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For it being my first year at CLC, I like it. It's a really good alternative instead of going to a 4 year University. It's a very nice campus and most professors are really helpful and want you to succeed. Overall a great school.
I started at the College of Lake County's Massage Therapy Program right after I graduated High School in 2016. The nine month program completely opened my eyes to my future possibilities in health care and wellness. I am now taking my general education classes to transfer to University of Illinois at Chicago in Fall 2018. My experience at CLC has been nothing but great, I feel supported, I am learning a lot and I have been able to plan out my future to the best of my ability with the help of teachers, counselors, advisers and peers!! The teachers and staff really want to get to know you and help you be the best student you can be.
The culinary and baking and pastry labs are phenomenal. Instructors make sure you are learning procedures and safety properly.
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My overall experience being a student at CLC was amazing, the classes are small so the teachers are really able to make a connection with you, I got to go on a study abroad program that I could have only dreamed off and I met so many inspiring people. Take every opportunity you can while your there. Its so worth it.
At the College of Lake County I have experienced nothing but good things. My classes have all been under the size of 30 students, which makes for more one on one time with professors and therefore better understanding of the material. The campus is organized with signs everywhere for help with direction. It is not very big as well which makes going from class to class not such a hassle. There are constantly fairs and educational opportunities to expand your knowledge on your specific interests. Much construction has been done in the past year to improve the student services department, lounge areas, and the food options available. It is a great place to make big things happen, all while saving a few dollars in the process!
Terrible!! I just transferred from another state. This college is disappointing the teachers are terrible the science classes are 5 credit why...when in every other college they are 4 credit hours. I have a 4.0 GPA and won't waste another minute at this college. There are too many teachers that hate their job.
Excellent school to get your GE classes done! The professors are good, the classes are small. It’s a good transition if you’re just getting out of high school or going back to school like I am.
I enjoy College of Lake County; the professors are great, the environment is safe, the class sizes are small enough to where you feel like you can get help from the professor without hassle, the college is very convenient, and they work with many colleges to transfer credits.
My experience has been pretty average. I would like to be more involved in school events, but part of that is on me.
This a a fantastic community college for low income students to start their college education. The professors a great, they are alway willing to help any student during office hours if they need the extra help.
The college lacks financial support. The professors are phenomenal. Most of them will go out of their way to make sure students master the content.
I took a summer class here and it was a great way to get a credit done before school started. The buildings and teachers are very nice!
It's not a bad school to attend to save money before going off to college. Not really a good fit for me anymore.
I like the outstanding work of the professors at CLC. They are masters of their field. I enjoy the atmosphere during the classes and the office hours dedicated to the meetings with the students. I would like to see more student life and more events organized on campus.
College of Lake County made it easy for me to transfer to after high school. Their friendly environment makes others feel welcome and their staff will help in any way that they can. The professors make it easy to learn new material. It would be a great improvement if the financial aid office were more organized with their information but other than that I find my experience at CLC to be very pleasant.
It's what you'd expect from a community college: you get the most bang for you buck. Some teachers are terrible and others are awesome. I'd go on before signing up for a teacher. their new food court has good food but the school recently got rid of vending machines so bring your own snacks. The campus is currently being renovated and it seems to have good promise. Of the several CLC campuses, Grayslake is one of the safest. It as way less violence and lock downs than the Waukegan location.
I like the atmosphere of CLC. The professors I've had care about the students, and want them to succeed. There are employment opportunities and plenty of spaces to study. It's very affordable as well.
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College of Lake County is a great 2 year community college. The majority of the professors are excellent and teach useful material. This is the perfect place to take general education classes if you want to save money on tuition.
CLC is a great community college. The construction lately has made it hard to get around but I'm sure once it's finished it will be a beautiful campus. I've attended CLC since 2005 and have never had any complaints about the professors or the courses offered.
I just completed my Associates in Science degree with CLC this past December of 2016. Overall, the community college was a great way to achieve my degree while working full time. The class schedules were 9/10 times accommodating to ones work schedule. There was rarely a bad teacher, and many of the teachers understand that the general education classes are just that, and they do their best to make curriculum easy for students just passing through.
There was only ever one issue I dealt with at the school and that was going to the Financial Aid/Admissions office. The secretaries there were always extremely rude and unfriendly. Granted, they probably had to deal with their fair amount of rude patrons; they are in a customer service position and should show kindness and patience to the already frustrated students coming in for help.
There were times I took online classes at the school. Do not take math online. Anything else, go for it.
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