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Some teachers for online classes are poor and don't reply or give good instruction. Vague instructions are not good; shouldn't have to guess at your work.
I really enjoy how much The College of Southern Maryland, a community college, feels like a community. No matter what time of day it is, I will always see a friend around campus. The teachers truly care about their students and want to make connections, even outside the classroom. I helped start a club at CSM and I was supported and was encouraged to watch it grow from 5-40. Dreams can be be accomplished at CSM, all one has to do is endeavor to try their hardest. What I would love to see is the school continue to have places for students to engage with one another, possibly a food court, or more open spaces. All in all, attending CSM has been a wonderful experience and I will miss it when I graduate.
The college of Southern Maryland is a beautiful campus with diverse faculty. The faculty and staff wish to see you succeed and in my experience have always made themselves available for help. The nursing program is especially reputable and the program seems to be a big family. For the area this college really goes above and beyond for student success.
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A wide range of programs allows for anyone to find something they enjoy. Overall the school is clean and easy to find your way around. Whenever you have issues there are several resources such as study groups, free tutors, and administration willing to solve the problem.
The staff is very supportive and will do everything that they can to help you out. The classes provide the right amount of challenge that a community college should. The administration know the direction to point their students in a time of need.
I'm going into my 4th semester at CSM and one thing that can say for sure is that the professors here are really good. Of course there are a few that make you not want to show up but overall the general professor is great. Especially Guidry.
The College of Southern Maryland, is a very convenient and local campus for furthering your education. In my first semester it shocked me how much different college is from high. If you have any questions they are all answered on the website, or if its not you can easily make an appointment with the Academic advisor or walk in the academic advising office to ask your questions . The campus is very active there are so many different kinds of sports to play and so many different kinds of activities to do around the campus. The professors are extremely helpful and break it down to where you understand it there very simple and they like to keep things straight to the point so it's not confusing, i've never had any issues with this campus and any questions that I have ever had they have always answered. I am extremely pleased with the amount of professionalism that all the staff members show. My first semester experience could not have been any better.
It is a very affordable choice for college if you want to go for a more inexpensive option. They have many transfer programs and opportunities if you plan to further your education and you can chose to major in a subject. CSM provides programs that will prepare you to go straight into the workforce. They even have travel programs. Overall, it's a stable and much recommended choice.
I enjoyed the classroom instruction however I did not feel that I was supported by student services or advisers.
CSM has been a pretty good school so far. I have only taken online classes, but they have all been very thorough and educational. I have had absolutely no problems.
The College of Southern Maryland is a community college that prepares you for the four year college or university. CSM also can help also with people who are coming back to school that couldn't at first. College of Southern Maryland helped me not have to be in debt and save up money for me to transfer to the 4-year college. The professors and advisors are helpful and flexible with you regarding classes. The community and spirit is very good. I love it here. I would definitely recommend it for someone who wants to get use to a community college first and then jump back into action & transfer to a University.
Overall the college of southern Maryland is a great two year school. It’s a nice step between high school and a four year university, especially for those who don’t quite know what they want to do yet. It’s also very affordable while still getting a good education.
College of Southern Maryland has been the best decision that I have ever made. Everyone at the college is wonderful. The advisor are so helpful and get you on the track you need to be. I am in the Nursing program at CSM and I am so thankful for this program. It challenges you in many ways and for sure gets you ready for the real world as a nurse. Last semester the pass rate for the NCLEX was about 99% which is insane. Many people look down on community college but CSM should not be looked down on at all.
This school is a community college at its finest! Not much socializing outside of the classroom with peers, unless involved in athletics. The main campus is nice, the Prince Frederick campus got skimped. I know elementary schools with bigger gyms and more classrooms.
Since this is a community college they do not have dorms or housing. I did enjoy my time here, the professors were quite nice and personable. I never had a bad experience with a professor and I haven’t heard about one either. Overall great option to save money on Gen Ed classes and close to home.
College of Southern Maryland is a 2 year community college that is allowing me to develop my portfolio and begin my graphic design major. All classrooms are small classroom settings with teacher to student interaction and guidance. This College is really helping me get a head start before I transfer. It makes it easy to transfer all my credits and there is lots of help available! College of Southern Maryland also collaborates with the county High Schools, which allowed me to begin my college classes and credits early when I was a senior in High School through dual enrollment with College of Southern Maryland. There are also lots of CSM campuses available depending on where you live, which also displays a variety of options if some classes aren’t offered at one specific campus. Not to mention it is much cheaper and helping me get my first two years of education at a lower cost!
College of Southern Maryland is an affordable college. I enjoy the campus life, such as the lounge areas where you're able to relax and study, the many activities and events that are held, and everyone generally seems to get along well. The staff at CSM are very friendly and all of the professors I have do a great job of teaching and helping yo to understand. Many professors, i have realized, will go out of their way to make extra study sessions and even give out personal numbers to ensure that you can get all the help you need. There is plenty of parking areas, which is convenient, and the grounds are well kept. If i had to change anything though, i would like to have better food on campus and i would like to have an area with "upcoming events" posted somewhere on campus. They do have many events happening, but i usually don't know about it until i walk right into the event. I'm someone who likes to plan ahead and see whats coming up.
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Overall the college is pretty good. It is a nice place to transition to a 4-year institute. The classes are small, so interaction with professors and other students is easy and expected. CSM is a nice way to get basic courses completed before transferring at a smaller cost.
Most professors are great and willing to help with any issues that you have. Some professors do not even answer your emails about assignments. The advisers are absolutely useless! They always refer you to the website to look up the answers.
Campus very easy to navigate, teachers are knowledgeable. Online learning makes it easy to complete courses with a busy full time work schedule and a family. Tuition is affordable. Easily transfer to other colleges and universities in Maryland.
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