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The thing that I loved from the college of lake county was the class sizes. Professors and fellow students get to know each other .I found it to be a very pleasant experience
Taking online classes in this particular college has been awesome for me personally. Not only because of being affordable , it had flexible hours. This allow me to multitask between work and school
My overall experience with the College of Lake County was that it's very neutral no one gets discriminated and everyone is welcomed with open hands. The staff was very friendly and helpful when you will ask for help.
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My overall experience with the College of Lake County online was that they were overall helpful and understanding with the online courses and how they may be hard for some people. They will always provide weekly emails with guidance as to where you can receive help and who to contact.
I love College of Lake County because they provide excellent courses and make sure their courses are affordable. There are many programs for different types of students to get involved in so that they feel like a part of a community. I would definitely recommend CLC!
I took all of my courses online and I loved it! I could go at my own pace, evens with zoom classes. Teachers were very accessible and understanding, especially with the circumstances of COVID- 19. We used Canvas for our school work and we’re provided additional online sources to help us with work.
I would like new younger professors to come into teaching. A lot of my profs are out of touch with everything and they cannot relate to the Students in any way
One professor made me cry because of an essay. It’s not my fault english is not my first language. I’m doing my best. The rest of my professors are mediocre. PLEASE do not send your child here. They will Hate it... I’m begging you
Definitely a good way to save money and it's a good option for those who want a slower transition into college life. Good environment and a nice campus.
It was an okay experience. Some professors are a lot more adaptable and understanding of the environment than others and some are very strict and have very high expectations of their students. You kind of have to be prepared to work hard.
My personal on campus experience at College of Lake County was quite phenomenal, one thing that I really loved was that the environment was always quiet enough to study and focus on your school work so you never had to look for somewhere to study. The staff is always willing to help and give advice on how to get through the school year successfully, and they offer tutoring as well as a welcome center for students to get help on either homework, projects, or help to prepare for finals. Most professors at CLC work actively to engage their students in the material that they teach to try to get everyone involved and participate which ultimately helps with understanding the lesson much easier. I mostly admire the professors who understand that students have a personal and social life outside of school and that sometimes it distracts or keeps them from focusing on their schoolwork, yet they still reach out to try to work out a plan to get as many assignments turned in as possible.
Online experiences at College of Lake County are far different from on campus, they require more attention and determination to really focus on your work and understand the material. I personally believe that online courses aren’t as effective as learning in person. You don’t get to have personal 1 on 1’s with professors and scheduling an appointment could be rather difficult because of time frames. Learning through online is like trying to remember everything that you might need to know on a test or quiz instead of fully trying to grasp the lesson and understand it. It isn’t the ideal college experience but it could be much easier to schedule around online classes for most students.
The College of Lake County is an excellent college to attend. They have a variety of classes to choose from and provide many different degree types. If you are struggling with any of your classes, the school has a tutoring center full of tutors who can assist you on an abundance of topics. Topics such as, Biology, Calculus, English, Economics, Spanish and many more! The staff members throughout the school will make your experiences a very pleasant one. They are extremely friendly and will answer any questions you have. Every professor that I have had in that school was very passionate about their job. They teach with eagerness and produce a motivational and inspirational environment in their classrooms. There are also many clubs to join. Such as Latino alliance, environmental, math, men of vision and many more. You will never feel "left out" or "alone" at the College of Lake County because the college is immensely diverse. There are many people with different ethnicities. Nice school!
My online experience with the few classes I took via zoom were actually quite good. I took my Physics I and intro to Psychology courses online. Despite Physics being a science class that requires labs, we were still able to do the labs online. We observed videos of the labs being done but still had to record the data and calculate the required information on our own. For my intro to Psychology course, it felt as if I was right there in the classroom. The teacher was phenomenal and I was still able to interact with the other students. I also took Lifespan Psychology in the summer online and that went pretty good as well. The only issue i remember running into was the internet cutting off a few times cause me to disconnect from the class, However, this rarely happened.
I enjoy learning online despite the situation that we are in right now. Although it is difficult learning online, the professors try their very best in making the online experience as best as possible. They engage with their students by opening their office hours and offer small activities to do on lecture days. This demostrates there are some interaction being involved despite not attending class in a physical environment. I truly appreicate the ahrd work that the professors do for their students in order for them to have a good online school expereince.
I really enjoy the professors at College of Lake County. There are all extremely helpful and caring to many of their students. They encourage you by providing a lot of resources that will help myself improve my grade, etc. They do not want their students to set up for failure, but for success. Although they are encouraging, you do have to take initation with your own education by staying on task and visiting office hours because they are always willing to help you be successful! If office hours do not work, CLC offers their own CLC tutoring center to give you more time options that can work around your own schedule!
I love the overall diversity of college of Lake County and how much they care for their students and all of the resources to help us if we are having trouble.
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I have not yet started my online courses I have only done in school courses but I’m excited to do online I have read great reviews on the site and heard from friends and family that it’s a good program.
Over all it’s been good, of course it doesn’t compare to learning in person, but it’s not too bad learning over zoom and with canvas.
All of the years I’ve been at CLC, it’s been a good experience. Been saving money while taking my gen eds, which is always a plus. The professor’s I’ve had have been very helpful and always willing to help if you needed it. I would definitely recommend going to a community college first then transferring.
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