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College of Health Care Professions - Austin Reviews

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My experience is one of a kind , its a new scene for me but I will get adjusted to the school overall I like the workflow.
I am very looking forward to be in that college.
I like my classes. My professors have been very nice and understanding of what I deal with.
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I love my major. At times the workload can get a bit much but my teachers are always willing give extensions when needed. I am really looking forward to beginning my externship.
I have not had very much intersection being as it is an online school. When I do my clinicals I do enjoy the other students that are in my class.
I would not have it any other way. It works great with being a stay at home mom!
I have only just started working with the career services department but so far all has been well. They have been keeping me updated with my externship issues and helping me with my resume.
Everything was fantastic! I had a great financial aid adviser who helped me every step of the way. I could not have asked for a better experience.
I only visit the campus to test out of my clinicals. They are not as well equipped as I would have wanted it to be. But the teachers and other students were great!
My experience with my school has been amazing. I am a stay at home mother and my husband is in the Army and currently deployed to Afghanistan. Even with all of these things my school has been very accommodating to all of my needs. They always answer the phone with a great attitude. Anyone that you work with gets back to you very quickly with whatever issue that you have.
The computers are great and we can also use it for our personal study times or job searches. As long as it's used for anything professional. The printers are also free printing. Any help needed, it is fine to ask the staff and they will be willing to help.
There's not very many of us which makes it interesting. Workload is reasonable. The staff are very helpful finding job availabilities.
Registration went by smoothly. The professors keep it interesting with real life experiences and scenarios. We do 10 minute breaks every after 50 minutes and it is very helpful in staying attentive.
We have a gym also used for the body training classes and a pretty big computer lab.
It is very diverse. We just had a door decorating Christmas Contest and everyone participated and were healthy competitive.
I love the presence of the students, staff, and instructors. Everyone is friendly. Even when my body gets tired the classes are just interesting to me and the way the instructor teaches I would do anything to stay awake.
The career center is great and they always show their presence. Let us know they are available when we need them. They really take their time to help.
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I don't have any issues with my tuition.
I like the comradery of the students in all the classes even when we're in different fields. The presence of the faculty and staff just brings that out.
Use your resources!! They are there to help and get you where you to need to be. Everyone in career services is extremely helpful and try to set you up for the best possible experience.
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