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I like that there is so many courses available- both on campus and online. It really has been easy for me to study here.
The financial aid office is not very helpful and it took a long while to get my information properly entered by the staff. Other than that, so far the professors there have been great.
Great community college in the desert, wide offering of areas of study and many transfer opportunities to take advantage of.
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Good experience. Classes are good. So far profressors are good as well. However, the councilling sucks. They don’t help you whatsoever. I recommend if you plan to transfer to contact the universities you are trying to transfer too
I went to College of the Desert for 3 years and had a positive experience. I played on the girls basketball team which helped me achieve a scholarship to a play basketball at a 4 year University. The college is centrally located for easy access.
Professors are awsome! Very helpful people. I spended two years there and never had a problem looking for help. You will always have alot of support with counselors and proffesors. The mist I liked from college of the Desert is how close to my home it is and the small campuses they offer for urban students like me!. I would return and recomend this college for all their support they once gave me.
What I like about College of the Desert are their incredible resources they offer to help students succeed. They have students and staff nearly always available at any hour and have hundreds of books and laptops to have access to the tools we need in order to be great students.
Great community college to attend to. Stay on top of your courses and you can get your pre reqs done fast. Overall great professors.
I am a sophomore attending College of the Desert. The college is located in a great location. It is next to a mall, various restaurants and shops. The professors I have taken so far strive to make sure that every student understands what they are being taught. I am proud to be attending this college.
Application is easy and the staff is helpful and friendly. And they always answer their phones. Any questions or confusion we're handled with the utter most care and respect. It took me less than 20 minutes to see a counselor and pick my course selection and yes that does include the wait time. I was a walk in to boot. That kind of stuff makes everything else seems more than possible. The website is also easy to manage. I do a lot of my home work through webadviser on the go. It's refreshing that I have yet to feel hurried or scared or overwhelmed like I have at other colleges.
I like College of the Desert, because you get to get involve in everything around the campus and experience in the classroom and in clubs. Well my experience, it’s markable to the students.
The classes are good sizes, the campus is diverse and there are great clubs for every student. It’s easy to get classes and they have many recourses
College of the desert is a very affordable community college with good academics. There are some really great and inspirational teachers but there are also some really bad teachers who are hard to understand and do not offer any help or sense of compassion towards students. I would suggest checking rate my professor when choosing teachers in order to get the best experience at College of the Desert. The cafeteria is really terrible. There are too many students therefore very hard to get into the classes you want unless you join a club like MESA which grants you priority registration.
My experience has been great at College of the Desert. There's a lot great services and opportunities provided, the student life is noticeable around campus a lot of clubs are available for student, as well as tutoring resources that what I like best about the campus. Everything is mostly readily accessible in terms of help. For college of the desert opportunity to grow is important and they have shown that throughout campus and student life, a definite way to improve would be creating more clubs of even more different activities for more campus growth and student life to increase campus productivity.
College of the Desert not only provides a safe learning environment for students of wide diversity, but also understands that many students do deserve an education and a chance to succeed in life. I've been honored to received financial aid from College of the Desert's excellent financial aid offices and take the classes I needed to jump start my music career as a music career. The amount of consideration COD puts into their students reflects just how respected and underrated this campus really is.
College of the Desert is a great community college. It has a great view and areas for students to take a break and hang out before or after classes. College of the Desert offers many program that offer great opportunities for students. The professors I've had love to teach and are willing to help students advance however there are some that I can't say the same. College of the Desert has a open and welcoming community.
My overall experience is great love how there's different off campus locations. Finding a parking space sucks but overall I'm having a great experience.
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For a community college, College of the Desert was surprisingly fun and the administration really supports all students in helping them plan for their career. They really promote getting help with studies and talking to your counselor when you need advice. Overall, COD is a good school and is slowly becoming better with each passing moment.
This school is doing the best it can, and making improvements to make the campus more convenient. It’s in a nice part of town, near the mall. They have amazing learning resources as well as job opportunities. There is some discrepancy in the administration, I would like to see some of those problems fixed. It’s also not very big in school spirit. They also are working on hiring better faculty, and they need to hire MORE TRANSFER COUNSELORS.
Great professors but prerequisite nursing classes are hard to get into. Especially science classes; this includes anatomy and physiology classes part one and two, any chemistry classes, and microbiology classes. It took me about three years to complete them.
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