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I completed my associate's degree in 2 years. Most of my teachers were great and very helpful with a few exceptions. My main issue was it was hard to find parking and there are certain classes that are incredibly hard to get into.
Great campus. Teachers are really good, they teach at university level to get you ready to transfer to a 4-year university.
Everyone is doing their own thing. It’s not competitive and students are on their own path to success. The counselors are great and definitely guide you in terms of what classes you need to take if you decide to transfer to a university and etc. The food is good but can occasionally be overpriced. Tutors in the TLC and MESA Lab are always willing to help in any struggles you may have regarding your college classes. Classes are also affordable and doable. If saving money is an absolute necessity, COC will deliver!
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I think this is a pretty good community college to transfer out of. However, it is a commuter school.

There are both good and bad professors. The students are generally nice and friendly. The food is okay (overpriced and mehh-not-that-great)

There are resources out there to help students such as TLC, job hunting, career programs etc... It just requires effort out of the individual to reach out for them

Great CC for veterans. The VA office is extremely helpful.

Worse thing is that it is a bit compacted. Traffic can be rough and being low on the registration priority list can make it difficult attaining classes needed
What I enjoy most about College of the Canyons is that it provides me with countless assets to help me succeed academically. I am able to go to the TLC and work with tutors for free to answer any questions I have. as well as visit my professor's office hours when I need clarification on subject matter. Our library is updated and well stocked with up to date literature which is perfect for research reports. I only wish that the campus was a little more immersive and offered more club opportunities, but that is what is usually expected of junior college campuses anyway.
Its a school where I feel safe to attend and feel encouraged to go after my educational goals. With great professors and counselors who make me want to further my education
College of the Canyons has impacted my life in such a positive and powerful way. I have met so many great people, and I have learned that this people really care about me and want to see me succeed. There are so many on campus tools and resources, that I believe (with the exception of certain circumstances; i.e. health) it is completely up to the student if they want to be successful. They highly encourage on-campus student involvement, which has helped me stay focused, motivated, inspired, and engaged. If I could pick a con, I would like to see more adversity within the students and staff.
My favorite about College of the Canyons, are the resources they provide me and the others, which is EOPS. EOPS helps students pay for their textbooks, graduation cap and gown, gives out grants money if you fulfill their requirements, and help you create you education plan so you lose your track. Oh! Also, they work with CARE, Cal Works, and Foster Care. I absolutely love it! It is the greatest thing I ever came across to it.
I went to College of the Canyons because they allowed me to take classes during my high school years. I am a culinary arts major and the program at College of the Canyons id incredible. I received my AS in small business management at College of the Canyons as well.
College of the Canyons is a friendly campus you can ask anyone on campus a question and they are more than happy to help. I like how the curiculum is arranged for this campus you are always being challenged
I so far have enjoyed my experience. Professors are amazing, multiple majors to choose from, many resources, and I love the campus. There is a TLC in which free torturing for every subject is available to students. Counselors can put people on track for which courses to take to achieve their academic goals and the school also has scholarships specifically for their students. I feel like because it is a two year school most people are there just for their classes and aren't as involved with the school, but it is a great two year. One thing I would like to see change is the class availability or sizes, for some subjects it can be extremely difficult to get into the classes you need.
The Chemistry professors aren't that great but the Biology professors will make you want to study Bio for the rest of your life.
COC has good professors who are interested in seeing their students succeed. Good equipment and new classrooms.
Great atmosphere, strong Military veterans Resource center, beautiful newly constructed university center.
The School has a great Campus, but the counselors never really helped me out in choosing my career option also the teachers never helped or explained good so it was always hard to follow and sadly i was not the only one in the school who was having problems, if you are still undecided in what you would wanna be i recommend not attending this school it was just not helpful for me at all and i was also undecided in what i wanted to do.
The Counselors are amazing and very helpful! The campus is beautiful! In addition, the connection that you have with teachers is very close. It honestly is one of the best community colleges I have ever seen and been a part of. Overall, I love the experience I am having at College of the Canyons.
Very helpful and great School. I enjoyed all the teachers that are in it. They offer tutoring sessions and computer lab that I use basically everyday. Their food is okay and just needs to have more options, they need to lower their price and make renovations for some parts of school
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My overall experience at college of the canyons has been excellent. The professors are very professional and i've even had some who were professors at higher ranked schools like UCLA. Parking has been the only issue i've faced at college of the canyons.
Had so many amazing opportunities. Took part in many events and clubs. You do have to put yourself out there, but it's so worth it. The campus is gorgeous as well. Classes are pretty easy to get and very fun and engaging.
Since the minute I arrived at COC, everything has gone extremely smooth! I am happy with my choice in community college, where the quality of education is high.
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