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To start It’s a great opportunity to enroll to a community college with the same standards that the university provides.
It’s much easier don’t have to go back to campus every time that I have class. I get to do better thing than before and I learn way better than having lecture in class.
The school is very helpful with setting you up to graduate and transfer. Professors are nice and helpful.
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The school helps students get connected, and they are finding the best way to educate online. All counselors are helping me, and professors check emails often.
I took some classes online and it wasn't the worst but it wasn't the greatest. Some teachers used zoom or would just post announcements. I had to take research methods online due to the circumstances and this class I didn't want to take online because it wasn't the easiest class and I learn better hands on. The professor didn't help either and it has all been very confusing. Another class I had to take online and it was biology which is a hard class so I was nervous. However, the professor made it an easy learning experience and was very understanding. Overall, the online learning is a give or take and I feel it ultimately depends on the professor.
College of the desert was an easy experience. I didn't have any trouble with getting the classes I needed and there weren't any difficulties throughout the whole process. I will say that they could have had better resources for students and some teachers weren't the greatest. Overall, I had an experience I won't ever forget.
College of the Desert is an amazing community college, with outstanding academics, awesome student life, great athletics, and wonderful resources. COD has so much to offer towards it's staff and students. They take great care of their athletes as well. I was apart of the COD Softball for the past two years and I had the best experience playing college softball. Our traveling, food, and equipment was paid for and maintained properly. As an athlete I was fortunate enough to receive priority registration and first pick with resources. When COVID hit I was deemed as a homeless student and I must say College of the Desert has helped me so much and has provided necessary assistance. I have received emergency funding, assistance with financial aid, and financial support when it comes to books and supplies. Overall College of the Desert is much more than a beautiful campus located in sunny Palm Desert. It is a safe learning environment with amazing resources.
While attending College of the Desert I mostly took classes on campus. However when COVID hit and school campuses shut down, my classes were switched to online. It was a very difficult transition since I am not the most tech savvy individual, but my professors provided a lot of assistance, resources, and patience. Without those three items I would have struggled much more than I did. They made the transition to online much easier and stress free. Now that I have the hang of things, I absolutely love online learnings since I choose my schedule and when I want to set time aside to focus on my school work.
It has been very good overall and all the professors are very good at listening. They do very well in teaching and take their in teaching us until we understand the subject.
All my classes are online. The have been great and I have been taking my time in getting to know my teachers. They are very helpful.
I am currently enrolled in 12 credits and everything is going great. I have straight A's right now and I feel like I am going to keep them at A's the whole semester.
Although this year we had to start school through distanced learning, I am still have such a great time at this college. The professors are great and I have learned so much since I started my first year this summer.
Due to this pandemic , online classes seemed a little nerve-wrecking since I was not used to them. College of the desert offered a wide variety of services and helpful resources which eased the situation. I ended up loving online courses!
College of the Desert is was a great experience. After graduating from high school I had no idea what I wanted to do and everything seemed to complicated. Deciding to attend college of the Desert was one of the best decisions I made, the financial aid department, and counselors as well as the professors were always dedicated to help me strive and do my best, they were always there to help me and answer any questions! Some of my fav professors ever are , Rebecca Hertsgard & Alan Hurt. Now, I am transferring to a university , a ready to become a cayote at CSUSB , but I'll always be a roadrunner at heart.
The best thing about College of the Desert is the fact that there is a pretty good amount of diversity, ranging from age, ethnicity, and religion. There are a lot of people with different experiences that enhances learning and education. Another thing I love about College of the Desert is that they provide as much resources as possibles for their students. However, the amount of time it takes to get a reply from the department of resources is exhausting and would like to see a change in that.
On my first semester all my classes were online due to the Corona Virus pandemic, however in my experience I say the professors handled online learning pretty well. The only classes that had trouble were those that involved hands on, such as art. Overall, we were all able to learn and communicate with one another through zoom meetings, and email the professor for further questions.
The professors and staff at COD really want students to succeed. They are easily available to meet in person, by phone, or online. There is always someone to help you. Most of the students are happy attending the college and many get accepted into the UC system after graduating or transferring. COD prepares students well for success at a four year university. Even after a student became homeless, COD made sure to somehow support the student so he could transfer to an university. People really care at College of the Desert.
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Since online teaching is new for many professors, it has been a learning experience for them as well as for the students. Many subjects such as English have gone smoothly. Subjects in the sciences have been challenging without student labs to perform. Zoom is useful but there is no substitute for hands on learning. Everyone is trying to cope with the situation and have been understanding when encountering technical glitches. Fairness is emphasized and practiced at COD, which makes a student's life less stressful and more successful.
Overall, the community college is good. Like any other school there are always a few bad professors, but I a have to admit research your professors and you could come across some really awesome, and caring professors who will help guide you throughout your college experience. There are a good amount of certificate opportunities you can add to your resume meanwhile you earn your AA degree.
The professors really do try their best to accommodate everyone's learning needs. As long as you do your part and ask for help when you need it, you're in good hands.
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