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It is easy to begin taking college courses whatever your situation may be. Call any of their helpful services and find a way to start taking classes today
College of Southern Nevada has amazing staff. They are always more than willing to help with anything a student may need. They are always more than happy to answer any questions we may have.
When applying and starting out there was a little bit of not caring but at a time got closer things started happening really fast in all the processes and this then that. I think this is a good 2 year school to transfer from.
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Attending the College of Southern Nevada was a mediocre and detached experience. There were only a handful of classes that I had taken which had great content along with great instructors. For the most part, I felt like the academics were lacking. However, a student might get lucky enough to be able to enroll in that handful of great professors. While it is easy to pick apart which buildings are old and new, the overall environment of the campus was clean and safe. The newer buildings had a more modern look, as well as more modern equipment, and the older buildings simply looked a little outdated. Besides that, the students and staff at the College of Southern Nevada were also quite diverse and accepting of all individuals.
Just starting college here! So far my experience has been amazing! I really enjoy the flexibility of everything as well. I have two kids so its nice that you can choose whether you can do online, in person, or a hybrid of both. I cant wait to start my journey so heres my five stars to this college!!!!!
Great professors that seem to really care and love their jobs. The classes are small so everyone gets a one on one experience with the professor.
For a cheap and well educated school, it’s not bad with its free tutorials services and how convenient everything is and how updated the school is. I recommend for every first timer back to school to enroll here.
The film program is great. We have access to high quality cameras and other gear. We learn professional software and the professors are all experienced filmmakers who want us to succeed in this field.
I like how there is always someone there to help you. If you need help with anything there are resource centers. There are also tutor that can help you one-on-one. The professors are easy to reach as well if you have any problems with homework.
I liked the helpfulness of most teachers. I would like to see more help available for current freshmen and students coming into the college.
I started csn almost 2 years ago. The minute I stepped into the atmosphere, I knew it was going to be a great experience. The counselors are very helpful and give great advice when you give them information about your path. The people are very friendly. There are always opportunities to join clubs and programs to further your degree. I like it very much here and looking forward to graduating from CSN
I love the amenities that they offer at this school. Many of the students are friendly. The teachers can be exceptional. Some of the teachers really go out of their way to ensure that every student is learning all that they can.
I haven't even start but I'm so strived to begin this journey, my plan is to attend this college and received an associate degree then transfer to UNLV to finish my bachelors degree.
1st year at CSN back for my 2nd AA to transfer to UNLV for BS. 100% ONLINE and love the versatility, the teachers are attentive and i can go at my own speed with in the schedualed deadlines. Works for me I love it.
Loved attending CSN. The campus was not as huge as other universities. It's easy to navigate to classes. What was even helpful was that the CSN website had an overview map for each campus. The staff were helpful, especially the ones for Financial Aid, Registration, and anything related to attending classes. There are a lot of nice professors/instructors as well. They really want you to succeed. Class sizes are not big compared to universities. One thing I would have to say is that there is not a lot of things to get involved with compared to universities. For example, there are not many clubs are going on. But I think overall, attending CSN was an wonderful experience. It was a place, in my experience, to get your general classes done in order to transfer to another college. Saved a lot of money for sure!
I enjoy going to the College of Southern Nevada for many reasons. The teachers are involved. The classes aren't too small or too large. The food is good and affordable. I love that they have a book store just in case I forgot a calculator. The librarian is super dedicated to his job and the pursuit of finding you the book you need. The campus is very diverse. There is a lack of advertising their sports teams though. Most people didn't discuss parties because everyone kind of keeps to themselves. Overall I'd give it a 7/10.
This is absolutely just a college to get a cheap associates. Nothing more. Some professors are okay, others are awful. This is really a "drive to class, talk to no one, drive back home" kind of school. Don't come here for a "college experience". Come here to get a degree and move on.
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I like the academics and the professionalism of the school. Along with the student/professor relationship. And there are plenty of clubs to participate in. The only downside to the college is the lack of athletic programs. The only options are soccer and volleyball.
Great professors with a passion for teaching, friendly staff and students at all campuses and easy navigation.
I think there should be more activities for the students. There are some programs but I don't see the students being too involved in the community as they should. They should implement some volunteering too.
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