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They have excellent job placement. If you want to work you will be able to have a job.
The whole community is a resource to the school including job placement after graduation.
Everything is done the way you would think it should be done. Professors are all experienced, registration is a breeze, and the owners rock! Plus we provide affordable massages to the public.
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It's a trade school so there is only one major. You have a work load equal to your learning and preparation to become a massage therapist.
The students interact well with each other at school and are super friendly even if they don't get together outside of school much.
They are still in process of getting Title IV certified so they made arrangements with two local credit unions for loan options but I didn't qualify with either.
Although I could not qualify for financial aide they worked well with me on an in house payment plan so I could still attend school.
I thoroughly enjoyed school at Brigham Young University-Idaho. The spiritual atmosphere there is enlightening and peaceful. Having God as a focus in your education no matter what subject you are studying or what your major is provides a higher quality education. I graduated and would love to go back there for another degree if I could get accepted into the alternate nursing program, but competition is tight and it's not easy to get in especially if you already have a degree.
Professors care about you as an individual and make time to help you any way they can. Several of my professors still say hi when we come across each other off campus. The class size isn't super large and you really learn what you need to know whatever your choice of study. There are tons of classes to choose from but you have to be quick to get into them because they fill up so quickly. There is lots of enthusiasm for learning and student involvement in the learning process.
I don't believe the online courses are equal to classroom time in quality. Maybe a tech savvy person would benefit more.
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