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I like the way the campus looks and how everything located. I like my professors and my basketball coaches as well. The only thing that I don't like is that the College Of Southern Maryland doesn't have dorms. I'm not originally from Maryland and I have to rent a pretty expensive apartment.
I like the fact it’s not much of a huge school and pretty easy to navigate but it can be boring because there isn’t much to do on campus. More fun activities could be created for the students so that school and fun could be balanced on campus.
My following experience with College of southern Maryland was very helpful and great. At (CSM) the professor's help students with their majors along directing them on their path. The students are able to schedule their time while being able to study for their classes and find their ideal location. Although this college was my first experience, i must say it seems a bit difficult for those that are new. But the hard and determined effort you put in would make your experience here great.
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The College of Southern Maryland is a great platform from which you can jump to (transfer to) a 4 year university with a relatively low-cost associates degree to earn you bachelors or higher degree. I definitely recommend this school
Everyone at this college is very helpful with getting you on track, if you are confused with any aspect from academics to financial they have a team at each campus to help answer your questions. Whenever there are any changes that the students of parents need to be notified they make sure they send out a detail email and if you have any questions you can call them. They also make sure to check on you throughout the semester to make sure your classes are going well and that you are preforming your absolute best.
I would like to see the student services improve. Many times I feel that my questions are not answered or that I am more confused than when I came in.
However, the student website is useful and easy to figure out.
This place is boring. There’s nothing to do, no clubs, no activities or anything. Very small class selection. Some of the teachers acted like they didn’t want to be there and would rather be at a 4 year school. I hate that I wasted my first two years of college here. There’s no cafeteria, you have to either bring a lunch, go out or use the vending machine.
The College of Southern Maryland is terrible. The teachers do not care (unless you are a nursing major), and there is nothing to do. No clubs, no events, nothing. I only studied the whole time I was there.
It’s a good place to go your first year and get basics out of the way at a cheaper cost. Some of the teachers don’t seem to want to be there.0
The College Of Southern Maryland does an excellent job helping students feel as though they are valued and sought after. We as students are shown how invested our educators are in our futures. There are tons of opportunities to be acquainted with people of stature and high accolade. We are surrounded by qualified educators who dedicate their personal time to teaching us the "need to know" for the future ahead. I believe that I chose the best school possible for me to be pushed further as an intellect, and a success story.
I like the classes they offer. I am a high school student and attend csm through a program called dual enrollment. The classes are efficient and the schedules are easy to modify to what best fits you.
I have had a generally good experience with this school. The professors seem to care and attempt to push their students to learn, and I have learned more in my short time here than I believe I had in all of high school. Being a community college, the students have a harder time interacting and therefore activities don't seem to be very engaging or unifying to those going here.
I enjoyed that College of Southern Maryland is very small. Also you can get to anything in walking distance in less than two minutes. What I did not like about the school is, the technology did not seem as update as expected. It was not really family oriented.
Classes were small and teachers were personable. It was a great entry college for getting you prepared for universities.
It offered a variety of associates degrees and happened offer my degree. I liked the small campus and having three campuses to choose from all within driving distance.
About to graduate (May 2019) with my Computer Science degree ... only to find out that the colleges I want to go to won't accept the credits from this school. I have to retake Com Sci II and other CS course only transfer as electives ... what a waste. Some Professors are amazing (Sue Strickland) while others clearly don't want to be there. If you're looking for an education, go somewhere else. If you just want a piece of paper, CSM is fine.
I liked almost all of my professors except for when it came to chemistry, they lack in that field. All the other professors were amazing and I really enjoyed being in their classrooms. Academic advisors would each give different feedback at certain points for me and it would get a little confusing, it is best to have an idea of what to expect before going in there. There is plenty of events on campus and tons of giveaways including sweatshirts, food, etc.
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Most higher math and science classes are located only in the La Plata and Leonardtown campuses. The campus that feels the most like a normal college campus is the La Plata campus. Mostly a quite community college. Not very loud or very crowded. Parking at the Leonardtown campus can be hectic around 11am till around 5pm.
Small and very good for our daughter...We love the campus and it very affordable...The college of southern Maryland is what we have been looking for our family.
Some professors aren't very helpful, and I had one that admitted to our entire class that she taught us something completely wrong leading to a lot of confusion. The advisors are really helpful and the campus is easy to move around.
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