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Holy Cross has been an incredible experience for me. The school does hold up to being quite rigorous academically but it is so rewarding. There are so many resources for students to succeed. Every employee is so kind and does everything they can to make sure that I have everything I need. As a first-generation student and student of color, I was a bit nervous about different challenges I might face at the college but the college has served as such a great support system. Everyone here wants you to succeed and to be happy. Very expensive sticker price but the school works very very closely with all families to meet 100% of demonstrated need and make getting a college education a reality. Highly recommend.
The College of the Holy Cross has really helped to to adjust into college life while also still being academically rigorous. The professors and everyone on campus truly help you in any way that they can to make the experience memorable and enjoyable.
It's a very friendly easy to adapt to school, you feel like you get a very personalized education but it lacks a more diverse student body not just in race but also in mindset.
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In all honesty, the College of the Holy Cross has been a fantastic place for our family. My daughters were able to get a job right after college, thanks to the great recommendations from the professors. Also, I was very satisfied with the education that the school provided.
I would describe Holy Cross as opening and welcoming. Easily the best thing about Holy Cross is it's sense of community. You'll find a true sense of belonging not in just one single club or sport, but in the community as a whole. Everybody gets along well with each other and people are always open to help. If there was anything I would change, is that the food could be better.
My experience at College of the Holy Cross has been wonderful so far. Both the school and the campus are breathtaking. The view from the “hill” never ceases to grow old even after three years. I have also loved every professor I’ve had at the college. Being in the sciences I’ve taken some difficult classes, but my professors are always there to help me with problem sets or questions I have regarding the lectures. There are definitely perks to going to a small school. I truly feel as though I am receiving an amazing education. I've grown and am learning so much from my classes it’s hard to believe that I will be a senior this year. Last semester I was fortunate enough to study abroad in Peru and it was definitely one of the most incredible opportunities Holy Cross has offered me. Overall, the education I am receiving from my school has exceeded all expectations both academically and spiritually.
The College of the Holy Cross is the perfect example of a New England liberal-arts college. The classes offered, of which there are many, are small enough to feel recognized among the masses. The professors are available to meet with and take a real interest in the students who take their classes. The best thing to say about Holy Cross is that the ability to form longstanding relationships with professors is easy and recommended. With them on your side, it becomes so much easier to succeed in life; they are more than willing to write recommendations.
Everyone is very kind and willing to help others. Holy Cross became my home away from home. I have met some fantastic people with diverse backgrounds, and I was able to try different things that I never experienced before.
I loved attending Holy Cross, but the professors demand heavy workloads. However, Holy Cross is a place where supports you to discover your true passion, and the professors do an excellent job guiding.
Admissions do a great job selecting a group of young students with a unique and intelligent feature every year. When I was a student, my professors were dedicated to their students, and they did a great job guiding their students to thrive in their major.
Social scene only includes drinking. Nothing to do here. Freshmen and sophomores aren't allowed to have cars so you feel super trapped on campus. My mental health has never been worse than it is here because I feel like I can't breathe or have fun due to schoolwork. On top of all of this, it's extremely expensive.
You have to work very very hard here. The workload is exceptionally heavy. The social life at HC is not great. The community can be very down in the winter. Worcester is not very exciting either. The teachers at HC do care very much about your effort and want to help.
Despite the fact that the College of the Holy Cross requires a heavy workload inside and outside of the classroom, I really enjoyed my time at Holy Cross because I was able to build a special relationship with my professors and fellow classmates. The best thing about Holy Cross is that the professors are passionate about sharing knowledge as they encourage students to further expand their knowledge by providing numerous research opportunities.
The College of the Holy Cross is great. There is such a community atmosphere on campus, and the school does a phenomenal job at offering so many activities and speakers. There is always, always something to do on campus. You will never be bored here. The academics are challenging, but they do not have to consume all of your time. There are many opportunities and activities that you can become involved with through the college.
Most students are incredibly friendly and intellectual. Professors are kind and want you to learn material that they are passionate about.
The academics at Holy across are an excellent experience and the professors are very easily accessible. Dorms are alright, they really depend on what you and your roommate(s) do with them.
My experience at Holy Cross has been incredible and insightful. Many of the courses are interesting and contribute to developing the student's opinion, perspective, and understanding of others. For a first year, it can be a struggle to adjust and take the initiative to get involved but there are many excellent resources on campus. I would love to see more events/advertisement throughout the year towards first-year students to make them feel comfortable and confident in joining clubs or volunteer opportunities.
Excellent, open minded professors that are willing to work 1 on 1 and odd hours with all students. Very understanding in certain situations. Facilities are new and improved and the campus is beautiful. If you don't mind winter storms and stairs, the school is great. Student atmosphere is fun and the college allows lots of room for student voices.
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It is a great school if you want to stay on the east coast and work or attend graduate school there. The reputation is unparalleled on the east coast. However, I moved to the west coast and the alumni network and reputation isn’t as prominent here. Just be aware.
It's a small little college campus, which offers a good sense of community. The small size also makes you feel like a person, not just a "number" as if I attended a much larger state institution. Also, the food is fantastic! I know plenty of students at other schools that can't tolerate their college dining.
I love it. Just absolutely amazing! I was given a free ride and I am extremely blessed and excited to be a Crusader!