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It's an overall "well - rounded" type of school. You get a little bit of everything here. The campus, the people, not to mention the food and professors are all wondeful
I could not love this school more! The community aspect of this college is unlike anything I have ever seen and the connections are limitless. Both of my parents are alumni and had an equally amazing experience, which is proof that this school has always been an exceptional college and will continue to be.
The College of Saint Benedict is the most welcoming and friendly community based campus that I have ever set foot on. The Sisters of Saint Benedict are the most kind, gentle, and patient women and they make great friends to take advice from on campus. I have never found it hard to join clubs or activities because there is such an abundance. I find it very easy to make great friends that will last a lifetime. The professors at The College of Saint Benedict care about their students and strive to see them succeed. The programs offered at The College of Saint Benedict are some of the most prestigious programs known in the state. It has been a blessing to be a part of the most whole-hearted community that I have ever been a part of.
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The community is incredibly friendly and the professors care about your education. As a first year, the transition between high school and college was somewhat bad, but I know it would have been a lot worse if I had gone to a different college. People saw my struggle and did what they could to help.
The College of Saint Benedict is a very friendly community. I absolutely love the professors, along with the students who attend. I also love how you can commute to Saint John's University as well. Overall, it's a beautiful place to be scenery wise and people wise. I highly recommend!
The College of Saint Benedict not only provides excellent academics but it allows you to grow as an individual through the clubs and organizations on campus. The small, liberal arts campus has helped me excel in my academics through one on one professor contact and the opportunities provided. Not to mention the people you will meet at CSB are some of the most passionate and down to earth individuals, and they want to help you with every aspect of your life!
It is an amazing school with great professors that really care about your education. The education you receive at St. Bens is above any other. They do not only prepare you for your future profession, but they prepare you to be successful citizens within the community. I will never regret choosing to continue my education at the College of Saint Benedict. It is truly the best of the best in Minnesota.
I absolutely fell in love with the College of Saint Benedict when I first toured it after my junior year of high school. The atmosphere was amazing and both campuses were beautiful. The food on campus tastes so good, I even miss it when I'm back home. There's so many activities and clubs to take part in on campus! The academics are challenging and interesting as well.
The academics are challenging, but the professors always make themselves available to you, which is great. There are always activities on campus, but we're an hour and a half away from Minneapolis, so it's not the most exciting place to be. Campus activities does a good job of planning fun events on campus. The campus is predominantly white, which can be challenging for minority groups.
I love the support that's readily available. I love the classroom settings and how connected the professors are with their students. What I'd like to see change are the times places are closed, such as the weight room, Health Center, etc.
Attending the College of Saint Benedict is the best decision I have ever made. The community and atmosphere on campus are special and I am so grateful for all the memories I have made and people I have met here. As a senior in my last semester, I never want graduation to come. I never want to have to leave this place because I love it so much here. The campus is beautiful, the professors are great, the opportunities are endless, and the cost is completely worth it. I would recommend this school to everyone. Once a bennie, always a bennie. I love CSBSJU.
Saint Benedict is definitely the college to go to if you want a small classroom environment, involved professors, and comfortable dorms. While I would not necessarily call it diverse, Saint Ben's takes pride in its community. Also, the President (Mary Hinton) is the Everybody loves her and she makes all of the politics going on locally and nationally a lot easier to swallow.
I would not recommend going in as a Nursing major, as that is a very competitive department here and you don't have much room to breathe. However, most of the other sciences (except Physics, the department is both underfunded and small.) Saint Ben's more "liberal" majors are much better and students rarely have negative things to say about them. Saint Ben's pre-law and pre-physical assistant programs are also very well managed, and there are many resources for students who are looking to pursue such programs to get more information.
I really like most everything about the College of Saint Benedict. They do a really good job of getting students involved and invested within the community. I love most of the people I'm around and feel I'm becoming a better person every year. Taking a bus between saint Bens and saint Johns isn't too bad but only getting a diploma from Saint Benedict is a little sad.
I have heard great things about Saint Benedict, and my if my application process and/or visit to their campus is reflected on those I would have to agree.
This is a very nice college. We have a beautiful campus, great events and a variety of clubs or organisations that you can join. Beside, class size is small so you get to know the professor and can build a closed relationship with them.
CSBSJU has the greatest community! You won't find this at any other school. CSB and SJU teachers and staff are very welcoming and accepting and some professors even invite students to their homes for class instead of staying in the classroom! The Saint John's Abbey Arboretum is gorgeous and there are many trails and lakes to explore. CSBSJU is amazing!
I had an absolute blast during my 4 years at CSB. Saint Ben's is a tightly-knit community where you can explore any of your passions. I was able to study abroad, participate in an intensive internship program, work a student job, and play a varsity sport. Everyone is highly involved in campus clubs and organizations which is a great way to meet new people. The friendly, welcoming atmosphere is one of the things I miss most now that I'm an alum.
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The school is great because you get to know so many people, and especially right away, everyone is looking to make friends too. Dorms could use an update though. Not bad but not that good.
Very welcoming community. Great academics. Professors actually want you to succeed. Located in a small town, but about 15 mins aways from St. Cloud.
The campus is great! It has a small town feel, but has everything I need. Everything is only a walk away. The RA's help make everyone feel comfortable and answer all of my questions. There is great food options for whatever mood I'm in. My dorm is full of fun and nice ladies. I feel very safe wherever I am at on the campus. There is tons of fun stuff to do and lots of places to just relax or study, too. I would totally recommend this college to anyone.
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