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Very helpful and great School. I enjoyed all the teachers that are in it. They offer tutoring sessions and computer lab that I use basically everyday. Their food is okay and just needs to have more options, they need to lower their price and make renovations for some parts of school
My overall experience at college of the canyons has been excellent. The professors are very professional and i've even had some who were professors at higher ranked schools like UCLA. Parking has been the only issue i've faced at college of the canyons.
Had so many amazing opportunities. Took part in many events and clubs. You do have to put yourself out there, but it's so worth it. The campus is gorgeous as well. Classes are pretty easy to get and very fun and engaging.
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Since the minute I arrived at COC, everything has gone extremely smooth! I am happy with my choice in community college, where the quality of education is high.
For a community college, it gives you what you ask for. A lot of sub par professors, but some genuinely great ones if you look hard enough. The facilities aren't spotless, but they provide a great variety of amenities and support for your education. Both campuses are in relatively safe areas, with the Valencia location conveniently located near the hub of the town. The college does make an effort to offer the student body numerous resources and programs, but does not always do the best job at advertising these services. Overall, for a community college, it's well worth the money, but that isn't to say it doesn't have places to improve upon.
The staff and the dedication they have for students to explain what is needed for the carrer that the student is interested
It is very close to home and it is all around a very beautiful campus. The teachers will help you out if you politely ask. It is a very diverse area and it is very easy to meet and make new friends. I am not much of a party person so I couldn't tell you how i felt about the party scene but I heard that if you did really enjoy going to parties then that is the place to be.
Great community college with plenty of resources to help get you to a four year as long as you stay on track and use the resources that are readily available to students. Lots of financial aid and the campus is pretty nice.
I love the campus. I can say that almost every class I have taken here, I have enjoyed regardless of the subject but as a result of the professors and learning environment.
I personally transfered to College of the Canyons from another local community college in order to pursue a degree in Paralegal Studies. While the Paralegal Studies department was great, I found most of the other departments to be lacking. The teachers were only average or below average and the campus itself felt unsafe at night. I would only recomend this college to someone who does not know what they want to major in yet.
College of the Canyons has the best atmosphere to study and grow. They have a wide variety of classes and the teachers in this school have the best teaching methods and all are oriented towards student success.
I love how all of the employees are friendly. Whether it was a counselor or a student working at the front desk of the tutoring center. The professors, the one's i've had the pleasure of meeting with were very caring
The campus is beautiful, and tuition is cheap. Research your professor before you chose to take their class. There are some teachers who don’t take their job seriously. However many do and go above and beyond to educate their students.
Great place to get your general education done before transferring to a four year university. They have a great selection of classes, although sometimes it is hard to get upper division classes, especially for certain sciences. Besides this, the valencia campus and canyon country campus offer a good selection of food as well.
College of the Canyons is a great college for those that already have their educational path planned out. The students are nice and so are the professors. It's very easy to get into a class and the campus is beautiful itself. However, the campus needs more safety and more guards to be more specific. The college can also use some better academic advisers, who barely help you if you want to transfer and often put you down. Other than that, a great college to go to.
College of the Canyons is definitely worth attending. Every student that attends that school are people who either continue their education after a long absence from school, save money from universities by taking winter and summer courses, or aim to transfer to a university while saving money. Needless to say, everyone there has a goal. College of the Canyons has provided a bountiful amount of resources to let students succeed in their education. Their academics are excellent with intelligent professors that not only make sure their students understand the concepts, but also inspire them to become a better student and person. I look back at my wonderful memories at College of the Canyons - swaggering with pride this school has prepared me for in my future - without a single regret.
i love college of the canyons. i love playing football and hockey i wish we could have more support for school athletics.
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I believe that the campus is nice, I've taken some college classes while still enrolled in my high school. My classes have not been too difficult. I will continue going there for my associates and I recommend it to friends in need of a school to transfer from.
Good campus quality and most professors are passionate about the advancement of the students in which ever paths they have in mind.
College of the Canyons is a fantastic community college and serves as the cornerstone of higher education in the Santa Clarita Valley. As an alumnus of this college, I attribute a some of the opportunities I have had since graduation to the education provided by this great college. Part of what makes College of the Canyons so great is its accessibility to high schools students. Beginning in my junior year of high school, I took courses over the summer and during the regular semesters at the College of the Canyons. This helped boost my GPA and helped me accrue college credits which increased my seniority in terms of being able to register for classes sooner. The faculty at this college of incredible with many of the professors holding positions in nearby four-year universities. Many students here go on to transfer to universities to earn their Bachelor's. The cost of an education at College of the Canyons is very affordable and in large part enabled me to complete my education.
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