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Great staff, great people, was scared at entering college at first but after entering my classes the teachers are amazing and I feel confident i can succeed. Although not a fan of the pizza. Lol.
I had no problem with the school or professors, but the advisors at CLC are terrible. They had no idea what classes needed to be taken for their programs and I was constantly told different things from different advisors.
College of Lake County is a quality school. It gets the job done and doesn't break the bank. With 3 locations across lake county, It makes it easy to commute after work. The professors understand that there is life outside of the classroom and is very accommodating to your circumstances
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College of Lake County (CLC) is a wonderful two year school with a lot to offer its students and community. With the addition of new chemistry labs and other technology-driven classrooms, CLC is a place where opportunity is well stocked. The student-teacher ratio is quite appropriate, with smaller classes, and the professors are well liked by the students. I personally loved my time at CLC, and I miss the simpler days where it was easy to reach out to my professor and get the help I need.
This campus is very diverse and was in a wonderful location close to home. I had some great experiences with teachers and have made a large amount of friends since my time here. Office hours were consistently available for my convenience as well as the tutoring center.
All the professors I've had have been wonderful. The campus is more lively than expected and quite nice-looking.
I liked the flexibility for class options and the recommended courses for each major. The CLC portal shows a lot of good information in regards to your specific college plan and a lot can be done online.
College of Lake County offers you with many opportunities both academically and financially. There are many useful tutors for every subject and also the professors strive to help to teach you different ways in order to learn that particular subject.
What I liked about the college of lake county was how affordable it is. 3 classes cost about $1,000. The teaching can be great. It depends on what classes you take
When I first started college I was really bummed I wasn't at a university, but CLC had been incredible. I've had great professors that encouraged, motivated, and pushed me. It's a really great choice to attend CLC!
I love College of Lake County. It is very close to my house, I love the area, campus, staff, faculty, etc. It is a very complete college. It offers a lot of services for all the students and our different needs.
It fits perfectly to the different schedules that students have; allowing us to continue working and studying at the same time.
The teachers are very well prepared in the subject they teach, they are inspiring and always show support.
When I moved to this country I felt very afraid and insecure because I did not know anyone and did not speak English. College of Lake County was a great support, it was there that I started from zero. I started as a ESL student, and then began with the credit courses. Now I am about to transfer to UIC in a couple of months. What I have achieved so far I owe it to College of Lake County and all the people there who have supported me during all this time.
It makes me feel comfortable being there, it feels like home.
I loved it here, I'm sad I have to transfer but I'm also excited for my new adventures! CLC prepared me for a 4 year institution, and offered me resources to help me with my personal life. CLC has a lot to offer, and there is something for everyone. Get involved with the clubs, they are well managed and are lots of fun.
i didnt want to go to school but clc made me change my mind. all the staff if very helpful and nice. it has very clean bathrooms and lots of parking
Make sure you watch your finances and payment plans, they're not the greatest with money but community colleges, especially CLC, has a lot of opportunities and is a better way to start your 2 year transfer degree or certificate program.
Exceeds expectations, friendly environment, technically advanced school with modern conveniences. Easy to navigate around and through buildings
this community college makes a wonderful transition to a 4-year university. It should not be underestimated and praised more. The professors will challenge you but truly put in the effort to help you. The activities, opportunities, and food provided is also what this college a great choice.
I have enjoyed my time at CLC and it has prepared me for my future educational needs while allowing me to remain at home and at my job.
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College of Lake County offers degrees in many fields. They offer a number of transer programs, they are student, and family friendly. There are sports, and offer pulications as well as great art programs. CLC offers a change to engage in university programs to make it easy to transisition to universitys to ocmplete a 4 year degree there. The small class sizes offer time for one on ones during class when having difficulties in any area of study.
I liked that every person that I talked to was very helpful and friendly, but I think that the one thing that could be changed was amount information provided when people start there because there needs to be more detailed information to be more helpful.
the college of lake county was acceptable and i enjoyed the time i spent there. it was very affordable
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