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I am in the High School portion of this school, and I absolutely love this. It helps high school Juniors and Seniors prepare and start early for college. By the end of this current semester (Spring 18), I will have all but 4 of my prerequisites for my degree. I plan to stay for the next 2 years to finish my degree.
College of southern nevada is a community college, obviously theyre cheaper than University. Flexible school hours and getting a fafsa is easy.
I applied for the school and the process was super simple. The Nevada promise scholarship the school offers is also an amazing way save money.
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Great campus and the library is a great place to study and complete homework and projects that are due. The classes are cheaper than the universities. I only had online classes so far. A bunch of the people I know that go to College of Southern Nevada like the in-class classes.
Personally and discussions with others that attend UNLV, CSN goes above and beyond regarding their higher education giving you a personal experience. Their classes are no more than thirty and it is intimate where the learning experience is exceptional. In regards to the professors, they are there to TEACH and HELP those who need it. Also, most of the professors have been there ten - twenty - thirty years and are PASSIONATE about teaching. I am a veteran and been attending CSN for the last two years and guess what? You are absolutely right, it has been nothing short of AMAZING...

God Bless,

Gil Kiaha
My experience at the College of Southern Nevada has been great. I've met some wonderful professors that have really helped me and encouraged me. My only issue I've had is that some of the classes I've taken weren't as challenging as I'd hoped.
After graduation the transition from highschool to college was fairly painless. CSN was in a prime location with a variety of different majors. Overall the experience so far has been crucial in molding me into the up and coming prospect for my respective speciality that I need to be, with knowledge being overly abundant.
I have attended College of Southern Nevada for one semester so far and I can see that this school is the right match for me. They have many different majors to choose from, along with having multiple campuses to choose from. One can conveniently choose a campus close to home to attend classes. They have multiple clubs for those who like to be social, along with food options and an on campus bookstore. The professors seem to enjoy teaching here, which creates a positive environment for students.
I loved the teachers. All of my teachers wanted to see their students succeed and better themselves. I would like to see later classes.
I really like all the choices of degrees you have to chooses from. The online classes are great and most of the teachers are great, of course there are always a few that are not good, but for the most part the teachers will go out of their way to help you achieve your goals!
I like that there are multiple campuses within the city and the ease of enrolling and registering for classes.
The College of Southern Nevada has provided a great base in my college education. Here, I have only attended classes, nothing more than that such as trying their food or utilizing their housing. What I dislike is how some professors have not prepared me for greater and more difficult tasks.
What i love about csn is that although i was taking online classes i was able to benefit from the computers and other utilities available at csn campus. I encourage for other students who dont have the money to go out of state or unlv ,but might in the future. Its a great starting point if you plan on furthing your education and getting a bachelor's or associates degree. I hope this helps you find the correct college just for you.
It’s really a good school to attend The classroom day s set up nice. The people’s are helpful and students have so many options
CSN is a very nice school. Professor are very helpful and kind. Staff are very helpful and nice. I’ve learned a lot and Professors are smart and very caring to their student.
The professor's are amazing, and very helpful and I have made a lot of friends that I believe will stick around for a long time. Everyone is very welcoming and nice and funny.
The Admissions office is student ran with barely any management. The electronic login for the line queues is helpful and overall the teachers are not terrible, but once enrollment in classes begin good luck finding the classes you need to meet your schedule. It's overpopulated with students.
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Even though this school is not a university, I find that it is a really good start in preparing me for my future. It makes me a bit sad that I will not be able to continue my education here however I feel that it has still prepared me for my transfer into an accredited university in the future.
The classes were moderately challenging and the professors were all very kind (if some of them a bit sassy). I would prefer more challenging material, but I've only gotten through my first semester, so I may have an incorrect impression of the difficulty of the provided courses. This is a good college to go to if you want a (relatively) cheap, easy way to get your Associates.
I really enjoyed my experience at College of Southern Nevada. Definitely one major tip for future college students is to use the RATEMYPROFESSOR.COM to do research on your professor before you decide to choose a professor.
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