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I like how mature the environment at CSN is and how helpful all the instructors and professors are when it comes to their students. It's all very responsible and disciplining when it comes to stdying and doing homework.
It's a very decent school. I am attending in order to get general education requirements and it's not as expensive as universities so it is a good opportunity.
I'm still in high school, but I have been taking online classes through CSN. I have found all of the classes very helpful, and the professors I have taken have been amazing. I have also taken some in class classes, and I have had great experiences with those. With both types of classes I have received much help and feedback when it was needed. CSN is a great and cost efficient school.
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One thing that I greatly loved about College of Southern Nevada is that they allowed me to take courses through my high school for cheaper prices. I'll already be heading into college what a gpa and an idea of what I'm in for. Not only that but it helps in speeding up my graduation from college and not having to worry about as much courses. One thing I wish that would get fixed is teachers understanding it's a college class and to not mix it with high school work.
Extremely convenient and easy to enroll Looking forward to continuing my education with CSN starting this month.
I may have only been at the college a short time so far, but it has been really nice. Starting college is terrifying, the school had simple to understand guidelines to start with and follow, which made college less terrifying. Everyone who works there is willing to help and listen to what I have to say, they are willing to take time out of their day to make sure students feel a little more comfortable.
As this is a community college, the students go there to get their work done. It is not a university so we do not need to worry about much other than the classwork that we need to get done. There are little distractions on campuses and the campuses are located all across the city which make things even easier when I am moving around from place to place.
I liked the staff who takes extra steps to insure the students success. The campus is nice, and the students even more so.
I love that the library and computer lab are always open and close pretty late too. I get too distracted at home, so I like to go to the library whenever I need to get some work done. It's quiet and makes it easy to focus without any distractions.
I planned to come to csn to take some prerequisites classes and than transfer to unlv. Once I let my counselor know this I received very little help with classes and financial aid. I have been doing my own research and on making sure Iam taking the right classes that can be transfer. Wish they would help the students a little more. But the classes are good and some of the teachers are pretty awesome.
CSN is a community college where you won't have to struggle as much as a university financially. The classes are much smaller compared to universities where the teacher is more capable of helping their students 1 on 1.
There are three main campuses, and several satellite campuses around the valley. The course offerings for both in-person and online are excellent.
This college is extremely diverse there are many student centers that are able to help you with your every need, all you need is basic knowledge and common sense to get things done the right way.
My brother went here. I went with him a few times to go to the computer lab and it was really nice. I have also gone to the library in there. It was neat and the people there were very nice. This college is affordable and the classes are good. I also have a friend who went there and graduated.
I really like how diverse the college is. It provides numerous amounts of resources. the teachers are average.
CSN is a great opportunity for people of all ages to come and get college education for a good price. There are people of many ages and ethnicities enrolled in CSN which is very exciting to see.
Great community college! Offers many classes and a large variety of AA degrees. Would recommend if you are planning to transfer to a different school.
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College of Southern Nevada was a good experience. I learned a lot and saved money going here. I recommend this school.
This school can be an incredible beginning to one's tertiary education. While understandably not as impressive as any university would be in terms of student life and experience, the College pairs very good classes with thoughtful professors and a staggeringly low cost of attendance. Open to all regardless of high school academics, CSN is a great place to get your foot into the door of college.
It's a good start for easily getting some General Ed classes done, but the quality of teaching can differ greatly depending on the teacher.
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