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everything is on your own time, going on rate my professor helped me out a lot in terms of choosing the right class
I like that students are getting the same, or in some cases, a better education than 4 year schools, but at a cheaper price. There are some great professors teaching here. The class sizes are small so you have more of an opportunity to interact with the teacher and ask questions. I would like there to be a more connected community there. Everyone keeps to themselves and don't really talk to each other. Everything just sort of feels temporary.
I only went there from Spring 2016 to Fall 2016, but all the professors I had there were excellent. When I first oriented there as a freshman, the counselors and the financial aid offices were both very helpful in aiding me with my time there. It was easy to get around even during construction, and the campus police were also helpful if you got lost. The people there are nice, and I made a few friends in my classes too. Unfortunately I had to move in 2017 to California, but overall CLC I would go back to again if I ever needed to get classes done efficiently and quickly. The only downside is the classes cost a lot, I was only able to take two at a time and paid in installments because it already cost like $700-$800 and I worked part time making minimum wage.
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I am an incoming freshman and I was really late at picking classes and finalizing a major. You have to do a new student orientation and I have to say it was very informative. If you dont pay attention to the steps, read and read again the CLC website than your not ready. I was so lucky I got FAFSA and they showed me how to apply for scholarship money and my first year is covered, I asked a lot of questions and im sure I was redundant but hey they helped. I have a full 15 credits and I am going to focus on me and my success. I am so grateful for this opportunity.
The College of Lake County is an amazing college! My experience has been great! The teachers and the students are very nice!
Great return on investment to say the least. The experience makes for a fantastic opportunity to connect with community members.
I will start my Freshman Year at CLC this year and all the staff and professors I have talked to have all been very generous. Without a doubt this school will provide me with all the resources I need to start off my career.
College of Lake County is a good local college to help you start your college education and prepare you to move on to a 4 year college if you desire. There are a lot of classes and majors you can pursue. The size and location of the classes are good. I've appreciated everything CLC has done for me and I will be moving on to a 4 year to finish my Bachelor's next fall.
The college orientation was very welcoming and detailed. The counselors are very helpful and are there for the students. they help you stay on track with your academics.
The school is local and affordable. In all my years of studying there, I haven't had any bad teachers. We get free tutoring and free printing credits.
College of Lake County is great for everyone. Its the best community college to save tons of money. Diversity is amazing and so is the environment. Professors are great and will meet with students one on one whenever they need help with the work.
As my first year in college, my experience in the College of Lake County has been very favorable. The professors are very helpful and nice. There are many resources available for the students in order to be successful.
The environment was very welcoming and everyone seemed to really want my success. I like the size of the school and classes. Most of my professors were great and provided with opportunities to discuss topics thoroughly.
what i liked about college of lake county is that you can save a lot of money! there’s also very good professors out there that care about your education!
I liked how fast they were able to take me and help me choose the classes I needed for my major, as well as helping me out with troubles I faced during the application process for FAFSA.
I am in the phlebotomy program here at CLC and I can honestly say it's the first time in my life I'm getting a decent education and feel prepared going into my chosen field. I already have a bachelor's and have decided to switch careers and what I got out of my 4 years is nothing compared to what I am getting at CLC. These people make sure you are prepared. Just do it. It's a good decision. You will know more than others who study the same career at another school.
Campus is easy to navigate with lots of activities. could have some healthier cost effective items for food. over all a great community college campus.
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While yes you can save a lot of money, this school does not have much going on. Clubs and activities are very unorganized and it is hard to make friends outside of your major. On the bright side, they do offer a lot of resources to do well in your classes.
What I love about this college is the flexibility of the course you need to take and plenty of access to information about transferring and scholarship opportunities. I wish seeing counselors was easier. It's hard taking time off of work to go in between work hours.
The atmosphere of the environment is so pleasant. The campus itself is clean and very nice. The professors that I’ve had are very understanding and very accommodating.
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