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I love the different community service opportunities that they have as well as the small and beautiful campus. The professors were all very interesting and enjoyable.
What I like about the college of Mount Saint Vincent is how small and connected everything is. It has an amazing view and the professors are very kind along with the students.
I like Mount Saint Vincent for many different reasons. I like how the campus looks like since the first day. Professor, staffs are nice with students.
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This college is not worth the money. It has a beautiful small campus. Other than that, the student life is little to none. There are no fraternities, no soroities. The classes are extremely boring and disengaging. This feels like a high school or a community college than a private university. The dorms can be disgusting, there are plenty of mice and rats. The party scene is crappy especially if you don't choose to go out on Thursdays. I will say the local area to the south of CMSV is very safe. To the north it can be dangerous in Yonkers. CMSV is on the border.
I love the small class size of classes, and the extra help and encouragement provided by professors and other staff. The nice environment and a lot of academic resources provided.
The accelerated nursing program really sets you up with the tools to pass the NCLEX as soon as the first semester. Every class encorporates ATI testing into their curriculum. The reason I gave it only 3 stars is due to the fact that the financial aid office is terrible. They are unresponsive I called every day once foe a week and left multiple voicemails and never got a response. They also misplaced stuff I sent them and made me resend it, and I always had to follow up multiple times before something got done. Very frustrating when you’re getting ready to start a program and meet all your other deadlines.
the area and people are nice but it's is very expensive and I feel they dont help you at all because they want to keep you here
The College Of Mount Saint Vincent is a great school that offers a great education and a welcoming environment for incoming students. It is a small, yet beautiful campus and it is very easy to be fully integrated within it's community with all the clubs that are offered.
Teachers were excellent and mostly cared about students and their education. I spent only one semester here however, because the school was too expensive for me. Small school and campus. There were many sanitary issues in my dorm building (spellman) such as rats and roaches. The cafeteria food was either gross or ok.
Overall the campus itself is beautiful. All the professors are amazing. The only problem is that the financial aid office is disgusting. The worst people in that office that just sit around and laugh at students’ problems.
If you want to go to a small college this should be in your list. A small college provides more one on one Professor to student relationship. Another perk is being so close to the city but the campus environment seems like you’re in upstate NY with all the beautiful landscape and being right next to the Hudson River the sunset is always beautiful.
The Mount is a great school with a lot of potential. It has some flaws like only one dining hall with a limited amount of options, but the school tries hard to try and please every student. the professors go above and beyond for the students. with such a small class size it is easy for a teacher to really get to know a student instead of knowing them as a number in a massive lecture hall.
I like the diverse ratio of professors and students. The overall education aspect could be better, the campus is beautiful. Too expensive for what it’s worth.
My experience at the College of Mount Saint Vincent overall was average. It offered very little job opportunities, but the internship center really helps. Food was average. The professors for the most part was ok.
I just graduated from CMSV last May and I miss It terribly. I am currently getting my masters at another college and It reminds me of how good I had It at CMSV. Everyone becomes very close in your classes, athletics and student activities. The college really stepped It up from my freshman year of 2013 until now. Also, the party scene is decent on Thursdays but after that you have to make your own plans. My friends and I took advantage of the city being right there and went every weekend. I would highly recommend this college if you want to go somewhere that has decent athletics, is small, has a campus but is also in the city.
Professors are great! They try to help you as much as they can and pursue you to continue with education.
I personally like the school. I like the small class sizes because you get the opportunity to form a great bond with your professor and classmates.
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I am currently a Finance Major. It has been great. They are extremely supportive, especially with scholarships. They are most charitable and looks out for the less fortunate. Student activities makes every effort to ensure that students enjoy their stay here. I am also an athlete. The girls on my cross country team are amazing and supportive. I am motivated everytime I compete. Due to my circumstances, my college ensures that all my needs are met.
The classes are rigorous but professors are very friendly and will help you as much as possible especially if you show effort. I am a nursing major and their are plenty of opportunities to practice skills with the Rns provided throughout the week. Campus life is very calm the dance teams are very nice and provide a large part of the schools social network. The dorms bathrooms in some buildings need a little revamping. The library needs a new Ac so If you enjoy reading in one I would recommend finding other options during summer it is physically impossible to do anything in there. It’s like boiling yourself. But overall the college is nice and is a tight nit community.
The professors are the best part of the school. However, things such as the dining hall hours and the way financial aid employees treat students needs to be changed. Also, its more of a Mon-Fri school. A lot of residential students go home Friday afternoon making it a bit boring to be here on the weekends. Other than that the Mount is a good school.
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