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I like how small the classes are, ifakes it easier to get to know your professor. I don't like how limited the choices are for classes.
I love it here, the campus is easy to get around and the people there are so friendly. The professor I had were amazing and were so helpful, when you needed help they were so helpful and they took the time to make sure you knew what you were doing.
Teachers are always more than willing to help you one on one and help guide you through the process of completing your degree!
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I have really enjoyed all the classes I have taken and all of my professors. Very professional and personal at the same time. They are smaller classes allowing more attention.
The affordability and variety of classes is good. It helps that there are several different campuses to make it easier to get to class.
The College of Southern Idaho is a great community college to get a good experience with college! It is in a great community and it is affordable! The thing I really like about our campus, is that it offers students a quiet place to study and encourages students to go on campus to study. They offer so much help with subjects that you need to improve on. It is a great place to start your college experience!
Great small town 2-year college. They have great class sizes, wonderful professors and an amazing amount of courses! All of this comes at an excellent value, making the cost of education much more affordable.
There is a great variety of classes to take and the teachers are exceptional. I LOVE the campus. Everything is so pretty and well kept.
I liked the staff and how nice they were as well as how happy the staff was to help me with any questions that I had.
It’s a small campus and easy to learn! Lots of easy ways to get extra help. Tons of easy fun classes to take. A good atmosphere all the way around.
College of Southern Idaho go way beyond the normal help. They would like to see people get a degree and a job, even if you are homeless. The resources they offer is very helpful.
Am get my degree in early childhood development.
I just finished my first year of college and I enjoyed it. It's definitely a different experience than high school, but in a better way. Tuition isn't crazy expensive and everyone seems super friendly.
CSI is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! If you are looking for great instructors who are willing to sit down with you and help you understand, CSI is for you. If you want to major in all things science related, CSI is for you. Or, if you want to pursue your dream as a River Raft guide- you guessed it- CSI is for you. Truly a great college with so many different areas to get connected with that I can't even write them all down here. The people are awesome and the fun doesn't have to stop.
I like that CSI offers so many online classes. this will allow me to graduate high school after completing all of my generals. This will accelerate my graduation and allow me to enter a career at a much earlier time
College of Southern Idaho is a great place to start a college education. It is a smaller campus, but has a great hometown feel. Professors are amazing with students from all backgrounds, and work to help make your education their number one priority. It has a wide variety of different degrees that range from agriculture to welding technology.
It is great. Professors know who you are, and you get more one on one help. There is a lot of people, and you get to make a lot of new friends. They have great places to study, and they are really nice. The town where the College is at is great too, and there are pretty views. The college does a lot of fun activities, and have great professors always trying to help their students
CSI is a small, education focused college. The professors are great and very friendly. The only problem I had was the school is a little too small. It felt more like high school rather than college for me. Other than that, its a great community college.
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CSI is a great college to start for everyone. My overall experience here at CSI, I loved being involved in the fine arts, dance, and music department. There are a lot of professors that care about your work and effort, which I loved. CSI is always have fun activities for the students and faculty. There is a lot of activities for everyone to be involved in.
I was in a great group of friends who were apart of the Honors Program with me. The professors are incredible and willing to work personally with you and meet you at what level you are at in that class. Everyone wants you to succeed and will help it any way they can.
The college of Southern Idaho has made it possible for me to go back and complete my degree. They offer a wide variety of courses online and on campus. I have had several great professors that have made my learning experience worth my time.
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