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I like College of The Desert. The environment is nice. The staff is nice as well. I do wish the financial aid office was open for longer hours though. Other than that it is great!
The experience in this college for me being great and wonderful because i have a great Professor and friends at school.
As I started my first year as a freshmen in College of the Desert I was a little worried and nervous but that all changed. The professors and counselors are very supportive towards the students. They provide information so that you are well aware what’s going on. Sports wise, College of the Desert has a variety of sports people can choose from. If students do Edge/Pledge programs you get 2 years of free college which is awesome. You can also get free transportation with your local buses if you use your student ID card from the school. Overall, College of the Desert has a variety of Majors you can choose.
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Coming from a different college, I was so impressed with COD. They have so many great classes, electives and activities. All their teachers are so great and personable. Their staff is easy to get a hold of and everyone is really helpful. Also, the campus is beautiful!
As a fourth year student at College of the desert, I can confidently say that my experience has been great. Campus life is very relaxed and there is always interesting clubs and activities that go on. There are many different programs and help centers afforded to students that make complicated college tasks much easier to accomplish. For an affordable yet effective choice of education, College of the Desert is the way to go!
College of the desert has programs to help students with whatever they need. College of the desert is safe and professors do care. It has been an amazing experience so far. I dont think I want to leave
For a community college, College of the Desert was a pretty decent campus and served a big diverse group of students. Although the campus offered many courses there was a little difficulty in getting classes you needed as many other students would try and get the same classes. As your priority moved up classes became much easier to get.
College of the Desert is a really great school. They offer a lot of general courses needed in order to transfer.
I enjoy my time here at college of the Desert, but it is a prolonged time to graduate due to such a high enrollment rate, and not enough classes per student demand.
Ive yet to join in myself but based on the information Ive recieved from others its a top notch school for those considering it. If youre looking for a good platform from which to transfer to a big college its perfect for you.
I enjoy college of the desert and how interactive the school tried to be with it’s students. There are constant events and items for students to do or join in on campus.
My experience at college of the desert is amazing the professors are really nice and they make sure to always make sure you do great
Counselors are very very helpful! Staff is excellent and campus is beautiful. I have yet to officially start my time at COD, as the term starts in a few weeks, but from what I have heard from peers is that most of the teachers are very helpful and don't want to see any student fail a class
I currently am enrolled and have recently did 2 classes this summer. I had two great teachers with no bad experiences so far. The teachers I have were very proffessional and cared for me in a polite manner when I needed help. The school is very clean, it looks professional and it offers many oppurtunites for the students. It is a great college and it is in a great location. The faculty and staff that I have dealt with are very proffessional and polite. The atmosphere is really great, the book store is excellent. Overall, I'm very happy to be a part of this college and continue my studies here.
Coming back to school nine years after graduating was an anxiety attack waiting to happen, but every department was helpful and easy to talk to. They took their time, answered every question, and helped me out through every process. In classes I have had the pleasure of meeting all sorts of people from places I have never even heard of before. I have had professors that have made me cry (in a good way) and inspired me to keep going no matter my goal or age. I have taken night classes that have ended at 10 p.m. & the campus securities really care about student safety. The school offers meal plans that I have taken advantage of & every meal has been delicious, the cooks are even down to make you a special treat. College of the desert has a couple of campuses scattered around the Coachella valley, making it easier & accessible to every student, even offering free bus passes all year around. College of the Desert really has been an amazing experience for returning & first time students.
The college of the Desert a 2 year community college that is very beneficial to the locals that get their lives started into the adult hood or the next chapter into their lives.This college is amazing considering the amount of people that go and refuse to leave the valley.It is also a good way to start the introduction of the 4 year university.
This is my first year here. coming here everyday its great nice teachers nice students really good overrall coming to cod.
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The college of the desert is great and nice way to bring ones self into the work force with a wide variety of degrees and certification programs offered.
College of the Desert has been great. The only negative is that classes do fill up quickly, so if you don't have priority registration it can be tough getting into a class that you need.
Very friendly campus, lots of courses available. Security patrolling around campus day and night. Daily parking passes are only $1, where as other schools are $7-$10.
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