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Love the location, love the costs, love the small class sizes! The commute was very short and I saved on gas. However, all classes are on the internet. I highly recommend this college.
Of course with the rest of almost all other college students in the world, all of my classes are currently online. It took some minor adjusting. But it would be nice to actually go back on campus. I miss campus life and my fellow students/professors.
I like how when I applied this year, someone from the school called me to discuss my curriculum. The nursing department is excellent. They walked me through everything that I needed to complete to start their nursing program. Everyone there friendly and willing to help you.
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I took an online statistics course this semester. This is my first course with the college and it has been going very well. All assignments are posted in a timely manner and you are given adequate time to complete your course work. It is easy to get in contact with my instructor.
I highly appreciate all that COA has offered me. They were the exact step needed in my life to find my success and growth during a difficult time. They continue to support and encourage me as I complete a second degree.
The faculty and staff work endlessly to help you to succeed. Whenever there things that arose, that could possibly effect my academic career they would step up to work with me to find solutions that met my specific needs.
As 2020 began my daughter ended up in the hospital. Throughout January and February we continued to be in and out of the hospital for her emergency care. Her condition was severe and long hours were spent struggling to find answers and to make sure she stayed stable.
Because of this emergency situation my semester immediately was at risk. I struggled to find time to manage my own self care let alone complete the work needed to pass the semester.
Thankfully, the instructors continually worked with me on deadlines and comprehension as I worked tirelessly to maintain my responsibilities in the hospital with my daughter, at home with my two other children, at work, and in classroom.
This semester was not an easy one, but I am grateful to College of the Albemarle.
My experience at College of the Albemarle has been satisfactory so far. It is an excellent beginning school for those interested in medical sciences and job-seeking students. My teachers have been friendly and helpful and my course structure has been sufficient to learn properly but no too much that I am drowning in work! I would definitely suggest attending this college for anyone looking for good education without the expensive price tag!
Very friendly people. Classes are small, so personal attention can happen. They believe in you and want you to succeed. There is a school wide attendance policy though, so be aware of that.
COA offeres a variety of classes and the professors are wonderful. I have always felt safe and welcomed and feel like I can talk to any of the staff with any issue I have. I hope to see them offer more Psychology classes in the future. I really love the fact that they have so many campuses to choose from and online courses so you have a variety of learning options.
Going to COA is a pretty good experience. Many teachers are kind and open to changing situations happening in your life. Most teachers will go out of their way to make connections with their students and get then to become more interested in education. The one thing I would like to see changed is access to advisor communication on completing your degree.
The professors and staff are willing to help you succeed. The communication with students about dates and deadlines can be a lot better. Their information needs to update weekly.
College of the Albemarle is a wonderful school with great teachers. I have had no problems with anyone there and the classes are fun.
I enjoyed my time here. However, I found the classes too easy for college-level students. I felt like I should have been learning more.
College of the Albemarle is nothing but a good experience for students. The teachers are phenomenal and they are very knowledgeable in their subjects. The campus is very nice and the surrounding area is fun to be around.
Advisors and professors really care about you and your success! You feel like you are a part of a family!
Great staff and even the janitors are very FRIENDLY and helpful people and clean college and students are FRIENDLY as well and diverse staff and students , peaceful place to go to and great programs to choose from .
College of the Albemarle is a great school for students who are looking to get in, finish their degree and and get on with life. I found the facility to very nice and students are great. I have enjoying attending COA better then large universities.
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Considering COA is a community college most people enroll here do so solely for the academics. Which just so happens to be where they excel. I'm attending here becs]ause of their nursing program which has a 98% pass rate and excellent NCLEX pass rates.
I had a wonderful experience. All of the professors were very knowledgeable and supportive. The campus was clean and safe. The administrative staff were always very helpful.
College of the Albemarle is a great place for students to further their education after high school. The teachers are great and helpful and other students are respectful and nice.
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