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I love the school! I transferred to here and it's close to home! I am surrounded by community and the atmosphere is great and so is the learning atmosphere!
My experience as a student for two years now at the College of Lake County has been one of the best experiences of my life.I feel like this is a perfect college for the student of low-income families there are many opportunities to succeed in school. Also, the teacher is super helpful and understanding, even the counselors that guide those that are ready to transfer out to a 4-year school. The only thing that I would say the school should change and be aware of is the teacher that is not as involved with their students as they should, other than that this new remodel school has a lot of beauty and diversity.
I enjoyed College of Lake County because it helped me ease into starting college. The counselors were able to help me find classes that would fit into my schedule. There are also plenty of clubs and organizations to join. They even have an arts program. They also have events where students can go during finals week and have help writing papers and study tips.
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positive atmosphere! Many people to talk to and is very beautiful. One think that I however would like to change is to have a football team!
There are bad raps about community colleges, but this one is different. It is physically easier and less stressful in being in the area and still being at home with family and friends.
The academics here are great and all of the professors are committed to the students' success. Many of them will actively engage with students outside of the classroom for course help, transfer help, and mentorship. The social life is pretty great, especially because there are so many students that go here. All in all, this school is a great stepping stone to a 4 year university.
I like the way the college is set up and the teachers there. The buildings are all connected which makes travel easy between classes. The teachers are great in helping students work their hardest and up to their potential. Homework load is fair and there are no surprises on tests. The food is ok, but can be better in some areas.
Professors are caring and involved with the students. Tutoring centers to support students learning. Facilities are being updated and kept current. Tons of organizations to join. Financing easy and well communicated.
Great teachers and learning experience! I’ve learned so much inside and outside of the classroom! It’s close to home so I don’t have to worry about being late.
Love that I choose to go here. I saved a lot of money and the professor are amazing. It just so welcoming and you will be focus here
The campus itself is wonderful. The staff if friendly, the maps inside the campus is super helpful, the professors are amazing, and the school itself is just wonderful.
College of Lake County is always improving. Whether it's their campus, providing multiple resources that students can go to to get help. They're also determined to help students financially, so they have motivation to attend and continue school. I love CLC and I'm proud to attend.
There are more than enough programs for anyone to start from. The teachers are amazing, and they all each have their own teaching methods and bring personality into the classroom. The staff upfront at the main desks are helpful and informative.
CLC is a great and encouraging place. Their are always great opportunities for raising grades and improving skills. Also there are lots of free food events!
College of Lake County is a very good campus, and safe environment at all three locations. I no longer go here but my time here was worth staying local after high school and going to a community college. My college experience here at College of Lake County made me do better as a student and gave me many opportunities to grow and learn in different ways. Community college is worth it and I believe everybody should consider it if they are undecided about their majors or just want to save money for future purposes.
I really enjoy this school! Everyone is super nice and I’ve learned a lot. The food is a little over priced, and so are the textbooks, but that’s expected.
Tuition is pretty low for a good size college with excellent teachers and education. Every teacher I have had so far are extremely helpful even if it's not there department. For example, I had an English teacher my first semester who actually helped me with my electrical class that I was struggling in at that time.
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I was very nervous transitioning from high school to college but CLC made it pretty easy for me. The counselors there made choosing classes very easy and helped guide me in each direction that I needed to go. For the most part, teachers offered as much help as they could give to make sure that their students understood everything. Along with that, the overall financial aspect of going to CLC rather than a 4 year school has been a great opportunity to save while getting the same education.
CLC hires a ton of adjunct faculty for business purposes, but in turn, office hours for professors are slim or nonexistent. On the plus side, these professors have day jobs that most likely deal with the subject they teach, assuring they know what they are talking about. The brand new science building along with the most recent finished construction makes the campus feel welcoming and up-to-date. Overall, CLC is a great school for being a community college.
Great school with a lot of opportunities. The only thing that stops the school is some of the professors and their teaching methods is not great.
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