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Elms College is a very relaxing place to be. Their campus employees are very nice and helpful. I am part of a satellite location and trying to get a response can be difficult.
My experience with College of our Lady of the Elms has been good so far. It is a very cozy campus, not too big. It is easy to navigate your classes without getting lost. the professors here are very considerate of your opinions. Since it's not such a big campus, it isn't hard to feel included in things. I am a commuter so I don't know much about dorm life so that's something that still interest me. There are plenty of resources here to help students stay on track an and stay on track. Also, they have many clubs and activities to engae in. The little things that make you feel connected no matter if you are a commuter or not.
College of Our Lady of the Elms is an excellent four year institution. Faculty and staff strive on being accommodating and are readily available to answer phone calls and emails. The campus alone is small and offers a wonderful opportunity for small class sizes and one-on-one help. The library is a wonderful place to study and help with academic research. Overall, College of Our Lady of the Elms is an excellent opportunity for students to get the help they need due to the lower volume of students.
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I have enjoyed my experience at Elms very much so far. The main thing I enjoy is the computer classes I've taken thus far. I love working with computers and technology in general and the Computer Science Professors at Elms do a fantastic job at creating a friendly environment that's actually fun to participate within. I vastly enjoyed my time programming especially. I love making unique creations.
Elms is a small and very comunity oriented school. There's a lot of of campus events and the classes are really interesting. If you have a problem with a class or assignment, it's generally easy to meet with the professor about it.
I would elms to expand their campus. I would like elms to hire good coaching staff. I would like elms to lower tuition and housing costs by a significant amount. I would like elms to have better food and update the campus.
The teachers and staff are incredible. They are all very friendly and overall trying their to make sure everyone succeeds. There are also so many opportunities on campus. They have tutoring services, weekly activities, student government and so much more!
Elms College is literally the perfect school for me. Reason being I love that it is a small college and the staff try and get to know each student. They are always checking up on you and letting you know the resources that they have on campus to help us.
The academics and professors at Elms are great. The professors really want to see you succeed. There are also a lot of resources to help you, like tutoring. Although the school is small and you see a lot of the same people, it is very cliquey.
First I wouldn't change a thing at Elms. staff and student are amazing the lab rooms are spot on and the new equipment is amazing in the nursing unit. I loved how they go and help the homeless with medical needs, the food is spot on. The Campus is in a great location for what town it is in and the campus isn't very widespread. having a Starbucks to get coffee in the morning is so amazing
I currently attend Elms, and everything about it is amazing. The small campus is great for connections between everyone. The small classes create much more one-on-one time with teachers, which helps tremendously with academics. The nursing/Pre-med program is tremendous.
Elms is a very small school, but I have met more different types of great people from all around the world here than at any other college. It was a great experience.
I appreciate the overall community that is expressed at Elms and how friendly and welcoming everyone is when you get started. It is a great opportunity to make friends and extend your learning while being able to be a part of the Elms family as well as enjoying the beautiful campus!
I enjoyed the small atmosphere. Everybody on the campus is friendly and helpful. Beautiful campus that has a mixture of modern and older-fashion designs.
As a first semester student I found that the transition from community college to a university was very easy. I am adjusting very well, everyone has been helpful. As a commuter some things are challenging, but I am learning my way around here.
I enjoyed to pretty campus and convenient location. I loved my dorm room and the fact that I got to keep the same room for three years in a row. I struggle with different advisors giving me conflicting advice as to what courses I am required to take. I was disappointed to invest a semester in a class I did not enjoy because it was "required," only to be informed later that it "would not count" towards my major and I needed to take something different to fulfill the requirement. This happened every semester for three and a half years.
Great school, small and friendly community, exceptional faculty. A rigorous bio course load and pre- med track helped me prepare for and get into my first choice medical school! Loved the professors, small classes, modern labs!
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I like the size of the college. The classes are definitely on the smaller size, which I like because it is much easier to talk to the professor. I would like to see some updates to the library, the campus is pretty outdated.
Very Focused and the Professors really care about seeing succeeding even though they dont really have to care they show us and push us forward in order to care.
The college is great. Every one is always polite. The professors are excellent at helping students and getting students internships. The food could improve its not that great. There is a lot of student activities to do.
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