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College of San Mateo is a great place to get your education. A super friendly place and a nice place to meet new people and explore the many programs and resources they have to offer.
I like the college's campus and overall atmosphere. There is something for everyone no matter what you like or who you are. Everyone is very accepting and most people are very friendly.
It's a bit challenging at first specially online courses but professors will help you understand the chapters and lessons and the professors will let you post your questions to the forums so that other students can help you and others will also learn from it.
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At first it's a bit scary specially when you're from other country but overall, it would be awesome and great experience in CSM because they have a lot of resources, equipment and approachable staff. They also have good, friendly and charming students around the campus.
college of San Mateo is one of the best community college that I ever attend . The campus are beautiful where you can see the bay area view if you standing outside of the building 10 . There are diversities people on campus where people respect each other of their races , and religious. The professors are very helpful if you not doing well on the quiz, questions during in class or your grade have fallen and need help. This is a beautiful peaceful and friendly community college and of course I would choose this school again because it is perfect to experience , to get your degree and to see where will it lead you .
There is always transfer workshops going around campus to help with applications, any questions, or financial aid. The counselors are also great resources that all the students should take advantage of.
I m currently undecided but when I first start college my major was nursing and the main reason I chose the College of San Mateo was because the have a nursing program. After completing the program the person is a registered nurse, has a associates degree, and can transfer to another school to continue their education and receive a bachelor's degree.
my academic experience at the College of San Mateo has been great. Instructors care very much about the success of their students.
College of San Mateo is a great school to start off your college carrier.
They are pros at helping students transfer. They have multiple outlets such as transfer club, transfer councilors, and more transfer related opportunities.
There is not much in regards to this because it is a community college.
Since it is a community college, it is more difficult to secure funding for certain programs, so there are not as many as four year universities. The career services were also pretty underused. In fact, I did not even know that we had a career services counselor here until last week when she visited our class (this is my second year here).
I have had some of the best professors here at the College of San Mateo, but I also have had some of the worst. It is the same at any place you go. A good resource for seeing how a professor interacts with students is
This school was not what I had originally expected. It was always frowned upon when I was in high school to be known as the person that was planning on going to community college, but after two years there; I can say that it was a fairly good decision on my part. I have saved so much money compared to my peers that went to four years and it is definitely at the same caliber as some of the big name University of California schools. It does only have mainly general education classes, but it is a smart and thrifty choice to complete your general education requirements.
It's just difficult to work with a counselor on the transferring process.
It's so much busy work and doesn't have the same nuances as an in-person classroom experience.
It's a very lonely community college but it gets the job done. I've had some difficulties with counselors not listening to what my goals were. But all in all, it's a lovely campus and only temporary.
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In order to find internships and job opportunities you need to go out and search fro them.
The environment among students is "c's get degrees," but many of the professors make one on one connections with their students who seem interested.
I felt as though I was too old to be attending CSM even though I began taking classes when I was nineteen. I didn't feel a sense of community on campus and walked away without making any lasting connections with any of my classmates. However, the campus is beautiful and Jim Clifford is an outstanding psychology professor.
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