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I liked CLC because I found it to be a good place to start off at before transferring. The professors are really nice and are open to work with you to make sure you succeed while you are studying here.
College of Lake County was one of the best choices I made right out of high school, most of my teachers, besides one, where all amazing. I got to meet a lot of new people. I really appreciated their stand on globalizing everyone, with tons of opportunities to study abroad I got to go to China for a semester. That was single handedly the best thing I have ever done in my life. Take advantage of the things this community college has to offer you, its so much more than what you think.
My time at CLC was short, but it was fine. I had some great professors, but I also had some that I didn't like. The campus recently received a face lift. I last attended while construction was still underway and have not seen it since.
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Professors are truly passionate at what they do. Campus is very clean and updated constantly. Great resources available both online and on the campus. The college its self has 2 other locations convenient enough for those who commute from a longer distance. Students are very welcoming and intelligent.
CLC is a great school. The teachers a nice but sometimes you can get one that doesn't pay attention to her class. Other than that, I'm very satisfied with my school.
It was a great experience in the digital media program for my degree in animation. I made great friends in the business and have a promising future. It honestly felt like a second home after awhile and I will miss it after I graduate.
I am currently attending College of Lake County and my experience has been spectacular. Practically everything is a learning experience. You earn a good education. Every individual at CLC benefits your experience. Also, the assignments are challenging but interesting, and if one works hard enough, you will earn a great grade. Putting in effort and getting involved have been significant to any college experience, no matter what college one is attending! The staff, professors, and students people are kind and are great persons to be around. Overall, CLC is a great college that seems to operate like the "adult world," meaning it'll do things such as teach you responsibility. I'd recommend this place to anyone.
The professors are amazing and understanding. The variety of classes offered at the Southlake campus could be better but overall it's not so bad. The class size is great because it allows your teacher to get to know you better
My class scedule is amazing. I currently don't drive so I have to rely on others to take me to and from and the flexibility of my classes has really helped me out in that aspect.
The career center really helps if you are not sure about your career.
The quality of career services are fantastic. They really look out for you and make sure you are heading in the right path.
I plan on majoring in Psychology and thus far I have not had any ossues with my courseload. I am able to finish my work, study , work on other things, and still have time to relax.
This is only my 4th week of school and I have to admit it is definitely nothing like I expected. It is an incredible school with incredible teachers who CARE about your education. What makes CLC so unique is the diversity of students. There's high school graduates, adults who want to go back to school, and even adults who want to take some fun classes.
My experience so far has been great from the advisors, to having shortcuts to get to class. Going into my second year at clc has been nice experience. What I like about it is that you can find a quiet place to concentrate and study, from the quiet zone in the library to a table in the hallway. Now at the moment there is a lot of construction going on which is annoying, and hopefully it ends soon.
There's a lot of flexibility with classes. You can set up a schedule based off of your work schedule and still be a full time student.
At first the online courses were a little bit unorganized but once I got used to them, it became a piece of cake to access them and get help when needed.
The school offers many transfer abilities to many other universities in the country. You just have to pick which one you want to transfer too and make the arrangments.
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The class sizes are small enough that you can interact with the professors but also big enough where you can have student interaction and aid.
The staff will help you a lot. If you are willing to step out the crowd and focus, you will succeed no matter what.
The academic experience is what you make it out to be if you are willing to commit yourself.
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