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I am only a Freshman here at the Elms, but I already love it. It is a small school with lots of clubs, diversity, and connections. My classes are great and I feel as though I am getting the education I am paying for.
This school focuses heavily on the nursing major. While the rest of the majors are good, there is less funding and professors, creating less of an opportunity to see different teaching styles as you'll probably have a couple main teachers, but the staff is good. People are pretty friendly, and professors will make sure that you succeed if you put the effort and work in.
elms college is a good experience for students that want to get a 4 year experience with a community college vibe
Review College of Our Lady of the Elms
While everyone loves to go watch the games, the teams are very cliquey.
The professors really care about you and your grade: you're not just a number to them.
Feel safe everywhere I go I on campus
Some classes are extremely lengthy
They give lots of opportunities
I think with the amount of money each student that attends that college gives for their tuition and housing, the stay, cleanness, space, etc should be a lot better
They are great when it comes to students that have never played a certain sport but would like to start. They will take you in and teach you with open arms
Wish there was more help to get through certain classes and exams
its not the worse but work needs to be done holding faculty accountable for their lack of following syllabus and using such expensive books that they hardly use
lack of diversity in both student body and faculty
Students are creative in the way they keep things low-key
It has been great, except for lack of diversity with both student body and faculty
The career center is the best overall. The director is phenomenal and knowledgeable
I feel extremely safe on campus in all aspects
Review College of Our Lady of the Elms
Resident adviser's are students and their have been instances where they are bias in enforcing rules. Their have also been instances where they are not a good example, I feel the process in selecting RA's is not the best and leads to not hiring the most appropriate ones.
As a transfer student I did not have to pay an application fee. They were very helpful but I feel a bit disorganized because as a transfer student their were things I did not have to do that I did because I was not told. Overall it was a fairly easy process
Sports is somewhat important on campus but I feel some students do not put their all into it and coaches have their favorites which hinders students performance and deters capable athletes from joining
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