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The campus is nice and calm however, some teachers don't put so much effort when it comes to teaching.
College of the Desert has been a great experience. I have meet many great students and instructors. I have learn so many things that Im very glad Im attending and choosing the right pathway for a great beginning. At the beginning I was a bit nervous because I didn't know what it was to go to college. Sometimes I thought of, is it worth going ? Is sure is. Even thought some don't finish at least you get to learn many thing in the classrooms.
I have been in college of the desert for almost 3 years. What I do not like is the you need to build priority in order to register for classes. There is a lot of student and not enough professors.
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I am international student, I like my college. I get very good experience there. We have very nice lecturers , they try to give us all themself experience and knowledge. It is easy to be at lectur and study. I would like to be professional technician.
It is a great school for a transfer degree. Especially if you cannot afford to go to a 4 year university right away. Great for locals and the professors are good as well. Overall, I would recommend to any local for a good affordable school while handling other things, like working or family needs.
I like my college because every professor so far has been Amazing and kind. They really love their jobs which in turn makes me more enthusiastic about school.
College of the desert is a 2year junior college in the beautiful Coachella Valley Ca. The College campus is very nice and the professors are excellent. The academic support is very usefull and alway there to help ensure graduation no mater what .
College of the Desert has a lot of smart professors, great staffs, and facilities. They also have clean surroundings, especially on the restrooms and the whole campus. Overall, I can say that COD is one of my keys to success.
College of the Desert is great for those who currently can't afford to go to a 4-year. The councilors offer you the opportunity to earn your Associates and take classes that correspond with Cal State and UC programs. You can earn your Associates to start working or transfer and get your Bachelours Degree.
College of the desert opened many doors for me after graduation. However, the first week of college was over welming because the chnage was so different. In addition, Many high school graduates were getting use to the change from high school to a whole new different school life. In my opinion I feel like college of the desert should provides more tutors.
I like that there is so many courses available- both on campus and online. It really has been easy for me to study here.
The financial aid office is not very helpful and it took a long while to get my information properly entered by the staff. Other than that, so far the professors there have been great.
Great community college in the desert, wide offering of areas of study and many transfer opportunities to take advantage of.
Good experience. Classes are good. So far profressors are good as well. However, the councilling sucks. They don’t help you whatsoever. I recommend if you plan to transfer to contact the universities you are trying to transfer too
I went to College of the Desert for 3 years and had a positive experience. I played on the girls basketball team which helped me achieve a scholarship to a play basketball at a 4 year University. The college is centrally located for easy access.
Professors are awsome! Very helpful people. I spended two years there and never had a problem looking for help. You will always have alot of support with counselors and proffesors. The mist I liked from college of the Desert is how close to my home it is and the small campuses they offer for urban students like me!. I would return and recomend this college for all their support they once gave me.
What I like about College of the Desert are their incredible resources they offer to help students succeed. They have students and staff nearly always available at any hour and have hundreds of books and laptops to have access to the tools we need in order to be great students.
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Great community college to attend to. Stay on top of your courses and you can get your pre reqs done fast. Overall great professors.
I am a sophomore attending College of the Desert. The college is located in a great location. It is next to a mall, various restaurants and shops. The professors I have taken so far strive to make sure that every student understands what they are being taught. I am proud to be attending this college.
Application is easy and the staff is helpful and friendly. And they always answer their phones. Any questions or confusion we're handled with the utter most care and respect. It took me less than 20 minutes to see a counselor and pick my course selection and yes that does include the wait time. I was a walk in to boot. That kind of stuff makes everything else seems more than possible. The website is also easy to manage. I do a lot of my home work through webadviser on the go. It's refreshing that I have yet to feel hurried or scared or overwhelmed like I have at other colleges.
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