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This is where you will save money A LOT, Do at least 2 years to finish your core classes and you can head to any college you want after you finish those classes. The campus is really nice and this is where life will start for you.
College of Southern Nevada has been my school for the previous two and a half years. The overall experience was not something I expected. Unfortunately, the staff is not as helpful towards their students as I hoped during my time at this school. Minor adjustments can be made towards some of the attitude from staff towards students, however overall it was decent experience academically. The overall school itself is very clean along with the campus being very convenient with three separate locations. Every campus has been a different experience for me while enrolled in classes for the previous years. The library at the West Charleston Campus remains to be the most glorious aspect of this college itself. It has many great tools such as computers, a large amount of resourceful books, and remains open majority of the day. I appreciate this school being home and assisting me with obtaining my degree.
The professors here are very good, they care about a majority of their students. Overall, I would recommend this place to any future college student. It is a nice place to get accustomed to college academia. There is not a ton of social life however, as this is a school where a lot of kids go just to go to class and go home as soon as the day is over.
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What I like about College of Southern Nevada is that people are very welcoming. Even if it doesn't seem like it at first their clubs and student staff are very nice. Many activities occur throughout the year so that no one feels left out. The professors for the most part are very considerate, and understand most students partake in more than one course. The professors make sure you remember what they have taught you and apply it to real life. With the multiple campuses College of Southern Nevada has a person can go to either of the three and receive proper education. Most are hesitant since a lot of first generations enroll, but at graduation not one person shows any signs of regret. College of Southern Nevada is a great college for first generations and a great starter for people who intend to transfer to a university.
I have had a great experience with my teachers so far at the College of Southern Nevada. They have all been competent, willing to help, and I have had multiple teachers stress their students worth even though we go to a community college. I fell as though I am currently getting a decent education without having to spend nearly as much if I was at a university.
I enjoy CSN because of their involvement in our community and drive to get people on a path to success.
The College Of Southern Nevada is great for anyone, no matter the age. If your not comfortable with contributing a load of money to your education or not worried about going to a prestigious school then this school is right for you! I'm attending the 2018 Summer semester this year and I'm working 2 jobs, thanks to the schools flexible class option that lets you study in-person or online . If your intimidated by going to a big university I'd advise you to start here first, just because the faculty is hands on and they remember your name! Its hard to maintain a personal relationship with administrators and faculty at a major university because there are so many students , and not to mention your on your own. I personally think that every person who wants to further there education to get a better paying job, or have a career should start at a community college. CSN also offers a transfer program with all major university in the southwest region of united states which is stellar.
CSN has traditional instruction along with a wide variety of online classes. Great professors and small class sizes. Very clean campus. I have had a fairly great experience!
So far it looks like a promising shool for anyone who doesn’t know what to do yet. Also there are a variety of programs for incoming freshmen and a lot of classes to take. Plus it’s easy to transfer all of your credits.
There are access to the needed textbook in the Library. The teachers are mostly pretty good. Parking is also not that bad.
The College of Southern Nevada was my life saver. It gave me the ability to receive a high level of education for an EXTREMELY affordable price. Would never say anything bad about this school because I can't.
The College of Southern Nevada has been a wonderful experience for me and basically anyone I know. It is an affordable start on the road of higher education. Basically all my professors so far hear have been more than pleasant and wonderful educators. My only real complaint about the college is that things get a little backed up in its bureaucracy and a lot of the administrative work takes way too long to get done. Changing major, seeing a Councillor, etc. are all things that I'd classify as being way more difficult than they should have been. Overall the atmosphere of the college is upbeat and cheerful with a very friendly environment that is quite welcoming to any and all.
The College of Southern Nevada offers a decent education for a very affordable cost. I would want to see the college seek out better professors and attempt to raise the academic standards of the college.
CSN has a very nice learning environment and has very good professors. The cost per credit is also very cheap compared to UNLV. It is a good idea to earn all the credits that you can here first and then transfer to get your bachelor's degree.
I think out of all the campuses this one is by far the best. All the buildings look new and are very clean. I think I had a class in building A and it was a pretty old, run down building but now it's been renovated and looks amazing.

There's plenty of parking everywhere and equipment (chairs, computers, etc) are not run down.

The library is very accessible with late hours. There are a lot of models for all my Bio students! Anatomy was hard enough! The models helped me get through it.

Most of the main buildings have a mini cafe in it so you Can order some caffeine or snacks to munch on.

Overall great environment. I like CSN vs UNLV because of the class sizes. I am able to be heard and to be seen at CSN where as when I was at UNLV, I had a full bio class with about or over 100 students.
Overall, I've really liked the people here. I also like the classes and the professors are generally pretty chill people. Also, it's not super expensive.
It has a nice friendly feeling and the staff are nice to aid you in any way possible. I would like to see the graphic design program grow and expand to the other CSN campuses.
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Great way to obtain pre-requisites. Best part, CSN is great for people who work full-time and trying to obtain a degree. There are online, night and weekend courses. Tons of degree programs to choose from.
I have been attending the College of Southern Nevada since 2015, and as far as school goes, I love it. It is made very simple for students to get classes that work around their schedule, morning/night/online. Not only is it convenient, but it is significantly more affordable than the university; which has many of the exact same professors.
CSN is underrated, as many of the professors come from UNLV as well! You can get a highly valued education for a very affordable price.
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