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The counselors at College of the Canyons helped me make clear education plans which came in handy when I decided to change my major (several times)
College of the Canyons has a great campus and excellent resources including a library, bookstore, and a very helpful tutoring center. The staff in the Registration office and Financial Aid is helpful. I have had mostly great experiences with my professors except for one.
College of the Canyons is a great school to go to before transferring to a 4 year university. The professors love to help their students and the school provides students with all the resources they need to learn. Furthermore, the area is really safe and fast food chains are really close by.
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My experience at College of the Canyons was very positive and the people and teachers are very helpful and friendly. You can really tell everyone there is trying to help you. I also loved it because of how clean and how safe it felt on the campus to walk around.
A lot of the classes are biased and not all teachers really care, they teach but expect everyone to understand at once.
College of the Canyons was the best choice I made for myself coming out of high school. This campus has a lively culture, a variety of classes and wonderful caring professors, as well as tons of opportunities for growth and exploration through campus clubs, services, and events. I found myself, discovered my career path, and became a true cougar with the help of friends and a great support network. If you are still unsure on what you want to be, are looking to get an associates, or just do general education courses, consider COC. The staff and faculty are really invested in helping their students and have a great amount of resources available for you to use for free-Whether it be for your health, career advise, therapy, tutoring (they have a huge free tutoring center). My experience here was very positive and allowed me to learn and grow a lot. I know that whoever comes here, if they put in work, can really get a lot out of this campus.
I love the new parking structure that was opened recently. I also like the combination of old and new facilities. I wish they spent more money ensuring that parking had some shade.
I went to the Valencia campus to do my assessment and get MyCanyons set up. The staff that helped me were very kind and understanding and were able to answer every question I had. I took a little tour around the school and it is very clean and very nice. There were little area around the campus that has grass and it looked like a very peaceful and relaxing place to go to when you are getting some work done.
Despite being a community college, it still has amazing academic scores as well as many tools outside of classes to stay involved. Only problem for me personally was the inability to accommodate to my illness.
There are many extra curricular programs for students to join, regarding their major. It just takes a little bit to look for them. My experience with the faculty was positive. Most of the teachers hold office hours and are willing to help students pass their classes. The parking is difficult though. Make sure you get to campus early if you want to find a spot.
I like that the environment is great. Everyone is very helpful and overall in the classes that I was enroll were great.
College of the Canyons is a fine school to go to for a short few years. They prepare you well to transfer if you're willing to put in the work for it. There are good counselors on campus that help you out with that. Even if the school itself is average, they get you somewhere great.
College of the Canyons offers a lot of help from sports to educational programs and lots of events and even more deals. If you thought about anything else they most likely have it. The school is filled with excellent staff and everyone is open to new ideas.
It is an amazing campus with great resources and very helpful people on campus. I would say that life on and off campus is good and the counselors help with everything.
Very impacted and takes forever to get your classes. Classes are waitlisted to the max on most biology classes. Degree oriented classes are easier to get into but all GE classes and science and math classes are near impossible to get into.
I had a great experience at COC. There are a lot of passionate instructors in a multitude of subjects. But, I can't say that about all of the professors at COC. Like any school, there are good teachers and bad teachers. The student life is present but doesn't get as wild as some universities I've seen.
My experience at here at College of the Canyons, has been overall a very good experience. Almost every professor I have encounter truly cares about their students, and wants them to be successful for their next step in life, whether it be transferring, or getting an associate's degree. The campus itself is kept up very well, and is beautiful. The food is average, but that doesn't really bother me. Academics are not terribly difficult depending on what you take, but there's many resources to help you on campus if you're struggling in any course. Going the junior college route helped me save a lot of money, and picking COC was a great choice for me.
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My friends have all gone here and I am currently waiting to start my fall semester there as a freshmen. Everything about this place is very good and the two campus's are very clean and safe.
The professors are either hit and miss, you really need to check to gauge which classes you should take and with whom. When you get a really great professor, the limit for how much you can and will learn doesn't exist. The facilities are really nice and everything is well maintained, tutoring is free, and the school library has the updated booked for your classes so purchasing textbooks is unnecessary (though you should always check first before deciding not to buy the textbook). It's difficult to make friendships here though, as most people prefer to take their classes and go home, which is either a plus or a minus depending on who you are. Overall, it's a good quality school and you'll learn a lot, but you'll be a loner for the majority of the time you're there.
Great campus, love it's environment, very nice/modern infrastructure, feel very safe, and my fellow classmates have been really helpful along the way tbr

Tons of services/help for students. From Bog Waiver to Free Food Services to the easily accessible computers all around campus

Great city

Although they do have tons of services it seems to me as if they don't have enough Academic Counselors. Only once out of the 3 times I tried was I able to get an appt before the semester started

Teachers have been quite the mixed bag. I've had some great ones who are absolutely passionate about what they do/wonderful to listen to, I've had some mediocre/bad ones who you simply don't learn all that much from. I've also had a couple where it's a lot of both. One example was a professor who's lectures were very intense/informative but his random political tangents were very cringe worthy. From flat out being misinformed to even posting an article from racist Craig Shriley was shameful
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