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The small class size allows a close relationship with classmates and professors. Professors care about the well-being of their students and are always flexible.
I love the classroom size because the professors can get to know the students. There are many events to help get to know new people and get involved. The amount of homework load given is a good amount and you have plenty of time to complete it. The only negative thing I have noticed is there are signs on campus on in the housing area that say smoke free but people still smoke and security doesn't do anything about it.
What I like about the College of Southern Idaho is that the professors care a lot. They want you to go into their office during their office hours. Although, something that I would want changed would be the efficiency of the main office building.
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The college its self and the professors are marvelous, the only thing in need for improvement is that they need to help their students more with financial aid, admission, etc.
The people there are very nice and helpful. They are willing to work with you and process through things until you understand.
The College of Southern Idaho has been a great overall experience for me, friendly staff, small class sizes, and a great campus experience.
I enjoyed how the campus stayed well maintained. They had a variety of things to do through the school, such as kayaking, hiking, movie nights, and bowling nights. I loved all the professors and how they are available for assistance with homework. What could change would be having a little more assistance with FAFSA along with possibly lowering tuition a little bit for classes or at least making books and supplies in the bookstore a little bit cheaper.
CSI is a great community college! Most of the class sizes are small so you get a lot of one on one with your professor. They offer all kinds of different courses, it keeps your options wide open. The staff is very helpful and welcoming. CSI is a great place to get started and it is so affordable.
So fun and they have great professors that take time to help anyone out. It has a great atmosphere to be in. It has all the tools you need to be successful.
Teaching staff is great. Working with admissions and general advisors is a little frustrating. A lot of them seem to have an attitude and could be a little more friendly. Other than customer service it is a good school to get an education.
The College of Southern Idaho has very small class sizes, and is very intimate. My smallest class was five people, and the instructor was absolutely phenomenal. I get a university education for the price of a community college. I have received a lot of scholarships from CSI so much so that I actually made money going to CSI my freshman year.
I like that the student to professor rating is low. I get to interact with the professors and they know my name. It is easier for me to make improvements in my school work when I have easy accessible feedback. Something that I would like to see change is having more on campus activities. I feel like I never have anything to do but homework and study.
I like the environment, the sports, and all the school activities they had going on. Did cheerleader at CSI for 2 years.
The College of Southern Idaho is a great beginner college, that has many opportunities to continue your education. The campus is beautiful, close to shopping, dining, walking, biking, kayaking, and rock climbing. The campus has an onsite gym available for work out enthusiasts, and a great on campus dining plan. The sports are well known and greatly supported by the community. Educators at the college are very knowledgeable and helpful. Many go above and beyond to make sure the student is successful. The College of Southern Idaho has all the amenities of a University, all while maintaining the small town feel.
I love CSI. It's affordable and the programs are very good. I just finished all my prerequisites for the paramedic program and all of my teachers for the prerequisites were great at preparing me for the program. They also made their classes interesting and easy to understand. I would definitely recommend my friends and family to attend college here. I would like to see more programs being offered. If there was anything I would change, it would be the way financial aid was set up. It is very difficult to provide the documentation that they require and I think that it is wrong to have to provide my parent documents in order to receive financial aid. Overall though, it is a great school.
The College of Southern Idaho is a school where in my opinion you get the most bang for your buck. It is a very affordable school with great educators, clubs for everything imaginable and great mixers/ fun events. I got a good education from there and currently work in my degree field.
I am still attending CSI but I love being a part of this school. Everyone is so welcoming and going to class is actually fun (never thought I would say that!) but I really enjoy how professors are willing to help in any way possible. CSI is always trying to improve your education in any way possible. I am so happy I get the chance to attend this college.
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I am proud Eagle alumni student of College of Southern Idaho (CSI). I took the medical assistant program to see if the medical field was for me. My advisor suggested to start out as a medical assistant (MA) before attempting to start in the nursing program. I’m glad I took his advice, as I have been working as a MA for the last 7 years. I’ve obtained so much experience that I am ready to return to CSI to take the licensed practical nurse (LPN) program. I will work for a year as an LPN and then apply for the associates degree in registered nurse still at CSI. CSI is joined with other university campus. If I wanted to apply for the bachelor’s degree in nursing, I could do so by setting up a meeting with the advisory at CSI. College of Southern Idaho is a great community college it has so much to offer and is willing to help students to reach their goals. I hope to continue to see CSI grow and maybe become a university someday.
This is my first year attending this college and I have had nothing but good experiences! The classes are small the professors want to learn your name and help achieve your academic goals. The campus is small, beautiful, and not hard to navigate. On campus housing is decent, just prepare for the sports teams to thump around all night every night.
The College of Southern Idaho is an amazing junior college. It has a community-based feel and a small classroom size. I've loved all of my professors along with their time and effort put toward my education. I've learned so much academically and about life. I have really enjoyed my time at CSI and am a little sad that I am graduating. But I'm excited to see where the college will go in the years to come.
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