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College of Saint Mary is not just a college... It is a home. Every time I step foot through the doors, I know that there will be someone asking how my day has been, if I need help with anything, or just welcoming me with a smile. The professors truly care about your academic success and will work with you if you are struggling. My professors are amazing sources of information, but I also know that I can go to them if I have personal problems as well or just need someone to talk to. As far as the classroom goes, they incorporate many different styles of learning so you get the most out of your college experience.
I really cannot say enough good things about College of Saint Mary. It has been the best decision that I have ever made.
College of Saint Mary had exceptional classes with great discussion and students. Most staff was helpful with academics. Math center and the coffee shop were 2 of the best places on campus, I definitely recommend visiting those places if you tour.
I love College of Saint Mary in Omaha! The academic staff are wonderful and supportive and treat you with respect and dignity. They are honestly there to help you succeed. Fellow students are amazing as well, it is like a big support group, everyone is there to work hard and accomplish their goals and they truly care about you as a person. The class sizes are just right, you can feel comfortable in group discussions, and the instructors are very open and easy to talk to.
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I work multiple jobs, but I am also a full-time student, and I am enjoying my experience here at College of Saint Mary. I love how dedicated this school is to educate women to become leaders. Even though it's a Catholic school, you do not have to be Catholic to attend, such as myself. This school is diverse and there's always something to do, and I love that. I like that on campus there are dorms for moms and their kids, I know it's really helpful for especially the single parents. I do wish there were more sports such as track-and-field. Other than that, I am enjoying my experience.
Very focused on academics and studies, and the professors I have had thus far want you to gain the right knowledge for your profession. Not a lot of students get involved which does not help social life (it is a suitcase campus). I have heard great things about the prestige of the college's academics. Tuition is still expensive even they are "reducing" costs- also cutting scholarships.
It is a safe environment.
I truly liked all the staff and faculty members here.
  • 7 months ago
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I live off campus, so the answers are based on what I heard about it.
I am not too much into it. I am thinking about joining though.
I am not big fan of sports.
Professors are great, the school administrators are great, the students are happy and motivated.

It's the best environment to learn.
Since the classes are small, we are able to have a lot of hands on experience and we are able to get to know our professors. There is a big variety of courses that you are able to take.
There is a quality of services on campus to provide the best information for a job.
  • 7 months ago
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Security is excellent! Most of the girls on campus have their number in their phone for any emergency. We are able to call them at any point in the night to walk with us to the dorms if we do not feel safe.
The housing process was very easy to go through. They always stayed in contact with you if there was new information about the resident halls. They are a very good proximity to classes. College of Saint Mary houses single mothers and their children in one hall and traditional in another hall.
  • 7 months ago
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Greek life is not shown on campus a lot, I may have heard one or two things about it.
We have an average school spirit. The sports that are popular consist of softball, volleyball, and basketball.
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My college is an all girls college which is unique but helpful in ways some people do not know. I transferred from Wayne State College last semester so I was able to see differences in the classroom. We get into more conversations and aren't afraid to ask questions.
College of Saint Mary in omaha NE is a great school because it is focus on our best interest, and even though it is a all girl school it doesn't have drama.
I feel very safe on campus. Security is always patrolling the area.
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