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I’ve really enjoyed this college, the advisors here are very helpful and makes sure I have everything I need taken care of. I am able to get my education at home online with ease which really helps considering I work 40 hours every week. Without the financial aid office helping me figure out how to afford to go to school, I wouldn’t have been able to attend college without them.
College of the Albemarle is a typical community college with a desire to push the students to attend a four-year university. However the local area is the most boring place you will ever go, with no real form of entertainment. The college also does not have any athletics, so if you are an athlete good luck.
I have had a good experience with College of the Albemarle. I am currently a dual enrolled student with Pasquotank County High School. This means I am taking two to threes college classes at the College of the Albemarle and still am taking regular high school classes. College of the Albemarle has been nothing but nice to me.
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Going to COA was probably one of the best decisions I've ever made. When I originally enrolled I was coming from a four year university that because of untreated anxiety I didn't perform to my full potential. Even though I am still struggling with said anxiety the teachers and staff at College of the Albemarle have gone above and beyond to help me be successful. I'll never be able to fully show my appreciation for this institution.
What a like about College of the Albemarle is that they will help you in a covient matter with no problems. What I don't like is that they don't have dorms or a cafeteria.
My experience at COA was very good. It was hit and miss with some of the professors, but I got by. The staff at this school are the most lovely and helpful people in the entire world. They understand how hard it is to be enrolled in classes and also have a full life to tend to, and are there for support 24/7. The Drama department is the best community college drama department in the state.
A small town community college . all ages , wonderful adult learning facility. they have free tutoring for anyone who wants to take part in it. employees and professors know their students by name. small classes and one on one with the teacher. a lot of them give you their personal cell phone numbers and are available when you need to speak with them. they have three different campuses available to the student body. You have the ability to take on line classes if you aren't able to make it to campus. or the choice of a hybrid class that is class room and online work.
I truly enjoy the atmosphere the school has to offer, going in I was quite nervous because of the new environment but there really isn't any reason to be. The classes are relaxed (not too relaxed to where you can get away without doing work) and other students are really helpful with showing you around or giving you some insight about the class you're taking. Paying for classes can be a struggle but really that's with any college. The financial aid office workers are extremely kind and understand how difficult paying for college can be. They really will try to work with you so you can pay for your classes in a timely matter.
I am an early college student so my experience with the college is very interesting. I started attending here as a duel-enrolled student at the beginning of my junior year of high school. The school does very well with working with and excepting duel enrolled students.
they are great, every time I have a question they make sure to answer it and help me out
I have loved my online classes because I can do it at my schedule, and the professors will return calls or emails fast
medical business administration. Great program and professors will help you
love the way the teachers go out of there way to help to try and find a job
Great teachers and very helpful staff, makes it a joy to go to class
Great place, and great teachers! Feel safe while at school also
Have had extremely good online experience with my online classes.
I was walked through each step and was contacted multiple times!
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They have a wide variety of programs of study and WBL
I have found this school to be very easy to navigate through the enrollment process and everyone is very helpful and friendly!
It's been very good. The academic advisers work closely with the students.
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