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Most professors are great and willing to help with any issues that you have. Some professors do not even answer your emails about assignments. The advisers are absolutely useless! They always refer you to the website to look up the answers.
Campus very easy to navigate, teachers are knowledgeable. Online learning makes it easy to complete courses with a busy full time work schedule and a family. Tuition is affordable. Easily transfer to other colleges and universities in Maryland.
CSM is a public community college. The college offers an array of associate programs. The campus life is great for the social and learning experience!
Review College of Southern Maryland
I love that everyone T the college of southern Maryland are willing to work with you, and be apart of your success. They try there best to make sure that you are on the right track. All campuses are clean and I feel very safe when I am there.
As a student I think the College of Southern Maryland is a great choice for students who have just graduated from highschool and don't quite have the money for university. Though it is community college I would say it has just as much to offer as university. There are clubs, events, tutors and other characteristics. However, there are a few things as far as advising goes. Be very careful of the advisor you get because they might recommend the wrong class for you to take. Its rare but, always make sure to get in touch with another advisor just in case. Another word of advice you wont always be able to get the answers you need over the phone if you have a problem. So sometimes go to the college in person to get the situation handled. If you ever need assistance or are confused about something ask for help there are people that will point you in the right direction.
CSM definitely has the community college feel- with small classrooms, and helpful professors and staff. However, many classes are not offered in the order you need them, and sometimes classes with labs don't match up (there will be two 30-student physics classes, but only one lab offered). Just be proactive and email the department heads and ask them to open up more classes.
The College of Southern Maryland is a great school to start at! The largest class you will have will have about 30 people. The professors are very friendly and encourage you to get help outside the classroom if needed. Professors are quick to respond to emails and will answer your questions in a timely manner. The only thing that is lacking on campus is extra-curricular activities and clubs.
College of Southern Maryland was the easiest route in terms of gaining credits at an affordable cost but as far as preparing you for the next step, that is something they were missing. Some of the professors really loved their jobs and went out of their way to help their students. Others were there to make the money and it was very obvious. Community college is a great investment when someone is unsure of their future. The campus is very safe and easy to navigate. It is a baby step up from high school so the environment is comfortable. There are all different types of people, younger, older, all ethnicities and religions.
I really enjoyed spending my education here at CSM. Many people have doubts on community colleges, but this is a great college that offers you many opportunities. The teachers and staff are very encouraging and willing to help any student succeed.
Overall, I loved how the teachers cared about your education. Their wasn't many teachers that actually cared, but the teachers that I had showed genuine interest in my education and also my success. There was a lot of interesting things to do on the campus and that was mostly because of the Diversity Office. For it to be a 2 year school, you really do get the college experience.
For the most part I really enjoyed CSM. I think that the diversity of the school made me feel very comfortable and learn a lot more about other people's cultures and ideas. CSM made it easy for me to go to school and work full time. The online classes were a little difficult, but also very easy to navigate. The only issue I had with this college is that they gave me the run around when it came to petitioning for the radiography program at another college. I would recommend this college for someone that's just getting back or starting college. I would recommend that you call the college you're transferring to if you have questions because they'll likely be more helpful.
I really love CSM. It's small and everyone is really nice. It's a good start for someone who doesn't know what they're doing. Some professors are terrible but if you search you can find some of the best professors you'll ever have.
I loved College of Southern Maryland!! Everyone is so helpful and makes their students feel welcomed. No matter the circumstances their is always a helping hand, not only the staff but the students also help each other out. The events and extra curricular activities bring everyone together. A really great experience for any student whether it being the first year in college or last year... The only thing I would like to see change is them having more campuses.
I attended the College of Southern Maryland for two years and earned my Associate's Degree in Gen ed. I enjoyed my experience there and in-fact had some of the most wonderful professors I've ever had; several of which made quite a large impact on my life. I feel as though I grew educationally and personally while I was there and would only like to see the class listings increase for each semester so that there are more options for future students.
I would like to say is overall is an okay school so fare. I like the the class sizes at the Waldorf Center. Some of the teachers have weird teaching methods that I don't really like and really annoys me. The financial aid office if great they are always there to answer any questions I have regarding financial aid. At first I didn't really know what I was doing and I was just taking any class I thought I was suppose to take but after meeting with an adviser and they talked me through the programs and what classes I actually need to take, I felt more at ease knowing that I was taking classes that are beneficial to my future career and education.
The College of Southern Maryland is a fantastic way to start a college career locally. Make no mistakes, this is a community college but at every turn its working to become more, and according to staff, looks to become a fully fledged university at some point. With good connections to instate universities, and competent staff, the College of Southern Maryland is a fantastic intermediary step between high school and university.
I enjoy going to College of Southern Maryland. The teachers really are there for you and want to see you succeed. It's also a friendly learning environment at the college.
Review College of Southern Maryland
My first semester at College of Southern Maryland was somewhat challenging. I was new to the area, and it was difficult at first to try to adjust to the new environment. I did however enjoy the diversity on campus as well as the rigorous coursework. I would advise this school to anyone who has a true desire to further their education.
I like how the college gets students involved in activities. They also help in making sure that a student is on the right path to what they want to achieve and that is amazing.
I really like CSM. Most of the other campuses are state of the art and have newer features. The campus I attend is a little on the older side, but is still nice. At this college, they have to take attendance and most professors will fail you if you miss so two classes. Other than this, they are very lenient with everything else.
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