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I was in a great group of friends who were apart of the Honors Program with me. The professors are incredible and willing to work personally with you and meet you at what level you are at in that class. Everyone wants you to succeed and will help it any way they can.
The college of Southern Idaho has made it possible for me to go back and complete my degree. They offer a wide variety of courses online and on campus. I have had several great professors that have made my learning experience worth my time.
The advisory board is very helpful in getting students signed up for class and helping them be successful in there school career. They have lots of activities for the students to attend, and have all the resources students need on campus.
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Not sure what I would change, honestly. I think that adding some extra parking would really help, the parking is always a pain to find. Maybe another thing is to fix the website, I can never use the new website they have for MYCSI.
I adore the music program. Everyone there is very helpful and they care greatly about the education and well-being of their students. The school is wonderful. I have learned a lot and highly recommend the College of Southern Idaho.
Love the twin falls area, campus is great a lot of things to do and explore. I Would recommend going to csi because everyone there is ready to have a good time
The atmosphere is so amazing! And one really nice thing about this campus is that is a circle. Meaning it’s not to hard to find your way when you get lost. And everyone within the community is involved in the athletics at CSI. I know they have an outstanding review on their Health Career classes, there is even a building across the street that is about the size of a hospital! It is amazing!!
I love the College of Southern Idaho! I went to a different university after I graduated high school and switched to CSI a few years later when I decided to go back to school and my experience here has been so much better. I love that because it's a community college, there are less students and your really are able to get to know your professors which helps with grades.
I have loved the experience of going to College of Southern Idaho after taking a 2 year break from my first degree. They have been great about accepting all of my transfer credits and helping me figure out the best classes to take so I can transfer in the Fall to pursue my Bachelor's degree at ISU. The teachers have all been great to work with and are very cooperative and helpful, if you have any questions or issues about work or school in general.
There are activities and random giveaways on campus. The classrooms are comfortable and the lounge is a great place to study or hangout with friends.
I am in my second semester at CSI, and so far I love it! The Professors are kind and helpful. The camaraderie among students is great, and the campus is beautiful and easy to maneuver. I would definitely suggest it to others.
CSI has been very helpful in offering classes I need to start my college career. CSI instructors are very friendly and help one with questions and seem to really want you to succeed. All the financial and business staff are super knowledgeable and are very willing to help.
I Love CSI! There are so many ways to be involved. It is a small campus so you do not have to worry about getting lost, it is VERY affordable, and the class sizes are small so you get a lot of one on one with the instructors and they know YOU! HIGHLY recommend the College of Southern Idaho to everyone.
Since it is is a junior college, the class sizes are smaller, which makes it easier to get to know your classmates and instructor. These instructors also take time to get to know you and help you through your academic career. They truly want to see you succeed.
I get a little frustrated with their system. The staff there are all helpful and kind, but other things about the college are a bit complicated. For example, the website can be confusing and trying to get into the school can be a bit confusing and more complicated than it should be. Otherwise, the school itself is good and isn’t expensive if you are looking for a college to get started at.
The majority of the professors are great and the people are noce however CSI doesn't keep their students updated on possible scholarships or on changes in their finical status.
I liked the class sizes and the teaching atmosphere. Teachers were always willing to work with you and help you with questions that you had. Other students were ready to tutor you and making friends was easy.
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It is a great enviroment to learn at. It's an overall good college to attend and it's a good alternative to attend before transferring to a four year university.
College of Southern Idaho is not a huge school, the facility and staff are always willing to help you. The campus life is extremely friendly and there is always a countless number of actives to do there.
The professors and advisers here are very helpful with any questions you have about programs or and they are very helpful with the process of transferring to a new school.
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