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1,805 reviews
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I really enjoy attending College of Southern Nevada(CSN). The college offers a variety of amazing degrees, helpful teachers, and free tutoring. I would recommend this community college to any recent high school graduate or anyone returning to school. Thanks to CSN I feel completely ready to transfer to the UNLV next semester. I can not complain about the education whatsoever but I do want to complain about the food court. I would like to see better campus food in the near future.
My experience with CSN is pretty good, I think it is a good college for people who can not afford to go to a university. I feel the teachers at CSN are very helpful and I like how classes aren't to big. I would say CSN needs to work on expanding and making more campus's in Las Vegas. It can be a struggle to get to campus considering it is located in a busy side of town and street traffic can be a nightmare. They should work on making a campus where there is not much street traffic and is near people who live in Summerlin and the North west part of Vegas. Other than the commute to school I would say CSN does a phenomenal job on making sure their students succeed in school and have the materials to do so.
What i like about College of Southern Nevada is the benefits that they provide and how much effort they put to make sure their students graduate, providing anything you need. I also love my teachers, each one of them has taught me something that i will remember.
The professor are great ! It is a small college with a diverse population. I enjoy my time there because it is motivating to see students learning in class and learning outside of class throughout the campus.
I have only recently began my second semester at CSN, and it really is an enjoyable experience so far. The professors are kind and helpful, the building layout is well planned, and the assistance provided to guide students in moving on to universities such as UNLV is very helpful.
I love that CSN has a variety of degrees for every student. You can even transfer most credits to other schools. There are also people of every age and background, making it a diverse school. I really appreciate how I can make new friends in each class I take.
I'm currently a sophomore student at CSN. This is a great school in my opinion because the tuition is reasonable, many people would be able to afford compare to other colleges or universities. The professor here are great, very friendly and always care about the students. The facilities are also nice, especially the computer lab. I go there a lot to do my research and project. Everything is really new and the staffs are very helpful too. I would recommend CSN to student who want to get educated and be smart.
I love how the campuses are very student oriented. They are easy to navigate, and the college has created an environment where students want to hang out. The culinary program is phenomenonal. All the chef instructors know the industry and care about the education they are giving.
Living in Las Vegas you always hear about the hype of our university. All that hype made me terrified to attend. College terrified me in general. But after visiting College of Southern Nevada, I was put to ease. Everything about the school is easy to figure out. I am sincerely thankful for the help to my goal.
I love the diverse age group of students at CSN and also all the various cultures expressed that you see on campus. I have had quite a few amazing professors as well. Something that is a huge struggle for me is the cost of tuition. It especially gets frustrating when the general requirements that have nothing to do with the degree must be taken and they cost quite a bit of money! It would be amazing if the general core courses that are required were offered for free and the vocational classes had to be paid for.
This is my first semester attending CSN and so far I am enjoying it. Due to the fact that it is a community college, it does not have the same ammenities that Universities offer; however, it has its own up-sides. Coming here will benefit you as you get quality education for much less.
My time at College of Southern Nevada has been great. I liked that the classes and times they offer are convenient. The professors are great. The library is very useful.
Mostly good school. Although they have a lot of resources to offer, if you don't ask the right questions, you're never offered them.
My professors were always willing to help, even if i signed up for the wrong class. They would always suggest the best class to switch into if I wasn't going to stay in their class. Administrators in the office were always quick to help, and the campus itself is always appealing.
love this school, everyone is always so helpful there has never been a time that my questions and problems haven't been answered or fixed. its always easy to get through to talk to someone on the phone. nice clean campus, they serve good food.
This college is very convenient for any local aspiring college students. There are classes offered in high schools all around Southern Nevada, making it easy for high school students to earn affordable college credit.
College of southern Nevada is a great school. It's easy to get around and people are very helpful when you need it. All the teachers that I have had the are very helpful and they care for your education. There are great food places to eat at such as Maria's taco shop. It has descent prices and they give out a good amount of food.
College of Southern Nevada is a good place to get your foot in the door for any form of opportunities. Its easy to register for the school and choose a variety of degree programs or transfer credits to University of Las Vegas, University of Nevada Reno, or Nevada State College. Financial Aid has improved within the last 4 years and their dedicated advisers will help speed along the process of obtaining financial assistance. their teaching and tutoring staff are some of the best I have worked with both as a student and an employee.
Okay classes, but some teachers are very bad and failing everyone. Dirty classrooms and dangerous stairs.
I am a freshman in college and i feel as if the teachers are very passionate about the topics that they teach. My sciology teacher tells us the best stories and how sociology ties in with those stories, and i find it bery intriguing.
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