here expecting to pull all A's, and even then, studying still has to be a number one priority. That being said, Holy Cross embodies the phrase "Work Hard, Play Hard". From Wednesday-Saturday you can always find a bar or party to help you forget about the mountain of work.
I am a current student at Holy Cross and I genuinely love it here. No, it's not perfect, but I could not imagine a better college for me. It's not that every day is wonderful, because we all have bad days, but I have never once regretted coming here. People told me I would hate Worcester but I don't at all; Shrewsbury Street especially is great! My classes are challenging but the workload is not overwhelming. You will never meet more brilliant professors or students. People here take their work seriously, but they don't take themselves too seriously. I never feel like I'm "competing" with my classmates; it's not a cutthroat atmosphere at all.
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There are a good amount of employers reaching out to campus and trying to recruit students. There was a lot of encouragement to do years of service after school and continue education.
  • 7 months ago
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Classes were interesting and engaging. Professors were helpful if you reached out to them, which most of them encouraged for you to do. Courses were challenging and good study habits are essential to excel in them.
Campus works hard to teach about resources and safety specially for incoming first years as they get taught about possible scenarios during orientation.
Dorms were your average college type. The biggest perk is that the more seniority you have the easier it is to get the housing of your choice. For the most part the dorms are spacious and were always active with activities for the students.
As a fan supporter the athletics department provided many ways for the students to be able to participate in the athletic events. There were always opportunities were nonathletic students could participate in, such as working at the games or for the athletic offices. As for the other fans they always provided freebies and equipment for the fans to come to the games. The school spirit was always at the top.
It has a great Liberal Arts curriculum that allows you to explore all aspects of its education. You get to explore many different classes that you would have not thought of and that turn out to be awesome. As for uniqueness the school offers many retreat opportunities, it offers many ways for students to study abroad (not just an year or semester you have a month long semester option and even classes that have study tours out of the country), in addition it has amazing volunteering opportunities that allows for you to reach out to the community and help make a difference in the life of the people of Worcester.
The school does an excellent job at keeping our campus secure both on and off hours. Should something serious occur, the school also does well in informing the students and faculty of the problem and how the school intends to resolve it.
The best reason to live in dorms on campus is for the community inside them. The RAs do a great job at keeping the peace while also maintaining a friendly environment for everyone in the building.
Our players work very hard in class and on our teams. Some of our teams are not the best, but most sporting events are still a good time for students. Our current athletic facilities are average, but recent construction promises a higher quality in the future.
The sense of community that is present at this school is astounding. No matter what your religion or background, everyone on campus -- from students to faculty to resident Jesuits -- wants to help facilitate a healthy environment for learning and friendship for everyone. I have not had a single bad experience with anyone at this school.
The professors really are one of the primary reasons for continuing to love the school so much. They are extremely demanding and push you way past what you may consider your limit, but they make you realize that you truly do not have the limit you assigned yourself, and instead are capable of so much more. They are inspirational and provide you with amazing opportunities and learning information that I'm confident will help others and me in the future.
Holy Cross is known for its tight-knit alumni network. Alumni from Holy Cross are continuously seeking to help graduates.
  • 9 months ago
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The sexual assault cases I have heard of have been addressed, but it did take a while for the two friends that have been in that situation. However, the school has essentially a zero tolerance policy for such incidences, and actively seek to take care of such an issue.
I really do love the housing lay out at Holy Cross. It allows you to establish really close relationships with people that you'll see basically on a daily basis. Because there are so few students, you get to know the majority of the class and see them all the time.
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I personally am not very invested in the sports on campus. However, we are a D1 Varsity school, and there is definitely opportunity to get into the athletics.
I have absolutely loved my Holy Cross experience thus far. Financially, it is extremely difficult to stay at the school, and I'm going to be in debt for quite a while. However after having completed 2 years on the hill, I have faith that it is all truly worth it. My only other issue is that there are very few LGBTQIA+ students on campus that are confidently "out," and it saddens me to see it especially when almost every student I have met has been extremely welcoming to me and other out individuals. I'm hoping that I see more and more students feel more comfortable with themselves on campus, and more LGBTQIA+ students enrolling! If you are one of these students, definitely be aware that there may not be as many students like you and I on campus, but it is still an extremely welcoming atmosphere and I did not have any problem at all being my true self.
The alumni network is amazing, as is Career Services, which helps students find and secure internships for the fall, spring, and summer. There are always recruiters on campus, and we always get emails about networking events. I personally love the Women in Business conference each fall.
  • 10 months ago
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