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College of Health Care Professions - San Antonio Reviews

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I am a graduate from the Coding and Billing Certification program. I had an excellent instructor and was able to get a really good job after graduation. I would recommend this school!
I am enrolled in the Surgical Technologist program, it is a two year program so I will be graduating with an Associates Degree. Most of my classes are ground classes but I also have some online classes as well. I really like CHCP because they have a very welcoming atmosphere and the classroom size is descent so you're able to communicate with the professors without any issues. My favorite thing about this school is that in the lunch room they sell almost anything you can think of including snacks, food, beverages , ect. Which makes it very convenient and you dont have to leave campus to grab lunch. The professors and students are very polite and they really do their best to help you succeed. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone. The only thing I wish would change would be having a bigger parking lot, because it can get full.
They seem to have a difficult time finding externships that will take us students.
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Students and Instructors are awesome.
I think it's only harder for me because I'm going back to school as an adult. So I don't have as much as a flexible schedule as someone who may have just graduated high school.
We do all hands on and in online courses
Again they seem to have issues connecting with students.
The instructors are very smart and helpful. They make going back to night school as and adult an enjoyable and a better learning experience than sitting on a computer at home.
I actually have been enjoying going back to school. My instructors have been very helpful and are very intelligent and well informed. They work with you and want to make sure you are learning the best possible way to absorb everything to use towards your profession. They really to do care about having you be the best at what you want to succeed at. I have met a lot of great people, not only staff, but other students as well. I have made a few friendships that I see continuing on even after school has ended. It was even better for me since I'm new to the state of Texas and I had never been to San Antonio before, and I did not know anyone. And now I not only have made to bonds, but also with people who share in my passion for Physical Therapy as well. The only downside was the actual introduction process. When I came to visit before enrolling, I was seriously misinformed about the program itself. I was told it was a PTA program, not PTT. I was looking to earn my licensure. Then there were little things that continued to pop up from admissions after the days expired of being able to remove yourself from the program without penalty of continuing to pay. I was not the only one, and I know a few people dropped out or switched schools....there were nights where students got all upset and multiple times the head instructor would come into our class to reiterate the same facts one time, then it would change another. Then to find out that it was a completely new program. I understand there will be bugs starting anything up...but the honesty beforehand would have been appreciated more than a veil of what I thought it was. Because now I'm hoping that CHCP gets their accreditation so I can continue on and transfer my credits to an actual PTA program without having to re do another 2 years for my associates. And I have to come up with more money to do the actual program I wanted to do in the first place.
There isn't a gym or athletic center at the school i'm attending. But they do have a rather small library but very helpful because it is only for the courses offered.
My school shows everybody's success. It has very helpful resources posted throughout the lounge of the school. Which is updated often. Tutoring is also offered and they work with your schedule, even the school president will tutor. I Love how the everybody is treated and they want you to succeed.
When I first went to apply and found out how much tuition was going to be I was astonished. I thought to myself is $35,000 really worth it? My admissions adviser and financial aid adviser were rooting for me and explaining that it will all pay in the end. I have two kids and I work full time. So I was thinking about my kids and the thought of living day to day was just getting old. My financial aid adviser was very to the point and explained everything very thorough. All I had to do was apply for fafsa and she did the rest from there.
Getting no financial aid and depending on my parents is not that easy. I sometimes feel bad I am not able to help them paying over five-hundred dollars a month. All they ask me is to do my best focus on school and not to worry about anything else. But still who really not gonna worry my dad being the only one that works in the house its not easy.
Most of the time the labs are more hands on. The library has lots of computers and also the classrooms. At a god speed too.
I actually go to the one in Fort Worth but it wasn't on the list. The school doesn't just help you on what ever career your going in, they have a program where they teach you how to study and how to be professional to be able to get a job in that field.
Campus is very small but very nice and clean. Class room are small allowing more one on one with the teacher. Resting area is quite well good place to talk to friends and have a good lunch.
College of Healthcare Professions - San Antonio offers various programs. For example they offer Limited Medical Radiologic Technologist, Dental Assistant, and Medical Assistant programs. The course duration and registration dates differ depending on which program you chose to attend. The student advisors are more than knowledgable and accessible in order to address any questions or concerns a potential student might have. The curriculum and assignment workload is quite manageable as the instructors understand many of their students are maintaining balance between school, work, and home life. Nonetheless, the instructors expect a level of dedication from each of their students because they believe in us and want us to reach our highest potential of individual success.
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The student body at College of Healthcare Professions - San Antonio is really diverse. It's a well balanced blend of ethnicities, religious backgrounds, and various walks of life. Everyone is friendly and respectful to one another. We are all mature enough to realize that despite our differences in personalities and moral convictions we are still required to maintain a high standard of professionalism towards one another at all times. There is a wonderful vibe of comradery amongst the student body. All the students always work together to help support and encourage each other when faced with academic and personal challenges. They're always ready and happy to participate in school events. I haven't experienced or witnessed any occurrence of negativity or challenges amongst the student body due to its diversity.
I am enrolled in the Limited Medical Radiologic Technologist Program. It's a 14 month program encompassed with vital information and plenty of hands-on learning opportunities. College of Healthcare Professions - San Antonio provides a welcoming atmosphere that's conducive for students obtaining occupational skills. The staff are always pleasant and helpful. They offer assistance to meet various needs, including financial aid, part-time job offers, career placement, and etc. This program has provided me with a great amount of knowledge in the Radiology field. I have gained many skills which are specifically relatable to my career choice. I am confident that I have been properly prepared as I continue to strive to achieve my vocational goal of owning my own radiography clinic one day. I would definitely refer someone to attend CHCP - San Antonio so that they can partake in this life changing experience for themselves.
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