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I love the flexibility of the courses and how active and involved the advisers are, that makes a big difference.
What I enjoy about CHCP is that everyone there is so welcoming and everyone is routing for success for you from the professors to those that help you with enrolling and financial aid. CHCP is a go to school if you are interested in anything to do with the healthcare field.
Well I don't attend this campus I attend the campus off of hwy59 south. The campus is a very clean well keep campus, I more so love the diversity and the professionalism of the staff and instructors are awseome. The students are extremely nice I feel like they are family very nice adults.
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I enjoy the fast acting curriculum as well as the detailed instructors. I truly appreciated that fact that I can get my degree in a short amount of time and I only take classes that are focused for my major.
Great place to continue your education. All the teachers and staff are super helpful and want to see you achieve your goals
I am amazed at the experience here. Its fast paced and small classes which is the perfect combination to keep a fast thinker focused.
I am a new student planning on attending CHCP this coming Monday. So far, I have grown to like all staff and advisors. They have gone above and beyond for me as far as making sure I am comfortable with my schedule and making sure I still have time for my children.
My online experience has been great.
I like having my courses online due to be in a tradition class. Having to do things on my own and at my pace is good for me. Not having peers to interrupt you is a plus. I'm really enjoying my experience taking online courses.
I'm sure they will help me find a job.
My Professors so far have been very helpful and understanding in any situation that I may have had.
I have not had any problems with anyone for these services.
I guess learning the different skills to be in the medical field is exciting. And knowing how to care for people in any medical office setting is really exciting to me.
I pretty much have had instructor that cared about me and my well being when it came to my schooling.
The academic flexibility at my school is really good. They work with you to make sure that credits can be transferred if possible.
The Career services at my school are great the staff is very friendly and helpful.
My overall experience with the College of Health Care Professions has been really good. I am enjoying my time in school and am excited to keep going in my program and am excited to get the career I have wanted for years.
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The College of Health Care Professions has a great career services the staff is very helpful and makes sure that you are prepared for any and all future job prospects.
The staff and my professor are all very nice and really care about the students and want us all to excel. My professor is excited to teach and is preparing us to take the certified exam upon graduation.
Apply to the College of Health Care Professions was easy and fun. My academic advisor was there for me every step of the way encouraging me to keep going.
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