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Great college I'm enrolled again for my BA in project management. The time that I was there was nice I got my associates in marketing very fast. Teachers are always willing to help.
It's been three semesters since I started at this college, and I'm fairly pleased with the education and facilities provided so far. To my advantage, I picked out the right professors for me and sometimes had to power through some tough ones, but I did my best to get those A's. Currently, I am a student worker, so I have to juggle my class and work times, but it's doable as long as I put myself into it and focus more. To sum it all up, I love my college and I love my college student life right now.
The courses and professors are fantastic! They have a bunch of terrific student services. CSN even has some Bachelor's Degrees. Totally would recommend this school. Don't let the stereotype that community colleges are sub par fool you, you'll get a great education at CSN.
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When it came to the profressors at the College of Southern Nevada, I had a really great experience. With taking over 8 different courses I always got a reliable and nice professor. Also, with going to two different campuses the cleanliness for both was always at its best.
Haven’t been to CSN but I’ll be starting this summer and based on the reviews my friends and brother made, it sounds good.
College of Southern Nevada has 3 campuses around Las Vegas. They are all pretty small which is normally good for students because classes aren't too full and you actually get to connect with the professors. They do a good job of teaching and a lot of the professors I had have been very good at what they do
It is very clean and good professors. Everything about this college is amazing. I have met many good and intelligent people there including students and even teachers. The computer lab is very helpful and the tutors are high class. I could not ask for something better than this amazing experience.
I attend for dual college credit and it is a very well kept campus. I feel the programs are very amazing for students. It gives us a kind of adult experience and teaches me ways to be great. I think my college is very well put together and everyone is organized and kind of knows their place.
The college of southern Nevada has many resources to help you succeed in your goal, no matter the career path. I think some professors are better than others, but overall the experience is pleasant and helpful.
The professors are very knowledgeable in their fields, the campuses are nice, and they have a relatively tight knit community due to the small but numerous campus locations.
If you're looking for the "college experience" I would not recommend this school because since it is a community college it tends to have a lot of older people just trying to further their education. I pretty much keep to myself like all the other students. But if you just want to go to your class and go straight home without any hassle, the atmosphere is very calm and easy-going to just come and go.
College of southern nevada is a great school. To achieve your degree it is a great school. The student life is amazing and so are the teachers. It is a community college but it is really good.
College of southern Nevada has a great variety of career options for you to learn from, and good teachers. One thing I would like to change is the variety of teachers that teach at the schools.
I am a dual enrollment student at Nevada State High School, taking college classes at CSN North Las Vegas Campus. The classes are good, but do your research on professors before applying to classes (typical). They just finished building their Student Union, and I find it small but bearable.
I like the freedom I get with my online classes and I like that the professors seem to genuinely care about their students.
The College of Southern Nevada is definitely a good option if you want to start out small in college. In-person classes usually do not have more than 20-30 students. You could also take all of your classes online and you would not have to leave the comfort of your home! In addition, students can take 4 week and 8 week classes which are more accelerated but you get the class over with faster. Students can take these 4 and 8 week classes online as well. CSN give students plenty of options to choose when and where students can take their classes. Likewise, students can choose their professor using to find the best professor. CSN does not offer much in food, so it is best that students find places to eat on their own.
Its clean and small. Nice people there. The professors know how to teach and keep a fast enough pace for you to keep up. Everyone minds their own business. The computer lab is great. The library is small and always quiet. A great school overall.
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I like how the recruiter told us everything we need to know to get accepted into this college. She gave us a brief description about the school and what to expect.
Your pretty much on your own until you get into class. The administration staff is horrible and not helpful at all. Enrolling and all that is tough to figure out on your own. The teachers and classes are fine but the rest of everything sucks.
I love the campus, very modern and tech friendly. Never had a problem finding a spot to study in. The teachers are very friendly and want you to succeed.
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