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I am a student athlete at CSJ. If you are looking or a tiny peaceful school this might be it for you. It's cold and snowing most of the year in Vermont. As a college student, there is literally NOTHING to do in this small town. You can go bowling or the movies but that 's pretty much it. If you don't have a car you're pretty screwed because transportation here is terrible. Campus life is dull and boring. Maybe less than 10 different activities that get out on throughout the school year. The food in the cafe is repetitive and is not all you can eat. They have a basketball gym, soccer field, dance room, and a pretty old weight room. That's Csj.
This college is BROKE!! They don’t care about anything but money. Once a student is excepted and paid they try to find other things to charge them for. Administration quitting because of money. CSJ doesn’t care about your child they only care about money.
The work load is fair and is usually light, occasionally it can be overwhelming. The professors are great, they are very considerate of their students. The college should expand their arts and music department.
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Our campus definitely needs more activities to keep students busy. When there is nothing to do students are most likely to do something that ends up getting them in trouble. The library is huge, I think they need to update the books that we have. The student center is nice, I feel like we could have more in there. We do have a composting and gardening club and space on campus, which is great! It is very therapeutic.
We live in an area that is surrounded by beautiful mountains that you can go skiing or snowboarding on during the winter months. There are many local and chain restaurants in town. The transportation is pretty good too. It takes you to the different towns or around town. Most of the local residents like the college students because of the community service we do for them.
Most guys on campus are not really into the whole relationship thing. They are just looking to have sex and have a good time. It is hard to find a guy on campus that is actually into being in a relationship. I am not sure how the girls are about dating, but I am not one to just have fun like that. Most students get dressed for class, they don't typically wear sweats or pajamas to class. Every now and then students will dress down with sweats. With the technology that we have today, students are not interacting with others as much as we could be. They are texting and talking to their friends back home, instead of making friends face to face in college.
I have met a lot of people from many different places and backgrounds, they have all taught me something new. I enjoy the small size and the peacefulness of Vermont. I love the set up of the dorms, being able to live in a suite is extremely nice. Being able to get to my class in less than two minutes is really nice as well. The faculty here are really great and caring of the students.
The college advertises and emphasizes on students on getting an internship or job during your junior and senior year of college to get the experience needed for your career. The also host and inform us about career workshops for those businesses looking for new employees.
The professors and classes are great here. The class size is small. You are able to have a one on one relationship with your professors. The classes are not that difficult, the work load is fair.
Our campus security are very kind, respectful, and helpful individuals. Although, I do feel that they should be more strict and follow the hand book and rules for the students, for prevention. They need to thoroughly do their rounds and check on certain students.
We do not have any Greek life on our campus. I am not sure why we don't. Maybe because we are a small college, or because we are a Catholic College. I am unsure of the reason.
Most of my college is filled with athletes. Which is great, but they often group together and don't branch out to the other students. We have baseball, softball, men's and women's basketball, and men's soccer. If they had a women's soccer team I would definitely play. We should also have an intramural club for those students that like sports, but do not feel they are good enough to play on a team or do not want to play on a team.
There are some places for off campus housing. Some of these places can be out of your price range so you might have to go to the next town over to save on money.
There are some great local restaurants in town that I enjoy. They have some pretty good dishes. I love to support the local businesses everywhere. I just wish some of the restaurants in town would give us some type of student discount.
The staff here is very lenient with the students. They are not that strict with us. This is supposed to be a dry campus, but a good amount of students drink, mainly under aged. I do not mind that they are not as strict, but I also feel like they should be. At least the campus security should be strict.
The process for receiving financial aid went fine. There was only one issue about verifying my living situation with my guardians was a bit uncomfortable. Other than that everything went smoothly.
There are people that party every week here. I did attend a few parties the first semester, but I would not stay long. Everyone drinks and stands around. To me it's fun when you are with your friends just hanging out and having a good time. I enjoy just hanging out and bonding around a bonfire type of party.
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The food here is not the best, it could be better. Sometimes there are really good meals but most of the time it's alright. I have been sick because of the food here once. Some people can not eat the food here because they are always getting sick from it. They will reuse the food and make something different from it, but we know it was recycled. It's good that they do that to reduce how much they throw away, but you can not do that with every meal.
I love my current living situation. I live in a suite with seven other girls. The suite includes four spacious bedrooms, wi-fi, a lounge that includes a flat screen TV and a couch; and a bathroom with two showers, two sinks, and two stalls. We can also control the heat in every room, including the bathroom and lounge. It takes less than two minutes to get to our classes.
I personally am not involved in Greek life but I think they do great things by raising money for certain organizations and foundation. Although many non-Greeks do not really like the idea of Greek life they think it's stupid and not really necessary but everyone still fairly gets along with each other.
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