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The teachers were amazing, only I worry about safety. Other then that, the people were diverse, professors were incredibly understanding. It is inexpensive so it is worth the price.
I love how all the teachers and the from desk are all understanding and sweet. I think the classes could last a little longer.
College of Souther Nevada has some of the best resources. Although it is a comunnity college and people tend to look down upon it, this school rises well above many expectations. More resources than I can even dream of are provided for tutoring, sports, clubs, ect.
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The College of Southern Nevada is the first college that I have attended and it is by far a good and calm environment to be in. The campus is amazing with a nice cafe in the middle that seems to always empty my pockets. The professors are understanding, however, they could use some motivation into making the homework a requirement rather than an option. I feel that if they changed that it would help me get more productive. Another thing I like from CSN is the accessibility for the academic advisors. This prepares me for my future choices in my degree path and career path.
Just like all colleges, there will be good and bad professors. The number one reason I would suggest College of Southern Nevada would be the resources available. It is a cheap college but it also comes with free tutoring.
small cafe but that might be changing soon as they are in the process of constructing another building for more classes.
My time at the College of Southern Nevada was rewarding. I spent four years as a part-time student, as I worked full time at my job. The course times worked very well with my schedule, all of my professors cared deeply out each student in their class, and all my professors were very educated and worked hard to motivate and help all students to graduate and find their passion.
Great college!
It is a decent college, but nothing is really special about it. It has few four year degrees, but otherwise you go there for 2 years and proceed with your life. Overall, I think it's okay but if I could go to a better school I would.
Good school with lots of different majors. Some pretty awesome teachers. People from all walks of life.
I love the Henderson campus and the friendly staff, If the campus could add more parking that would be great!
Everyone for the most part keeps to themselves although I have noticed that students who come straight from high school seem enthusiastic when they first arrive. Having those students helps make CSN very welcoming.
Great experience! The College of Southern Nevada is very good about working with schedules from busy students. They even offer classes on Saturdays and late at night, something that I have not seen in other colleges. If you are looking to get a good education without paying insane amount of prices I Would choose CSN.
I enrolled in my classes at the beginning of 2016. Since I’ve been here, I have learned so much and I can honestly say the learning environment and amazing fellow students are such a pleasure to be around!
I am currently attending to College of Southern Nevada, it is a great opportunity to save money and meanwhile finish with your associates. I started attending in fall of 2016 and I have been a full time student all the way long, I will graduate with my associated of Business degree in the spring of 2019 and thanks to a great transferring program they have in here I will move to a four year university by the fall of 2019. Amazing college.
I was very hesitant going back to school but CSN has made it super easy! The professors are great and very helpful. CSN also offers tutoring which helps tremendously specially with the harder classed. I am super happy with my decision & I am one step closer to my goal!
I am currently enrolled at College of Southern Nevada in the nursing program. So far, I have not been having any issues with the professors or classes. They offer a wide range of online, hybrid, and in person classes for all programs. This is definitely a college that I have and will continue to recommend to anyone that is interested in furthering there education.
The experience you get at CSN is great. you get a great college education but hat workaround your schedule. This is the school for you if you're a full time or part time worker.
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Not the best community college I’ve attended. The College of Southern Nevada has 3 separate campuses, so students could be required to drive 40+ minutes in order to attend an 80 minute lecture. Student activities seem to be almost non-existent, so there are not many opportunities to meet like-minded individuals. Very few professors who are passionate and good at their jobs—teaching
As a senior in high school visiting campus and discussing majors with counselors has been pleasant and helpful. I have also enjoyed the events, theater and networking with other students.
I love this school. Cost friendly, packed full of nice students and staff. I have never had any issues at any campus. Canvas systems are easy to use. The campuses always stay clean. I never feel unsafe attending this school
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