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This is my first year in college of the Desert, it is not as overwhelming as I thought it would be. The campus is lovely, I am delighted to attend this college. The students are very friendly making it easy to make friends and study buddies. The food is not that great but there is a mall close where you can go eat at and other restaurants and fast food restaurants. The only problems I have is that have to drive 40 minutes everyday I come to school and enrolling classes because the get full really fast.
College of the Desert has many programs to offer. They have many transferable degrees in my case I am on the process of finishing up a Business Administration Associates Degree (transfer), which will help me transfer out to a Cal State . College of the Desert also has great counselors who are always willing to help students out with either university applications or student planning to achieve the degree or certificate they wish to have. One unique trait about this college is the great professors we have at the campus.All of the professors for the business class have a great amount of knowledge and experience. College of the Desert also has many outside opportunities for community service hours or internships. In addition this campus has many programs you can going for financial help if you need it. This school really cares about their students and want them to succeed.
My experience at College of the Desert has been great overall. It is a pretty simple campus to get through and professors are great. Like any other school, you will find some professors that are not your favorite but that is only normal. If I could add anything in the school it would be more study and printing areas.
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Great school looking for a transfer route. Will prepare you to get into any university mostly into cal states or UCs. Great professors and great learning environment.
The teachers are really well and their diversity is comfortable and you’re able to be yourself. I feel safe around the campus and its really nice too. They offer really good majors and there academic is really high.
What i like about college of the desert is that its small and there are many campuses near me. The diversity of the school is very well and it easy to get along with many people.
I am taking American Sign Language at COD during my junior year, i find it is a very welcoming environment.
What I liked about College of the Desert is the fact that it has four locations that hold its classes.
The guidance counselors all push you in different directions. There needs to be more communication between the counselors. I have been misled a couple of times into taking classes which did not help me to meet my goals. whether or not you get good guidance is 50/50.
As a veteran, the veteran resource center has aided me tremendously in my transition into college. A wide array of classes is helpful, but I've had some really bad experiences with teachers who seem to never be reviewed. For example, an English composition that seems to revolve around Madonna music videos for some reason.
What I like is that they offer online classes which saves time and money. Also, there are 3 off campus locations which are closer to my house and that saves me time and money as well.
College of the desert was the gate way to success for me, it has helpful staff and tutoring labs that make it easier for the low income college students who attend. This college makes it affordable for almost all income based people, which makes it great. I love the diversity in race and age in students that attend this school. It has a couple of down falls but they are being worked on, which I think is great.
95% of my instructors were spot on and very helpful. There are a few bad apples in there, but that's how life is sometimes. Most of the instructors pushed me to be better than I thought I was, and for that I am grateful.
For the most part, everyone on campus is really friendly. I would love if there was more student involvement at College of the Desert, seems like vast majority of students show up for class and leave when class is over unless there's a break between their classes. I've had such a great experience with staff, especially with the DSPS staff. They are all extremely helpful! However, at College of the Desert it is hard to enroll in classes, hopefully the school hires more professors to help new coming students enroll in the classes they need.
Overall, /college of the Desert is a good place to go if you just want to get your education out of the way. Classes are relatively easy to get into but good counselors are far and few.
Don't judge a book by its cover, I had my doubts but COD has grown on me. I like it, I like being a student here. The school has really grown and the student body is so diverse. Their's not a day that goes by where I hear a different language or people talking in sign language. I like the campus, but its a little difficult to get into core classes such as math and science classes. I wish they had more professors in those fields. That way I don't have to wait a semester to take 1 math class.
My experience has been a most excellent one I'm thinking of transferring after I graduate every thing has been good for me I just hope my next experience is as good as this one
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The professors and counselors at COD are fantastic! They all genuinely care about the students and their success. There are so many opportunities for tutoring and additional studying for those of us who need a little more explanation than what we can get out of an hour lecture. Most of the professors also have office hours with an open door policy to answer any questions or customize a study plan for students to be successful. I highly recommend this college to anyone going back to school after taking a few years off to do "life".
Overall Great School!! The staff is so nice!! This was my first year of college and everyone was so helpful.
To bring up immediate point in contrary--one could stand to invest more time outside of the classroom on the material learned. I've found instructors lacking in student interaction, so the attendants to the course must take initiative and drive forth with calls to concern. In saying that, however, there is little time for questions in class so one need take advantage of peer connections and all other resources (such as the Tutoring Center), lest one struggle more than one should. Some courses are fast-paced, others slow or ill-taught, but one can achieve success with a modicum of imbued effort.

In addition, certain necessary classes in general education may be difficult to attain in schedule until one has has sufficient credits achieved, and thus priority level established higher.

The campus is small, and offers a lesser amount classes for the number of intended students, so they fill up quickly.

Aside from the listed, I've been met with a satisfactory experience in my time there.
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