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I like how helpful the counseling office was to me. Everyone was nice and provided a sense of relief when I started college.
I love the academic environment the school provides through on campus tutoring and school events. I love the professors since they are real and genuine and want you to succeed. I also love the area in which the school is located. I love the TLC (the learning center) given it has free tutoring available for every subject. When you are a college student and need help this resource comes in very handy. I also love the architecture of the school. The scenery and build of the school is warm and welcoming. In my humble opinion the school can improve in the areas of some of the science professors. For example they can hire better chemistry and physics professors.Overall I like the school a lot and would definitely recommend this school to any student who plans on going to a community college and then transferring to a 4 year institution.
College of the Canyons is a great inexpensive community college to receive an AA or transfer onto a Calstate/UC college. This college has two campuses. The Valencia campus is very big and they recently began building a new parking garage so now they have about 1,000 new parking spaces, which is estimated to open fall of 2019. Many educators here are fairly respected and highly qualified.
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I enjoyed attending COC for the most part. There is not much socialization that goes on between the students. However, I have had some incredible professors that really care about their students' being successful.
What I liked about College of the Canyons were the professors. All of the professors I have had here are highly educated and have a strong passion for their subject. What I would change would be the security. The college does have campus security, but I still do not always feel safe. I have taken a lot of night classes here and I do not always feel secure walking to my car alone. I think it is also worth mentioning that my locker was broken into when I was in class and my money was stolen. I have yet to hear any news about any of that. Other than that, I feel that I have learned a lot from College of The Canyons and the school has prepared me for a four-year university.
I liked how the college offers a lot of financial aid and it makes it easy to work with them. I like how I was able to take classes while in high school. I would like to see better professors working at the college.
I have attended College of the Canyons for three years now and I have enjoyed it there. First off, it has a very nice campus, compared to other community colleges; there's green everywhere, which enhances the peacefulness. COC offers many classes for a variety of majors, and they have many amazing professors. COC also offers the option of taking courses online. The counselors there are also great and really try their best to help you achieve your goals. Plus there are many clubs, as well as sports, you can join on campus; and they offer free food when promoting their clubs. The mall is also right around the corner, literally walking distance;I would walk there all the time whenever I had breaks in between my classes. And it's just a 5 minute drive to the Six Flags theme park. They also film a lot of movies and shows on campus (like NCIS), so there might be a chance that you could pop up as an extra on tv. So, if you live near the Santa Clarita Valley, I would definitely recommend COC.
The school is nice and so is the campus overall. The only thing I just wish that could change is the amount of classes they offer each semester. I feel they should offer more.
College of the Canyons offers great programs, extracurriculars, and resources for students. The campus is well managed and parking is not too bad of an issue.
I like that it has a lot to offer as far as variety of classes. I also like that there are all kinds of programs to fit each student's interest. What I would like to see change is maybe open the gym to all students during a period of time to stay active and healthy without having to sign up for a class that conflicts with my schedule already.
College of the Canyons prepares you for transfer to a four-year university and help you get your AA in no time.
The campus resources are amazing and truly helpful, including the Student Health and Wellness Center, The Learning Canter (with free tutors), the Career and Counseling centers and more! The staff is all about helping you progress through your educational career. RateMyProfessor is a great, accurate sight to use for the professors. My GPA has sky rocketed due to all the help I am able to find on campus! Thanks to this college and all it's resources, I've truly fallen in love with the school experience.
College of the Canyons is a great school. I love the diversity that you see here. People are by the most part very friendly. The library is amazing! The Canyon Country Campus is also very nice and very well maintained. Overall, College of the Canyons is a great school and I have no complain so far. I am entering my fourth year and I am well aware of where everything is located in the school and where and who I need to go to when I need help. The tutors here are also very great!
I'm about to begin my second year at COC. I am finding that it can sometimes be difficult to meet people, however I was not as involved in campus activities or clubs as much as I could have been to get myself out there. I did meet some really cool people in my classes, a few of which are my good friends. I really like the smaller campus because it doesn't seem like there's as many students as there really are and yet it's not difficult to find your classroom. The facilities are older, however they get the job done for what ever you are doing!
Unfortunately, College of the canyons has a few absolutely terrible professors. On the other hand there are those who rise above the standards for teachers. Some of the professors go above and beyond to educate the students at College of the Canyons. Overall the facility is nice, but some of the staff isn't truly dedicated to education.
For a community college the teachers are great & the campus is beautiful. My only complaint is the school parking it is nearly impossible to find parking anyone before 12. Luckily they are building a new parking structure.
College of the Canyons is centered in the Santa Clarita Valley a higher income region there’s little worry about safefy concerns and the city the school resides in present plenty to do in eateries and form of entertainment. The school itself is relatively modern having been built in the late 70’s, the campus is large relative to it’s actual size and the faculty presents an overall good experience.
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Most of the teachers here really care about their students and enjoy teaching. There's a lot going on during campus hours as far as pep rallys, clubs, sports teams, ect. You can always find something to join and a way to make friends here. Its a pretty large campus, but it's beautiful. I would recommend College of the Canyons to anyone wanting to make a new start to their educational journey.
There have been a solid few professors that have made my time at COC well worth it. There have also been a few professors that have made me wonder why I stayed in their class at all. Overall, I have learned a lot from the professors I have had and have developed a deeper appreciation for a good education.
For the most part, professors are great! Most directions are clear and concise. Campus is large and fairly clean, but can get very crowded. Parking, however, is a disaster! Trying to get a day pass is very difficult -- you can't buy them online or at the school business office. Instead, you have to find meters located in lots at opposite ends of the campus. When I came to sign up, it took me an hour and a half to find a working meter and a parking space.
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