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I personally like bigger schools however, the mount is an average school. They offer great academics here but the school is not worth paying over $40,000 per year.
This school has the best staff and an even better environment! I definitely recommend CMSV to any new students.
The College of Mount Saint Vincent is an amazing school. This is my second semester there and I still love it. I love the fact that this school is small. It really gives you a close family feel.
Review College of Mount Saint Vincent
The College of Mount Saint Vincent is a very nice school with great people. This college helps you succeed with your academics, the professors are very enthusiastic to teach. One thing I would change about the college is the tuition money.
I liked that this school was close enough to home that I could live on campus but also go home whenever I feel like it. It's close to the city which is nice. It's a small school which can be good and bad. You can get to know your professor very well considering the class sizes aren't too large. What I don't like is that a lot of people go home on the weekends so it's typically dead on campus. This leads to a lot of people transferring out. The tuition is also very very expensive!
the college showed their various clubs and activities, but it failed to show their academics. The faculty was nice, but not so helpful since we had to and out about the campus tour on our own. although, the campus was beautiful and big.
This is a really small school, which has its pros and cons. One pro is that class sizes are small, so it's easier to interact with the professor. I personally didn't expect the school to be this small, it's very similar to my high school. Therefore, it's hard to make friends (especially as a commuter) since there isn't a large variety of personalities lol. Another thing: this school loves residents, and commuters don't get any perks as the residents do.
You get in trouble for everything.
They connect you to their connections.
Professors are there for you and they make sure you learn the material.
not much going on with assault. Pretty safe.
its not the best but there is free laundry.
It is not the best school, very highschoolish.
My stay at this high school was great. Met a lot of people and made a lot of connections. I would chose it again because the teachers can teach and prepared me well for college.
Since I'm a science major, I am in love with the science building and the professors. They are honestly the best and actually care for me and my goals in life and try to make my life much easier when it comes to grades, assignments and management.
The career that I am pursuing isn't one that is very common on campus. I am study to become a Neurosurgeon and its hard to find anything with jobs or internships to study under a Surgeon, even more so a Neurologist. But I will say that in any other career choice, the school does its best to get involved in trying to find you a place at an internship or job that would fit your needs for your degree.
There is no type of sexual assault on campus. There aren't any issues with the law, nor with security. We'd use security for a ride up the hill so we don't get chased by raccoons
Review College of Mount Saint Vincent
Everyone on campus loves sports. We all participate in sport events and if theres space, in the sports teams itself.
I adore being at the school I am in. Theres a lot to do for such a small school. The clubs are amazing and organized, the sports teams are great and look like a lot of fun, the student body itself is amazing. Everyone here , including the professors, are amazing and actually try and help each other achieve their life goals.
Love my professors accept for a hand few. Course styles and topics do vary when students ask for a variety. More available times and online courses should be offered. Class size is very small and effective.
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