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College of Menominee Nation Reviews

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My experience at College of Menominee Nation, was terrific! The people you meet at campus are always in a good mood The instructors are very kind and easy to work with. The 1 on 1 tutors are always there to help also, no matter what subject/project you have. I personally would change nothing about this college. The programs College of Menominee Nation provides are spectacular!
Beware! This school will shut down a program at ANY time! My classmates and I were only 2 semesters away from our ADN degree when they shut the program down. They sent a short email to notify the students, that’s it. It was rude, and heartless to do to a group of incredibly dedicated individuals! If you want an expensive school where you have to teach yourself all of the curriculum, this is the place for you! They have proven time and time again that they must be horrible with money and planning. They even shut down their sustainability program at one time which is a cornerstone of the college. Such a sad a pathetic school. It’s a disservice to the tribe.
I enjoy being part of the Business Administration program at CMN. The classes are challenging and the information learned is very useful. There are many resources to help students achieve a higher level of understanding and the faculty and staff genuinely care about the well-being of the students and their academic success. There are also many opportunities for internships within the college and the Menominee Community for business students.
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I have had a wonderful college experience at CMN. The staff and students are very welcoming and supportive. I've enjoyed being part of the community. There are many opportunities for students to be involved in community activities and workshops that help open you up to new ideas and enhance learning.
High staff turn overs...follow up challenging at times
Relevant material to my field
Suportive college staff.... Knowledgeable and aporoachable professors. Students share the same passion for learning.
The major I am working towards is very much surrounded by faculty that have experience in this field.
professors are quite helpful and give direct explanations of the days work and homework assigned. They work with individuals at their own learning levels.
The financial aid employees are very helpful, knowledgeable, and also very nice. If they can't help or find an answer to your question they will direct you to someone who can help.
Not always the positive comes out of working through my experiences at the college
I love were I work and found the job on my own.
Professors are not always available. Tutoring has hurt my grade at points because they do not apply the correct tutor.
High workload with little help from teachers.
Web study has a lot of problems with submitting the information to instructors. Instructors are not always available.
Tuition is high but grants are helpful. I do not get much financial aide and this semester it will be a struggle.
Could use better classrooms with sound proof during testing.
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It was hard to get classes at different times. Nursing classes are only offered one time and one day per semester.
The schools administration helped with getting ready for starting classes and signing up every semester and making sure that every thing was complete.
I feel that the college cared about their students. I feel that they were able to help me through my struggles and be successful in my career path as a student and also as a professional.
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