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The College of Saint Benedict has a wonderful academic environment. Students are extremely focused and there are plenty of resources to help aid students in their classes. Many of the professors make it known that they care about the students' performances. The academic community is honestly like no other. The school lacks diversity though. They promote this inclusive and accepting community but students of color are constantly excluded and exploited for school profits/benefits.
The atmosphere at College of Saint Benedict is very friendly and welcoming. Everyone is willing to help and answer questions. If someone cannot answer a question you may have, they help you find someone who can and then even follow up with you afterwards. They go out of their way to help students feel welcome. It's not hard for it to feel like a second home. There's always someone willing to help with anything you need whether it be writing a paper or finding a campus job.
Being an upcoming sophomore at the College of Saint Benedict, my experience so far has not been the best. When I first accepted to attend the school I was very excited and ready for the new journey that I was about to embark upon. During my second semester, I found myself being worried over how to pay for the school I was attending. Even though I get a good financial aid package, the work study program they have is not the best. The college counselor spoke to me and reassured me that my work study would be payed off by my job, but it did not turn out to be that way and I am having to pay my work study out of pocket which is a lot more than I thought it would have been. Not only is the work study program the worst, this school also does not have diversity. If you are looking for a school that is diverse, this school does not have diversity at all. Being a Hispanic student, I sometimes feel out of place and feel like I do not belong because of the low number of Hispanic students.
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So far I am enjoying my time at the College of Saint Benedict. I have a lot of friends, classes that spark my interest, and awesome professors. It lacks diversity but hopefully that will change.
Although we joke about over-using the term "community" at St. Ben's, I still find that term to truly describe our campus each and every day. There is a well-rounded mix of students, professors, monastic life, and St. Joseph community members that all share the same goal of helping Bennies thrive. Women at CSB are consistently supported in their aspirations while on campus and for the rest of their lives.
I like the two campus, SJU and CSB. Both camps are beautiful. The libraries are great places to study with many study rooms. The people on campus are very friendly and welcoming.
This catholic, liberal arts college located in Minnesota has an amazing music program and has over 600 acres of woods surrounding the school.
I liked the College of Saint Benedict, it is a good school for people who like a smaller community, but it was not my top choice.
I chose CSB because of their community values and their alumni involvement. The alumni of CSB/SJU reach out beyond college into the professional world.
I really liked how the College of Saint Benedict has a wonderful community of people. They are all very nice and the people in my major are all enthusiastic and supportive.
I love being at the College of Saint Benedict! I have really enjoyed my time here so far and I can't wait to be here for anohter 2 years. The food is amazing for college food and I don't know what I would do without it when I have such a busy schedule. The professors are wonderful and care for each student individually and their success. I have made a lot of friends and have been able to build my own home here from showing up and not knowing anyone. I don't party and I'm not a huge sports person. I spend a lot of my time working as a TA and a tutor and studying. The gym facilities are amazing and I use them pretty much everyday. The campus itself is beautiful yearround. Getting to have to two campuses together is really nice to have one in a little town and the other out in the woods with lakes and trails. Overall, my time her has been amazing and I couldn't have seen myself attending anywhere else.
St. Ben's is a college that truly values every student. Every department, from Residential Life to Campus Security, works to build relationships with students. The professors do the same - they often make themselves available to help students with academic struggles or even general life advice.
I love all of the people I've met so far on my collegiate journey. This school provides great resources for advancing your studies, your career, and your social circle!
I’m a freshman here and so far it’s okay. The professors, staff, and people are all incredibly nice. The classes are challenging, especially chemistry, but there are many resources. There’s a lot to be involved in on campus, but not that many places to party. The St. Joe Police Department is incredibly strict, they live to hand out minors in a college town... But if you don’t mind a more mellow party scene it’s fine. The location itself isn’t great, highly recommend having a car on campus and the two campuses/busing is a kind of a pain but manageable. Overall my time here has been fine, but if the people sucked I wouldn’t be here.
Coming to the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University was probably one of the best decisions I have made throughout my life. Both the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University have their unique qualities to them, thus I like them each for separate reasons. One major bonus of going to a smaller private college is that you get to experience things that those at a larger state school would not get to experience. Such as the professors at both campuses will actually make an effort to learn and know your name. as well as you will not be seen as just another number but you will be seen as a college student. Also, the fall is the absolute best time to be on campus because all of the leaves are changing and it is gorgeous everywhere you go.
Don’t come here if you’re looking for any parties or a social aspect. The cops really cracked down and are serious about getting students in trouble. I’m only here for job placement and the classes.
Love it! if your looking for a small school, helpful teachers, and a great learning environment, i️ really recommend!
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It’s a great small catholic school. However, it does not feel small at all.
Great outdoors campus tgat provudes make outdoors experiences.
I love the atmosphere! You won't find a Bennie or Johnnie who doesn't love CSBSJU! The only downside is that the friend groups tend to be very cliquey. But you will meet very nice people along the way! Classes are always small and the professors are always willing to help.
College of Saint Benedict has been a great experience so far and I would not change my experience. The only thing I would like to see change is a more exclusive nursing program because ours is very small and only accepts 54 students a year. The professors are great for the most part. I’ve had some really great connections with some of them and just a couple that have been there for awhile that I feel should not due to unorganization and overall course work they teach. However, I’m sure all colleges have professors like that, but that is my only concern that I wish had some improvement.
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