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Though I have only taken one class here so far, I have really enjoyed my experience at College of Marin. It is a very good community college and lovely campus. There are so many course options, and the Psychology class which I am taking right now is so interesting and engaging. I think it is definitely worth it to go here.
Isn't a very helpful staff in offices. No out of school life except for sports. Some teachers are very good.
I've taken mostly all my pre-requisites at COM and have found their teachers to be very helpful and available to clarify any questions. I recently got accepted into their nursing program and am ecstatic to start my journey. They've just built a brand new science, math and nursing building.
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My experience is great. I have great counselors an awesome student services. I am an EOPS student which is an awesome Benifet and really helps me. There is major support from staff and professors. There is also free tutoring for everyone struggling in math. College of Marin is just a great school.
The school was helpful getting classes completed for nursing school but sometimes the staff and recourses are not very willing to help out.
Classes fill up quick but if you manage to sign up quickly then you can accommodate your school schedule with your life.
My online experience has been great so far it easy to work and manage.
I haven't involved myself to much in that area but I here that they are helpful.
The professors at College of Marin are involved and interested in teaching their class.
So far my experience has been go to school and go home.
I have learned helpful skills in public speaking and soon to learn more about my major in business 101.
I just started but I would say it's not a fun school but the point is to get in and out.
The wide range of times that there is for alor of classes is really helpful and allows me to work and as well as going to school the same day
For people who are enrolled in EOP its really helpful since they help you with transferring
Teachers are very helpful and help is there whenever a student needs it since class sizes arent so big which is great for people who are comfortable with small class sizes
Its been a great experience so far. Teachers and especially student services have been really helpful so far. They have alot of patiences definitely recommened college of marin for anyone who wants to attend a community college.
Professors so far have been very helpful and the classes are great.
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I work so my schedule is not as flexible as someone who does not work. However, even though I work I am still able to find classes that work with my schedule.
At first I thought online courses were not going to be helpful; however, I was wrong. When I took an online course it was very clear and understandable. The professor made everything very easy to understand. Of course they are very different than a classroom class because you get to have eye contact with your professors and your classmates. But if you're the type of person who works a lot has kids or just simply does not have time to get to class than online classes are very helpful- not to mention the workload us due able.
They have many programs here that help you out with looking for the career you're interested in what you can do with your career. Overall, they have very helpful resources available to anyone.
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