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Great school overall. Nice and helpful professors. I would recommend adding more scholarships for the average student. Nice campus and safe area.
I like the small setting since there can be more one on one interaction with the professors. The professors really care about the students education and strive to help each and every one succeed.
I wish there were more programs offered on campus. It would be nice if the campus offered more language classes and different types of clubs for the students. The library - my favorite spot on campus - is very nice and inclusive. It offers many different types of resources.
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My current experiences as a sophomore attending the College of Southern Maryland have been actually pretty pleasant. The classrooms are for the most part neat and there are no major campus design flaws that come to mind. The advising staff is also extremely helpful and well catered to helping new or distraught students. My first year at the campus with me not being fully adjusted to the rigorous pace of college courses, was pretty rough as I didn't utilize the resources/assistance that the school offered me. Though after coming to terms with me needing help (even if only a little), the staff was more than happy to help me plan out my future and guide me in the right direction. I now have my entire next 2 years of education planned out completely, and it has helped me keep on track more than I had even hoped.
Some truly incredible teachers. Some of the facilities were older while some of them were incredibly up-to-date. This college offers many clubs and student activities.
The College of Southern Maryland s filled with supportive staff members who strive to fully educate their students.They have multiple resources in place to help students in all aspects of their life with things such as: tutoring, library sources, internship and job help, as well as transfer services. The mini sessions and summer school classes allow for students to create a schedule that fits their life schedules while still achieving the credits need. The only thing that may need improvement is the teachers of online course may need to be reviewed on how they do grades and communicate with the students.
College of southern Maryland is not like a regular two year college its a good college with a friendly environment and good teaching.
Many professors at the College of Southern Maryland are great and passionate. Many of the other types of staff have guided me wrong multiple times with classes. There are some neat programs.
The college is well connected with other 4-year universities within the state and has numerous programs such as a nursing program, computer programs, and engineer programs. Along with a trade school to learn too many skills associated with trades. There are multiple campuses throughout Southern Maryland to take classes along with online classes too.
I liked the campus on the way that the teacher would be reasonable with me and allowing me more time to do all of my homework or quizzes.
College of Southern Maryland, is overall a very good school.
The prices reasonable for a community college, and the academic advisors seem like they actually care about the students progressing on with their schooling.

The quality of the teachers vary a lot. There are some bad teachers, but there are also good teachers that make things easier for students to understand what is going on in the class.

I would hope for there to be more fun recreational things to do on campus, but overall they have some interesting things to do here and there.

CSM is a great school to start off at if you are not trying to spend too much money, and earn your Associates degree (if you go to the school all the way through).
My years at CSM, has been very interesting and I hope to graduate from there soon.
My experience was alright, despite being a 2 year institution i'm transferring after 3 years. This is something I wish the Advisers had informed me about, otherwise i would not have spent my semesters stressing over the 60 credit requirement to receive my Associates degree.
The Engineering program here is good. I like the diversity of the teaching style as well as it being vigorous. College of southern Maryland sets you up for success with semester transfer fairs and weekly college visits, helping you to prepare for the next stage of your life.
Attending CSM after transferring from Australia was a lovely experience. Although it is quite a small campus, the people are friendly and supportive. The professors were additionally very understanding and cooperative which I loved. CSM provides a great stepping stone from high school life to college life, as well as cutting the cost of college altogether which was perfect.
i wish there were more broad selection of courses. I believe certain classes shouldn't be taken for certain majors that have nothing to do with the major subject and the general studies everyone should take, such as math, english, etc. Professors can be helpful to an extent but, not full-time with there job.
Some teachers for online classes are poor and don't reply or give good instruction. Vague instructions are not good; shouldn't have to guess at your work.
I really enjoy how much The College of Southern Maryland, a community college, feels like a community. No matter what time of day it is, I will always see a friend around campus. The teachers truly care about their students and want to make connections, even outside the classroom. I helped start a club at CSM and I was supported and was encouraged to watch it grow from 5-40. Dreams can be be accomplished at CSM, all one has to do is endeavor to try their hardest. What I would love to see is the school continue to have places for students to engage with one another, possibly a food court, or more open spaces. All in all, attending CSM has been a wonderful experience and I will miss it when I graduate.
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The college of Southern Maryland is a beautiful campus with diverse faculty. The faculty and staff wish to see you succeed and in my experience have always made themselves available for help. The nursing program is especially reputable and the program seems to be a big family. For the area this college really goes above and beyond for student success.
A wide range of programs allows for anyone to find something they enjoy. Overall the school is clean and easy to find your way around. Whenever you have issues there are several resources such as study groups, free tutors, and administration willing to solve the problem.
The staff is very supportive and will do everything that they can to help you out. The classes provide the right amount of challenge that a community college should. The administration know the direction to point their students in a time of need.
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