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The environment here is pretty relaxing, giving us the perfect atmosphere to study and get our work done.
The College of Micronesia-FSM (COM-FSM) is the best place for students who want a learning experience of the culture-rich Federated States of Micronesia (FSM). COM-FSM is the only college in the FSM. The first 2-year program that I graduated from is the Micronesian Studies Program. I learned many things about the different islands in Micronesia. I finally learned about and understood the different people, cultures, and languages of Micronesia. After I graduated from Micronesian Studies, I decided to go back to COM-FSM and study education. I have completed and received an associate’s degree and a third-year certificate in Teacher Preparation. COM-FSM equipped me with the knowledge and the experience that I needed for the elementary education program that I am currently in. This is a bachelor’s program in partnership with the University of Guam.
The College of Micronesia is a good college attend. One of my recent instructors here at the college really pushed me to pass the course, which I like a lot. He made me become very interested in the course he was teaching through small games and group activities. I like the way that the instructors here at the College of Micronesia push their students to succeed.
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The feeling of knowing that when i accomplish my studies i know that i will gain something out of it. The programs at college of Micronesia are very helpful with the curriculum which the professors here teach is knowledgeable and i know for a fact that it will take me somewhere great.
The beginning of the spring semester i kind felt a little nervous, but then everyone seem to mind their own business. they didn't pretty much kept an eye on the new comers attending the school. The teachers are very friendly and hilarious at sometimes. The staff were very helpful at all times with directions. The facilities were well maintained not a mark of graffiti to be found on the walls of the campus. There were many place where you could sit and be yourself for the moment. At times you would find your self debating on were to sit under trees with umbrella like branches with leaves that are just blocking the suns rays, and you could feel the breezy air flowing just completely everywhere or underneath the local huts made by previous students. Finally the remarkable view of the school located in the mountains of Palikir pohnpei. you can see skies hovering right above the campus which makes feel you are close to heaven and the top of the world.
my major is not one of the most focused on major here, I mean, computer isn't a major that our government persuade us to major in. Mostly agriculture and business
We don't have bad instructors but very few amount of instructors with a professor's degree or a master's degree
We don't have much activities to be recognized from, our sport facility has a limit time of use
I already graduated from this school.
Those instructors here at this school are very active, they always gave students interest of their work.
Everything that is offer at this school is great and excelence.
I didn't take online course, so i don't know anything about the online courses.
We have different students body associations and all are very active.
Like here the school I was now am living in dorm and high cost of tuition and i really need scholarships to help me paid for my school fees, really for the dorm that i living in now.
What i learn from my first college is really work best for the University I was now at.
There are some kids of academic offered at the schools and it improve students learnings.
I really like my major that is why i already graduated, from, agriculture and natural resource management.
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This is a nice school ever.I already Graduated from the College of Micronesia with an As degree in agriculture and Natural resource management, and now am at the University of Guam, just stared this semester, working on my Ba degree in Agriculture.
Earning an associates degree at this college gets you more chance to find a job in the FSM. College of Micronesia is accredited with the western association of schools and colleges, which means you can transfer your credits to other colleges or universities if you wish to continue your education to higher level.
Professors and courses offered at this college is good. The college has combined different students with different culture and has a huge outdoor space for student activities, relaxation, study and etc. It also has a small size classroom of 25 which we have more time to deal with our professors with anything we're not comfortable with.
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