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College of Southern Nevada is a very affordable college. They offer helpful payment plans. They are very helpful to guide you step by step for your academic journey. Any question you have they are more than happy to assist and go the extra mile to answer your questions.
The College of Southern Nevada is a very helpful school that helps students thrive. Facilities are clean and maintained. Staff is attentive and helpful. Only change I would like to see is within the Financial Aid department. They don't communicate and make applying for Financial aid very difficult.
I enjoyed that they offer flexible classes for multiple times of days of the week. Would like to see an earlier review of graduation requirements and transition planning to degree and university levels.
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I feel rather neutral and indifferent to my experience in College of Southern Nevada. Although I've only been to 2 different campus locations, not every campus had the same recreational opportunities, which I feel should change.
I only took 4 classes here, two of which were online. The online classes need to be changed. It is too hard without the interaction of a teacher. so maybe videos instead of emails.
I'm a current student in college of Southern Nevada and I'm proudly to say that everything so far is really I'm this college, the teachers are very helpful and inspiring, the campus is really clean and the food is really good.
I love college of southern Nevada. It is very economical for working college students. They professor's are knowledgeable and show care for the students.
I would say I enjoy being at College Of Southern Nevada. College Of Southern Nevada offers great academic opportunities,club and a great number s classes.
First off, CSN cares deeply for the tutoring department and does all it can for the FREE tutoring services made available daily for any enrolled student. We even have courses dedicated to preventing students from dropping their courses and wasting their money. The professors here are either amazing or terrible. Books are a scam no matter where you go. That's part of college, get used to it. Don't complain, because you signed yourself up for it, and you can quit whenever you like. This is a fairly small college servicing thousands of students from an insanely diverse and overpopulated city. Not sure why so many have Ivy League standards for a community college with standard education and curriculums.

CSN will save you money for your core courses, undoubtedly. It will also ensure that you learn something, as long as you put in the effort. Fin aid is easy to register for and obtain. Food choices are tasty but pricey. And finally, the tiny library is pretty great.
I love the evening classes and how the campus is so clear. The things I wish that could change are the parking lot with a little more space, and trying to talk to an adviser/counselor. That's are one the hardest people to get a hold of and to make an appointment with! I just wish they had a little more open time with their students at CSN.
Good college to attend to, great staff. I've learned so much in such little time being there and hope to continue my education apart of this college.
The College of Southern Nevada (CSN) is primarily a two-year college in Clark County, Nevada, with four four-year degrees in Dental Hygiene, Medical Lab Scientist, Respiratory Sciences, and Fire & Emergency Services Admin. The school is the largest public higher education institution in Nevada. It is part of the Nevada System of Higher Education.
While the College of Southern Nevada is a decent school, it lacks teachers that actually care about their students and what they take with them once the quarter is over.
In the past the staff did not seem to care about students. They seem to be getting better and I look forward to finishing at CSN.
Student life and spirit around campus along with the food is not something to look forward to. However,the campus police does make me feel more secure. Tuition is more affordable, and the variety of classes is decent. It is a very diverse student population.
When I went to the school the staff was very friendly and were very welcoming. The counselor's are really in tuned with the students lives and really likes to witness0 success in the students. Great school!
I really enjoy attending College of Southern Nevada(CSN). The college offers a variety of amazing degrees, helpful teachers, and free tutoring. I would recommend this community college to any recent high school graduate or anyone returning to school. Thanks to CSN I feel completely ready to transfer to the UNLV next semester. I can not complain about the education whatsoever but I do want to complain about the food court. I would like to see better campus food in the near future.
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My experience with CSN is pretty good, I think it is a good college for people who can not afford to go to a university. I feel the teachers at CSN are very helpful and I like how classes aren't to big. I would say CSN needs to work on expanding and making more campus's in Las Vegas. It can be a struggle to get to campus considering it is located in a busy side of town and street traffic can be a nightmare. They should work on making a campus where there is not much street traffic and is near people who live in Summerlin and the North west part of Vegas. Other than the commute to school I would say CSN does a phenomenal job on making sure their students succeed in school and have the materials to do so.
What i like about College of Southern Nevada is the benefits that they provide and how much effort they put to make sure their students graduate, providing anything you need. I also love my teachers, each one of them has taught me something that i will remember.
The professor are great ! It is a small college with a diverse population. I enjoy my time there because it is motivating to see students learning in class and learning outside of class throughout the campus.
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