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When I discovered about The College of Saint Elizabeth (CSE) at my high school's college fair, the spokesperson immediately drew in my attention. I was invested into learning more about it. After doing my research about the academics, location, benefits and every other aspect about this institution, I was already on the start of my application for the fall semester!
As a student, CSE was pretty good. When I attended CSE it was still an all-women's college. I really enjoyed the food when I was on-campus. I was in the dorm rooms, which seemed fine, but I did not live in the dorms. The campus is nice and small - you can walk to all of the buildings in a timely manner; and the campus is VERY safe. There's a beautiful little path just before the campus, that was always really nice to take a walk on. Location is great because it's in between Madison (locally owned small businesses, fun art places and live music events) and Morristown (if into nightlife/bar/party scene) - lots of great surrounding restaurants and things to do. The downside to my rating is that, while I enjoyed my classes, I didn't feel like they prepared me enough for the real-world. As an alumni - they won't hire you, at all, which is crazy.
I loved the College of Saint Elizabeth. It is not like other colleges. CSE makes you feel like part of the family. They want you to succeed and find a career in the area you desire. I think the quote "No man left behind" represents CSE. I wouldn't change anything about my college.
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From the moment I saw College Of Saint Elizabeth I knew it was the school I wanted to go to. I want to further my academics and expand my knowledge in the Biology field. I absolutely love this school. I love the atmosphere. The people here are very nice, it feels just like home.
The new Data Analytics program is very timely. Data Analytics and Data Science is a growing field, and to have academic study dedicated to the science, rather than only to Statistics/Mathematics, is very valuable. The courses for the program include the education of: R, Python, database design, statistics and algorithms, cybersecurity and more - all incredibly relevant to the modern field of Data Science.
Campus is small, student teacher ratio is perfect so every student is known by first name. They want you to do your best .
I like the classes and the environment.Also the teachers take their time to teach for you to understand. I think we need to work on more fun stuff in the school
You get to know everyone and have a great experience. The soccer team made me feel wanted in the team, I went on a official visit and made the team. I hope I end up going to College of Saint Elizabeth, its an amazing opportunity for me and my family.
I love the small campus that's the reason you get to know all the people. I like how people Try to help each other. College of saint elizabeth is a great experience for everyone. There you can meet people from differents places and nacionalities. Also you can learn their culture and you learn a lot of values and how to appreciate the people
The dorm rooms need to be renovated because it's so old it makes a lot of noise. Food needs to be less fatty and more healthy .
The professors are very helpful because of the smaller classrooms.
My school helps students find job internships as well as jobs on or off campus.
We have security who keeps campus life safe.
The dorms are ok, but they can be better
We do not have greeks
My school makes athletics great
This is a nursing school so its hard to answer this question.
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I really enjoy this school, i wish it was cheaper and the number of the students to a class was smaller.
There is no sorority at this school.
i really enjoy this school becuase it is specifically for nursing, although it is a little pricey.
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