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I love this school. Cost friendly, packed full of nice students and staff. I have never had any issues at any campus. Canvas systems are easy to use. The campuses always stay clean. I never feel unsafe attending this school
So far I have been at Csn for a year now, on my 3rd semester, and it’s great! I love the little events that are held at the court yards and how there’s so many resources available like tutoring. I’m thankful to have Csn help me continue my education!
The College of Southern Nevada is super open with helping hands as many advisers are willing to help with your academics and achievements. The college itself is always kept clean and very peaceful. Many resources are provided in the college, especially in the library, as the resources range from usable computers to diagrams/models of the human body in order to allow students to study with their classmates.
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In terms of an average college campus, this campus is pretty small so its easy to find your way around. Staff and professors seem to be nice and willing to work with you.
I will be attending this college in the Spring. However, I have already spent a lot of time at this college. The building is very nice. The staff in person are very friendly and helpful! The 3 locations are all very easy to get to depending on where you live. The only thing I would change would be the call center. I noticed every time I would call in to get information about funds or to register, I got different information every time I called in. Once I went down in person a few times I got everything straightened out. Very excited to attend here!
This is my first year attending College of Southern Nevada. I haven't had any problems getting information or help for a first time student. There are multiple campuses, which make it easy for everyone to access classes, in addition they offer a great online school! I am also very happy that College of Southern Nevada offers many classes at different locations all over the valley, making it so convenient for students! Also the class hours are amazing, and offer late classes for working students! College of Southern Nevada is an excellent college!
I have loved my time at CSN. Classes are offered at a variety of times and dates, parking is pretty good, and teachers are good for the most part.
I like that the College of Southern Nevada offers a variety majors and whatever you want to study they will have a major that fits you.
College of Southern Nevada is a great community college for locals in Las Vegas, it saved me money instead of going straight to a four-year university. It is very diverse and lots of help. I personally felt the professors at CSN were more helpful and explained better than the professors at UNLV.
The College of Southern Nevada is a great campus that offers anything that a student could want. The campus is immaculate and well maintained. The support staff and the professors are all very kind and accommodating. I have received the best education at an affordable price through this community college. I have had such a good experience at this campus. The landscaping is beautiful and all of the buildings are within walking distance of each other. The campus is extremely safe and there are security guards patrolling 24/7. I couldn’t have asked for a better college to start my further education in!
I went to the Charleston Campus and it was probably the best one out of the three in my opinion. If you're considering on furthering your education, I do highly recommend this college, especially if you plan on transferring your credits to a 4 year college.
This is a really good college. They were not my first choice, but the students and professors were nice. The food was decent and the campus is a decent size. It is a good way to save money and ease back into the school life.
It offers a high school program, which includes free 12 credits for college classes. The college professors are very approachable.
I’m in the cardiorespiratory program and it’s an excellent program. However, while taking my prerequisites for the program, the instructors were not consistent with the curriculum.
I enjoyed the campus atmosphere when I was there Fall semester of 2017. The campus was very big and I was definitely exposed to a new environment. Nothing wrong with that, though I wish it was a little easier to make acquaintances in class. The professors know their work extremely well, and for the most part, most professors are helpful and friendly.
It is easy to begin taking college courses whatever your situation may be. Call any of their helpful services and find a way to start taking classes today
College of Southern Nevada has amazing staff. They are always more than willing to help with anything a student may need. They are always more than happy to answer any questions we may have.
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When applying and starting out there was a little bit of not caring but at a time got closer things started happening really fast in all the processes and this then that. I think this is a good 2 year school to transfer from.
Attending the College of Southern Nevada was a mediocre and detached experience. There were only a handful of classes that I had taken which had great content along with great instructors. For the most part, I felt like the academics were lacking. However, a student might get lucky enough to be able to enroll in that handful of great professors. While it is easy to pick apart which buildings are old and new, the overall environment of the campus was clean and safe. The newer buildings had a more modern look, as well as more modern equipment, and the older buildings simply looked a little outdated. Besides that, the students and staff at the College of Southern Nevada were also quite diverse and accepting of all individuals.
Just starting college here! So far my experience has been amazing! I really enjoy the flexibility of everything as well. I have two kids so its nice that you can choose whether you can do online, in person, or a hybrid of both. I cant wait to start my journey so heres my five stars to this college!!!!!
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