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What I like about College of Marin is their friendly community and effective academic counselors. Everyone is friendly and willing to help students. EOPS of College of Marin offers free tutoring sections. I would like to see a change in their science classes. Many students are not able to take Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, or Microbiology because they offer only 2 or 3 sections and the maximum of students are 24 in each section. I would like College of Marin to offer 4 sections in these classes.
I thought I was never going to be able to go back to school, but College of Marin's counselors and professors really do everything in their power to empower and instill confidence in their students.
My first year at College of Marin has been immensely impactful and beneficial to my life. The faculty and student body is very supportive and open-minded, which helped me as an international student adapt to the American culture. The education allowed me to explore myself in diverse fields of studies and has sparked my overall interest on learning. I can only recommend this community college as it provides excellent education and resources while enjoying a diverse education.
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Overall great community in Marin County, CA. The only complain I have some professors are not as willing to help (especially in Math) students succeed in the subject. Other than that, great school!
Classes are average, pretty basic stuff. Professors don't particularly care about the students and range from totally apathetic to totally incompetent. The students tend to be friendly. Many of them are from working-class or impoverished families and attend community college because of their financial need. For this reason, you see a lot of pretty smart, average students here. As I mentioned, the classes are average and the facilities are poor quality. However, there are lots of opportunities for financial aid and other support.
COM is a great school. I love it there, i really feel like the staff there really cares about you and how learn.
It’s a wonderful place if you want to learn and get involved in the community and also they have some of the best professors in the bay area.
COMs a pretty average school, a lot of my teachers are disorganized and not good at their jobs, but it is a community college so that's kind of expected. I don't feel like there is a lot of support, you really have to seek out counseling which can be hard to schedule during busy times. Really small campus.
I love my school and most of the teachers I've had. They have several benefits to students.Health hubs, pantries, transfer fairs. Schedules give you the opportunity to work and study. Online subjects are also very diverse. School is always clean and personal is always friendly.
It has been great since the first day I started to attend this community college. There are people who are willing to help you and make sure that you are getting in the right path. Friendly and with a lot of programs. .
College of Marin is a nice quaint community college. There isn't that much in the way of clubs or college involvement, but it makes it up for having a strong academic program. This allows students to transfer to the top colleges around and outside the bay area.
The college is set in an environment where learning is easy to nurture. The campus located beneath a mountain, is a sanctuary in the bustling Bay Area.

The college provides instructors that are knowledgeable and caring. Education for me has been completely reworked in my mental.

I feel like I did in my early years, excited of the process and the possibilities it provides.
I really enjoy College of Marin. The campus is beautiful and there are great professors. I would like to see them expand their distance education and summer session options.
College of Marin is a small school with a beautiful campus in a beautiful location. The education is of good quality and very affordable. Some professors are very helpful, and others are just there for the paycheck. Like any other institution you have to seek out those that are passionate about their work.
College of Marin is a great school. The counselors and academic advisors are great and really want to help students transfer to 4-year colleges or achieve associate degrees. One difficulty is being able to schedule a time to meet with your academic advisor to set up your degree plan. Most teachers here are fantastic and very supportive. One downside is the math department. I have yet to see an amazing math professor for calculus or above. Student activity and involvement is pretty alive at this college; however, I have also met several students shy away from the clubs or honor societies due to the large load of extra work in order to participate.
I have taken a couple of music ensemble courses here during high school. The experience was really great! The conductors were amiable and fun but directed in a manner that made us learn so much about music and ensemble playing.
I can't share the full student's experience, unfortunately, as I am not fully enrolled.
I'm a returning college student after taking several years off and College of Marin has, for the most part, been my dream college experience. The counselors and professors have been amazing in helping me make decisions about my education and guiding me through the processes, highs, and lows of academia. I say for the most part because there have been a couple that I've encountered that seemed not to know what to do with themselves or the students, but I believe that is to be expected in any field, including education.

There are two campuses, and both are beautiful and exude a somewhat laid back environment, making them easy to adjust to and pleasant to be at. I may be slightly biased, but I also think that their Multimedia program is one of the best in California and the Multimedia faculty has worked hard to make it that way.
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Although I’ve been going to com for sometime now I don’t like the changes they made with having to pay for class up front. They now will drop you if you can’t pay during enrollment whereas they use to allow you to receive your financial aid then pay for your education. All they ever want is your money....They don’t care about your education....
Great professors, safe campus, cheap parking, great food nearby, walking distance to bus stop and newly remodeled campus
Though I have only taken one class here so far, I have really enjoyed my experience at College of Marin. It is a very good community college and lovely campus. There are so many course options, and the Psychology class which I am taking right now is so interesting and engaging. I think it is definitely worth it to go here.
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