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I took a summer class here and it was a great way to get a credit done before school started. The buildings and teachers are very nice!
It's not a bad school to attend to save money before going off to college. Not really a good fit for me anymore.
I like the outstanding work of the professors at CLC. They are masters of their field. I enjoy the atmosphere during the classes and the office hours dedicated to the meetings with the students. I would like to see more student life and more events organized on campus.
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College of Lake County made it easy for me to transfer to after high school. Their friendly environment makes others feel welcome and their staff will help in any way that they can. The professors make it easy to learn new material. It would be a great improvement if the financial aid office were more organized with their information but other than that I find my experience at CLC to be very pleasant.
It's what you'd expect from a community college: you get the most bang for you buck. Some teachers are terrible and others are awesome. I'd go on before signing up for a teacher. their new food court has good food but the school recently got rid of vending machines so bring your own snacks. The campus is currently being renovated and it seems to have good promise. Of the several CLC campuses, Grayslake is one of the safest. It as way less violence and lock downs than the Waukegan location.
I like the atmosphere of CLC. The professors I've had care about the students, and want them to succeed. There are employment opportunities and plenty of spaces to study. It's very affordable as well.
College of Lake County is a great 2 year community college. The majority of the professors are excellent and teach useful material. This is the perfect place to take general education classes if you want to save money on tuition.
CLC is a great community college. The construction lately has made it hard to get around but I'm sure once it's finished it will be a beautiful campus. I've attended CLC since 2005 and have never had any complaints about the professors or the courses offered.
I just completed my Associates in Science degree with CLC this past December of 2016. Overall, the community college was a great way to achieve my degree while working full time. The class schedules were 9/10 times accommodating to ones work schedule. There was rarely a bad teacher, and many of the teachers understand that the general education classes are just that, and they do their best to make curriculum easy for students just passing through.
There was only ever one issue I dealt with at the school and that was going to the Financial Aid/Admissions office. The secretaries there were always extremely rude and unfriendly. Granted, they probably had to deal with their fair amount of rude patrons; they are in a customer service position and should show kindness and patience to the already frustrated students coming in for help.
There were times I took online classes at the school. Do not take math online. Anything else, go for it.
College of Lake County offers flexibility for schedules, small class sizes, and lower financial costs. It's proximity to my home is very convenient with three locations to choose from.
I liked CLC because I found it to be a good place to start off at before transferring. The professors are really nice and are open to work with you to make sure you succeed while you are studying here.
College of Lake County was one of the best choices I made right out of high school, most of my teachers, besides one, where all amazing. I got to meet a lot of new people. I really appreciated their stand on globalizing everyone, with tons of opportunities to study abroad I got to go to China for a semester. That was single handedly the best thing I have ever done in my life. Take advantage of the things this community college has to offer you, its so much more than what you think.
My time at CLC was short, but it was fine. I had some great professors, but I also had some that I didn't like. The campus recently received a face lift. I last attended while construction was still underway and have not seen it since.
Professors are truly passionate at what they do. Campus is very clean and updated constantly. Great resources available both online and on the campus. The college its self has 2 other locations convenient enough for those who commute from a longer distance. Students are very welcoming and intelligent.
CLC is a great school. The teachers a nice but sometimes you can get one that doesn't pay attention to her class. Other than that, I'm very satisfied with my school.
It was a great experience in the digital media program for my degree in animation. I made great friends in the business and have a promising future. It honestly felt like a second home after awhile and I will miss it after I graduate.
I am currently attending College of Lake County and my experience has been spectacular. Practically everything is a learning experience. You earn a good education. Every individual at CLC benefits your experience. Also, the assignments are challenging but interesting, and if one works hard enough, you will earn a great grade. Putting in effort and getting involved have been significant to any college experience, no matter what college one is attending! The staff, professors, and students people are kind and are great persons to be around. Overall, CLC is a great college that seems to operate like the "adult world," meaning it'll do things such as teach you responsibility. I'd recommend this place to anyone.
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The professors are amazing and understanding. The variety of classes offered at the Southlake campus could be better but overall it's not so bad. The class size is great because it allows your teacher to get to know you better
My class scedule is amazing. I currently don't drive so I have to rely on others to take me to and from and the flexibility of my classes has really helped me out in that aspect.
The career center really helps if you are not sure about your career.
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