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Great professors and academics. Views from campus are beautiful and the campus is in a very nice area. You save a lot more money for the first years of college and it is totally worth it. The school you go to does not make the person, the person makes the school.
Beautiful campus that over looks the bay and San Mateo Bridge! Esthetically the campus is in great shape, labs are stocked are stocked, cleaned, and academically I have no complaints.
Since transfering to College of San Mateo, three semesters have passed. It has been a pleasurable experience searching for what I want to do as a career, rather than being put on a roadmap towards one. There are many resources I utilize during my time at CSM, those being: tutoring, counseling, and the writing center. On a consistent basis, I attend those resources to keep engaged on campus. Professor Bednarek, my counselor, taught my many tactics to help with my personal struggles I went through within the past year. He has been the most valuable resource CSM has provided me with. We developed my academic goal of transfering from College of San Mateo to San Francisco State University next semester. From there, I will go on to get my bachelors in Visual Communication; after achieving my degree, I hope to go on applying my skills of photography, videography, and graphic design to my business.
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Average school. It is important to do research on the professors before signing up for their classes. Some profs are amazing and put so much effort into classes, some are terrible and could not care less.
There are many aspects of CSM that I have appreciated. First, the campus is beautiful and well-kept. The staff is extremely helpful and friendly. Whether you need to meet with a counsellor or want to speak to your professor, the interaction is usually pleasant! I have had a positive experience in just about every class I have taken at CSM. I highly recommend this school to those who are looking to spend a few years at community college.
College of San Mateo is a great place to learn. The campus is newly updated and very clean. The teachers are excellent for the most part. There is a good combination of online classes as well as in class options. If you do not have the class you need at CM you can also take classes at one of the partners schools at the district without need of reapplying. These additional schools are Skyline and Canada. Im graduating in May and loved this school.
College of San Mateo is an amazing alternative for those who want to go to community college. In 2 years you can get an associate degree to get a job.
incredible campus, very beautiful, many opportunities, a lot of guidance and pathways for anyone looking for any type of future. great place to grow and search and explore differing opportunities regardless of where you're coming from.
The campus is beautiful and it's a cheaper option to help you afford to finish school. A much better choice than a four year school for people without money to get the first 2 years out of the way for much less money.
The College of San Mateo is a wonderful school. On this campus you'll find that there are many resources for everyone. One of the best features of this school is the Learning Center. The LC is a large room located in the College Center where students can sign in and study. This Center provides the students with access to private study rooms, white boards and markers, computers, and much more. The students are very friendly and easy to talk to if you have questions about a class or just want to grab some lunch. There are many inclusive events where everyone is welcome to join. There are many options for food at CSM. There is a store, with lots of snacks and drinks. If you want more of a home cooked feeling to your meal you can walk right around the corner and get some pizza, pasta, or even make your own salad. Overall CSM is a great school for everyone and I recommend this school for it's outstanding academic help facilities and it's strong community.
Very good Junior College in a very nice area. The teachers are helpful and it is a good learning environment and stepping stone towards going to a 4 year university. the athletics are also good and as long as you find a really good counselor and put effort and time in, you will enjoy all the benefits that college of San Mateo has to offer. My only con is that I wish there was more diversity and a Black Student Union Club.
I love CSM, so diverse in such a beautiful area with a view! The professors have helped guide me throughout my journey, and made such an impact on my knowledge and myself as a person. I made some amazing friends, more like a family, and was well connected with all parts of the campus. You feel so comfortable walking around as everybody around you is so friendly and non judgemental.
Even though it is a community college, the quality of education is very high. Classes are usually small, and teachers are very willing to work with you if needed.
College of San Mateo has been a good stepping stone for me. I am currently a student there furthering my career. The counseling office and the counselors have been extremely helpful in assisting me with choosing the proper classes needed for transferring. They are very eager to help you - as long as you show you want the help!
Not only is the infrastructure and the surrounding environment well-kept, but the teachers are also one of a kind.
Well from what I seen when I went to visit the college when I was in high school. The students there were nice. The cafeteria looked nice. The college has a nice view to see when you are eating. The students and the staff they are all nice and friendly. They are also very helpful to the students that are visiting or when they are in their first year of college
College of San Mateo is a great place to get your education. A super friendly place and a nice place to meet new people and explore the many programs and resources they have to offer.
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I like the college's campus and overall atmosphere. There is something for everyone no matter what you like or who you are. Everyone is very accepting and most people are very friendly.
It's a bit challenging at first specially online courses but professors will help you understand the chapters and lessons and the professors will let you post your questions to the forums so that other students can help you and others will also learn from it.
At first it's a bit scary specially when you're from other country but overall, it would be awesome and great experience in CSM because they have a lot of resources, equipment and approachable staff. They also have good, friendly and charming students around the campus.
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