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I love the fact that it's close by my home and not far away. I wish it could change the online web page to be more update and manageable
I attended College of the Desert for two years and finished my Associate's degree. All the professors are very understanding and available to help students in their spare time. The professors I had taken classes with were all professional and were well informed about their area of focus. People usually look down on community colleges but I enjoyed the classes and learned a lot. The students are very kind as well, never had any trouble.
Close to home.
Local students attend here
Good to transfer also.
Your financial aid can cover to not spend a dime for the first two years.
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College of the Desert is a very affordable and safe campus. People are very progressive and LGBT friendly. It also has a great program for people with disabilities, like myself. I also like that the campus offers a wide array of tutoring in most areas, in their big skills lab, open to everyone. It also is equipped with modern technology, and easy campus to maneuver around.
I love College of The Desert. I will there was better communication with professors and and students in the science field. The College needs to open up more classes for students in the Coachella valley. So everyone can have a chance to get their classes.
What I liked about the college was the Professors there, what I didn't like was how overcrowded it was for a small community college, and thir lack of financial aid.
College of the Desert has a open and welcoming community. Never do I feel discriminated against, nor have I had a negative experience with a professor. I encourage those round me to attend this wonderful institution.
College of the Desert has excellent professors and staff. Every professor I have had has been incredibly knowledgeable about their field and genuinely want their students to learn as much as they can. College of the Desert also has great resources, such as the tutoring center, which really shows that they want students to do their best. The campus is very clean and everyone is friendly and willing to help each other.
I love the school, affordable classes with good professors to get your pre reqs done. It can be difficult to get classes sometimes which can cause you to have to stay longer than wanted. But overall 5 stars.
It's a good school for those who want to save money and transfer to a four year school. Two years are free for those who qualify! Online classes are also available and the work load isn't too overwhelming.
I'd love to see more science classes and professors who take students seriously. Many professors joke about the college itself and it's students.
This is my first year in college of the Desert, it is not as overwhelming as I thought it would be. The campus is lovely, I am delighted to attend this college. The students are very friendly making it easy to make friends and study buddies. The food is not that great but there is a mall close where you can go eat at and other restaurants and fast food restaurants. The only problems I have is that have to drive 40 minutes everyday I come to school and enrolling classes because the get full really fast.
College of the Desert has many programs to offer. They have many transferable degrees in my case I am on the process of finishing up a Business Administration Associates Degree (transfer), which will help me transfer out to a Cal State . College of the Desert also has great counselors who are always willing to help students out with either university applications or student planning to achieve the degree or certificate they wish to have. One unique trait about this college is the great professors we have at the campus.All of the professors for the business class have a great amount of knowledge and experience. College of the Desert also has many outside opportunities for community service hours or internships. In addition this campus has many programs you can going for financial help if you need it. This school really cares about their students and want them to succeed.
My experience at College of the Desert has been great overall. It is a pretty simple campus to get through and professors are great. Like any other school, you will find some professors that are not your favorite but that is only normal. If I could add anything in the school it would be more study and printing areas.
Great school looking for a transfer route. Will prepare you to get into any university mostly into cal states or UCs. Great professors and great learning environment.
The teachers are really well and their diversity is comfortable and you’re able to be yourself. I feel safe around the campus and its really nice too. They offer really good majors and there academic is really high.
What i like about college of the desert is that its small and there are many campuses near me. The diversity of the school is very well and it easy to get along with many people.
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I am taking American Sign Language at COD during my junior year, i find it is a very welcoming environment.
What I liked about College of the Desert is the fact that it has four locations that hold its classes.
The guidance counselors all push you in different directions. There needs to be more communication between the counselors. I have been misled a couple of times into taking classes which did not help me to meet my goals. whether or not you get good guidance is 50/50.
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