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Everyone is so nice and helpful! The only downside is that it takes forever to get a response or feedback. Other than that it's a beautiful college.
I love Attending the College of Southern Idaho! class sizes are class , small town feeling. great programs
this is a great school if you are looking for a cheap college education. They give out great scholarships and are very affordable.
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Its very affordable education with a great campus in a great little city, a Niche If you will. I've attended BYUI as well and this is a nice change.
The College of Southern Idaho is a great community college that is cheap and easy to use. The only downsides are that the registrar can be clunky and difficult to work with. The professors are super helpful, they almost always can take time out of their lives to help you.
Great environment for learning. Professors work one on one with students who need extra practice. Havent had a good experience with buying books for classes from the bookstore so I rented last semesters book and plan to continue renting instead of buying books I need for ckasses.
the professors and staff at CSI are all very nice and helpful. The campus is beautiful and there are a lot of great resources for all students. The only thing I would like to see change is a new building for housing.
I personally think that the experience at this college is well worth the cost of tuition, with patient professors and excellent resources.
I would have to say that College of Southern Idaho is like any college focused on academics. The campus is great and there are dorm on campus which is unusual for a community college, but is great for students. There are a verity of local employers that are willing and able to help out students.
I have been studying at the College of Southern Idaho for a year now. They have made the transition from high school to college very easy. I made many more friends than I thought I would. The counselors were also very helpful when it came to choosing which classes I would need and what was the best way to take my classes. They evened out my class load so that I wouldn’t have to take too many courses in one semester. Their facilities are good. Some of the buildings are older but they are still great. I like their gym they are always improving it. They have free tutors which came in handy whenever I was struggling in a class. I could always just go to the library and have some quiet time. The professors were extremely helpful and comprehensive. I am not much of a partier, but I always heard of good parties. Overall I would say that my experience here has been a 4.5.
The College of Southern Idaho is a great community college that provides quality levels of education in a variety of areas. It is more affordable than a 4 year University for obtaining your general academic credits. I have enjoyed my professors, fellow students and the various department who have helped me to obtain my associates degree as well as be accepted into a competitive health science program. I would recommend this college to anyone who lives in the state of Idaho, or the surrounding states, and the whole United States for that matter. It is academically excellent as well as affordable for any student.
It's a low key college. They have fun activities. I am away from the main college so I didn't participate in that much. I did have trouble with some teachers.
I like the professors and how willing they are to work with students. I have been taking mostly online classes throughout the past two years but I have always enjoyed the professors that I had. I think CSI has a great campus and it is in a beautiful town. I have enjoyed being a part of their college atmosphere the past two years and I am very excited to continue my journey.
I really enjoyed my experience at CSI. The teachers were always willing to help you. They showed that only care about the fact that you are there to learn and they make it fun. It gave me a great idea of how much fun college is!
Havent started attending yet but in the proccess of applying and getting things started, they have been amazing. The Mini-Cassia Center staff is so welcoming and kind. They actually care and try to treat all students with warmth and atttention.
Currently in an ITC program and love the experience and the professors, I just wish that the main campus would involve the HSHS building a bit more.. often times it feel excluded from the main campus when it is all one college.
They are very expensive for the credits, but the entire staff all the way to the cleaning people really care about people in our community. The best teacher they had was Mary Cristy of the Addiction Studies Program and now they are talking about ending it. Overall we do have the best teachers.
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The College of Southern Idaho, is a small community college with a beautiful campus and a friendly environment. For it to be considered a small community college, it was many available resources that I never expected. I love how everyone knows each other and how you are able to easily connect with faculty and students.
This college is where I was able to obtain my Associate's degree in my generals. It may just be a community college but I highly recommend it. I wasn't expecting to graduate high school with a college degree already but CSI was kind enough to help me through that. I am so very grateful for the opportunity they have provided me and I hope no one will turn a blind eye to it.
I would like to see more people here on campus so they are able to experience what CSI has to offer. each opportunity is such a great experience
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