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I am currently a Finance Major. It has been great. They are extremely supportive, especially with scholarships. They are most charitable and looks out for the less fortunate. Student activities makes every effort to ensure that students enjoy their stay here. I am also an athlete. The girls on my cross country team are amazing and supportive. I am motivated everytime I compete. Due to my circumstances, my college ensures that all my needs are met.
The classes are rigorous but professors are very friendly and will help you as much as possible especially if you show effort. I am a nursing major and their are plenty of opportunities to practice skills with the Rns provided throughout the week. Campus life is very calm the dance teams are very nice and provide a large part of the schools social network. The dorms bathrooms in some buildings need a little revamping. The library needs a new Ac so If you enjoy reading in one I would recommend finding other options during summer it is physically impossible to do anything in there. It’s like boiling yourself. But overall the college is nice and is a tight nit community.
The professors are the best part of the school. However, things such as the dining hall hours and the way financial aid employees treat students needs to be changed. Also, its more of a Mon-Fri school. A lot of residential students go home Friday afternoon making it a bit boring to be here on the weekends. Other than that the Mount is a good school.
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Currently I am a freshman looking to transfer. I moved here in August, and the school is disgusting. The facilities are old and dingy. The classrooms wreak of sweat and the professors are OKAY. I Don't feel like I'm coming here for higher education, more like high school PART 2. I feel that I made a horrible decision. Please do not come here unless you have an EXCELLENT financial aid pkge and you've looked at ALL your options. There is WEED, DRINKING, AND DIRTY MOUSES in the dorms. DO NOT LET YOUR PARENTS INVEST THERE MONEY HERE. PLEASE!
Mount Saint Vincent is one of the best colleges in the country, I highly recommend anyone to join. At first I didn't think that it would be the right school for me with it being catholic and all but overall its a really good school. I am majoring into nursing. and what I like about it the most is that if you fail the first time you can try again, other colleges wouldn't be so generous. But all of your dream are welcome at the College of Mount Saint Vincent.
Amazing environment! Love the teachers and majority of the student. A beautiful place, however the wifi sucks and it is unorganized.
So far, the staff are very supportive and really care about all the students and take the time to really get to know you and just help you become a better person.
Very well organized, Prestigious , helpful college. Beautiful and very accepting. Well conditioned and ran. Great professors. Many clubs. Variety. Very diverse.
I am starting the accelerated nursing program at St. Vincent and am please to say that I have a high GPA. I work hard and am very determined to enter the workforce after an extensive education
Everyone at the mount are so kind and cheery. They really make you feel at home and it truly is home for 4 years of your college experience
The College of Mount Saint Vincent is an excellent school. It's vast selection of majors and warm and friendly faculty make success possible.
Have been a student at the Mount for a year now and the school's academics are great because there are truly passionate professors but financially they change too much.
Very small campus, you will run into the same people almost every day. The nursing department is slowly getting better, but still has its flaws. A high acuity of students are nursing majors. The food is good, a bit pricey but reasonable. The workload can be heavy, depends on your professors, but most are understandable. not really a party school, so don't expect too much.
The professors are great here. However, the students and vibe of the school is very much like high school, very immature. The food is always the same, financial aid is not so great, they always manage to make you pay money that you do not owe. It is a nice campus but programs like trio they have resources but they do not know how to use them wisely. An example is every time I go for my classes they never know what I have to take that's why I do research on my own, the meetings are pointless. And the staff is very unprofessional and talk to you like you are in the hood.
I personally like bigger schools however, the mount is an average school. They offer great academics here but the school is not worth paying over $40,000 per year.
This school has the best staff and an even better environment! I definitely recommend CMSV to any new students.
The College of Mount Saint Vincent is an amazing school. This is my second semester there and I still love it. I love the fact that this school is small. It really gives you a close family feel.
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The College of Mount Saint Vincent is a very nice school with great people. This college helps you succeed with your academics, the professors are very enthusiastic to teach. One thing I would change about the college is the tuition money.
I liked that this school was close enough to home that I could live on campus but also go home whenever I feel like it. It's close to the city which is nice. It's a small school which can be good and bad. You can get to know your professor very well considering the class sizes aren't too large. What I don't like is that a lot of people go home on the weekends so it's typically dead on campus. This leads to a lot of people transferring out. The tuition is also very very expensive!
the college showed their various clubs and activities, but it failed to show their academics. The faculty was nice, but not so helpful since we had to and out about the campus tour on our own. although, the campus was beautiful and big.
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