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My experience has been a most excellent one I'm thinking of transferring after I graduate every thing has been good for me I just hope my next experience is as good as this one
The professors and counselors at COD are fantastic! They all genuinely care about the students and their success. There are so many opportunities for tutoring and additional studying for those of us who need a little more explanation than what we can get out of an hour lecture. Most of the professors also have office hours with an open door policy to answer any questions or customize a study plan for students to be successful. I highly recommend this college to anyone going back to school after taking a few years off to do "life".
Overall Great School!! The staff is so nice!! This was my first year of college and everyone was so helpful.
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To bring up immediate point in contrary--one could stand to invest more time outside of the classroom on the material learned. I've found instructors lacking in student interaction, so the attendants to the course must take initiative and drive forth with calls to concern. In saying that, however, there is little time for questions in class so one need take advantage of peer connections and all other resources (such as the Tutoring Center), lest one struggle more than one should. Some courses are fast-paced, others slow or ill-taught, but one can achieve success with a modicum of imbued effort.

In addition, certain necessary classes in general education may be difficult to attain in schedule until one has has sufficient credits achieved, and thus priority level established higher.

The campus is small, and offers a lesser amount classes for the number of intended students, so they fill up quickly.

Aside from the listed, I've been met with a satisfactory experience in my time there.
I like the campus and the people were very respectful, I felt really welcomed just by their parents to be the same as a result from a distance between the government has to do with it that way you I for
I really love how COD is very diverse. I could practically learn cultures from around the world just by sitting in an ordinary class. Surprisingly the campus is quite big and an average class size is between 20-40 students. A lot less than an average high school class, which would be +40. What sort of bummed me out is that sports aren't as big as I would expect it. The plus on the campus would be the different kinds of majors that could be selected which the majority could end up having work study or internships. Even though the sad nickname for COD is "College of the Desperate", it will help graduates transfer out to top universities, start a job right away, and be a cheap solution for the local and non local students.
Great college always caring for the students and ensuring that they get their majors completed or if the student wants to transfer always complying with what the student wants to do to better themselves. The instructors are great and so are the counselors.
Great school to get your two years done with and move on. professors are great, athletics are great as well. I play baseball there and it's a good program if you want to better yourself come. Dorms are great, I personally life at home because I am only 18 and had no choice to go to that school but it's a good stater school if you want to transfer somewhere better. Food is alright never had it because there are other and better places around the school but try it if you'd like. That's about it the school is good and clean environment.
Experience at College of the Desert varies depending upon your major and what professors you get. There are many professors that actually care about you personally, however, you need to search them out. It is definitely a lot cheaper to attend College of the Desert as opposed to a four-year. In a nutshell, you get out what you put in.
it was a good class, but it's a struggle when you start college. ir the first time. it was really hard to get in, due to the financial aid. I use Dream act instead of fafsa. the classes are expensive and I have to take one star because of it and it gives you 3 days to pay, and they should make the payment due at the end of semester.
College of the Desert is not as bad as hallow many people make it seem. The main problem is the lack of classes offered and also the amount of professors.
Many of my professors are very reliable, friendly, and amazing. I do not regret going to college after high school it was one of the best discussions I made. It's honestly not as bad as people say it is. There are good professors, a lot of academic programs. The main campus is in Palm Desert , so it's close to the mall, the library pretty good location to me and it also has other campuses in Indio, Mecca etc. COD has clubs, student government. It's cheap and offers financial aid! Overall I made a good choice.
Wonderful Campus, and great staff! College of the Desert works with their students, and helps support them any way possible.
The school has a great amount of programs for studio arts major. The workload isn't overbearing and easily to keep track of. However, the professors I've had are not very creative, sometimes unorganized, and difficult to understand.
The professors are really passionate about what they teach and care about their students. The college is also small which helps students get to class very easily.
I have taken various online courses. It is great because it gives more time.
The flexibility of classes is great. They offer night classes.
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They work experience classes. The career center really helps
Most of the teachers are great. I have had some teachers that I don't understand though.
I have taken the same professor for my two online courses and the workload provided for these classes have been acceptable. Online class at College of the Desert make it possible for students to earn units and there degree from home and from work. They are very helpful and there is always assistance.
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