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Currently, I enjoy College of Southern Nevada. I am currently taking online courses and canvas is well structured, easy to navigate. Overall, the professors at CSN has been really helpful. The only weakness I have experienced is that I wish the financial aid department would be a bit more helpful and informative towards students who seek for guidance.
The College of southern Nevada is a great place to start in college. It has so many resources to help you get your degree. They push your academic limits and help you to understand everything. It is easy to talk to your counselor and they will help you get to where you need to be.
I have recently graduated with my Associates of Applied Science. I could not be happier with what I had experienced while attending this school!
Coming from a home school background made attending an accredited college a horrifying thought. However, the instructors, save a couple, were incredible and made their respective classes easy to handle a blast to attend! Starting at an Associate's level college was a very smart choice for me, and I whole-heartedly believe that everyone should take this route. Yes, you could try and rush straight to your Bachelor's; but I believe that starting smaller yields greater results in the grand scheme of things. Which is exactly what CSN gave to me!
Review College of Southern Nevada
Very positive vibes as you enter the campus. It is not as overwhelming in size as in a university, easy to remember where classes are.
my experience there was quite fun since i was in a college and ready to take the next step, there was a lot of helpful people there to help me around. the couple things i would change are signs on where to go so it would be easier and more people to help especially since it was a little crowded.
Although I've only attended College Of Southern Nevada for two semester I learned a lot about the campus and the type of professors it provides. CSN offers experienced and studied professors that are really willing to help students no matter what situation there going through. Like I said I've been at CSN for one year but I've like it a lot, I would recommend this school to my friends.
So far it has been a nice experience, some professors really try and help the student others can be a pain. They also offer a lot of resources and programs to help students in many different ways.
I love the small class sizes at college of southern nevada as well as class selection. They have three large campuses in the valley as well as smaller locations in high schools around town. My counselors have been amazing at helping me to choose my classes and develop a plan towards my program every semester. I have had fantastic, educated, fun instructors that have taught me not only the subjects, but college success in different ways. I recommend CSN to anyone because of these reasons and also it's more affordable. And with CSN, affordable doesn't mean less of an education.
Counselors and program directors will meet with you and are very helpful. Professors are good and will make sure you know the material.
CSN is a great college to start off with after high school. Its diversity is great and the staff is excellent
Friendly instructors, helpful tutors, easy admission process. for people like me vouchers are available....but most of all friendly safe environment

It is a very good place to start college at. You can get use to transitioning from high school to college easily. It is not as big as a university. It offers great experience and gives you time to attend and find yourself and the degree you really want seek.
I recently returned to college after being out for seven years and they were able to help me get the financial aid I needed as well as providing me with the classes I needed to take for my degree. The professors are willing to work with you and do a good job of communicating with the students. I would like for the college to change the food they are currently serving by offering more options.
I would like to see the people that work their look happy and be more helpful. For the people to actually care to try to connect with you.
Great school. Great Professors, who teaches with a passion, which makes learning easy and enjoyable to learn. The process is smooth and easy, all staff is there to help with anything. Great school overall, you'll enjoy the experience.
Every teenage/adult expect everything from a college. For example, having frat parties or even do pranks on teachers. Not every school is like that. Unlike some schools, they focus on getting their students to achieve their goals and dreams. They're even cautious about their students going outside of campus, which what all schools should start doing. They make sure that police are on patrol to guide, protect and secure school grounds if a lock down happens.
I have had nothing but good experiences since I have started attending CSN. The instructors are very experienced in the subject they teach, the counselor are extremely helpful in guidance and support, and it feels like an all around safe environment.
Review College of Southern Nevada
I liked how affordable the education is. I believe having the options of transferring to UNLV really, really helps! I do think since many locals want to attend this cheap offer, it gets tooo crowded, so maybe if they build a bigger campus it would seem fair.
I have had a tremendous experience at CSN. I have had classes that felt like a breeze to some that to a lot of effort. The professors are all interesting in their own right. It makes the whole atmosphere a lot less intimidating. I remember my first semester being very nerve wracking. As soon as I got into my first class I felt pretty welcomed. Either that or the others had the same feeling of dread I had. It was nice to say the least because my professors all helped me with what courses I should take. Gave out directions and overall just told me not to think too hard about it. It's just like high school except with degrees. The food is great. The various campuses have a whole lot of choices to offer. It helps with there being three campuses because Las Vegas is fairly big. There is generally a campus within your proximity. So that is another plus. I will definitely enjoy my experience there while it lasts!
There are 3 different campuses located around the valley. Each campus is very nice, class sizes are small and professors genuinely want to help their students. It is a community college which means no dorms and little to no student activities because most students are commuters, who work most of the day and take a class when they have free time outside of work and family responsibilities. The school admin seem to really want to help the students which helps make the process go smoothly.
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